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    Stubbs was right after all ....'a 2 goal lead is the worst kind of lead'
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    The hatred is in full flow this morning. Intae these mhanky bastards Sunday Rangers, right fucking intae them.
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    “If we win tonight we move three points behind Falkirk with two games in hand. It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around in football and I have no doubt we will do that.”
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    you wont find many more people out there with what can only be described as an illness in the way they go about their lives revolving it around rangers football club they 3 are a trio of self centered, hate filled, venom speaking, bigoted rat bastards and the only surprise from that photo is that andy muirhead from scotzine isnt hanging out of 3names arse if i had a job in that restaurant id gladly have lost it tonight by "accidentally" pissing in their dinner while it was on their fucking table,
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    There is no public sale for games against the filth at Ibrox. Everything goes to ST holders.
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    Ten Green Bottles Sitting on the Wall Ten Green Bottles Sitting on the Wall And if Jason Cummings strikes them with a ball There'll be Ten Green Bottles Sitting on the wall.
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    No matter what happens next Sunday dont ever forget that Rangers F.C. will never be inferior to that fucking vile cunt of a club
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    1 Iniesta should not have been on the pitch to play the ball 2 It was ball to hand from 2 yards away. 3 Suarez should not have been on the park to score 2 last week and would have been banned for tonight Fuck em they got what was coming
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    Not a chance. Tyson was a far better fighter while being 5 years younger in his pomp in a far more competitive era in boxing. Boxing especially heavyweight boxing is stinking these days
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    How is the man u West ham on at the same time as the champions league?
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    Sure you'll be in the South stand then.
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    Just got told I've got a ticket for Sunday! Buzzin
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    Hibs might end up being in the lower leagues longer than us! If they don't go up this year; they will have to downsize, next year potentially Dundee United, Falkirk/Kilmarnock, Raith, qots, St mirren. They might never come back.
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    Here's the goals http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/scottish-football/10240995/hibernian-2-2-falkirk
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    We've played Falkirk so many times over the past 4 years, I'd be happy if I never had to visit the place again
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    As much as I'm finding their downfall the last couple of months hilarious, the though of two trips to KIlmarnock or Falkirk next season is filling me with dread, two of the most boring football grounds in the country. I'd rather Hibs came up because I love a trip to Easter Road. Infact, now I think about it, Raith Rovers coming up would be even better!
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    It was Gunning's ball, and his mammy shouted him up for his tea.
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    4 more sleeps (well 3 because Saturday's gona be a write off!!!) INTAE THEM RANGERS. No surrender ?⚪️???????
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    Honestly mate it is written already. A more than comfortable win for us.
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    Just read that the bheggars haven't beat us in a Scottish cup semi since 1925. 91 years and counting.....
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    Goes to the next place in the league I'm sure mate.
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    Near spat me drink all over my laptop ,,,,,,,,,,,,brilliant find.
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    I see they're basking under the red, white, and blue
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    See da he hasnae got a magic fucking hat.
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    If they fail to get promoted expect Cummings at Ibrox next season according to a well-placed source. Kenny Miller's next door neighbours dog walker. Seriously he'd be a good replacement for Clark and could learn loads from KM/
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    Alan Stubs insists golfing superstar Jordan Spieth’s Masters meltdown is proof even the best can crack under the strain of the closing straight. But the Hibs boss has promised to come out swinging against Falkirk at Easter Road tonight and show the pressure of the chase isn’t getting to his team. After watching the American blow a five-stroke lead to gift the Green Jacket to Danny Willett, Stubbs is adamant his side won’t choke as they bid to beat the Bairns into second spot in the Championship. Five defeats from their last seven games has Hibs in a freefall he aims to bring to a halt in Leith tonight before facing a 
Scottish Cup semi-final against Dundee United this weekend. Stubbs watched Spieth put two shots in the water in an Augusta collapse but insists he can cope with another massive test of his own managerial nerve. He said: “I watched the best player in the world do what we all do when we play golf. It showed we are all human beings and can all make mistakes. “It showed that everything comes down to making the right decisions at the right time.” A win tonight will move Hibs to within three points of the Bairns with two games in hand but staying on the golfing theme Stubbs was asked whether he’s on the fairway or the rough. He said: “The most important thing is that we’re on the green. Sometimes it’s not how you do it, the most vital bit is getting there.” A defeat by Alloa last Saturday was another low for Stubbs in their struggles to reclaim second spot in the table which would mean two fewer play-off games. And he says the key is down to restoring his team’s confidence. He said: “I’ve said to the players that when you have ability you don’t question yourself. If anything you just simplify your game. You don’t have any excuses for not controlling the ball and don’t be trying to beat three players or play a ball that’s not on. If you do what happens is that you start to make more wrong 
decisions because you are trying so hard to get them right.” The alarm bells are gently sounding in Leith that this campaign could fail to deliver any of the early-season promise in terms of promotion into the top flight or claiming a cup. But Stubbs added: “It’s in our hands, we aren’t relying on other teams, everything is in our own hands. “If we win tonight we move three points behind Falkirk with two games in hand. It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around in football and I have no doubt we will do that.” Meanwhile, Fraser Fyvie admits there is no margin for error tonight and challenged Falkirk to show they can take the pressure. The Hibs midfielder said: “We’ll see tonight if they have any 
big-game players although there’s no denying they’re good enough for promotion and have a good squad. “They’ve not had many injuries either but this is the time for big-game players to show their worth – and we have enough of them. “We wanted to win the league but it hasn’t happened. Now we want the next best thing, second best with promotion obviously the main target.”
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    Out of all the options I would rather have Kilmarnock stay up and Dundee Hivs, Hivs, Falkirk and Raith all staying down.
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    He's in major deflection mode at the moment. He's said that a lot over the past few weeks. how long do you think he can get away with pedalling the line, "it doesn't matter if we lost tonight as long as we go up" Probably until Raith pump them out the playoffs!
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    what an exciting semi final on sat with probably the 2 worst form teams at the moment hibs v dundee utd they said on radio tnite that hibs cannot sell all their tickets as the fans are fed up going to hampden and getting beat wonder what crowd and tv audience for that game
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    Looks like II don't even know how the league works Fuck it, bedtime.
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    You've got a point re 'respecting those players' but conversely you disrespect players like Scott Symons, Wullie Wadddell, George Young, Dougie Gray, and the other players who played on that historic day for Rangers. It is a particularly handy result to remind the scum of when they bring up the 1957 scoreline. I doubt very much those heroes who served would find it disrespectful in the least that we recognize and honour their fellow players on their record accomplishment, and agree with Rangers official historian, Dave Mason, that the game should be officially recognized..
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    Oh my god that is the biggest Hibs'd of all time
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    Hmmmmm pretty hard to say really. Maybe he's doing the whole satire kinda thing. Which comes across super poorly in text form
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    No idea how this game will go, trying to predict an old firm game isn't easy. I will say that I am 10 times more confident than the last time we played them. We are playing good footbal for the most part, and have not tasted too many defeats this season. They are very very inconsistent and have lost a good few games. This is our best chance to beat them in years and I hope we manage it. If we do, it will go down as one of the biggest wins against them ever IMO.
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    Sitting at the bus stop today next to an old retired man, when this other old man showed up and starting talking to the OAP. Won't bore you with the details of the whole conversation but I heard 'Warburton will somehow get manager of the year' then it went on to Mark is working his ticket and won't be here next season because he slagged the Hampden pitch. Souness was mentioned and we've to watch this space as next season we will have more financial problems. Rare breed indeed, was so tempted to just stand up and shout Warburton is magic he wears a magic hat.
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    And here we go for Southampton to buy him for an 'undisclosed fee'
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    Why would reverting to a formation we don't play give us any advantage at all? MW would be going against everything he believes in by going 442. Absolutely no chance whatsoever hes going to change his belief system for the taigs
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    Susan Boyle ready to throw a right hook there.
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