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    He's an ambassador for some sort of Celtic Charity thing. Ripping the arse right out of it, sets a dangerous precedent as well, why does he get special treatment yet 90% of celtc fans are clearly disabled and don't get the same treatment
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    So while the rest of you were swanning off to the match or enjoying the fun at the Erskine Gala Day, spare a thought for poor old govanblue who was stuck in an Erskine storeroom sorting though several hundred items of merchandise for several hours. You might say I deserve a medal for that, and you’d be right. I was delighted, and very honoured to discover that I had been nominated as one of Erskine’s 100 Heroes for 100 Years. So halfway through sorting the kit out, I had to stick a tie on and rush over to Erskine Park Home to receive a medal along with some other Erskine Heroes (all far better dressed than me!!) Every RM Fund Member, past and present has earned a piece of that medal, but I’m not melting it down, so you’ll just have to make do with a scan…
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    Saturday, 6th of August at a SOLD OUT Ibrox Stadium 12:30pm Kick off Sky Sports Our first game in the SPFL for 4 years Rangers: Hamilton Accies: W/0 L/0 D/0 W/0 L/0 D/0 Goals For: 0 Goals For: 0 Goals Against: 0 Goals Against: 0 (0 Points) (0 Points) and so finally, after 4 long, hard years in the lower leagues. Rangers Football Club is back where they belong, in the top flight of Scottish football that it holds dominance over. No club is our equal when it comes to trophies won. We are the most successful football club in the world and this year we will build on that. and our first step is at home, in a sold out Ibrox, we will take on Hamilton Academical FC. Line up will need to be strong and the boys will need to be stronger. This is their moment, make an example of Accies, set a statement of intent because this year. We're going for 55! My Predicted Lineup: Wes Foderingham James Tavernier Rob Kiernan Clint Hill Lee Wallace Niko Kranjcar Joey Barton Harry Forrester Micheal O'halloran Martyn Waghorn Barrie McKay Subs Danny Wilson on for Clint Hill Jordan Rossiter on for Joey Barton Josh Windass on for Niko Kranjcar ** Last Meeting ** The last time Rangers and Hamilton Accies met was back in the 2010/11 season. On the 10th of April, Hamilton Accies would host Rangers at New Douglas park only to be defeated 0-1. With a winning goal coming from Nikica Jelavic in the 44th minute. This would seal Accies relegation that season. Overall, Rangers and Accies have meet a total of 99 times, this game marks the 100th meeting of the two sides. 76 of those 99 times, Rangers have been been victorious, 10 times the victory has gone to Hamilton and 13 times it's gone to a draw. **Last meetings squad** Allan McGregor Sir Davie of Weir Sasa Papac Richard Foster Steven Whittaker Gregg Wylde (Jamie Ness) Maurice Edu (El Hadji Diouf) Steven Davis Kyle Lafferty(John Fleck) Steven Naismith Nikica Jelavic @KeyserSoze @A.T.G @psb07158 @_mcv_
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    Lots of history in the fixture, Adrian Sprott was a cunt
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    Legoland are looking for a mascot so you never know.
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    See the mhedia are keeping Messi's love-in with the tarriers going. Strange when you consider their usual moral indignation at anyone accused of tax avoidance.
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    We are back where we belong, what a journey. looking forward to Saturday kicking off in front of a full house, three points the goal. lots of history in the fixture, Adrian Sprott was a cunt. accies wear red and white hoops which gives the colour blind an excuse to hate them. Hamilton is famous for its nightclub which I think is called the Palais or something like that. Rangers director Douglas Park has a garage there. Back in the non PC 80s they had a nickname that I can't possibly repeat. Davie Cooper used to visit Di Maggios pizza restaurant in Hamilton every day cant fucking wait
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    Many thanks to Robert and Kenny from the Erskine Transport Team who selflessly booked some holiday time and drove all the way to Cardiff and back to collect the remainder of our Official Club merchandise from a shed for us. (Many thanks also to [ ] from Cardiff who has patiently lived without a shed for the last year!!) As @Bluepeter9 will tell you, that’s a hell of a drive. Luckily the Erskine guys had it much easier than Bluepeter9 – I wasn’t with them! As thanks for their grand effort, Robert and Kenny, upon their return, were delighted to receive an unexpected bonus in the form of the 2 Bar72 tickets from @KeyserSoze. Despite the poor performance, they were still delighted to get the chance to sit in Bar72, and they pass on their thanks to Keyser and everyone in the RM Erskine Fund.
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    Rossiter and Barton aren't here to sit on the bench, they're too good to be sitting on it.
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    feel privileged to have watched that tonight that really was a special scrap and the reason I love boxing night troops ?
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    Many thanks to @SJFC 2004 who only joined the fund 10 days ago, but already feels it’s worth making another donation to. It’s good to see that some of the New Signings share the Old Values.
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    The 7th. It's a great hole. Two years ago in the club championship and playing into a Gale force wind I hat to nut a 4 iron to make the middle of the green!! ???
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    That's a steal when you see some of the numbers going about decent player just maybe not suited to the premiership
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    Peterhead at home. First out. Good draw. Edit Wrong thread but that who we got in cup ?
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    Thought it was a joke signing at the time tbh and I've seen nothing to change my mind anyone with any sort of pace will stroll by him slowest player I've ever seen if he plays at the back this season we ain't winning the title he doesn't even seem to have the positional sense to make up for his lack of pace,it's a massive no from me on this one would much rather have taken Steven Taylor or even a punt on the lad Nelson than Hill
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    Over the moon for Carl. The fight was such a pleasure to watch and could have the makings of a modern day Morales v Barrera trilogy. I'm coming round to the idea that Frampton has the beating of Rigondeaux too
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    I've finally watched the fight after avoiding the internet and whole country. What a fight! I had Carl winning by a couple rounds in the end, he had more eye catching shots as well. Very close fight, and thought LSC would actually get the home result.
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    Ah maybe you're right. That's why I said apparently at first! I know a lot of those twitter accounts despite being official chat a load of shit and pretty much do anything for a bit of publicity. In hindsight I think you could be right..............
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    The two girls have been outta town lately and I'm more of an escort at this point.
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    Yeah ankle injury, been out for a few games now. I think he'll be back for the game after accies.
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    Like this. Concise, factually correct, and straight to the point. One-nil Al.
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    Being 6"4 got to agree the legroom is brutal. Bought my season ticket there but at the very top of the stairs in the aisle. No longer an issue ?
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    It is ridiculous. 3 million for brown Nice bumming up of the sporting wing of the IRA's squad. Sadly for.you we all have eyes
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    That movement and punch from Ellenberger at the start was quality to watch.
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    100% convinced Edmund is the worst coach in mma The worst Jake Ellenberger looked in his career was at Glendale with that momo as a coach, and now that he's changed to Kings MMA under Cordeiro he just took the life right outta Matt Brown! Hope Jake sticks with Cordeiro!
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    What the fuck. Why would anyone with half a brain use figures quoted by a site like this. Use you eyes and don't believe everything you read. Or at least don't put stupid comments forward on this board and expect not to be ripped. You do realise it had, for example, Burnley CB Keane, valued at 4m or something, when Burnley have just turned down a 12m bid for him. I won't even bother with Legos value and Barrie's. Basically your original point is fucking ridiculous. The fenians and Burnley squad values being the same. I once read that we were gettimg RVP, but when I used my brain I realised it was total bullshit.
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    Legoheid, Commons, Ambrose, Mulgrew, Izzaguire combined valuation of about £14m! Aye very good! And Allan x3 the valuation of McKay. I don't think you should take too much notice of that website. Most valuations for most players are utter nonsense............
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    Anyone else notice how more they looked like athletes? Bigger , physically stronger and looked like proper footballers. They pressed every zonal area fast and squeezed our time and space to play i was more impressed with their work rate than anything. They looked fitter than us in some areas
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    I've no doubt Hamilton will cause us problems but still expect us to win this.
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    FWIW, I prefer when you do it and add in all the stats etc. Get crackin'.
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    Wow this thread was quick, RFCRobertson's going to be raging
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    I have only ever sat in the Club Deck as a last resort and my main issue is the legroom. I'm quite tall so end up with the seat in front of me digging in to my shins for the whole match.
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    Many thanks to @fermblue who didn't like the look of our balance, so donated another £10.46 just to get us to a nice round £5000.
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    The worst thing about this will be being subjected to that abomination of a song
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