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    Once a Ranger always a Ranger.
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    “Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips, and spreads slander, is a fool” (Proverbs 10:18) What a week this has been of self-discovery, where in the period of just 7 days I was able to diagnose what my doctor had been missing for years – that I am suffering from a mild form of paranoia. That’s how long it took an army of opinion leaders, journalists and headline writers, a representative of the Scottish Police Federation and 2 or 3 bobbies as yet (and conveniently, ho hum, never to be) identified, to turn the most shameful scenes witnessed in Scottish football these last 30 years or so, into a story about Rangers fans and their singing. My mild a paranoia stems from the fact I had expected them to achieve this in just 5. Many have had their say since last Saturday, including many who were not even there, so if you don’t mind I’d like to offer a short reprise on what transpired. I was standing just to the right and behind the goals in what was the traditional “Rangers end” and for those who saw them there, I was just a few feet to the left of Jorg Albertz and Nacho Novo. Within 60 seconds of the final whistle there was a young Hibs fan no older than 25 standing in the 6 yard box inviting me and other Rangers fans to enter the field of play and fight. There was a complete absence of thought or mannerism commensurate with someone who wanted to celebrate (exuberantly or otherwise) his sole intent clearly a penchant for violence. He was quickly joined by others who had run past and well beyond the majority of Hibs supporters celebrating in their own half of the pitch and they in turn attempted to incite and goad the Rangers support into violence. At this point it was also clear something was happening with our players, though from my very low vantage point it was impossible for me to determine exactly what that was. When I saw the match officials forming a protective cordon around Andy Halliday I feared the worst. I was absolutely perplexed by the total absence of Police numbers and their total inability to prevent what was unfolding before my eyes. I was unsure how our support would respond to this and noticed a small number to the left of me had already decided for themselves and were entering the field. It was at this point that the Billy Boys received its first airing of the day. I have written often enough about this song in the past, my last offering being only a few weeks ago for WATP Magazine, so those who regularly read this blog will be more than familiar with my thoughts on the matter. Furthermore I’m not going to suggest that this song acted as a kind of anti-inflammatory for some in what was a highly volatile situation because I really don’t know. What I do know however is that those who have chosen to twist and distort Stewart Robertson’s comments on this song have no idea how close we were to an unprecedented full scale battle last Saturday, capable of turning all the “moral over reaction” in the world into something akin to a war zone report. Be under no illusion it really was touch and go for a few minutes. After what seemed like an eternity the mounted Police arrived like a regiment of 7th Cavalry and managed to restore some form of semblance. I headed up the stairs to a pre-arranged rendezvous point with other members of our bus and after a couple of minutes with the detail complete we made our way out of Hampden stopping briefly for a call of nature before exiting the stadium for the long bus trip home. On leaving the ground we saw the arrival of the convoy of Police vans. Bemused by their late arrival I checked my watch and noted it was a full 15 minutes after the final whistle. The only “barricades” they encountered took the form of a cacophony of sarcastic cheers and angry Rangers fans wishing to make official complaints at the abject Police failings. With a gruff “You’ll need to do in writing” they were off - resulting in a delay time of something approaching 2.8 seconds. To quote the unofficial, unsubstantiated, (with the exception of Scottish Police Federation representative Calum Steele) as yet unidentified Police source “they were pointing at their watches and shouting you’re too late” No bloody wonder.
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    Bocadillo Coffee Shops have now raised £18,211 for the equipment for the new Sensory Room at Ibrox. Well Done Bocadillo.
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    It's time to place an indefinite ban on the Daily Record. They are much worse than the BBC yet we banned them. I would urge gers fans to fire off an email to the club with your disgust at today's DR article in which our fans are falsely accused of using tactics "only seen in northern ireland" to obstruct police officers in the line of duty. I've complained to the club several times before about the conduct of the Record. Sometimes over sly thinly veiled digs, sometimes not so much. I even recall them "tagging" a story about us with the keyword "fascism" in the past. You'd think ill Phil 3 names worked there with that kind of baiting. Our club released a statement that they will not accept any criticism of our fans in light of the scenes on Saturday. Time to put the board to the test on that one. Indefinite BAN on the Daily Record and all it's journ.... tabloid-level rats.
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    Ever since Saturday, I come on here hoping to see there's been a march organised similar to our last rightful march to the steps of Hampden because enough is enough, it's time to take the fight to these haters. I'm not sure who organised it last time around tbh but wished they'd do so again, this time starting in George Square. We need to show these haters that there efforts are in vain. A stop off at the Daily Record offices and BBC headquarters wouldn't go amiss as these reprobates lead the way in the hate for our club. Fed up being made to feel like we're a minority in this country. Enoughs enough.
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    Just though I would let you all now that Joshua has taken his first step. Just shows you he isn't giving up and the doctors don't always get it right. Well in my wee teddy bear so proud.
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    Very pleased with the outcome me and john never sung the add on anyway ( we just dont agree add on's are needed), but we knew we had to fight this redic charge. We knew YCV was not proscribed by law and it even mentioned that in the charge , and that was one of our few defences. YCV is not a crime, it should never bring rangers fans to court in the first place, you do not have to explain yourselves to a PF or judge about the YCV 1916 royal irish rifles , 36th division Ulster. so sing loud and sing very proud
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    Hopefully soon the people that make the decisions on here will just decide that all you do is antagonise people and just delete your account
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    I tried to go up earlier to ask but was threatened, spat on and called scum. Once I finally managed to make it past Joey Barton the folk in the shop wouldn't tell me anything.
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    tried looking for this website. coulnd't find it.
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    A bit of common sense from a Sheriff for a change... http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/news/14492021.Rangers_fans_from_Greenock_cleared_of_offensive_chant_charges/?ref=fbshr
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    Correct! The famous Tiger Temple is currently in the process of being shut down, nevermind the other ' tiger zoos'. Same as elephant trekking, the animals are used and abused. Every time we go to Thailand, myself and the wife volunteer here at this elephant sanctuary in Kanchanaburi - http://www.elephantsworld.org/ While also visiting Helllfire Pass, the infamous bridge over the river Kwai, the war cemeteries and museums. Love Kanchanaburi. Very humbling and rewarding, such gentle, intelligent and sadly abused animals.
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    Exuberance at a Rangers-Hibs match goes back a long way for me. And over the years I've been exuberant at many games involving Hibs. 1975 Colin Stein's header to win the first league in a long time at Easter Road. Years of frustration and missed opportunity peeled away in that golden moment. Here's Colin being exuberant after that goal. Then the magic of helicopter Sunday, wee Nacho scored a crucial goal, but the title's fate was not in our hands, then McDonald scored two and against the odds we were champions. I was probably the most exuberant I have been in my life. Onward to the first game of last season, bad start totally turned around to a 6-2 win and the football was magnificent, hadn't seen the like before from a Rangers team. I was exuberant. Forward to the crucial Rangers Hibs game at Ibrox that looked like it would determine the league winners. 4-2 we won with a great display of football. I was exuberant. Of course there was never a sense of exuberance at a Gers Hibs cup final. Hibs did not do cup finals that often, and when they did they tended to lie down to the likes of cellic, cellic,cellic and most other teams. So here's my point, many a time I've been exuberant at football games involving Rangers but at no point did I want to waste that terrific feeling by attacking a fellow football fan. So what the hell did exuberance have to do with the Hibs fans attack on our fans after they won the final. Answer nothing. Those Hibs fans who stormed on to the pitch weren't exuberant because they won the cup, Those fans knew exactly what they were doing, and any exuberance had disappeared as their hatred of fellow football fans took over. Exuberance had nothing to do with it, it was simply hatred.
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    Totally agree with the "I ain't watching Rangers in the lower leagues but will come back when the good times return" punter. That's a fan and I can understand that. Those of us that stayed around, took the hostility, the insults, the pain.... can look in the mirror and know we didn't desert in the time of need. Yes, it was hard at times , the ridicule , some of the results, but we never walked away. I welcome those that return. They can help push us on but they should remember those that stayed in the trenches to get us to this day.
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    Bottom line is no Hibs fans on the park no drama, everybody pissed off but hey losers medals would have been presented and the cup would have been presented as it has been done since 1890 odd, they would have done their deserved half lap of honour to milk it in front of their fans, we would be licking our wounds wondering how we could play so poorly on the day but life would have rolled on, the bedlam that ensued had absolutely fuck all to do with The Rangers or our fans, how anyone with half a brain can turn that on its head defies any sort of logic.
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    I know absolutely fucking nothing.
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    There are fools. And there are dangerous fools. You fall into the latter camp.
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    Feels nice that we've not been handed your average template. Each design is based off of a previous strip in our history. Great job by Puma. I await the goalie top to be like this:
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    what a great day yesterday at porchester afc, great to see the gers oldies in action for the (help the heroes). the day was a great success, and a lot was raised for the charities. big thanks to the stonefield teddies, and all the organisers.
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    I like to wear a Rangers top on holiday, or anywhere else for that matter, I obviously don't wear one 4 days straight and I don't have flags put out on my balcony either, but I fail to see why someone being proud to wear his teams colours abroad would be looked on as tacky by their own.
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    Get the shorts and socks and captains arm band
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    Think it's unreasonable to expect the board to react to every negative or fabricated story. They've done an excellent job so far and should continue to concentrate on the club's progression. In saying that, I think a clear message should be sent to the DR from 1872 that we will no longer tolerate their agenda.
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    My old man used to say if you're ever bullied or are outnumbered then pick out the main guy or biggest bully and have him. Give him everything you have and make a statement to the rest. Experience tells me he was right. The DR are that protagonist. If the club came out and dealt with them, and reiterated their backing of the support last Saturday whilst condemning ( or is it commending, meh) those who dehumanise the support, it would have a resounding double edged impact. Attack our enemies. Defend our club which includes her support.
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    The National Socialist Party of Scotland are working hand in hand with the Irish Republican movement to demonise everything Rangers. When Lennon was attacked by the Hertz supporter Salmond and Co. could not condemn fast enough. The member for Govan of which Ibrox is in her constituency has shown her colours with the lack of concern for the assaulted Rangers employees. We have also seen and heard a concerted campaign of deflection from the usual Rangers haters in the media. .... Yes, Hibernian Football Club will be punished for their fans 'over-exuberance' but this is not the concern here. The continued deflection and attack on Rangers by all the above is obviously being orchestrated from government level. Anyone who refuses to accept this has been well and truly brainwashed by the NATzi's.
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    Guy in england wearing a T-shirt mocking Hillsborough disaster gets arrested. Tim in scotland wearing celtic top mocking Ibrox disaster and nothing happens. We sing TBB, we get arrested. The tims sing IRA songs and nothing happens. The mini tims attack our players and try to start a riot, they try to turn it on us with fabricated shite. It's a fucking disgrace. The tattie munching terrorist lovers we took in are now dictating what we can and can't do. Next season should be a massive boost for scottish football, but I can see it making the headlines for all the wrong reasons and guess what? It will all be made out top be our fault. The famine is over. GTF ya fenian scum!
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    Part 2 now up. Due to use of images Ive just posted the link. https://immortalrangers.wordpress.com/
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    Just to put something to bed. People don't want posters banned due to a difference of opinion, au contraire you see disagreements all the time on here and people move on. There's a way of doing it though and Bluepeter9 is someone who rather than debates his point normally, he antagonises. He will come into a thread and throw a grenade like "Paranoid pish!!" or "The haters are out in force!!" That's not disagreeing, that's being a prick. The common misconception on here is posters with differing opinions are singled out but when you look at the posters you start to see that it's not actually the opinion- it's the way it's been put across. TravellingwillBEARy was very similar, he would breeze into a thread, insult the intelligence of everyone in it then have people saying that he was being picked on for being different, Lucyblue was another but to an outsider - it was their viewpoint they were being abused for. The Dude is also in that category but when pushed he is actually alright, at least he admits he does it to wind people up.
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    I'm afraid the damage has already been done. The lies and sheer fabrication by the Daily Record, despite the live coverage on telly has, in my opinion been largely accepted by the compliant press corps and is even now being disseminated to a wider audience as "the truth". The heid high yins in Scottish Football have, again in my opinion, circled the wagons, in order to limit the damage to firstly, Rod Petrie and secondly, to Hibernian. They most certainly will be attempting to heap as much blame as they can onto our fans for anything they can muster up. The "story" by Jane Hamilton the day after the game again shows how low those in Scotland's journalist profession and also Sellick minded will stoop in their desire to inflict grievious damage towards our club.
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    Looks like it's came full-circle and Hampden was officially our fault in the eyes of others in the media and the fans. This is why Rangers shouldn't have rested on that great statement they made. They should have followed it up with another after the Record's story with the Police the other morning. Strike while the iron's hot.
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    Rather play this a bit clever. contact them for clarification of the story and demand evidence,video,audio and pics to back this up. When they obviously can't provide this then hit them with both barrels as public as possible and expose the lies they print. Then they can be banned as well as have the embarrassment of the whole nation knowing their lies. At the same time they should ask serious questions of the police as well.Do they stand by the articles allegations and if so where is the proof and why so long in coming out. or If not why haven't they issued a statement refuting these allegations and demanding a full explanation from the repugnant rag involved??
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    Won't happen we have Paul the bridge builder.
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    Donation sent via Govanblue, who has already forwarded it on., cheers @govanblue I know there is, shall we say, 'issues' between the FF Admin (or maybe one in particular) and the VB's. But this is not about the VB's, or FF Admin or whomever. This is about supporting and trying to look after our own, who are in this very situation because they themselves did exactly that on Saturday. I find it pretty nauseating to be honest, that petty shite should come between something like this, where we should all rally round and support those who supported us, our Club, our players, and other Bears. To me, some people need to take a long hard look at themselves here ...
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    It's obvious that it is the POLICE who are the Sectarian Bigots!!??..Charging guys for singing songs they don't like..And they have no clue what exactly is and is not banned..Utter farce..But well done to the Bears for taking it the full road..rather than pleading Guilty and getting an entirely Disproportionate sentence...
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    Been there, done it got the tshirt, sadly these Tigers are drugged up to the eyeballs. What is a weekend occurrence for some RM posters is a daily abuse for these animals.
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    Crooks POTY Barton POTY Wallace POTY McKAY YPOTY Mr Warburton MOTY
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    And when you see one of the mhanky mob in their moth eaten finery you know you will have fuck all in common with them and stay well clear!
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    I don't actually know tbh mate. However the wee guys asked for it for going away so I'll get it, rather than try and explain about a fat bastard and a retail deal
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    Exuberance, according to Oxford English Dictionary,full of excitement and cheerfulness. I don't think that describes those fuckers last week.
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    I've always enjoyed his interviews and TV appearances, always entertaining. I found this one a while back where he's discussing the latter stages of his time at Newcastle. A couple of familiar boardroom members are mentioned.....
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    So that disabled children and adults can go to Ibrox and use the room there...
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    Said the same about Barton
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    I've genuinely never seen such a biased national team manager. He hates Rangers, and the farce with picking McGinn over our players proves that. Imagine if, for example, Pellegrini became the England manager and deliberately didn't pick Man Utd players. He would get hounded for it.
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    Talking to a couple of folk at my kids football yesterday who asked me if I was involved in the riot outside the ground with the police. No matter who many times I told them that was a lie they wouldn't believe me it was in the papers they said. The point they made, if it was such a blatant lie why hadn't Rangers demanded an apology. I was lost for words on that point.
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    Your not in good form today...Is that the best you can do..??.. Childish and you've got your fingers in your ears again.or your hands over your eyes..??..la la la I'm not listening...when as the majority on here concur that your precious snp along with the police sweep all of last Saturdays events away!!..aided and abetted by a compliant and indeed pro active tarrier media..will you coming on here to say "oops sorry lads as I was wrong..!!??" Cut it..??.. Only your apology and self removal would be required and the rest of us can get on with what matters.Defending Our Club and Our Way of Life..
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    This typifies your problem BP9 you jump in without thinking about the wider considerations and implictations. Saturdays events and their aftermath are about more than simply Hibs getting away with it. The Police falings are a matter of concern for everyone - not just Rangers fans as they have implcatons around health and safety for all football fans. The sheer futility of stewards when facing a non-compliant crowd. And the concerning attempts to shift blame onto the fans by the Police as we witnessed only a few days ago.
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    The one story they should go for is the one by the liar Hamilton. All video evudence shows it to be a lie and it should be withdrawn and an apology made. Not every story just this one. Its not even twisting truth its a bare faced set of lies. She and the DR should be exposed.