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    Bocadillo Coffee Shops have now raised £18,211 for the equipment for the new Sensory Room at Ibrox. Well Done Bocadillo.
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    Once a Ranger always a Ranger.
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    Very pleased with the outcome me and john never sung the add on anyway ( we just dont agree add on's are needed), but we knew we had to fight this redic charge. We knew YCV was not proscribed by law and it even mentioned that in the charge , and that was one of our few defences. YCV is not a crime, it should never bring rangers fans to court in the first place, you do not have to explain yourselves to a PF or judge about the YCV 1916 royal irish rifles , 36th division Ulster. so sing loud and sing very proud
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    I like to wear a Rangers top on holiday, or anywhere else for that matter, I obviously don't wear one 4 days straight and I don't have flags put out on my balcony either, but I fail to see why someone being proud to wear his teams colours abroad would be looked on as tacky by their own.
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    “Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips, and spreads slander, is a fool” (Proverbs 10:18) What a week this has been of self-discovery, where in the period of just 7 days I was able to diagnose what my doctor had been missing for years – that I am suffering from a mild form of paranoia. That’s how long it took an army of opinion leaders, journalists and headline writers, a representative of the Scottish Police Federation and 2 or 3 bobbies as yet (and conveniently, ho hum, never to be) identified, to turn the most shameful scenes witnessed in Scottish football these last 30 years or so, into a story about Rangers fans and their singing. My mild a paranoia stems from the fact I had expected them to achieve this in just 5. Many have had their say since last Saturday, including many who were not even there, so if you don’t mind I’d like to offer a short reprise on what transpired. I was standing just to the right and behind the goals in what was the traditional “Rangers end” and for those who saw them there, I was just a few feet to the left of Jorg Albertz and Nacho Novo. Within 60 seconds of the final whistle there was a young Hibs fan no older than 25 standing in the 6 yard box inviting me and other Rangers fans to enter the field of play and fight. There was a complete absence of thought or mannerism commensurate with someone who wanted to celebrate (exuberantly or otherwise) his sole intent clearly a penchant for violence. He was quickly joined by others who had run past and well beyond the majority of Hibs supporters celebrating in their own half of the pitch and they in turn attempted to incite and goad the Rangers support into violence. At this point it was also clear something was happening with our players, though from my very low vantage point it was impossible for me to determine exactly what that was. When I saw the match officials forming a protective cordon around Andy Halliday I feared the worst. I was absolutely perplexed by the total absence of Police numbers and their total inability to prevent what was unfolding before my eyes. I was unsure how our support would respond to this and noticed a small number to the left of me had already decided for themselves and were entering the field. It was at this point that the Billy Boys received its first airing of the day. I have written often enough about this song in the past, my last offering being only a few weeks ago for WATP Magazine, so those who regularly read this blog will be more than familiar with my thoughts on the matter. Furthermore I’m not going to suggest that this song acted as a kind of anti-inflammatory for some in what was a highly volatile situation because I really don’t know. What I do know however is that those who have chosen to twist and distort Stewart Robertson’s comments on this song have no idea how close we were to an unprecedented full scale battle last Saturday, capable of turning all the “moral over reaction” in the world into something akin to a war zone report. Be under no illusion it really was touch and go for a few minutes. After what seemed like an eternity the mounted Police arrived like a regiment of 7th Cavalry and managed to restore some form of semblance. I headed up the stairs to a pre-arranged rendezvous point with other members of our bus and after a couple of minutes with the detail complete we made our way out of Hampden stopping briefly for a call of nature before exiting the stadium for the long bus trip home. On leaving the ground we saw the arrival of the convoy of Police vans. Bemused by their late arrival I checked my watch and noted it was a full 15 minutes after the final whistle. The only “barricades” they encountered took the form of a cacophony of sarcastic cheers and angry Rangers fans wishing to make official complaints at the abject Police failings. With a gruff “You’ll need to do in writing” they were off - resulting in a delay time of something approaching 2.8 seconds. To quote the unofficial, unsubstantiated, (with the exception of Scottish Police Federation representative Calum Steele) as yet unidentified Police source “they were pointing at their watches and shouting you’re too late” No bloody wonder.
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    Correct! The famous Tiger Temple is currently in the process of being shut down, nevermind the other ' tiger zoos'. Same as elephant trekking, the animals are used and abused. Every time we go to Thailand, myself and the wife volunteer here at this elephant sanctuary in Kanchanaburi - http://www.elephantsworld.org/ While also visiting Helllfire Pass, the infamous bridge over the river Kwai, the war cemeteries and museums. Love Kanchanaburi. Very humbling and rewarding, such gentle, intelligent and sadly abused animals.
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    Exuberance at a Rangers-Hibs match goes back a long way for me. And over the years I've been exuberant at many games involving Hibs. 1975 Colin Stein's header to win the first league in a long time at Easter Road. Years of frustration and missed opportunity peeled away in that golden moment. Here's Colin being exuberant after that goal. Then the magic of helicopter Sunday, wee Nacho scored a crucial goal, but the title's fate was not in our hands, then McDonald scored two and against the odds we were champions. I was probably the most exuberant I have been in my life. Onward to the first game of last season, bad start totally turned around to a 6-2 win and the football was magnificent, hadn't seen the like before from a Rangers team. I was exuberant. Forward to the crucial Rangers Hibs game at Ibrox that looked like it would determine the league winners. 4-2 we won with a great display of football. I was exuberant. Of course there was never a sense of exuberance at a Gers Hibs cup final. Hibs did not do cup finals that often, and when they did they tended to lie down to the likes of cellic, cellic,cellic and most other teams. So here's my point, many a time I've been exuberant at football games involving Rangers but at no point did I want to waste that terrific feeling by attacking a fellow football fan. So what the hell did exuberance have to do with the Hibs fans attack on our fans after they won the final. Answer nothing. Those Hibs fans who stormed on to the pitch weren't exuberant because they won the cup, Those fans knew exactly what they were doing, and any exuberance had disappeared as their hatred of fellow football fans took over. Exuberance had nothing to do with it, it was simply hatred.
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    I tried to go up earlier to ask but was threatened, spat on and called scum. Once I finally managed to make it past Joey Barton the folk in the shop wouldn't tell me anything.
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    A bit of common sense from a Sheriff for a change... http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/news/14492021.Rangers_fans_from_Greenock_cleared_of_offensive_chant_charges/?ref=fbshr
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    Crooks POTY Barton POTY Wallace POTY McKAY YPOTY Mr Warburton MOTY
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    So that disabled children and adults can go to Ibrox and use the room there...
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    This picture illustrates they don't give a fuck and know this board got no fucking balls to me. Building Bridges can never be done when the core group treat you with contempt, this is the Sfa board sticking two fingers up to the board and the Rangers support.
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    I think we need a striker, a full back, at least one centre half and a keeper.
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    I don't actually know tbh mate. However the wee guys asked for it for going away so I'll get it, rather than try and explain about a fat bastard and a retail deal
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    Part 2 now up. Due to use of images Ive just posted the link. https://immortalrangers.wordpress.com/
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    Just to put something to bed. People don't want posters banned due to a difference of opinion, au contraire you see disagreements all the time on here and people move on. There's a way of doing it though and Bluepeter9 is someone who rather than debates his point normally, he antagonises. He will come into a thread and throw a grenade like "Paranoid pish!!" or "The haters are out in force!!" That's not disagreeing, that's being a prick. The common misconception on here is posters with differing opinions are singled out but when you look at the posters you start to see that it's not actually the opinion- it's the way it's been put across. TravellingwillBEARy was very similar, he would breeze into a thread, insult the intelligence of everyone in it then have people saying that he was being picked on for being different, Lucyblue was another but to an outsider - it was their viewpoint they were being abused for. The Dude is also in that category but when pushed he is actually alright, at least he admits he does it to wind people up.
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    It's obvious that it is the POLICE who are the Sectarian Bigots!!??..Charging guys for singing songs they don't like..And they have no clue what exactly is and is not banned..Utter farce..But well done to the Bears for taking it the full road..rather than pleading Guilty and getting an entirely Disproportionate sentence...
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    And when you see one of the mhanky mob in their moth eaten finery you know you will have fuck all in common with them and stay well clear!
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    More info here: http://rangers.co.uk/news/club/ibrox-sensory-space-collection/
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    I have been following this thread and you are the one making an arse of yourself. You seem intent on contradicting certain posters every time they post no matter if they are correct or not you come on here and start your bile. I've always felt a wee but sorry for you because I thought people were harsh on you but over a period of time I have come to realise that you are in fact the bigot. Bigoted against your own fans. It's because of people like you our club is walked on and trodden all over. We don't need apologists we need leaders. Anyway back on topic. I was trying to make the point that it you think we are paranoid about everything when in fact it is nothing to do with paranoia. This should have been dealt with by now and should the shoe have been in the other foot then it would have. Make no mistake about it the SFA would have held emergency meetings had it been us who did what hivs fans did. I understand that police investigations take time but they are already trying to blame us for their failings and the Scottish Government have done nothing to condemn what occurred on Saturday 21st May except a meaningless tweet that they felt compelled to make after our club called them out on the fact they had said nothing. Us paranoid? I don't think so.
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    The distinct difference is that I'm sure numan isn't a dislikeable, unapproachable, agenda driven excuse of an arsehole like the other two
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    Not a fecking chance hate those Smelly bastards and anyone that's wore the Mhanky Hoops. Makes my skin crawl.
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    Totally agree with the "I ain't watching Rangers in the lower leagues but will come back when the good times return" punter. That's a fan and I can understand that. Those of us that stayed around, took the hostility, the insults, the pain.... can look in the mirror and know we didn't desert in the time of need. Yes, it was hard at times , the ridicule , some of the results, but we never walked away. I welcome those that return. They can help push us on but they should remember those that stayed in the trenches to get us to this day.
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    Whatever it takes to bring this rag down along with the rest who think its the norm to spin shit and lies about the club and get away with it. This rag should be treated in Scotland by the Rangers support the same way as that other rag was treated in Liverpool by their support after the shit they came out with all those years ago.
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    Not a problem mate, me and the wife are over very regular, we have a small place there by the sea. Although our little baby daughter going to be born any day now has curtailed it a bit this year. There's a good sanctuary in Chiang Mai as well, although we prefer the Kanchanaburi area, so beautifull, and so much history and war museums if you're into that. Just message me any time. Yes that's true, since machinery and the ban on logging, those that were 'domesticated' have indeed been made redundant, and unfortunately you used to even see them getting walked down streets in Thai cities, with the mahoots selling food for tourists to feed them. Thankfully that's very rare now, banned I think. The Asian elephant, in fact all elephants are endangered. The elephant trekking industry is a business, so in many cases the elephants get worked to exhaustion, never mind the damage the 'saddle' with people in it on their back does. A mahoot riding on the neck is fine, but their spine is not made for anything else. I know of places where they teach the elephants to paint, play football or play instruments. Still a bit unpalatable, but as you say, they have to do something, earn their keep when they are not wild. Thankfully there is increasingly more not for profit sanctuaries springing up, where education has seen tourists understand the plight of the elephants, swerve the trekking etc. In the sanctuary you pay usually about 5000 Baht (£100) for a full day, where you get collected, go to the sanctuary, learn about the different elephants, their personalities, where they were rescued from, help clean their food (pesticides etc), feed them, bath them, ride on their neck (no saddle) in river while bathing them etc. It's a great day, and all the money goes toward feeding, taking care of, and buying the elephants out of the abusive trekking businesses. Oh, and you get plenty of great Thai food as well This was at Kanchanaburi, taking them down for a bath and ride on their neck.
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    lol Do you not think feminism is ridiculous anyway? By being a feminist you're taking the stance of a sexist, if you really want to make a difference without being sexist - be a humanist - then you can fight for the rights of all, without being blinkered and detracting from a group that is not your own. That is exactly what feminists do, they grab everything they can without caring for the consequences. Fucks me right off.
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    Been there, done it got the tshirt, sadly these Tigers are drugged up to the eyeballs. What is a weekend occurrence for some RM posters is a daily abuse for these animals.
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    Beats me why they cannot all come to some sort of compromise that suits both parties. We shouldn't even be thinking about this stuff now, it should be focussed on arguing over transfers and talking about humiliating the filth as we romp the league.
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    you see the top and you instantly know you have at least one thing in common to talk about with them. It's agreat wee icebreaker.
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    Each to their own i suppose, but personally I love bumping into fellow bears abroad wearing their team colours and having a wee blether about the football, don't know how wearing a Rangers top can be described as tim like tbh
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    i wear them on holiday because usually i like to go somewhere warm and my rangers tops are perfect for keeping cool when it's roasting outside. couldn't give a fuck if anyone thinks it's classless cheap or tacky.
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    You keep thinking that they want our voice heard, we have never stopped being the biggest Draw in Scotland and they are quite happy we are on the outside looking in.
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    One for our very own Bluepter9 ... paranoid protestants are us
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    Jeez, what chance have we of justice.
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    David Cameron in a cellic top?
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    Exuberance, according to Oxford English Dictionary,full of excitement and cheerfulness. I don't think that describes those fuckers last week.
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    So you'll buy a fake Rangers strip first. Ffs heard it all now.
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    Get the shorts and socks and captains arm band
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    Just though I would let you all now that Joshua has taken his first step. Just shows you he isn't giving up and the doctors don't always get it right. Well in my wee teddy bear so proud.
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    There are fools. And there are dangerous fools. You fall into the latter camp.
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    Why is his euFeminism about the ugly women so bad? He's male, therefore being straight which I expect he is he is right to say trying to pick between ugly women. Just like if a straight woman was trying to make the same point in the same way she'd say trying to pick between ugly men. Crass, not eloquent, but makes his point. Has the world lost the plot so much that it is scared to look at and acknowledge the very things that define us - sex, race, death? Pathetic! Funny vid though
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    I may be Scottish, born and bred, but I absolutely hate our national team. I hate the arse flashing sex pests that follow it. I hate the parochial Scotland best wee country on the planet nonsense. I hate their songs. I hate that god awful pink abortion of a strip they wear. I hate the sfa. I hate the Scottish Parliament. I hate the Scottish Mhedia. I hate the fact that they all universally fucking hate us. Fuck it I wish I was an Ulsterman like my Granddad Rant over. McKay didn't get played. If he had been brought on he's have been booed then, his first touch would have been booed, but if he'd scored the tartan fannies would have celebrated like it was 1314.
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    we need two new centre backs and someone over 6ft who can score goals throw in a right back and goalie minimum
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    It's not so much giving them 7500 that gripes me it is the fact they they only give us 7500 in return, as a percentage of capacity we should be getting nearer 9000.
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    BP this s where your argument falls down but I will deal with it in Part 2 in much greater detail. The Scottish Police Federation member, Calum Steele confirmed on twitter that these reports were consistent with feedback from their members.
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