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    Gutted too the max fs But still so so PROUD of OOR Wee Counrty And a big well done too the GAWA
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    Still bitter that Scotland are shite and didn't qualify. Get over it, sad little man.
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    Don't judge me guys... TAKE YOUR FUCKING TOP OFF!
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    I wish somecunt would take lawro out
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    Lawrenson "In finishing school they tell you to sometimes play it through the goalkeeper" Finishing school? Why is that guy such a tampon. A tampon with a tache
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    Lovely finish from Blazskzaskaszskiasczksi.
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    He looks like one of them also.
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    Some of the stars of the tournament so far in there. Come on Darijo and The Blazers.
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    Right hope the Croats hump Portugal and we see the last of Ronaldo for a while. Did the cunt apologize for the microphone throwing? Cmon Croatia.
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    BBC Fact Sheet When NI Play: 1. Josh Magennis used to be a goalkeeper. 2. Josh Magennis used to be a goalkeeper.
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    Dean Saunders being a bitter bastard. It is up to Wales to do something different.
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    The guy was very dignified. Give him a fucking break.
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    That Pearce is like a fucking fishwife. Makes a wee drama out of everything. That was a yellow all day long. No studs, not off high, not two footed, not particularly dangerous, despite what those two fuds might say. They were just dazzled by Lewandowski's somersault.
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    That's Jesus your thinking about for controversy mate
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    Is there a reason you've both left out the France game?
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    Lego muncher dresses to please new boss brenda at yesterdays press conference
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    Shaping up to be the best week of my life. First born arrived Monday, and now this! Very, very proud Ulster man tonight!
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    Let him, just let him know he'll need a visa to get back in, saying that sturgeon will probably give him a room at hers