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    Can we go back to the midfield 3 of Halliday, Holt, Law please.
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    Usual pish posted on here, I often wonder to some only watch the games so they can moan
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    For all the possession etc does anyone else think we have been very boring and just bland for a number of weeks now? I'm all in for the possession football etc but as long as it has purpose. It's all fine and well saying we had 70% possession, dominated the ball and had 20 corners but only 1 stat matters at the end of the 90 and that's who scored more goals. Alloa last time around highlighted this but we got away with it as Hibs blew it. We just seem to be losing focus and losing the ability to turn possession into anything worthwhile. Becoming a very boring to watch as well. We need to get the finger out. Hibs don't seem to be going away so we need to be careful.
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    Why is this slag still in the BD? Get her tae fuck
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    So you'd never have played Derek Johnstone at centre half because he was a centre forward? Ball was put into that role because others including Halliday had been tried and we're found wanting. Is it just coincidence that when the role has been filled effectively that we are seeing more positive comments about the Wilson/Kiernan partnership.
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    I've always thought she was the spit of Worzel Gummidge. Maybe a different generation.
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    We aren't shooting or offering Nicky Clark any service, what's the game-plan here ? Pass ourselves into oblivion ?
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    this working for me http://live.shwidget.com/static/freepopups/354195875371280.html
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    No, just the days of not-too-long ago this season.
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    MOH keeps going far too wide on the right there and can't get a decent shot/cross in
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    After a good, important goal, it doesn't take long for the Clark bashing to start again.
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    too much tippy tappy, sometimes u just need to shoot
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    Always remember the Crocker Walker philosophy. Rangers bad. Anyone playing Rangers good
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    Is someone trying to be funny by giving us Sutton and Walker as co-commentators these days? It's fucking disgraceful.
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    I hate this square peg round hole analogy because it's always brought up in stupid circumstances. Ball is as much a defensive midfielder as he is a defender.
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    The problem hasn't been the lack of Waghorn, it's just the same as the last number of games. Totally dominating, possession shots etc but most are off target. Need to start shooting in decent positions as opposed to attempting to walk it in.
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    Foderingham Tavernier, Kiernan, Wilson, Wallace. Halliday Zelalem Holt, O'Halloran, Clark, McKay. A fast, forward line with a very intelligent feed!
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    Nice wee double today from Mr Hobbs, Mr Henderson and yer man Uncle Ernie. Some performance from Different Gravey today.
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    In a way is good like this. Just prolonging the suffering. Nothing better than flashing a wee bit of hope at the enemy then snatching it away.
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