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    My Father's Day gift was a tour of ibrox which I done today, fulfilled a boy hood dream to walk down the tunnel while simply the best was blaring at the back of me, made all the more special had my wee boy and girl with me to share the experience, would thoroughly recommend it to any bears who haven't done it yet no sure about prices or anything as it was a gift, but was a magical day in the home dressing room imagining past heroes, trophy room was something else, all round cracking experience ??????
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    He wouldn't have got far on it,bbb Craig Whyte nicked all the air oot of the tyres and flogged it tae a balloon seller at Pollock Park
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    Don't judge me guys... TAKE YOUR FUCKING TOP OFF!
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    I wish somecunt would take lawro out
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    Lawrenson "In finishing school they tell you to sometimes play it through the goalkeeper" Finishing school? Why is that guy such a tampon. A tampon with a tache
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    Lovely finish from Blazskzaskaszskiasczksi.
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    He looks like one of them also.
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    No but we got told the reason the blue room had the seats out was because of the ricksen appeal, i liked the dressing room, all this time i never knew the captain always changes below the portrait of the queen
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    BBC Fact Sheet When NI Play: 1. Josh Magennis used to be a goalkeeper. 2. Josh Magennis used to be a goalkeeper.
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    The guy was very dignified. Give him a fucking break.
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    That's Jesus your thinking about for controversy mate
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    Is there a reason you've both left out the France game?
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    That's quite interesting,Sonny because the only medal Gough could have won with 'Spurs was a runners-up medal when they got beaten 3-2 in the 1987 FA cup final against Coventry City. The only other medal he received outwith playing for Rangers was a League Winners medal with Dundee United when they won the title in 1982-83, so it would be interesting to see if that particular medal was in the display case at Ibrox. I know for a fact the Tour Guide on that particular day didn't say exactly what medal was missing or where it was loaned out to.
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    You're not a Rangers fan until you've paid to do the Ibrox tour. Last time I did it was about 3 years ago. I got a bit exuberant and took some grass from the edge of the pitch. It went brown and disintegrated eventually.
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    Done the tour two years ago as part of my mates stag , was an excellent day, just wish he was still with us to see the Rangers back in the top flight.
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    One of my proudest moments was my 2 boys being mascots, standing just inside the tunnel as the players went in and out I was like a star struck wean.
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    Lego muncher dresses to please new boss brenda at yesterdays press conference
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    Shaping up to be the best week of my life. First born arrived Monday, and now this! Very, very proud Ulster man tonight!
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    Let him, just let him know he'll need a visa to get back in, saying that sturgeon will probably give him a room at hers
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