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    Tin hat on.......Law has to start next week, he made huge difference coming on.
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    He wears a magic hat he couldve stayed in England but he said no fuck that!!!!!
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    That Derek Lyle is the spitting image of one of the bad guys from Robocop.
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    It's actually worrying that teams are scoring so easy with so little possesion. It was Sheils who was chasing the ball instead of keeping with his man which resulted in the corner. Still 2 transfers windows to get it right.
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    Been like this the past few games Scrappy up front, opposition with everyone back First chance they get they get a fucking goal Not been nearly as good to watch
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    http://www.thefeed2all.eu/watch/379875/1/watch-rangers-fc-vs-queen-of-the-south.html Works for me
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    That's not what is needed. What is needed is for the apathetic amongst the Rangers supporting public that pay council tax to GCC to start asking questions of their elected representatives and for the independent media to do the same.
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    MATCH STATS Possession 68%-32% Shots 23-8 On target 8-3 Corners 13-1 Fouls 6-9
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    Only see the highlights but the time wasting thing is a nonsense,every team in Pakistan's shoes would do the same thing. I love the coverage on Sky but the only thing that spoils it is that clown Coville who does the verdict,he tried to whip up a controversy about Pakistan's slow play during the run chase but even his fellow Englishmen Cork and Willis weren't having it. But the day belong to Rashid who showed real guts and a fair bit of skill to bounce back and take 5 for after the way he bowled in the first innings.
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    not only is Ball faster, he thinks faster. Of all the loanees this is the one I'd love to sign
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    was a stupid goal to lose and we could have easily won 3-0 at least.
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    Remind me who set up the winning goal? I wouldn't call it 'very little'.
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    Few things from today: Law has to start ahead of shiels next week. I've been critical of McKay but he was great today. The pace of Ball definitely saved us a couple of times today. Same back 4 next week. Miller is an impact sub at best, Clark isn't even that. Oduwa offers very little if anything. Overall not the best performance but the never say die attitude is great
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    Holt was very poor first half better 2nd half but not brilliant other than the goal.McKay MOtM followed by Ball
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    We play lovely, attacking football, which, when the players are on form, results in some impressive scorelines. When some are having an off game (Tav hasn't been that impressive today), we still concede goals but don't balance them out. Something needs to be addressed
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    It's only on here, I kid you not Seen Compton sneak into the thread now, expect it to get much worse
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    We're back to huffing and puffing with no killer passes, QOS are quite comfortable in defense, Mr Warburton will have to earn his wages today
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    You come across like you're dying for shit like this to happen. Get a grip.
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    Sick of the sight of queen of the south tbh Feels like we have played them about 100 times Always give us problems
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    Can't wait. Feels like we haven't had a game in ages because of that boring international break.
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    • Walter Smith still attends most games , obviously Greegs and Davis apart , Bet the only other player he’d have is the buff and he’d man manage him properly to 
    • Baffling mate , we know fine well the level of player he was compared to anything we can afford is a million miles apart , but how a box to box all action player now manager can watch our midfield play it 5 yards square to the full backs all season is beyond me , we can go games upon games without our centre mids creating a single chance, having a shot at goal , playing a positive pass , it’s the biggest problem in the team,  I remember Kamara found himself out wide on a break in front of me in sandy jardine I’m sure it was against Aberdeen , he was one on one with the full back , go past him he had a 40 yard diagonal run in on goal with the keeper to beat , he held it up waited till Aberdeen regrouped and played it 5 yards inside to somebody fucking soul destroying him and jack are never Rangers centre midfielders 
    • The thought of relying on this guy to stop 10-in-a-row scares the shit out of me.. 
    • Bang on , people think his form for the couple of months you mentioned has been like that since he signed , absolute myth , very average player 
    • I still think they will m8...they were desperate for null & void 👍
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