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    Desperately in need of an experienced head in the middle of the park. Do they come any more experienced with a better pedigree for free? Seriously one of the best players in the championship last year for free! So what if he's a fucking nutter, he'll be our nutter and that's all that matters. Hopefully we can pull this deal off!
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    I left with highers and I'm a moron. So wouldn't read too much in to GCSE's
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    Apparently it's done and dusted. If so, so be it. IF he's a Rangers player he'll get my support and hopefully have a successful career with us.
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    I know that's been photoshopped - there are hardly any empty seats
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    Looking very likely, tour of the stadium, training, European football next year or the year after at the least, golfing with Kenny...Warburton is trying to build something big here...I think Joey sees it and if only he know what legend status would await him should he help us to 55 in our first year back, I'm sure Kenny has told him. I think it's done, all the signs are there Ings on the other hand, I can't believe it, I won't believe it, I also said that about Barton so that's how much I know. This is an exciting time, had MW been here since 2012 or even 2013 we'd be in Europe already I cannot believe the turnaround, if you would have told me we would be in this position this time last year, I'd have grabbed the smack pipe off you and sent you to rehab Obviously nothing is confirmed yet but we are playing some good stuff, we are a unit, we are almost back, we have a SC final, linked with two top class pro's and have a positive Coach who looks like he breathes and eats football and has a formula that would fix even East Stirling! Aw fuck, sitting here typing this I just got a waft of shite from the east end, change of pants for they cunts!
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    What a point to win it...get in there Andy Best preparation for the French with a win over that prick!
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    A 16 year old getting on from the bench ahead of Judas. Way to fuck up your career, mate.
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    I've heard from a number of people that Arfield is a bear.
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    Donation made by my kids, yeaaaah they love beans on toast
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    To be fair whats he supposed to say? 'I'm fucking raging and if he doesn't go to Rangers on loan I'll do his ACL again?'
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    Want to know how pathetic Celtic cockheads are? They're hitting him with tweets telling him not to sign for Rangers. One even said, can you tell me if you are signing for Rangers so I can unfollow you? What the fuck is it with these retards? I guess that type of thing passes the time when you're on the dole.
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    I prefer to think of a cancelled Man Utd game as a victory for football.
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    See the McGhee effect at Motherwell again. This cunt should be embarrassed
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    Aye but did he have it in writing holding up to the camera? If not then it's a lie
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    He's Defo not an Ian back m8, aside from his baggage, which I genuinely think he's put in the past, he's a fucking good footballer, listen you don't play for man city, Newcastle and Marseille if you're an Ian black type player. if he signs he'll cruise this league next season and with a couple of defenders and an out and out striker we'll win the espeefel next year!!!... IN WARBS WE TRUST
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    You shouldn't, it's a step up in quality. Halliday will still have his part to play and given his age, will learn so much from Barton
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    What a shower of bitter, bitter wee tarrier bastards they are.
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    Over £500 raised since the last update. Hopefully we'll see it pass £4000 today. https://www.gofundme.com/joshuaburnsadair
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    I think this neatly sums up their feelings. http://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/160795-rangers/ I was bored and had read through RM is my only excuse.
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    She looks like mickey rooney in the wrestler.
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    joey barton is just the type of midfielder we have been crying out for all season and I for one would be delighted to see him in a blue jersey this coming season.
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    I honestly think if Warburton can reign him in attitude wise he'll be a great signing for us. Scott Brown trying to square up to him would be amazingly hilarious
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    I asked Hernan Federico Pacheco to post this to his Facebook page as he is friends with so many Bears & Bearettes around the world.
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    Dortmund They are basically the German equivalent of Dundee United.
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    Furfuxache , he looks like he'd rather be back in Syria
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    Novak is a many moany cunt when things aren't going his way. Never seen the end of the game ,since when he was moaning about his ankles possibly being injured three times Arsehole of a man
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    I think its going to happen pretty soon. I'd say tomorrow. Personally I cant see him coming to Glasgow getting the full works and now taken out golfing with 3 Rangers men for him to turn round and say thanks but no thanks!
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    Reminds me of McCulloach doing that to the tim last year.
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    For any of us who were potentially signing we wouldn't even need to see it but for anyone coming up here I think the realisation hits them when they see auchenhowie and Ibrox. What's better for us now is we have a fantastic setup with Warburton, weir and mcparland who all seem to have had a big influence on convincing players to sign. Rossiter worked with mcparland and said he was star struck meeting weir, mcparland has the link with Barton and Warburton is so well respected before he came here and this season has further enhanced it. All of this and a settled board room.....what a difference a year makes.
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    He made the second most tackles & interceptions combined (120) in the league in 2016. He also won possession in midfield the 2nd most times. Between him, Rossiter and Crooks we have a very solid midfield now. Plenty of options.
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    I take it you weren't in here earlier for sasaaa's insanity mate?
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    We do need a hard man in the middle but a hard man with skill and experience hopefully he fits the bill
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    I thought the rossiter signing would have been the deal of the summer. Then this happens - i don't know whether to laugh or cry?!
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    The guy has just had a great season, played over 30times for the English Championship winners and was voted in all the Championship team of the season by the players... But aye, all the expert scouts on here know better, hes shite, not what we need, what are the management team thinking!
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