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    I hope we fuck the real tims on Sunday. Not the fake wanabe Irish mob that come from.here but these horrible rat bastards on Sunday. Fucking intae them Rangers. Let's lay down another marker in their own midden. Let's fucking do these cunts Up the volunteers
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    Agree with this. As MW says we need only worry about ourselves. Im pretty sure if the Gers play to the potential they are capable of we will beat Hivs on Sunday.
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    To show solidarity for the steel workers that lost their jobs in Boro recently.
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    When reading that letter, this poem came to my mind, and I have put some of it in this post. "When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you're trudging seems all uphill, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest if you must ........ but don't you quit." That was the message I got from the update from The Old Soldier, and it puts into perspective any trials or tribulations a person may have, and unless your problems are life threatening, you don't really have a problem. My heart goes out to each and everyone of our "Old Soldiers" from all branches of our forces, not only for the part they have played in keeping our shores safe, but also importantly in the case of the gentleman above, who now has to carry his backpack a little further due to his terrible illness, but still he does not complain, but shoulders his pain and still walks the walk with dignity and a sense of humour that we would all be proud to own. "So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, It's when things seem worst that you must not quit."
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    An update from An Old Soldier... We'll be providing some tickets for him and his Army Buddy for the St. Mirren Cup Game too, so fingers crossed for Good Results all round.
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    Up the tempo from the kick-off, and maintain it. That will be W&W's instructions. 1-3 to The Rangers.
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    • You should not be working a calculation out based on what we would have had to pay the employees gross to get the nett they earned. It can only be worked out on what they did receive and what they should have paid on tax. You cannot surmise the gross would have increased. Although I do remember sdm saying would have picked up the tax bill per year, from memory he claimed it was barely more than 2million per year which is nowhere near the tax liability claimed.
    • I was really impressed with him. His ball retention under pressure was excellent and he rarely wasted a ball. The Scottish Busquets 👀
    • Being pedantic TLM, it was not just players that received ebts with sdm the biggest beneficiary. 
    • This answers your previous posts JCD in that the club and directors would have had a fair idea, though I initially made a similar calculation as above, I'm now of the opinion that the correct calculation would be grossing up the 47m so essentially, you need to work out how much we would have had to pay in order that the players got their 47m clear and that would be in the region of 77m making the tax due 30m.  I believe this is what BDO are disputing but dont think they are correct. HMRC are getting pennies in the pound and if the story hadn't broke, they may well have reduced it further just to draw things to a conclusion. I feel they may now dig the heels in and not bow to any pressure due to the story.
    • Tbf you don’t see many sambas getting held in the air anymore    shoe shoe shoe 
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