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    BBC "In many respects, Celtic's operation is the model for other clubs to follow." Then you read the report. Group revenue down 21% Merchantandise turnover decreased £1.84M Loss £4M Revenue from football and stadium operations decreased by £0.3M They managed to decrease their operating expenses to cover a lot of these decreases and losses but you can't cut your way to prosperity. Yet the BBC say it's a model despite posting a profit last year of £11M. That's a £15million shift to the red in 12 months. They are loosing money faster than we are.
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    Just want us to concentrate on our own team and no predictions on how this seasons ends - has to stop now Hate over confidence it is a sure result that it comes back with a negative result What happened last season should be a shut up to the dreamers - promotion is earned by winning at your worst and having the hunger to win for the club We have to earn the oportunity and take it by winning and doing it every week to win this league and players to show that they are up to it .
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    It's obviously anyone on here ( other than me) as the place is full of 'I told you so' expertise!
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