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    Nothing is gonna come of this "we will share this report with the bodies involved. As part of our factual accuracy check" Basically if there is something in it someone doesn't like it will be removed. That's exactly what will happen.
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    If only we lived in a proddie country!!!!
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    UFC live.

    Well that just happened.
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    Many thanks to Martyn Waghorn's Magic Fingers, which have just won us the Rangers Lotto Wednesday Jackpot. :21: :21: The £1,000 prize couldn't have come at a better time.
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    • Mental They're shite, but to say they haven't won the league is a bit pathetic. They've shown a level of consistency above us and have been able to win games in the last couple of mins - which we haven't been able to do. We could have won the league this year, but our mentality isn't strong enough and our quality is suspect. We're shite, but they're slightly better and that's why they're winning the league. We need quality now and to get into the habit of winning and grinding out results when things aren't going our way. When we're on top we seem to be really on top, when we're not we lose our discipline and implode.
    • But he clearly didnt if goldson has played 50 games, worrall and katic between them haven't played 50 games between them, he dropped katic for worrall and kept the same pairing in barring injury  And tbh i have no qualms with that, allow a pairing to get to know each other, but rhe tiredness excuse cannot be used when you allow a defender to play 50 games 
    • I wasn't aware Maurice Johnston was still playing for us?...
    • We have been massively poorer mate . Who are we kidding
    • The team that wins the league , wins the league on their own merits Some amount of pish being spouted about how we should have won it cause we are better . Honest to fuck . Take the medicine man .Our domestic record is a disgrace this season . No matter how long it takes the scum to get the league
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