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    South Africa was quite shit. At least this tournament doesn't sound like a giant insect.
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    Don't know why he'd go there anyway he doesn't fit into the way Arsenal play
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    That's the old days.......now you want to hack someone's account if you want money. Now who has lots of money in a dodgy offshore account?
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    Govanhill Derby tonight, Victoria Road will be buzzing.
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    Albania effectively out due to poor goal difference. Romania out, plus the five other bottom teams (includes Ukraine) means there's only two more teams getting knocked out. A draw or possibly a narrow defeat by Germany keeps them well in.
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    This tournament has been boring as fuck so far.
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    You're looking for the suggestions thread, mate. This thread is for you to say you met Messi in the Govan Asda and he said he'd be signing for us.
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    1982 or 86. Germany scored and a 1-0 win was enough for both to qualify. The rest of the game was basically played at walking pace, the back pass rule didn't exist back then either.
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    Bit like last game of the season so no one has an advantage of knowing what result they need.
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    So players won't have a clue what has happened in the other games. Sure it changed after Germany and somebody passed it around the back to make sure they progressed or something.
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    Lost the first set was 3-0 down in the second then blitzed it.
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    What exactly needs to be reviewed here? Are you scoring them on 1-10 on the titty scale or something? Get them shared!
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    I fuckin love Jojo Joanna Jedrzejczyk didn't even manage to finish Val across 5 rounds and was ripping her to shreds Going to Tristar seems to be working for Jojo
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    WelterweightRory MacDonaldvs.Stephen Thompson WelterweightDonald Cerronevs.Patrick Côté Light HeavyweightSteve Bossévs.Sean O'Connell LightweightOlivier Aubin-Merciervs.Thibault Gouti Women's FlyweightValérie Létourneauvs.Joanne Calderwood Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 2) LightweightJason Saggovs.Leandro Silva Light HeavyweightMisha Cirkunovvs.Ion Cutelaba MiddleweightTamdan McCroryvs.Krzysztof Jotko BantamweightChris Bealvs.Joe Soto
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    I feel we may have to move on to phase two soon.
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    Heard them talking on talksport like 2 this morning about only one game in this Euros having had more than 3 goals. Tried under 3.5 today in a treble and got a nice wee win.
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    If his job was being a AIDS ridden Ginger taig supporting we wank then they would be right
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    And there are some cunts out there that think Strachan is doing a great job
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    Accrington Stanley Who are they? Exactly
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    Pre match over 0.5 goals and £50 in play on 2-1 to England! Fuckng buzzing ??
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