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    Yeah i'd guess so. FA Cup week in the latter stages of the competition is a bit shit as a whole! However, means, not for the first time, all eyes will be on us! Kinda sums up the SPFL when all attention is on us and The Championship, and not the top tier!
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    I've always thought she was the spit of Worzel Gummidge. Maybe a different generation.
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    Let me see here dhim logic at its finest!...why put us in the bottom league in the first place ya fuckin thicko? "The more you watch them"... The comments about Albertz that he some how intentionally smashed lamberts face...mind boggling!, if Albertz given the 0000.2 secs he had to react after been taken out managed to some how direct his knee into lamberts face then he is way more talented than i had already given him credit for
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    They no longer care how stupid they look, so long as they get one over on Rangers then have a chuckle together like schoolboys buming up their first tit wank Utter cunts
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    Take Haggertys online acquaintance with mad Phil out of the equation and your left with little more than a spell checker. Cutting edge journalist my arse ! So far she's made a few bob out of her favourite subject,you guessed it Rangers. I wonder how much of her small fortune she has donated to all the poor businesses she claims Rangers shamefully deprived money of. Truth is like all her type she couldn't give a flying f*** for our creditors but loves telling us how shameful we are . Angela still can't see the difference between a club and a plc which makes her either stupid or more probably doesn't suit her very obvious craving to continually push the sevco nonsense. The first and most important trait of any credible "journalist " is objectivity but when it comes to Rangers she has as much of that as her three named colaborator . She comes across as a very bitter victim with no credibility.
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    Dundee Hibs lurkers are even looking forward to relegation now.
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    It would be nice if she passed away in her sleep tonight
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    The level of desperation to which the media in Scotland is prepared to sink to just to have another wee sly dig at us never ceases to amaze me.
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    BBC Scotland have her in the phone in studio this morning. By giving her and Speirs a live public platform the BBC are making it crystal clear where they stand. It's not with us that's for sure.
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    To be fair if you were not a member of a Scottish football forum you would probably not know who she is. This is the case for a lot of my mates over here who are regulars at Ibrox ,when I have mentioned her the name did not register with them....Spiers yes(instant tourettes)her no.
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    Foderingham Tavernier Kiernan Wilson Wallace Holt Ball Halliday O'Halloran Miller McKay At this stage of the season I'd settle for a 1-0 victory every game.
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    This HNC in journalism is some qualification,an expert in HMRC and taxes and now Public transport???Beauty and brains,what a girl...............yes, I am joking
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    An out of form Waghorn is still massively more productive than a fully fit Clark.
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    If she had black hair she'd be the double of Mrs Crabtree
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    Would these be the social media postings in relation to Speirs or the bigoted hate filled drivel she writes about Rangers fans ? Dont buy the Sunday Herald and she'll soon be out of a job.
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    Maybe she's on encouraging other hags to give up their broomsticks and use public transport?
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    Yea, Pre Admin, I did a wee thing which coined the catchphrase that is "Nada & Squatting" After that I "Obliged" a chosen few with below the tan line pics I had over 300 Pms in an hour PLease can I,, and, I'm not like the other guys on here.......but,,... I work in an agency that could get you work if I can have a look first ... boy was about 14 Devlin that was it, fuck he be near 20 now
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    I agree. For me, her employment status is less relevant than the fact they are associating with her in any capacity. Someone with her background should be anathema to any respectable (yes I'm laughing at myself using that word) organisation.
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    Clocked this months ago. Took the Monday off in preparation
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    Wes Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Law Halliday Holt MOH Miller King I think Miller should get the nod ahead of Clark but think Warbs will start with Clark. McKay has struggled last few games and i think King looked very dangerous when he came off the bench.
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    Fod tav,Kiernan,Wilson,wallace holt,Halliday,Law King,MOH, Mckay
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    Before it used to be about the story, now the journo writing it seems to be more important when it comes to certain ones. Keech, Hag, Shug, Britney, English etc etc.
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    Oh so equal rights isn't the done thing on this forum then eh thats fine I'll still take a pm off Bogtrotters tho
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    13 games to go as it stands 8 games from now I think. Should the teams above them keep picking up points and them dripping points then it will be about 4 or 5 games from now
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    There will be a balance of online and print depending on the circulation and the price and volume of advertising there is for the foreseeable future, but you are spot on about "journos", they say that empty vessels make the most noise and that is the case with called "journos" nowadays, as in trying to make their bones they will do and say anything to get attention in a market where anybody with a keyboard can be a "journo". There are no "journos" nowadays really as is proved with the fact that the hag can get a gig with the herald on a card from a local college. The elitism is long gone as is the respect of a once impartial profession now infiltrated with scum only with agendas advancing their own politics, and as for any decent "journos" that remain they I'm afraid are as well being absent with their dignified silence on matters !
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    Just had a look at her twitter feed and aside from her obvious hatred of us she must be one of the most dull and saddest human beings on the planet.
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    Thats what I did last time, Boss and Mr C set it up so I could PM all at once Site crashed as I remember,, perverted lot we are
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    Journalism used to be a respected profession but it is just a joke in the modern age. Who even buys newspapers anymore?, and I bet very few read them online from cover to cover the way people used to do the paperbacks back in the day. I used to get hot and bothered about these kind of columns but now I am just blah blah yea yea when I see these threads on here.
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    I don't imagine it'll take long until she makes the same mistake again.
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    Kieran Connelly will be found hanging from his maws living room ceiling when we do 55!
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    Deflection yet again "minority of fans" "pyrotechnics" but no mention of sectarian chanting............ffs i take it then they condone that but condem the pyro shit.
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    We have many travelling supporters who suffer from respiratory problems, a lot of which were caused by many years working in shipyards and down mines.
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    She wasn't sacked nor is she a reporter. She's an columnist who is a freelancer whom the Sunday Herald stopped using until it all settled down. Iirc her whole thing is social media based and is nothing more than an opinion piece. Which makes it more likely she'll fuck up again shortly and they'll have to stop using her. Again.
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    Is it likely that you will do what most good bookmakers do and pay out early?
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