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    It’s probably a good time to check the moral compass. Let’s be honest when a song about Glasgow gang culture from the 30’s is deemed more headline grabbing than chants celebrating an active and proscribed terrorist organisation responsible for the deaths of thousands ‘“ then quite simply you know the game is a bogey. And knowing the game is a bogey is the important benchmark for us as Rangers supporters. If sectarianism is the Scottish government’s equivalent of a lucrative sex trade then quite simply Graham Spiers is its biggest whore. His lack of integrity was exposed on National Television by my fellow blogger Chris Graham, in a manner which was not only scrumptious but also unequivocal. Well’¦. to the best of my knowledge it was. So we as Rangers will not be taking morality lessons from the morally bereft Spiers. Is that too ‘complicated’ for you Graham? If not ‘“ then quite simply ‘“ do one, you absolute weasel and charlatan. If you find yourself continually moved to apologise for what we are and what we believe in and cherish ‘“ then perhaps you ought to seek another club. I don’t intend to spend time arguing over the linguistic history of the word ‘fenian’ ‘“ suffice to say its inclusion as a sectarian term is an utterly ridiculous notion proposed and championed by people with an utter hatred of our club, unfortunately aided by those who follow our club and are less than careful, lazy even, with their choice of language and its entailment and consequences. But the loaded dice have been rolled and it’s in such an environment we now operate. Those on message forums who boldly tell you to sing the Billy Boys in its original form ‘“ will they pay your fine if you are arrested? Will they explain to your children why daddy has lost his job or is going to jail? Time to box clever bears. The words need to be altered so that we can belt out one of our most enigmatic anthems without fear, without compromise and without damage to our beloved club. I’ll leave the revised version to the better qualified songsmiths out there. A revised and revamped Billy Boys delivers a message to the world – we will adapt and change as circumstances suit, but we will never, ever, go away.
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    I thought this was about Green and Whyte's bargain pleas.
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    Celtic representatives have been in Brussels as part of a preliminary investigation by the European Commission into land deals between Celtic and Glasgow City Council. The probe relates to question marks over the purchase of various plots of land, including their Lennoxtown training complex, which it has been alleged constitute State Aid. In recent months, the European Commission Directorate General for Competition State Aid has announced several formal investigations into allegations of State Aid involving Spanish and Dutch clubs - including Barcelona, Real Madrid and PSV Eindhoven. The latest club to become embroiled in an investigation, over an arrangement with their local council regarding the Liberty Stadium, is Swansea City. The situation with Celtic is not yet at the same stage as the Spanish and Dutch investigations, but preliminary meetings have been held and information has been requested by the European Commission. When contacted by the Rangers Standard, an EC spokesperson said: "We have indeed received complaints about alleged aid in land deals between Glasgow and Celtic and we have requested and received detailed information from the UK authorities, lastly in December 2013." "There is no legal deadline to conclude a State aid investigation; the duration depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case". It is understood that both Celtic and Glasgow City Council are extremely concerned at the possibility of the preliminary investigation leading to the type of full investigation which has been initiated in respect of Spanish and Dutch clubs. Celtic have purchased several plots of land from State organisations, which have historically been Labour controlled, at low prices. These include the purchase for only, £497,000, of the land their Lennoxtown training ground was built on. It is believed that the recent sale of London Road Primary School may also now fall under examination. If you are interested in more forensic detail on the various purchases and valuations then you should visit the excellent http://footballtaxha...ase-for-the-eu/ The European Commission has wide ranging powers if there is found to have been a breach of the regulations. The Commission can require the Member State to recover the aid with interest from the beneficiary (in this case Celtic). This could lead to a potential bill of over £30m for Celtic, which would have to be repaid over a maximum period of ten years. Any finding of guilt would put pressure on the SFA to probe any sporting advantage that discounted deals brought. It may also fall foul of new UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations. This news comes only a day after the announcement that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) are to examine the conduct of Co-Op Bank officials over allegations of tie ins with the Labour Party. Celtic, who can count former Labour Minister, John Reid and former Labour MP, Brian Wilson amongst their former and current directors, were the recipients of extremely favourable loan deals from the Co-Op Bank and those are almost certain to be examined as part of the investigation. It is believed that the State-owned land obtained by Celtic was used as security for these loans. http://www.thisismon...tball-Club.html The European Commission probe is separate to this however and Celtic will potentially have to fight on two fronts to show that they have not been the beneficiaries of either State Aid or politically motivated, favourable loans secured against the land purchased. Last year Celtic employed a lawyer with litigation experience as their Company Secretary. If anyone has any information regarding these allegations then please contact The Rangers Standard in confidence and we will incorporate it into any further enquiries. Anyone with detailed information or any specific complaints relating to State Aid on this matter should contact the European Commission at Stateaidgreffe@ec.europa.eu This email address is being protected from spambots. You need Javascript enabled to view it. . Also if you have any relevant details on the Co-Op investigation you can contact the PRA at PRAwhistleblowing@bankofengland.co.uk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need Javascript enabled to view it. . From TRS, things heating up a bit now.
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    We are holding a Lee Rigby and help the heroes benefit match in Southampton 28th of may bank holiday weekend Rangers Legends and guests v Southampton and Portsmouth legends we have asked Graham Souness to manage the rangers legends team we hope to bring a good rangers support down for this game, if interested in going contact me on here and I will keep you all up-dated
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    2016 isnt even a week old yet, but it has already been an action-packed start to the month for Rangers. The second half of the season started in a similar vein to the first with a resounding 6-0 win at the Cheaper Insurace Direct Stadium against Dumbarton. After what was arguably the most impressive performance of the season so far, Mark Warburton now turns his attention to strengthening his squad ahead of the Scottish Cup clash at home to League One side Cowdenbeath this weekend. Read more: http://www.shoot.co.uk/rangers-quick-to-make-their-moves-in-the-transfer-window/
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    Stevie smith gave me two tickets for fiorintina (uefa semi) via his uncle, what a night, as for stevie, guy has been jinxed by injuries and the one you wanted to Do well, model pro, goes home each nite to his wife and kid, always has, unlike some of the would be stars , who went for kebabs and nandos then pished, so i am glad he is doing better at killie.
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    Love the way the manager is moulding the squad. Young, talented, ambitious lads with a real work ethic. Throw in a couple of experienced players in the summer and we will be challenging next season. Thinks crooks will make a big difference in the middle of the park. Great to see us tapping into the lower leagues of England. Alot of the players have good pedigree coming from big clubs academys but have been forced down the leagues due to the money available to buy the best from around the globe. Compare that to buying overrated spl fodder on long term deals. Wish we had the magic hat earlier!!
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    Interesting scout reports on both Windass and Crooks. http://lowerleaguescout.com/matt-crooks-scout-report/ http://lowerleaguescout.com/josh-windass-scout-report/
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    Hating Poles on the basis of Artur Boric is like hating Rangers on the basis of you.
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    I won the 3 legged egg and spoon race with mine!!!
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    There has been a steady increase in accusations of posters being fans of other clubs, often with absolutely no grounds other than people not liking what that poster has to say. It stifles debate and puts people off posting their opinions when any unusual or slightly controversial viewpoint is met with these allegations. Please refrain from these accusations, we will be enforcing this rule. Repeat offenders will be dealt with by warnings, escalating to temporary suspensions and beyond if necessary. If you genuinely think a poster shouldn't be here, we have a 'report' function, or you can PM a Mod/Admin with your concerns.
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    Not acceptable. He lied to us!He told us we'd bring in 1 or 2 in January, and here we are a week into January on the verge of securing our third and fourth signings. Am raging!
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    Finally part 1 of the so called geo technical report for westhorn from pzj https://examplewordpresscom7073.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/the-celtic-geotechnical-report/
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    Better than jumping in with 3 year contracts with players who have something to prove like yesteryear
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    Without ever having seen either of them play, I have convinced myself that both Luca Gasparotto and Ryan Sinnamon are good players just cos they have cool names. The above reasoning is also why the wife doesn't let me bet on the horses.
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    Every day. You just can't help yourself. Fuck off back to the boredroom section.
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    Nothing prepares you for the unfairness of disease in life ....... and even less so when it hits someone close to you. Emotionally charged interviews such as this one, after the sadness, only makes me more proud of Fernando and his brave fight to try and make it for another year. It puts your own life into perspective, and puts something in "the bank" for future times when you are feeling overwhelmed with life and its inequalities, and realise that it could be so different ..... and so short. He is fighting harder now than he ever did on the field, and we all know how hard he fought for us in a Rangers jersey. No Surrender Fernando Ricksen ....... keep on keeping on.
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    Because some are looking at the team and seeing where its going. Some of you have the tarriers built as some sort of fucking Harlem Globetrotter's. They're fucking awful. Rangers and the taigs for that matter will not have the funny money we once did. We are now like every Scottish club a selling club. We will be buying players with potential, potential to make us champions and also a tidy profit. Gone are the days of the de boers, mols, numans, klos's etc.its now develop our own and buy low sell high. Some years we will be excellent others we wont. It's being realistic not living in some utopia of yesteryear where we signed basically who we wanted. Rangers need to live within our means. King and co have put in near on 20 million a lot of the money is assisting the running of the club. We still need to run the club and build a squad and so far they Aint done a bad fucking job of building a good squad.
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    Hated that alternative one the RST had, but they appear to have found a suitable sponsor.
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    theres a few on here could do with learning that skill. I know I
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    Cellic ain't all that btw. 2 or 3 experienced players and we'll be right up there next season.
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    Back in the day,Everton were always known as "The Rangers of the South" possibly because of their main stand,but I assume also because many of their players played for both clubs in their careers.(along with many other Scottish players with Presbyterian backgrounds) In fact, the Everton title winning squad of 1963 had 5 Scottish players in it (maybe you can find the Rangers connection in the photo)
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    Exactly.I feel the top flight sides to be a bit stale while we have a young, hungry and talented team who can only go from strength to strength. We hadn't really spent anything yet either so fingers crossed a couple of high standard signings mixed in with what we have (or will have) will see us challenging from the off!
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    You really should go on a stadium tour and soak up our magnificent history and be gobsmacked at our trophy room where you will see the Loving Cup sit aside our other magnificent trophies and mementos.
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    Listening to Dundee united chairman weep is delightful
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    All I've got is some fuckwit greeting about Dundee United
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    dont trust shoot.the guy they have reporting on Rangers is an absolute boaby.
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    As the positivity of the last two league games has brought the spark back into us supporters, it is nice to see it produced in print to reinforce that positivity. Very good balance of past, recent, and present occurrences at the club Dude, and again a very good article well worth reading and factually informative. Happy New Year mate, and keep them coming.
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    his opening line should be HULLO HULLO that should get their attention
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    Yet we're continuously told that we live in a democratic free country. At first I thought it was that bad it was funny but now I'm so angry that nothing is being done about this, even with all the evidence. As someone mentioned in another thread, we as a fan base sit back and hope for the best to happen, it's about time this info is known to all of us, not just a few people on some forums. If the media won't cover it then we need to, start by getting some of the main points on flyers and handing them out at our games. At the very least we could be spreading this info more.
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    I wouldn't drop any player for a new signing until they have proven themselves sufficiently. The Fod Tav Kier "WILSONNNNNN" Wallace Law Holt Halliday McKay Waghorn Miller Ease the new boys in, maybe a cup game or something then go from there.
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    Obviously Warburton has played football manager enough times to know that as soon as it hits the 1st of January you click 'transfers', 'filter', 'contract expiry', '6 months'.
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    Foderingham - 7 Been a reliable keeper for us despite a few dodgy moments. Tavernier - 8 Started well before fading a wee bit as teams got used to our style and we made slight tweaks. Could do with a consistent partner down the right hand side similar to Wallace/McKay Wilson - 7 Wee bit shaky at times but done reasonably well. Needs to be more vocal and take more control of the defence. Kiernan - 7 Much the same as Wilson. Bit more rough and ready but a good signing. Could easily cope in the Premiership. Ball - 7 Done well when he's played but he's been shunted around a wee bit. Looks composed and hope to get to see more in the second half of the season. Holt - 9 Best of the lot. Slotted in immediately and has been the standout player so far. Halliday - 8 Started well and puts himself about but is a bit unfortunate to be out of position. Would like to see him played a bit further forward. Zelalem - 7 Lovely touches and great at making a wee bit space. Needs to improve final ball and decision making. Oduwa - 6 Started well but has faded badly Waghorn - 9 Brilliant signing. If Holt hadn't played so well he'd be the pick of the lot. He's like a young Kenny Miller but with a purpose. Not seen enough of Thompson to really judge.
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    Wes - 8 Tav - 8 Kiernan - 7 Wilson - 6 Ball - 6 Halliday - 1690 Holt - 9 Zelalem - 6 Oduwa - 6 Waghorn - 8
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    Were you on the undateables last night, Bob?
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    McParland knows fuck all, the average RM poster an encyclopedic knowledge store of British football and has treasure trove of dossiers on all the players currently available in the UK and beyond.
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    You've only just joined, how did you know that?
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    To date, MW's track record is spot on in recognizing young, cheap talent. At this point, I see no need to doubt these lads no matter what league they play in.
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    Fuck Dundee United and all their players, Any word on the Vlad ?
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    played 21, won 2, drawn 4 lost 15. Long may it continue.
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    just as well who'd have taken a drink after he'd put that mouth near it ?
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    My idea of a captain is someone who can grab the game by the scruff of the neck and change it when things are not going according to plan.
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    So Mark who are your targets this window? Not telling So Mark who are your targets this window? Not telling So Mark who are your targets this window? Not telling So Mark who are your targets this window? Not telling Will you win the league? 1 game at a time sonny jim Will you win the league? 1 game at a time sonny jim Will you win the league? 1 game at a time sonny jim Will you win the league? 1 game at a time sonny jim Thanks now can you tell me how life is at Rangers? Aye ya wee fanny i've got this hat and see any cunt who goes to Ibrox they know it is fucking magic ya wee rhat lover!