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    Todays Evening Times. "Scott Brown: Celtic the "best team by a country mile" Yesterdays Evening Times. "Celtic's kids can beat Valencia because they are some of the best players in the world." You can watch a thief but you cant watch a liar.
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    Was just sent this..didn't know if it's been posted before..I'm on the phone and cannae be bothered checking. Plus I'm up at 5-30am for work..so here goes..
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    If they're the best in the country why haven't they won everything? Stupid mickey bastards.
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    Ah but can they come back from 5 - 0 down.
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    yeah targeting their niche market,people living on the social
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    A country mile is one laden with horse shit.
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    There can't be another club on the planet with so many foot in mouth moments. Will they ever learn?
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    It can be cruel mate, I did 3 5fold Accas on the basketball and ice hockey Tuesday night, 1 team fucked each coupon there's some decent racing on Saturday, maybe you can bounce back then!
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    Aye that's it logged the accounts out and will have a few days off it enjoy watching the racing without having a punt so can get a look at what may and may not be good for future, Footballs my main let down just now as well. Games that you think should be certainties and they don't win EG BTTS last weekend 5 fold 1 team let me down that have scored 8 in last 3 games before Sat,
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    That would obviously be Bergerie des Moyes or Roy Rodgers; He would shoot them into the Champions League
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    As we would expect from this fine manager.
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    http://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/hardly-pitch-perfect/ Mark Warburton has already attended to this bit of skulduggery by practicing the guys using "narrow" training sessions
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    Even then. He won the Norwegian league... Teams from the Faroe islands are drawing, and even beating teams like Tromsö and Rosenborg.
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    The more deluded among them still think it's a choice of either Moyes or Rodgers
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    Starting to get excited now. This Stubbs to Tims rumour is starting to gather pace. It would literally complete their 4 year downsizing agenda.
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    Am more than ahppy for the tims to keep Deila for the next 40 year
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    The Boxing News Thread

    I think Khan has more of a chance than most believe. He can be knocked out as has been thoroughly demonstrated before, however he is also extremely fast and can outbox most other fighters. If he implements the right game plan, resists entering a slugfest and performs to his ability I think he can win the fight. Brooks promotion and opponent choices are embarrassing. The guy has talent but you can't judge him accurately based on the tripe he faces. Get him in some decent fights before we can say how good he is.
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    New NFL Season

    Think it's fairly easy mate. My mates been over and picked up tickets. Just prebook them if needs be. They both play at the same stadium. But one team plays in red white and blue. The other green and white. You'll know which team you should see.
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