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    In all seriousness, Hibs have beaten Aberdeen and Hearts and drawn with Hearts as well this year. It goes to show for us that the odd struggle to a 1-0 WIN away to QoS is no huge disaster.
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    Never bump my own posts but fuck it this is exactly how I feel right now
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    Is big Frank doing his report about the junkies fighting amongst themselves?
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    Sporting integrity will be soon superseded by "for the good of Scottish football we need a 16 team top league"
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    If a river started at the top of Mount Everest, it would have a better chance of flowing in more than one direction than 'sporting integrity'.
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    Hibs now closer to third than first Come on Falkirk catch these cunts
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    You are off the hook Shuggy or in other words, you were right
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    As it stands, we can win the league away to livingston. I bet burchill would love that...
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    Nobody fucking jinx it... I swear ill chop your balls off
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    They better not dare! I'm sick hearing how "teams of Hibs quality are really missed in Scotland's top league".
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    Sporting Integrity would never allow it surely..??
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    Hopefully it takes some pressure off our players. This is a huge run in to get us back to the big time, and maybe some players have a weight more than others. This is a good cushion to have.
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    I'm stuck in a bar in a hotel in Buckingham, chuckling like an idiot. Folk are giving me funny looks, but what the hell......
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    Looking at some of these posts and pictures I'm fucking delighted the thread is still here mind you! Haven't laughed so much since the 4-2 game
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    Diaz is deceptively strong. You have to wonder if McGregor has trained to cope with a down syndrome
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    I think you're getting mixed up with Nick. He fought Silva. Nate has a decent chin as well but is susceptible to leg kicks. The Diaz bros are always in shape so hopefully the short notice won't be as much of an issue as it could be for others.
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    Most journalists (no laughing) on social media rather than critiquing Hibs inadequacies, deficiencies and failings are merely plying the 'I bet Rangers fans are relieved' line! Aye we were quaking in our boots! Predictable pricks! However, as always, and not for the first, and certainly not for the last, it's all about The Rangers, and always will be!
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    I suppose he's got to say something in the off-chance some spoon-burners are still tuned in. Probably doesn't realise the audience is just Bears, ready to take the piss!
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    Craig Patterson saying that all hivs need to do is regroup and reorganise. I know he's a hivs man/woman, but what a lot of shite to talk on live radio.
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    Awwwwwwwww they've closed their forum to guests....Hibs
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    Really?? The game that keeps on giving. Lol.
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    Stretcher on Hibs last chance of of any type of challenge on it's way in for an early bath... Or rub down with a used pad from Leanne Dempster, make do with what you have you clatty cunts
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    Morton drew 2-2 with us at Ibrox, although we contributed a fair bit to that result . Jim Duffy has done a good job with them, they are hard side to beat.
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    If that's the case I can't see it being over 1k, even although they'll sell like 7 so the stadium will be more than half empty. Too bitter to give us the full stand.
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    There is an Asian version of the Champions League I'm sure. Can't disagree with that, literally no stopping them.
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    4 Smartcard seats now authorised for Rangers v Dundee for Erskine Park. Cost: £66
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    Slick bjj no doubt.he has to get mcgregor down to use this
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    9/1 plus I got my £51.51 back for my pre-match bet as well. ??
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    barca put in a shite performance and still won 2-0... shows how far ahead they are
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