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    Much gnashing of gums and frothing nostrils from the Bheasts. Keyboards currently getting battered by their cloven hooves... The pain just ripping oot them
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    Tav > Messi ??
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    This is basically a big advert for Rangers. Once again we circumvent the parochial small mindedness of our local journos and stations to go with the national (and international) broadcasting outlets - and the biggest sports outlet on the planet is Sky. Its absolutely brilliant stuff.
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    Rangers weren't demoted. Livingston "were found to be in breach of the league's insolvency rules" and so the SFL punished them by putting them in Div3. Gretna were in a position that they couldn't gaurantee fulfilling their fixtures and so the SFL decided to put them into Div3. Rangers' case is entirely different. Rangers were simply voted out of the SPL. The financial situation at Rangers required the transfer of Rangers' share in the SPL from the Oldco to the Newco. Ten of the other member clubs voted not to allow the transfer. If this was intended as a punishment then it was clearly unjust because Rangers didn't have the opportunity to challenge an accusation of wrongdoing, didn't have a fair hearing, had no recourse to the rules and had no right to appeal. Smith is right. There was literally "no reason" to vote Rangers out of the SPL.
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    Was a greedy stitch up. The top flight clubs were only after changing the voting structure. The unwashed wanted us to lose players and a free go at the champions league. The lower division clubs wanted to play us for the supporters cash. Still makes me laugh when they say they did better without us when its obvious that's because our TV cash was still going to them. Never seen a lower league team on TV so often. It's difficult to understand the level of sheer bitterness they have for us. Just wish I had made more of those years when we pumped them all silly. Although I'll be sure to do so in the coming years. The poison in Scottish football was on show for all to see. Even the politicians were too fearful to assist our biggest club despite the papers going public that the takeover was a fraud and Whyte a con man because it would have lost them votes. Was no surprise but still embarrassing to see some of them calling for this community protected status for clubs after the referendum. The papers themselves printed the truth about the fraud and then proceeded to ignore it. Preferring to slaughter us daily instead. The EBT witch hunt was a disgrace considering it was still to be settled and was a matter relating to the structure of our country's economy. The issue is to do with the nature of capitalism and yet we had every half wit in the media giving us lectures on moral philosophy and acting as social judge and jury. I think we all now know that tax saving schemes are ten-a-penny in the UK and that's why they usually attract little publicity. HMRC itself only got tough because football clubs are geographically immobile or else it would have been a slap on the wrist like happens with every other high wage industry. The true moral of this vulgar affair is that Scotland does not deserve a great football club like Rangers. It's proven itself to be far too small minded and parochial. It's just a shame we can't leave immediately and let the others drown in their own piss.
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    They open with "statistically the most successful club in global football" then quote how many titles and that celtic our oldest rivals stand between them and more glory this sunday
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    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
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    That's partly a myth, the bit about Liverpool. Liverpool has a huge Loyalist/Unionist community. It's one of a handful of cities in England that has a number of lodges and has frequent walks.
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    Taken from the Sky Sports Facebook.
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    On the 13th April 1898 a supper was held in Tom Vallance’s Metropolitan Restaurant at 40 Hutchison Street ,Merchant City Glasgow. It was held to mark the 21st Anniversary of our first ever Scottish Cup Final in 1877 v Vale of Leven. It was this series of games that was to change the course of our Club’s history. The small memorial plaque at the bottom of the invitation lists players whom we’d sadly lost since the Cup Final. Sandy Marshall, Peter Campbell, William Dunlop and goalkeeper James Watt. As a footnote, Tom Vallance was actually having the results of Rangers matches wired to his restaurants and announced to his patrons as early as the 1890’s.
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    ... those who kicked us when we were down. I will never forget Lawwell's comments, following our relegation and when it had nothing to do with his club, going public in stating that Celtic "did not need Rangers". I will never forget Thompson, Dundee United's chairman, also going public ahead of the July, 2012 vote on our league status. I will never forget what those who walked out on us did to us; Naismith, Davis, Lafferty, Whittaker, McGregor, etc. I will never forget Gary Harkin's comments in the build-up to our Scottish Cup fixture against Dundee last month. To a lesser extent, I never forgot that the now deceased Raith Rovers chairman, Turnbull Hutton, led a media party against our introduction to the First Division. At a time where the club is surrounded by so much positivity, let us never forget those who kicked us when we were down and who, following years and years of watching us lift trophy after trophy, title after title, took advantage of the situation that we were in.
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    The more time goes on from hearing this news, the more it becomes clear to me that Nicky Clark has to start the game. He simply has to. We can't fuck around with that middle three of Holt, Ball, and Halliday. It's absolutely integral to everything we do going forward. Look at the strength of this spine: Foderingham; Tavernier, Wilson, Kiernan, Wallace; Holt, Ball, Halliday; McKay, Miller, ? That is a strong team. Clark in there actually doesn't have me as panicked as I first thought. Clearly Forrester would offer so much more, but stranger things have happened. Fuck the Scum. NO SURRENDER!
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    Nicky Clark has no footballing ability at all. Zilch. He is fucking brutal. If he starts we're playing with 10 men.
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    What if he wants to see the game though?
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    We don't have to put ever snippet of every article in the inet that mentions us! Show some restraint!
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    Stubbs was right after all ....'a 2 goal lead is the worst kind of lead'
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    Try and tell our board that. They want to kiss the arse of all of them, and to move forward for the sake of Scottish Football. Our board is full of cowards, and Paul Murray is the biggest one, he runs speaking to the papers and media, who have attacked and spread lies about our club.
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    Someone geez a like to get aff 888 forfuxache
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    Shiels because he would get stuck in, Zel and Law would shite from Lego eater
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    Absolutely fantastic exposure.its great to have a media source reporting on us without the petty shite.
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    and meantime..........................back at the ranch.......................the league is won.............the Petrofac is bagged.......................... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and the point of this thread is............................????????????????
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    Bitter? Too right and I never ever envisage that changing. Imagine you are a parachute jumper and someone tosses you out the plane with no chute, would you believe they wanted you anything other than dead? No, well that is exactly what happened to Rangers. We were thrown out of the SPL with no lifeline because they did not want us to survive. Bitterness is all I have left in feelings towards these clubs who participated in the 'attempted murder' of our club. Thankfully we were thrown a lifeline by the smaller clubs and I can fully understand the SFL insisting we start at the bottom. in reality, they had no other choice as anything else would have been ynfair to their member clubs. The 'wee clubs' have fared well out of our predicament and I feel no animosity towards them (except the 4 clubs who said NO) but now is time to move on. Peterhead accountants must have thought five Christmases had arrived at once last Sunday, but for us it is time to move forward. Let's get these bastards beaten on Sunday, let's enjoy watching Dundee Hibs relegated and enjoy Hibs versus Dundee Hibs for many years to come. But the one we are all going to enjoy is #55. As for building bridges, nah, not for me.
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    Just received 60 odd of these in the post from @Bad Robot intae these second class citizen fuckwits Rangers.
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    Not too confident about any of them to be honest. Big blow.
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    My grandpa practically forced Liverpool on me when I was younger (robbie fowler strips etc etc). And always taught me KOP stood for King over Pope I don't support them like I do Rangers but I like to look out for them. Epitomised by this song I heard a few years back
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    Didnt read it but im raging anyway
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    Murray park? I thought it was called auchenhowie. Should be good but am working so any Fifa players not working post what's been happening on here so the workers can get an idea.
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    Now let's look at our home record against the top 3 Hibs - 2 Raith - 2 Falkirk - 2 That's 18/18 points.
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    Papers have become as pathetic as the Rangers bloggers for the scum. That's given me a wee laugh tonight. A national newspaper reduced to trying to wind up football supporters lol To think that this wee country was once a serious player among the leading nations of the world. It's as if the Rab C Nesbitt's are in charge now. I'm going to have to end up finding myself a new accent if this retardation continues. Embarrassing stuff
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    Why provide a link to it then, are you trying to keep it alive. C&P or don't mention it.
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    The way we were treated was shameful. This sort of shit would/could only happen in Scotland. Marseille, Juventus both guilty of match fixing but their punishment was extremely lenient in both cases. Especially compared to the way Rangers were treated. And we all know what went on at the Big Jock Knew Camp, what was their punishment again? Compare that to what happened to Penn State in the USA. Yet some would still try to make believe that we are the club of the establishment. Ha! Maybe 70 or 80 years ago but the establishment in Scotland now, and for the last 30+ years has been Left wing, pro-Irish and anti-British. That made Rangers their no.1 target. They thought they could destroy us, or at the very least cripple us. Hurt us so seriously that we would never dominate Scottish football again. They underestimated us, badly. Walter is spot on though he does not go far enough. One day, and I hope I live to see it, people will talk about these last few years in Scottish football with a sense of disbelief. And some will hang their heads in shame at the very mention of this sorry episode. Rangers were hounded, persecuted, lied to, lied about, undermined, discriminated against and slandered. The media, SPL, the Political Class and senior figures at several rival clubs conspired to destroy one of the biggest sporting institutions in Europe. Tragically for them- they failed. Our revenge will be sweet. Sorry for ranting.
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    Jump on the subway to The Louden Ibrox Stadium, you can get a free roll and a sing song
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    He's living the Dream and good on him the lucky git , just hope he doesn't let the occasion get to him on Sunday and let the tims wind him up
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    Some folk need to get a fuckin grip - he's one player, a player who only joined in January ffs and we managed pretty damn well without him in the first half of the season. Yes it's a shame as he'd have been a cert to start, but I've every faith that whoever comes in in his place will give it their all and do us proud. No Surrender.
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    No way Law I still remember his performance in the last old firm gives me shivers the way he was walked all over. His pathetic attempt to tackle Van Dijk when he bounced off him like he was made of lettuce.
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    If Forrester is out then I'd play Shiels before I would play Clark, Law or Zelalem.
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    Because winning the European Cup 49 years ago is really relevant to Sunday's game.
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    And erase 9 IAR and Manchester? Grow up.
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    Craig burleys the kind of cunt that pays £120 per month to sky and wonders why Scottish football is shite. The old firm have never had the best footballing teams compared to El classico etc, it's more than that. It's Good vs Evil.
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    It's a bit shit on the guy for buying the ticket? It's more shitty of the "fans" selling and putting the desperate fans in that situation in the first place, so everyone just shuts their eyes and ears to these pricks and being able to carry on ripping off their own? Cunts like these are nothing but vile sub human and don't deserve to even discuss Rangers never mind support them
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    So he fucking done it? What a vile scumbag bastard, doesn't deserve a ticket and I hope the guy that bought it doesn't get in, keeps a hold of phone number or Facebook page or whatever, tracks him for the money back and knock the utter shit out of him What a fucking wanker
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    We might be bigots but Rangers and Scottish football had no religious connection till Hibernian, Celtic and Dundee Hibernian were founded. All setup as Irish Catholic clubs in a predominately Protestant country. Aye we're called the sectarian club. Revisionists in Scotland do my head in.
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    you wont find many more people out there with what can only be described as an illness in the way they go about their lives revolving it around rangers football club they 3 are a trio of self centered, hate filled, venom speaking, bigoted rat bastards and the only surprise from that photo is that andy muirhead from scotzine isnt hanging out of 3names arse if i had a job in that restaurant id gladly have lost it tonight by "accidentally" pissing in their dinner while it was on their fucking table,
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    Saw Walter on STV news there "the teams that sent them down are either relegated, or in the process of being relegated" Excellent swipe.
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