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    Totally agree with the "I ain't watching Rangers in the lower leagues but will come back when the good times return" punter. That's a fan and I can understand that. Those of us that stayed around, took the hostility, the insults, the pain.... can look in the mirror and know we didn't desert in the time of need. Yes, it was hard at times , the ridicule , some of the results, but we never walked away. I welcome those that return. They can help push us on but they should remember those that stayed in the trenches to get us to this day.
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    Just though I would let you all now that Joshua has taken his first step. Just shows you he isn't giving up and the doctors don't always get it right. Well in my wee teddy bear so proud.
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    They are only doing that as they have so many Students that are studying tax law
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    It's not so much giving them 7500 that gripes me it is the fact they they only give us 7500 in return, as a percentage of capacity we should be getting nearer 9000.
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    Yeah that's what I thought when I looked down that route for our fundraising group. I decided to just limit our fundraising to around £10k per annum, and not need to bother with all that red tape. Unfortunately, you don't have that luxury.
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    Holy shit there are a few forms in there and they are quit big to. Think that will need to be a day on the computer when not working lol. Cheers guys.
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    I am guilty of going in there as well, but I am sure the expertise is there so maybe it will happen.
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    I'm guessing you've had a look at this site... https://www.gov.uk/setting-up-charity/set-up-a-charity It looks like hard work, but probably quite straight forward once you find some template documents to base your governing document on. No doubt someone in the B&F could sort it all out for him in their lunch break. But they won't, cos they're all selfish bastards in there!
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    Hopefully I'll get the Erskine and Combat Stress season tickets sorted out over the next few days, then I can focus on rounding up the malingerers. We should hopefully have a report and some pics from the Waverley Boat Trip soon too. But in the meantime, here's a couple of Erskine pics from The Ideal Homes Show...
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    I remember when we got the whole end and a bit of the stand, must have been 16-20k bears there.
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    Aye then we get the same at the Piggery and the struggle for tickets begins and the atmosphere dies. No thanks.
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    Just reading this thread, have you tried to contact any company that could do something like this for you?
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    Waiting list for season tickets is outweighing the amount available, according to the ticket office
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    I just read on the Scotsman rumour mill "Christian Benteke won't be joining Celtic" You don't fucking say
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    Seems a bit strange announcing him as their new manager when he's not even in the country. They can't help themselves.
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