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    • Be an interesting game expect Popovich to have something up his sleeve and it will be a question of how the Nuggets handle that plus the pressure that game 7 brings with it.
    • Isn’t that typical I’ve saved hard and just bought my son this years top with jack no.8 on it, and they go and release a new one 🤫
    • They need to have guys fighting actual competition rather than just building guys by letting them fight 20 nobody’s then going in about how they’re unbeaten. Those sky sports fight night cards are always about 8 fights of exactly that, imagine paying for a ticket to see that rubbish? Corrupt judging is also ruining the sport now, between GGG getting completely fucked over in the first Canelo fight, then Fury being robbed, completely put me off boxing, fuck paying your hard earned to watch that crap. People slate UFC but at least you get competitive contests and the right fighters fight for the titles, ranking systems mean nothing in boxing.
    • Oh yeah we absolutely need 3-5 players of top quality too and I’ll be raging if we don’t get them, but as a club we simply have to be keeping an eye on ones for the future and trying to snag them when we can too. Developing and then selling players on is so important to the bigger clubs in the smaller leagues around Europe and it shouldn’t be any different for us. It baffles me how so many of our supporters can’t see that (not saying you fall into that school of thought BTW). 
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