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    Interesting scout reports on both Windass and Crooks. http://lowerleaguescout.com/matt-crooks-scout-report/ http://lowerleaguescout.com/josh-windass-scout-report/
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    Finally part 1 of the so called geo technical report for westhorn from pzj https://examplewordpresscom7073.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/the-celtic-geotechnical-report/
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    Every day. You just can't help yourself. Fuck off back to the boredroom section.
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    Not acceptable. He lied to us!He told us we'd bring in 1 or 2 in January, and here we are a week into January on the verge of securing our third and fourth signings. Am raging!
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    Exactly.I feel the top flight sides to be a bit stale while we have a young, hungry and talented team who can only go from strength to strength. We hadn't really spent anything yet either so fingers crossed a couple of high standard signings mixed in with what we have (or will have) will see us challenging from the off!
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    dont trust shoot.the guy they have reporting on Rangers is an absolute boaby.
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    Yet we're continuously told that we live in a democratic free country. At first I thought it was that bad it was funny but now I'm so angry that nothing is being done about this, even with all the evidence. As someone mentioned in another thread, we as a fan base sit back and hope for the best to happen, it's about time this info is known to all of us, not just a few people on some forums. If the media won't cover it then we need to, start by getting some of the main points on flyers and handing them out at our games. At the very least we could be spreading this info more.
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    Celtic representatives have been in Brussels as part of a preliminary investigation by the European Commission into land deals between Celtic and Glasgow City Council. The probe relates to question marks over the purchase of various plots of land, including their Lennoxtown training complex, which it has been alleged constitute State Aid. In recent months, the European Commission Directorate General for Competition State Aid has announced several formal investigations into allegations of State Aid involving Spanish and Dutch clubs - including Barcelona, Real Madrid and PSV Eindhoven. The latest club to become embroiled in an investigation, over an arrangement with their local council regarding the Liberty Stadium, is Swansea City. The situation with Celtic is not yet at the same stage as the Spanish and Dutch investigations, but preliminary meetings have been held and information has been requested by the European Commission. When contacted by the Rangers Standard, an EC spokesperson said: "We have indeed received complaints about alleged aid in land deals between Glasgow and Celtic and we have requested and received detailed information from the UK authorities, lastly in December 2013." "There is no legal deadline to conclude a State aid investigation; the duration depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case". It is understood that both Celtic and Glasgow City Council are extremely concerned at the possibility of the preliminary investigation leading to the type of full investigation which has been initiated in respect of Spanish and Dutch clubs. Celtic have purchased several plots of land from State organisations, which have historically been Labour controlled, at low prices. These include the purchase for only, £497,000, of the land their Lennoxtown training ground was built on. It is believed that the recent sale of London Road Primary School may also now fall under examination. If you are interested in more forensic detail on the various purchases and valuations then you should visit the excellent http://footballtaxha...ase-for-the-eu/ The European Commission has wide ranging powers if there is found to have been a breach of the regulations. The Commission can require the Member State to recover the aid with interest from the beneficiary (in this case Celtic). This could lead to a potential bill of over £30m for Celtic, which would have to be repaid over a maximum period of ten years. Any finding of guilt would put pressure on the SFA to probe any sporting advantage that discounted deals brought. It may also fall foul of new UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations. This news comes only a day after the announcement that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) are to examine the conduct of Co-Op Bank officials over allegations of tie ins with the Labour Party. Celtic, who can count former Labour Minister, John Reid and former Labour MP, Brian Wilson amongst their former and current directors, were the recipients of extremely favourable loan deals from the Co-Op Bank and those are almost certain to be examined as part of the investigation. It is believed that the State-owned land obtained by Celtic was used as security for these loans. http://www.thisismon...tball-Club.html The European Commission probe is separate to this however and Celtic will potentially have to fight on two fronts to show that they have not been the beneficiaries of either State Aid or politically motivated, favourable loans secured against the land purchased. Last year Celtic employed a lawyer with litigation experience as their Company Secretary. If anyone has any information regarding these allegations then please contact The Rangers Standard in confidence and we will incorporate it into any further enquiries. Anyone with detailed information or any specific complaints relating to State Aid on this matter should contact the European Commission at Stateaidgreffe@ec.europa.eu This email address is being protected from spambots. You need Javascript enabled to view it. . Also if you have any relevant details on the Co-Op investigation you can contact the PRA at PRAwhistleblowing@bankofengland.co.uk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need Javascript enabled to view it. . From TRS, things heating up a bit now.
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    ACCRINGTON Stanley owner Andy Holt has confirmed Rangers are making moves to sign Matt Crooks and Josh Windass . Holt took to Twitter to reveal the Ibrox club have made contact with the pair, who are both out of contract at the end of the season. Holt posted: "I have been informed today that rangers are talking to Josh and Crooksey about a move from end of season. This is unsolicited and is being done under FIFA international." Learn everything you need to know about the pair below. Josh Windass The Accrington midfielder comes from good stock as his dad is former Aberdeen striker Dean Windass. Like his old man he has an eye for goal, having netted 11 times for the League Two side this season. Windass is now in his third season at Accrington after arriving on a free following a spell with non-league Harrogate Railway after leaving Huddersfield. His scoring knack has only been discovered recently as the youngster netted his first goal for the club back in February. Since then has been in deadly form, showing the kind of finishing prowess that endeared his dad to Dons fans . Warburton will be glad to know Josh hasn’t shown any signs of the temper that landed his father in trouble with the SFA during his time at Pittodrie. Windass Snr was infamously sent off three times in a game at Dundee United in 1997 but Josh has only been booked three times in his entire career. Josh’s deal with Accrington expires in the summer so he wouldn’t cost too much and dad Dean has already hinted that he will move in January . But Rangers could face competition for a man Stanley boss John Coleman rates in the £1million bracket. Matt Crooks The utility man’s career has plenty in common with Accrington team-mate Windass as they are both 21 and arrived at Stanley after a spell with Huddersfield. But Crooks is more concerned with stopping the opposition scoring rather than bulging the net himself as he has spent most of his days as a defender or defensive midfielder. He certainly got a good grounding in the game, starting out in Manchester United’s famous academy before moving to Huddersfield and turning pro. He was so highly rated at Town that he was nominated for League One Apprentice of the Year, eventually missing out to Charlton's Jordan Cousins. After loan spells with Halifax and Radcliffe Borough, Huddersfield boss Mark Robins decided to throw Crooks into the first team at the start last season. But his debut turned into a disaster as they lost 4-0 to Bournemouth and Robins was axed , with Crooks never playing for them again. He bounced back during a loan spell with Accrington and eventually moved there permanently, impressing so much that boss Coleman tipped him to strike it rich in the game. He said: “There are just a couple of things he could iron out, and he’d be a millionaire, because there are millionaires who haven’t got his talent or his physique.” Very excited about this! Hopefully we get them signed up soon. Would be some coup imo.
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    I had this text from a mate tonight who is in the Navy and a Plymouth Argyle ST holder referring to Windass "He had a standing ovation from the Argyle crowd when subbed against us late in the game before Xmas...most unusual for them to recognise and actually appreciate a talented boy "
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    Outside of Arsenal, who else were these two linked with potentially?
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    I kinda feel a bit sorry for them too but football is a business these days, a friendly down there would be a nice touch and a nice wee earner for them and a nice trip for us.
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    2 days ago. We'd need to break the bank for him,nothing wrong with that obv
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    That wouldn't matter in the slightest. They'd still hate us no matter what.
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    I know that, but all we are doing is buying good publicity in my mind. You never know, it might make the powers that be look at the rules and perhaps change them - which given our philosophy now would protect us and benefit us in the future. Just a thought.
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    No debate mate,your dress sense is awful aswell obv.Agree about the trainers right enough. Ps welcome to the greatest club in the world lads!!
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    They don't know a great deal about football to be fair. They cheer when the ball goes in the oppositions net and boo when it goes in their own, that's about it.
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    Not too keen on a release clause like that, but otherwise am exicted.
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    Here's hoping they're a couple of crackers. Nowhere near their peak so hopefully got a few great seasons ahead.
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    Ooooft! Finally! Such a simple, and seemingly basic clause of a contract yet we have failed to cover this and been stung many a time with such an omission........ Accrington owner will be crying himself to sleep and having a meltdown on Twitter. To be fair, he has every right to be gutted, and I would be too if I were him but he's been acting a bit of a dick. Being a Scottish team we have been screwed over many a time due to the financial gulf so it's good to have a bit of good news for once. The rules are shit but sometimes you need to just suck it up..........
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    Hope so.3.5 mill ain't really that much for a English side to punt on, I rather we held out for money like the tims seem to get. Like you say If he impresses then we can offer a more lucrative contract and increase or remove the clause.
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    @AndyNewportPA: I understand @windass101's Rangers deal has a £3.5m release clause
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    Josh Windass ‏@windass101 1 min1 minute agoFrom Huddersfield to Accrington and now @RangersFC . You can't separate us 4 retweets1 likeReply Retweet 4 Like 1 More
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    Protecting our investment. They are highly rated players, even if its Championship teams who have been interested in them, we know how much they can offer nowadays!
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    Them posting on twitter how glad they are to sig for a big club will piss off their own fans at Stanley. They are definitely helping their case for getting here in this window.
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    Josh Windass ‏@windass101 4 mins4 minutes ago Long day but finally put pen to paper with @RangersFC and signed until 2020 .. Huge club with ambitions of European football . Can't wait
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    I would much rather have them now. despite automatic promotion looking likely it is by no means guaranteed. Get these boys in and start preparing for next season and ensuring we romp the second half of this league.
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    Anyone that follows lower league english football will know of this guy. A very handy player.
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    Most of what I have seen suggests the offer is 400k for both. MW clearly thinks these are players for the longer term and while he could get them for less than 100k in the summer having the extra 6 months to get them bedded in could be invaluable.
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    I think Windass is more likely to play out wide than Halliday is. There seems to be a debate about whether Windass is a striker or a midfielder so he could probably play from the left in a front there.
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    http://www.shoot.co.uk/rangers-edging-closer-to-400000-double-deal-for-league-two-duo/ http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11788/10120610/rangers-bid-to-sign-josh-windass-and-matt-crooks-six-months-early The SSN story gives me great hope,there's an interview with McParland as well.
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    Windass and Crooks head north to complete January moves to Rangers STV 6 January 2016 12:18 GMTJosh Windass could be set to complete a January move to Rangers.Steve Paston/EMPICS SportAccrington Stanley pair Josh Windass and Matt Crooks are travelling to Glasgow in order to try and complete January moves to Rangers. The duo, who are out of contract at the end of the season, are set to travel to Scotland after agreeing personal terms with the Ibrox side. Both were expected to make the move this summer but now Mark Warburton's men may speed up the transfer as they aim to win promotion to the Scottish Premiership. Should the players move in this transfer window then the English League Two side would secure a transfer fee rather than training compensation, if the duo moved on pre-contract deals at the end of the season. Harry Forrester and goalkeeper Maciej Gostomski have already joined the Light Blues in the January transfer window. Accrington owner Andy Holt expressed his displeasure at the Scottish side and FIFA transfer regulations, telling the Lancashire Telegraph: "It's ridiculous. We could lose them for free and Rangers could resell them and take any profit. They could sell them back to England if they wanted to. "Because they're getting them for free they can offer wages that other team can't offer. "It's not about the lads' rights to earn a living, I respect that and I like them. It's about what's right and what's wrong. "They've come a long way at this club, since they've been at Accrington it's transformed them. I don't like the way the rules are set out. "I don't like the way Rangers have gone about this, not picking the phone up to (Accrington manager) John Coleman. It's not illegal but it's not the way it should be done."
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    The 400 k will factor in their wages for the first 6 months..
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    You just air brushing the goal from history aye? Do you ever get anything right?
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    played 21, won 2, drawn 4 lost 15. Long may it continue.
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