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    Whilst out today to buy my granddaughter a wee gift for my son for Fathers' Day, I came up against an unsightly and sickening set of affairs in the gift shop, there for all and sundry to see was The Rangers placed below the scum on a display wall. So I brought it upon myself to rectify this atrocity, and forthwith placed The Rangers in their rightful position ....... back on top. I took photographic evidence of this situation but decided not to do a before and after scenario as this was, in my opinion, an offence too far. So instead I just took a photo of the finished article and did what the scum have been doing for years and "covered up" their horrific badge and colours with the one true blue badge of honour. It may not be that important in the greater scheme of life, but it made my shopping experience and my day that I could personally blot out the disgusting sight I beheld on an otherwise lovely sunny day. One small step for The Rangers ...... One giant leap for Bears worldwide.
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    Couldn't care less. Far more interested in the quality of the player coming in than any transfer fee we may pay.
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    99% of you haven't watched any player we have signed for over 5 games. So how can you say they are pish already or aren't good enough to win us the league? It gets boring listening to the same drivel from Fifa managers online who automatically claim players aren't good because of their name Or because the SPL is La Liga quality? Money rarely = success and that's not counting the money on fees, wages and compensation already. People are wanting us to spend just for the sake of it. The manager has said before money doesn't guarantee quality and that if he did have a £5m transfer kitty he wouldn't be looking to spend it all for the sake of it. If MW is happy with the transfer dealings then why can't the fans accept it?
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    Fair play to him. While I have really no idea of his ability, he could have been bitter about the whole thing therefore I wish him the best of luck with the rest of his career.
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    I dont give a fuck what we look like, if we can build a team on next to no transfer fees with players like Mariappa and Barton, and we win the league then it will be us laughing not them
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    Easier to go to a Rangers bar and find out if there is a holiday there.
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    Celtic news in the potatoe section of the vegs, wife walks away shaking her head.
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    There is 2 months left of this transfer window. Cunts are crazy.
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    Some will go on about wages, but I don't buy into that one bit. We've lost Clark, Shiels, Law, Templeton, King, Zelalem, Ball, Gasparatto and some other youth players from the overall wage bill. Barton will be on a decent amount, but the others I don't think will be. As mentioned in the OP, it's looking likely we're going to have lots of income in regards to the season ticket money, yet all we've spent is 250K on a kid with little experience and mainly for his potential. I'm not expecting to spend millions, but if we want to compete on all fronts, some money has to be spent as you only get so far with free signings. We should be looking to spend money on a goal scoring striker like Bradshaw or Winnall and bring in a good CB. Quality CB, DM and ST was missing last season, Barton will fill one part of that spine in the team. After that all we really need is cover at full-back and potentially a creative midfielder.
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    The money we are spending on wages and signing fees for the players we have brought would equate to a sizeable transfer fee for players that are currently under contract with other clubs.
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    I used to always put rangers news in front of the smeltic views whenever I was in the supermarket petty I know , but did fill me with a sense happiness and achievement that I had done my wee bit ????
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    Players being linked like Vaughn are the concern Bring in bargain basement signings like that then be prepared to win hee haw
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    Reading that makes my eyes bleed.
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    Much like the same as many of you, had help from John in sorting tickets for a couple games the past few years and actually travelled on the Bridgeton 5-1 bus for the first Ramsdens final at Easter Road. Seen his flag at near enough every away game I've been to and he follows the team everywhere. People like him are the reason we have the most loyal and passionate fanbase in the land. Genuinely gutted to see you hauled before the courts for defending your own mate and I wish you good luck for sentencing next month.
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    John is a fuckin diamond.waited up for me all night once when I drove up from Essex for an rm meet.didnt get there till 4 in the morning and he could quite easily shut his door and told me too fuck off. Makes me sad that some on here doubt him.the boy has obviously been through hell at the police station. For this big bear, John is one of the best.you have my support in whatever fashion you need it No SurrenderJohn Galbraith Rab
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    It should go straight to Petrie to pay.
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    Picking up free transfers and players who the management team have worked with before will only get us so far. We need to supplement that with real quality in key areas, players who will make a difference in big moments of tight games, and more often than not that sort of quality costs money.
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    Early days yet but it's not looking good tbh,if money isn't spent then questions will rightly be asked.
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    Sorry I'm no listning to a guy who buys his curtains from Poundland
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    Goin on holiday at the end of august. Will there be a Rangers bar there?
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    South Africa was quite shit. At least this tournament doesn't sound like a giant insect.
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    Warburton talking to the lads about the Cummings Ibiza video... "...and then he shoved the daft cunt in the pool!!"
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    It's really to early to panic or judge but I've got to laugh at the crackpots on here that think we will win the league with a team of free transfers who's clubs couldn't be bothered keeping them. we can't use 1 game against the beasts last season as the benchmark as they will improve just like us.
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    Yeah if we can't spend 750k on Bradshaw then it's worrying. We seemed to spend a lot more last summer and logically we should be upping that just now.
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    See how easily MOH got round Kiernan there.
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    Don't get your logic behind this mate. We will play them and the sheep 4 times each next season. If, as you say we lose twice to each of them, then we can still win the other 2 games against each of them? So how is that chucking the league? Are you old enough to remember the year the tims only lost 1 league game all season, but we still won the title? It happens..
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    Mariappa would be a sensational signing. People seem to forget that Barton was offered a contract with a Premership club but chose Rangers over them. It's hardly 'gumtree freebie' Mariappa is someone who can easily play down south as well so if we manage to get him signed up then I'd actually rate it higher than the Barton signing, the guy's got real class about him.
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    I'll never understand how a Rangers fan could have so much praise for them cunts.
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    This is what a football forum is though if we had no opinions or were like the sheep on other forums there would be no point coming on. We all think we know best that's what being a football supporter is.
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    It has to be done. Besides Ceptic are very good at cover ups.
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    Not ashamed to say I do the same with the cakes in Asda. Mrs Sket just tuts and shakes her head
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    Oops Perhaps a camel toe is in order to distract from my fuckupery..
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    That's how to leave the club with class, respect to him.
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    The elusive MW spotted in the wild
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    Another £1690 was raised today at the function organised by VB in the Holepark club Cambuslang
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    I'm forty and this thread is making me feel double that, I don't know what any cunts on about , whatever happened to talking about real football then getting pissed and just posting FTP and what not, fuck this I'm away to get on it
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    Just for you forever and ever: Tbh if Tav and Baz keep scoring crackers like these they can pull their shorts down and take a dump for all I care....
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    Take your head out of your Arse
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    It's not really that exciting though.we trawl through the free transfer market like a jakey looking through the gumtree freebies.
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    For old people like the host http://www.skysports.com/rangers-fixtures then click on the link add to calendar
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    Shocked I could even put that together considering the state i was in. Am a way to the fear thread! Lol
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    never mind the fine, what is the breakdown of the 32 arrested will any of you guess it correctly?
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    You are correct.....look at how long it took for Ings fee to be sorted. Accrington still have the players contracts until the 1st of July, when that date comes their contracts here start and Accrington can do fuck all about that. think when Fifa 17 is out I'll be putting Rangers in English league 2 and thumping this lot.