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    Once again, the Idiocracy, that strange brew of social media activists, self-proclaimed moral guardians and dubiously motivated journalists, is in full flow. Their judgement is fixed, strident and scathing. Once more we are being told that Rangers have committed a crime so heinous that the world has never seen the likes. All the propagandists' buzzwords are getting an airing, with angry paragraphs strewn with references to "financial doping", "cheating" and "money they wouldn't have had". It all seems so black and white. However, as in real life, things are not quite so simple. Among the chief moral campaigners demanding some form of justice, as one would expect, are the especially obsessive, and surprisingly large, element of Celtic support, who always see things in the simplistic good guys and bad guys narrative. If only they knew their not too distant history just a little better. Celtic's infamous biscuit tin finances of the pre-McCann era were confirmed and clarified as consisting of "shoe boxes of money and invoices" when the new Parkhead regime took control. Combined with Celtic's equally renowned tendency for under-reporting attendances during that era, one wonders how many trophies were won with "money they would not otherwise have had". Such a description would apply to Celtic's biggest achievements in Scotland and Europe, as they occurred in that period. Of course, there were also those "blue chip" signings who Dermott Desmond is said to have, at least partially, paid for. Their club also used EBTs. It's just that they decided, unilaterally, to stop using them and were unique among the many clubs who used them to pay the "unpaid tax" back without request. it's almost as if they knew what was coming, just at a juncture they were negotiating with a government minister and fanatical Celtic fan, John Reid, to become chairman of the club. I offer as merely an interesting but connected observation that their entire squad went on to a different form of aggressive tax avoidance scheme, where income is paid into a film industry trust that produces no movies or anything really. This shifted the responsibility from club to employee. HMRC's uniquely intense focus on Rangers is surely, merely another coincidence in the saga, as is the leaking of documents to a site frequented by those with a penchant for sectarian terms to disparage Rangers. It is surely completely accidental that these events coincided. But let us cast our investigation wider than this parochial backwater of Scotland to another context where EBTs were used. In England, Arsenal and Chelsea both came to favourable settlements with HMRC in relation to a combination of EBTs and image rights. Furthermore, another eight clubs had their EBT issues mediated by the FA. That is the FA who never even considered altering results or stripping titles. Also, by means of glaring contrast, there was no clamour for titles to be stripped by any of the clubs who lost cups, leagues, European places and relegation battles. Even in England's sensationalist red tops, there were no scandal stories about financial doping or cheating and certainly no thinly veiled campaigns. In England, you also have a few examples of the billionaire owner playing football manager with ridiculous money almost as if they've got the equivalent of a cheat code. Surely, this is somewhat counter to sporting integrity, to steal another buzzword of the moral activists of Scottish football. Returning to Scotland, Hearts, Motherwell and Dundee, among others,have all had debt issues to deal with. Even Aberdeen and Dundee Utd had to get debt reduction agreements or payments from kindly directors to balance their books. All their results, trophies and successful relegation battles were also won with "money they would otherwise not have had access to". The same can be said in England. By logical extension, if we're gonna start with Rangers, then we'll have to go through all the cups, titles and relegation battles and alter them retrospectively too. We'll also have to ask UEFA, now keen to be seen to doing the right thing, to look that that 1967 European Cup run. So what is that makes Rangers, a club already harshly punished by the CVA rejection, the top-tier expulsion and triple relegation, along with other penalties and having millions of pounds of talent walk out the door, just so deserving of a new set of freshly written exclusively focused rules? Why do we need to set another new precedent to hammer Rangers? Well, it comes as no surprise that other Scottish fans want to hammer the big guy that won an awful lot of trophies, but these are the guys who believe that every 50-50 decision should go the way of their club. Of course, that desire and that mindset is most intensely present among the Celtic support, who have their passions incensed by their rather obsessive pursuit of a rival and rivalry that they claim does not exist. Their desire for the cultural ethnic cleansing of Rangers from history is more motivated by their own cultural biases than any sense of justice. It borders on the delusional and frequently dips into the sectarian in terms of motivation. However, we can't afford to pander to rival fans' necessarily partial demands. We've made that mistake before and all it did, after a brief but exuberant outpouring of joy, was strip the game of money, and inevitably therefore talent, which has seen the club and national game descend further down the rankings, while stoking up one of the world's most controversial and incendiary rivalries to a level never seen before. We need to take a wider look at things and see thing as they actually are, and not through some obsessive and bitter prism that only offers one dimensional, black and white moralising narratives. Sometimes you need to get your head out of the heat of battle, calm your passions and rationally assess the state of play. In Scotland and its media, that is all too rare. The previous celebration of Rangers being hammered did not herald the successful emergence of a "Sell Out Saturday" campaign anywhere in the land except, ironically, at Rangers' matches. The activists' spring uprising of 2012 is no more successful than its Arab counterpart and parts of Scottish football are beginning to resemble Baghdad and Damascus, figuratively speaking. On balance, there appears to be absolutely no valid case to justify finding a new way of punishing Rangers. Lord Nimmo Smith came to the same conclusion. I wonder if he would be similarly disposed to offer his expert input should his verdict, requested by the SPL themselves, be overturned and overridden. It's high time Scottish football and the media gave up on the obsessive Rangers hating campaigns and started addressing the real issues in the game. The smaller our minds are, the more bitterly we speak and the worse the game gets. The national game is fast becoming a pretty unattractive sight. Cutting off our noses to spite our faces certainly won't make it any prettier. Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. Perhaps we in Scottish football should be learning our lessons from recent history. We can't afford to sleepwalk into another massive and costly error.
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    http://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/dave-king-statement-5/ Great statement. Give the website the hits lads.
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    from Nathan Roberts http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=84&a=moral-hypocrisy-and-press-gang-justice
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    Cash is king and these fuckers know it This would be an ideal time for all fan groups to issue a joint statement saying if any retrospective punishment is handed to us, we will support Scottish football no longer No away tickets Home cup ties priced at a quid and we'll donate the club 20 quid a head No tv viewers Absolutely nothing from us, and then watch them squirm as we are a year late in returning the blue pound to the top league, a few chairman will be getting jittery
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    So everyone has to be a lover of Dave King ? This is an excellent statement please don't spoil the mood of this thread
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    For the avoidance of doubt, however, I wish to make one point clear. If the history of our Club comes under attack we will deal with it in the strongest manner possible and will hold to account those persons who have acted against their fiduciary responsibilities to their own clubs and to Scottish football. Like this bit the most,about time imo
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    DJ's problem is that he's just too genuinely nice for his own good and especially so fielding calls on that nest of vipers. Him and Davie Cooper were my first Rangers heroes. I never got to shake Davie's hand or meet him. I hope I meet Derek one day and get to shake him by the hand and thank him for the memories that I shared with my late father.
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    Yes, I know it's the Bear's Den, but it's about us, and them! by Jonathan​McFarlane​ RANGERS fan Jonny McFarlane says that the entire EBT debate has already 'jumped the shark' and highlights rival fans' bitterness.Reuters "You have to feel for some of the Celtic fans. They talk about us all day, they tweet about us all day and they have Rangers and our ‘crimes’ fermenting constantly in their brain" {C} {C} {C} {C}AS we witnessed on Sunday, sober reflection isn’t really Celtic fans' strong suit. Undeterred I would ask that those of a non Sevco-obsessed disposition look at the results of the tax case objectively. This is a complex, layered case with many shades of grey and with two separate judicial panels voting in Rangers favour, no-one should take the final outcome of a potential appeal for granted. This is still a story without a final chapter and no matter how much the bloggers, agitators and the demented want to twist things to meet an agenda there remains uncertainty about how this tale ends. Press Association Rangers celebrate winning their Scottish Cup win over Celtic at Hampden in 2002 Clearly there are some out there who smell the scent of blood and want their taste. They can gnash their teeth and howl at the moon about tainted titles with all their gusto but in the evidence of their own legends lays the answer. When the blessed Martin O’Neill and Chris Sutton come out and dismiss the notion of ‘financial doping’ you should put down your @sevcozombies1888 Twitter account and listen. Every pundit, journalist and ex-player asked about this situation has dismissed the notion of title stripping with the dishonourable exception of Darren O’Dea who someone managed to track down in the deepest, darkest corner of India. I’m just glad for the lad that he finally found a league at his level. PA Darren O'Dea scores against Rangers in the 2009 League Cup Final His contribution of note was to compare the use of EBT’s to Lance Armstrong who committed the most heinous, consistent and organised example of drug taking in the history of sport. It’s been lapped up on social media despite the utterly ludicrous nature of the comparison. What Lance Armstrong did was 100% against the rules, Rangers fans on the other hand might ask someone to point them towards the EBT section of the SPFL rulebook… Without a breach of rules pundits are left to chin-stroke on the nature of morality. Personally, the moment when I know the entire debate has jumped the shark is when football commentators, those totems of virtue, wring their hands and become moral arbiters. Pass me the sick bag. The moment David Murray signed over ownership of Rangers to Craig Whyte All this is not to say EBT use has been without consequence. There is a punishment already in place for tax avoidance and Rangers have suffered it and then some. EBT use was what forced David Murray to sell Rangers to the only bidder. It’s what drew in the vultures like Charles Green and Craig Whyte. It caused the liquidation of the company. These are all the results of HMRC’s process for dealing with EBT’s. Doesn’t a fall to the bottom tier of Scottish Football, losing all our good players and being forced to watch Ally McCoist’s interpretation of tiki-taka constitute punishment enough? I shouldn’t jest because some people simply won’t be happy unless they see Ibrox ground into a fine dust. SNS Group The gambler: Former Rangers chairman Sir David Murray EBT’s were a gamble by a discredited chairman who ran the club in an irresponsible way. Immoral? Yes. Objectionable? Yes. Do I find it embarrassing that the clubs name is used in context of tax avoidance? Absolutely. But against the rules? No. Illegal? No. The old saying goes ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ and yet Arsenal, Liverpool and, oh yes, Celtic are among the clubs who have also used the system in the past. Several Celtic players have also been listed in a prominent tax avoidance story about film companies so let’s hear no lectures from them. Theirs is a selective morality based on the colour of your shirt. Daily Record "A void so deep and historic, even a European Cup couldn’t fill it." This has nothing to do with values or politics and everything to do with the dark tribalism that stalks this country. At the end of the day, you have to feel for some of the Celtic fans. They talk about us all day, they tweet about us all day and they have Rangers and our ‘crimes’ fermenting constantly in their brain filling them with poison and torment. I’m sure many of them bore their long suffering wives and children at the dinner table by barking about donations to their Sevco blog and title stripping hashtags on Twitter. It’s sad really, because you know what the driver is? A deep seated recognition of their own club’s inferiority. It’s a void so deep and historic, even a European Cup couldn’t fill it. After all our woes and with a division between us, it’s still all about the Rangers. Video: The Record Sport show on Rangers and the EBT years
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    Morality has nothing to do with tax avoidance. If morality came into it, millions of self employed people working in oil and gas for example would not be able to stick their wives down as an employee just to significantly lower a house hold tax burden.The way taxes are collected is immoral, circumstances dictating a household burden rather than income. One earner in a house with dependants earning 100k pays a huge amount of tax more than a couple both earning 50k. Clearly the tax system us far too complicated and costs a fortune to administer. Is that Rangers fault for trying to reduce tax burden. I wonder how many of those pontificate, then get a mate to do a cash in hand homer, thus depriving the taxman? Hypocrisy at its finest.
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    Fuck sake , absolutely no need
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    the last paragraph needed said so well done dave king
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    Sure, you can always slag off your parents, brothers and sisters, but if any other bam tries it, it's smashing in the gob time.
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    Sorry but thats not a good statement - "good" doesnt do it justice- it is an outstanding statement.
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    The guys a legend, a Barca Bear, a terrific centre forward and a cracking centre half. Scored the winner in a Cup Final against them at 16 years of age. A hero of mine and always will be.
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    Report on tonight's 14's game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/comfortable-win-for-14s/
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    mitre_mouldmaster 17:50 "Thee who quote from the bible need to go forth and seek thy hole" MM has spoken.
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    Good statement from King, especially the last paragraph. As for the comment above; you are either a prepubescent schoolboy or mentally retarded.
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    The narrative is encouraging. It's important to note that whatever may be claimed, this is not 2012 all over again. Rangers and its fans (us) have been punished and suffered the direct consequences of Murray's actions. Those who think only of further punishment are driven by a single purpose based their own psychological inadequacies. Others, such as the second chairman, have a much more nuanced grasp of both what punishment does and of its consequences. Rangers, in being punished the first time, has had to rise through the divisions and have its pride - the very thing the punishers hate most - dragged through the mud. In doing so Rangers has finally found a board that cares and a revolutionary, manager with a vision, who cares about the game. The people who care about football see a club that is investing in youth, in the community, in the future, in a way that benefits the Scottish game as a whole. They know that, for the punishers, no punishment will ever be enough, they will never move on and will destroy Scottish football as a whole through their actions. Those who care about the game will not let that happen. It would be wrong, it would be stupid and it would be final.
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    http://rangersfacts.thecoplandroad.org/2015/11/rangers-great-war-effort.html?m=1 Tremendous piece from Gary, really enjoyed reading this.
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    You will be delighted to learn that your 2 scarves proved even more valuable than we had hoped. When I got in to the Enclosure, and met Erskine, one of the Veterans was shivering quite badly (not badly enough that he wanted to leave though!!). They'd been there for ages, and his coat wasn't thick enough to keep him properly warm. The quick application of one fluffy warm scarf, and the loan of my thick jacket (I was wearing two! ) and he soon warmed up, and was able to relax and enjoy the game. You'll be even more delighted to learn that such a scenario is unlikely to happen again, because we've now bought 8 of those Rangers Padded jackets that we were looking at.
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    magic8ball is on hold right now...
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    They should be slaughtered for that one act. Having an opinion on it is one thing, but issuing a letter to other clubs, sorry but that is so wrong on so many levels and with the date of lodging a further appeal not yet passed. I note it being their lawyer's name, so I suppose Liewell has left a we escape gate open for himself, if the shit gets too bad, so the lawyer gets shot and not him! If this is true, DK should follow up his statement and be making formal complaint to the footballing authorities and requesting consequences for their actions. They are one traitorous cunt of an organisation.
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    Hi sorry i wasn't online to give you my seats for the Alloa game, hope you had enough. For work and holiday reasons I won't be using my 2 seats until the St Mirren game at the end of February so you can have them for every game until then
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    Wouldn't surprise me in the least. You look how they resorted to rule book technicalities to reverse results against Legia and Sion, once they have spotted a potential opening, they have their legal people all over it. DKs words will have no effect on them, they have no shame in seeking any opportunity that they consider beneficial to them.DKs statement may fortify the fans for a period but we need to get our own lawyers working behind the scenes on this. We need to fight fire with fire, with no holds, no issues barred to get a favourable outcome.
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    Only one team in Glasgow with tainted titles and it's not Rangers.
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    Surprisingly strong statement, very good to see. I think it very forcefully addresses the arguments and i would say there are two threats in there. The first is blatant and is to anyone who wants to mess with us, the second is to the authorities regarding our previous treatment, I read it as if you let sleeping dogs lie, so will we, if not.... 5 way agreement, bans, fines, blackmail, etc are all going to come back to haunt them. Good to see us acting strongly.
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    Doesnt matter if you like King or not, every fan will see this a a step forward and give credit where its due, all all fans want is our club performing on the park and the board protecting our institution off it. This statement will go a long way to help and im sure more will follow over the next few months.
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    That's more like it Mr King. If Rangers keep on running, the haters will keep on chasing. If our enemies want a fight- let's meet them head on.
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    Facts are the Bheasts biggest enemy. The likes of Spiers etc, should be very careful. It may emerge they have set up limited companies etc to evade paying the maximum tax on money earned. Certain journalists have no morals, they are employed by the BBC because of their hatred and bias. They constantly attack our club and fans on social media and newspapers, thus making themselves a few bob at the same time. Wouldn't it be awful if their details on tax payments ever made the media? Spiers pennned this today http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/14024724.Spiers_on_Sport__Scottish_football_has_become_a_cesspit_of_venom_and_hate/ Yet just 24 hours ago, he wrote the following. There is an argument that further punishment of the club is futile and even vindictive. What's made Graham change his mind over the last 24 hours?
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    In this case he wrote a horrid article about the George Square stuff the day after the referendum, not only repeating the myth that it was all the fault of big bad unionists but basically said Rangers fans were to blame.
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    As a few folks may already know thebooler has been unwell & at present in hospital. He lost all power in his lower body and now has suffered another setback. From Facebook : "Gary’s in ward 67 neurology unit southern general not able to reply to messages as he has limited mobility in his hands Started 5 days of treatment then goes into physio which could take a few months to get full mobility." I am sure RM will send out good vibes for a full recovery to him.
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    I really hate what the internet has done to football fans.
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    Even I'm not stupid enough to challenge bluepeter. Gogzy, aye. Badger, mibbe. But, bluepeter? Naw. You'd be as well pulling your trousers down and falling asleep in a room with Compton.
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    my gosh you are an angry man as for the statement, my only hope is that kings mouth isnt writing cheques that his arse cant cash, talking the talk is one thing, but he has never proven his ability to stand up and fight for us yet
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    Ridiculous if DK is being criticised for addressing the issue in a rounded, unbiased fashion. We criticise those who are selective and pick and choose what they want to focus on, so IMO it's right DK dealt with that aspect of the issue. Some players may not have joined without EBTs but then we would have signed others, of equal ability, who would instead. It's 'common sense'. Look at some of those who had EBTs, is the argument we couldn't have found other options at least equal to their ability: Eggen, Ostenstad, Vignal, Ian Murray, Christiansen, Sionko, Ross, Ball, Vanoli etc
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    We need to ban those cunts for good and be done with them.
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    Good statement. Hopefully the fight back has started against those out to destroy our club.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV7ZKUZntDc Really enjoyable listen.
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    Harry McNeil was the older brother of our Founders Moses and Peter. He has the distinction of having played for the Rangers in that first ever game v Callander in May 1872 on Fleshers Haugh. He would play for the Club again during the 1880's and was a member of the Rangers Ancients team, along with the likes of Tom Vallance,who played many exhibition and charitable matches. Harry would go into a business partnership with his brother Peter , their H+ P McNeil sports good premises were a feature on both Union Street and Renfield Street Glasgow from the mid 1870's until 1896. Once he'd hung up his boots Harry was to run the Royal Hotel in Bangor County Down. He was still attending Ibrox cheering on his beloved Rangers in the early 1920's with his grandchildren. Harry McNeil passed in 1924 and is buried in an unmarked grave in Rutherglen. This week, with the assistance of Gary Ralston, we made contact with Harry's family in Glasgow and spoke to them about the Restoration of Rangers Graves Project. It is our intention, using funds raised via the project , to have a stone placed on Harry's final resting place , the family will of course be consulted on all aspects as we take this forward. We're due to meet with them this weekend and will take them to Harry's resting place. When i rang the family on Tuesday the reaction of Harry's Great Niece was a joy '' We're all still Rangers daft in the family''. All progress will be posted on these pages as we remember another Ranger. Donations to the Restoration Project can be made here. PAYPAL LINK. - https://www.paypal.com/sendmoney ***Follow the link and add following email address along with donation – sonsofstruth@aol.co.uk
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    These cunts like English spears and Thompson are feverishly attacking Rangers for one simple reason possibly two. First and foremost reason is to keep them in a job they're nothing without their made up mock offence and when this all this is done and dusted I'm pretty sure they will be referring back-to-back matters whenever they can. Secondly it's a bigot,hateful agenda simple as that especially English he doesn't hide his loyalties.why it's allowed for a man from the south of Ireland to come here and try destroy Scottish football with his bile is beyond me.
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    These type of posts are why I signed up to this place. Before my time but a favourite of my dad. Got an old autobiography of his in the house that I found going through my dads stuff, read it a couple years ago and enjoyed it.
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    Which means what? It'd be nice if people used meaningful sentences again instead of this 'handwringer' cliched fad, then people might have an idea of what exactly they were talking about.
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    Legal doesn't equal moral. Everyone will have their opinion on tax avoidance. My opinion is also that it's immoral and objectionable. That's not the issue, though.
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    The board will continue not taking a salary, not even to pay it back at a later date. Good. Appears we actually have a board whose intention is to reinvigorate and revitalise our club and brand for the betterment of the club, not their bank balances. Nice change, IMO.
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    Hate obsessed cunts, it's been drilled into them at both ends from an early age by the dhirty bheasts!