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    A massive turnover in squad since the summer(15 new players into the club) the complete change in style and we're into a cup final, QF's of the Scottish cup and have a nice lead in the league(20 wins from 25 league matches) he's not only delivered enough, he's went above the expectations! The football we play is far better, yes the end product needs to improve at times, but I'll get concerned when the chances aren't being created. Two of the defeats in the league were unjust, bad referee decisions in both, Waggy missed a pen for draw at Falkirk in the last minute. We've dropped 2 points at home in the league which is a fantastic return. The St Johnstone game was disappointing, but it's a process and a learning curve. If someone offered me this position in the summer, with 3 loses from 35 games I'd have grabbed it with both hands. One final point, our keeper was very good today, but the way people and the media are going on is if he made 5/6 world class saves. I'd have been raging if he didn't save any of those 3/4 shots today.
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    A fantastic video that had a friend of mine from across the pond in awe. She'd witnessed American football ceremonies but she'd never witnessed that Blue Sea of Ibrox! A great day.
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    http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/football-news/mark-warburton-wants-implement-incentivised-7410411?#wKqMOXvkMOtLckRV.97
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    This is what the RFFF should be used for; not some fucking stand.
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    Played well today and made some important saves
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    Reminds me of Novos goal in the cup final against Falkirk
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    Can we go back to the midfield 3 of Halliday, Holt, Law please.
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    Cracking goal and was man of the match today.. certain other players in the team should take a leaf out his book when it comes to work-ethic and being a team player..
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    Usual pish posted on here, I often wonder to some only watch the games so they can moan
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    This. Less than a year ago we were getting pumped 3-0 by QOTS, I can handle beating them 1-0 on an off-day.
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    Can't understand the moaning and negativity from some on here! We can't play amazing every single game ffs, we've come off a run of three tricky away games, won 2 and somehow didn't win at Alloa. Barcelona have played three games this week and bar a 15 min outrageous spell at home against a very weakened Celta Vigo team have underperformed and struggled performance wise. This is the best team in the world with four of the best 5 players in world football. Yes our end product really needs to improve and we certainly need an experienced player to control things in the middle of the park to stop having to dig deep to get over the line like today. But the win is what matters today after a hard win in midweek and losing one of our key players. I'm sure we'll see a better performance on Sat vs St Mirren.
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    Wish I was so right with my fucking lottery numbers.
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    Still happy and we are still progressing but I do admit I share the concerns in the OP. We really need the quality additions and money spent in the summer. These guys are great for this level but that's it. We dominate games but are not clinical or dangerous enough in the final third. My gripe with Warburton (maybe unfairly) is that I said at the start of the season if Waghorn get's injured we are light up front and will struggle. It's OK saying he's not really an out and out number 9 anyway but that doesn't matter because he's our main striker and goalscorer. Warburton has been signing attacker after attacker in the moulds of King, O'Halloran and Forrester but none of them would be able to step in upfront (same can be said for Clark and Shiels) and do the job of our main striker. It's a bit naive on his part. But I'll stress again I am happy with us and where we are at at the moment - provided we don't rest on it and do the serious rebuild in the summer I think we can relax a bit,
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    Unfortunately you live in the Undemocratic People's Republic Of North Scotrea, Glorious leader Kim Nicola Salmond2 has targeted the football supporter, especially the Rangers supporter for Political Reeducation and conditioning.
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    I'm going to buck the trend a bit here. Although we were not our best and specally in the last 20, I still think this was a tough game for many reasons psycologicly. First, another game on plastic Palmerston and straight after Waggy got injured. Next, the junkies won and that built a bit of instant pressure on us to keep the points gap. Next the fact of frustration with all the possesion and no goal result for our effort at half time. Next, QoS had a massive insentive not to drop table points to RR I think so they were never going to be easy. As for Michael O Halloran, well he is going to turn out to be a great asset for us. OK, today his crossing never really connected but he needs a couple of games. Same with Billy King who I think might stay with us depending how it goes. Yeah I know what Robbie said but. We got the 3 points today and now the elephant man has midweek game RR. Like QoS, RR are going to take on the junkies. At this stage of the season, a huge part is the psycologic mental state. The strongest will be superior and of coarse that will be us. We have Mark Warburton and they got a trunk face retard. Next week at home. Onwards and upwards. Fuck the lot of them.
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    For the fucktards moaning and greeting on here,games like that today win you league titles. Up ye.
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    He comes up with the odd gem like Tuesdays beauty but they are few and far between, most matches he is a 5/10 passenger, how he managed 40 odd goals in a season beats me.
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    Honestly think we need to go back to a midfield of Law Holt and Halliday, Imo he makes a massive difference to the team when playing.
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    That was dreadful. Nobody should be happy with that display. McKay in the middle to make way for King was a disaster of a tactic. we had plenty of possession but didn't control the game because we were lightweight in midfield. i honestly don't know what MW was thinking with that team selection.
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    For all the possession etc does anyone else think we have been very boring and just bland for a number of weeks now? I'm all in for the possession football etc but as long as it has purpose. It's all fine and well saying we had 70% possession, dominated the ball and had 20 corners but only 1 stat matters at the end of the 90 and that's who scored more goals. Alloa last time around highlighted this but we got away with it as Hibs blew it. We just seem to be losing focus and losing the ability to turn possession into anything worthwhile. Becoming a very boring to watch as well. We need to get the finger out. Hibs don't seem to be going away so we need to be careful.
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    he can leave whenever rank rotten I would rather Boyd than Clark.
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    This seemed to shake a lot of the haters up, they had forgotten what a full house and atmosphere looked like. Did we get the credit we deserved? No, their answer was sectarian singing. Scottish football continues to fuck itself up.
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    Why is this slag still in the BD? Get her tae fuck
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    So you'd never have played Derek Johnstone at centre half because he was a centre forward? Ball was put into that role because others including Halliday had been tried and we're found wanting. Is it just coincidence that when the role has been filled effectively that we are seeing more positive comments about the Wilson/Kiernan partnership.
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    Just checked his playing record. He played with England under 21s, England under 19s, but no mention of him playing with England under 16s.
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    With Rangers (this year in particular) I have enjoyed the whole "one game at a time" feeling that I have had and importance of each game. But although MW states, and most of us on here agree, that each game is important, one game at a time, Im also meaning the excited feeling I have felt leading up to each game. Rangers are exciting to watch, attack minded, free flowing... every game is important, and also something to look forward too. We all know that hasnt been the case over the last few years. I agree somewhat still with the OP because that will be a challenging month, and fun to be involved / go too ... a final, a semi final (hopefully) and crucial game against closest rival. But Im actually excited about tomorrow. For the right reasons, albeit unfortunate ones. I cant wait to see how Rangers perform after Hibs have played Alloa regardless of that result. Whether Hibs win lose or draw, will any Rangers players feel pressure is on/ or off. I cant wait to see what MOH and or BK do for a full game, after the unfortunate injury to Waghorn, and because I think Miller will be rested too. I think Clark will get a start, and feel excited that he may think he has a point to prove to doubters. All this is guesswork, I know, but it is filled with excitement. April will be a fun month of challenging games, but I am not looking beyond tomorrow just now.
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    Knowing Warburton is too polite/professional to tell them all to fuck off, it would be funny if he took a set of cue cards into the presser and read out his answers from those. It would show he knew exactly which questions were coming before he even set foot in the room. He could reinforce it by telling us a card number that the answer was on and explain to the journos that everyone at the club was sitting in their offices playing press conference bingo: "Who had number 5 - Alan Stubbs?"
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    Lets get the rest of February and March out the way first eh.
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    I've always thought she was the spit of Worzel Gummidge. Maybe a different generation.
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    Whilst there are still some barriers in the way, 10 days in April could have a MASSIVE bearing on our immediate future and journey under Magic Hat. Sunday 10th April - Petrofac Cup - Get rid of the McCoist Ghost Sunday 17th April - Scottish Cup Semi Final - Potentially 1 game away from Europe, first national final in 5 years and possibly an OF tie Wednesday 20th April - League Decider - Hopefully the day we put the league title beyond Hibs mathematically Need to keep winning and ensure each of them happens of course but the above could easily be a £3m-£4m of guaranteed income.
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    Asking if Warburton is "delivering enough" is crazy talk IMO. We are playing the best football we've played in years, we've averaged close to three goals a game this season and we've only conceded something like twenty four goals. Yes, there's been some bumps in the road along the way and I have no doubts there will be more to come but that's always going to happen when you are undertaking the size of rebuild that we are and when you have a manager who is still relatively inexperienced and is facing a completely different style of football to anything he will have managed against before every week. We have things that we need to improve on but if you look at the bigger picture reasonably rather than adopting a half glass full mentality then you see that we are in a pretty good place at the moment both in terms of achieving the biggest objective which was promotion and in terms of building a decent fountain to build upon once we move up a level. One bad result against St Johnstone aside, I genuinely don't know what more he could have done and I'm not going to start considering "what if?" scenarios like does he have a plan b until we actually find ourselves in a position where we need to be discussing them.
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    That cunt is on the edge of a breakdown. I actually thought he was going to top himself after the Bheasts losing back to back games against Ross County and Aberdeen.
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    Actually I think Forrester is a better player than MoH.
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    MOH keeps going far too wide on the right there and can't get a decent shot/cross in
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    After a good, important goal, it doesn't take long for the Clark bashing to start again.
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    Or sign for another club and be guaranteed a higher wage whether playing or not, injured or not. Take the blue tinted specs off and I know where I'd go.
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    I find it strange that any Rangers fan would not celebrate ANY win. We used to go crazy beating some real shite teams in the old first division. Also, this trophy would complete the "set". Finally, ask any of the players if they will celebrate a Challenge Cup Win!!!!
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    Perhaps cushioned seats and blazers for chilly days.
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    I run the Louden Tavern, happy to pay for all your drinks to make your stay a memorable one, just come in and ask for Greg.
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