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    Looks like your recent actions may have re-kindled the team spirit and pride in the badge you were never close to being a part of. Well done Mr Warburton and Andy Halliday too.
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    Did he really just say that if he had to make the decision again (the move to Rangers) he wouldn't and he's already told people this? ... if I've read that right then never mind the 3-week suspension - terminate his contract tomorrow morning.
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    See whe shouldn't be surprised by this should we? The clown has been spouting shite like this for years, pretending to be some sort of philosopher pulling quotes out of books and trying to pass it off as wisdom. In reality he's a convicted thug who's never done anything of note outside of winning some lower league titles. If MW and co knew what they know now I'm 100% sure they would tell the wee fanny to gtf
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    Whit a fud he is. He should've had Barca -5.
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    I can't believe he's got any support left on here. Hes shiting over our club and people are wanting to blame anyone from Andy halidays granny to Paul Murrays barber. I thought he deserved a chance but he's pishing all over the top of us. Get him chased to fuck and if he wants to continue the love affair he had with the tarriers then fucking let him
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    I'll wait until we go on a run beating the SPL teams before I go that far.
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    I will sell my soul for three points against these cunts.
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    As delighted as I am with this result I think I will wait until the sheep game before getting too excited.
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    Also big respect for Boyd doing the game tonight after a horrendous week for him and his family ??
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    Can't gamble on any football matches anywhere in the world.... Spfl sponsored by Ladbrokes... Couldn't make it up!
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    What's the problem? Was he involved in the match? Good on him putting a wad on the tarriers to get pumped, Donate the winnings to the sick childrens unit and fuck them all Joey. We have seen this time and again since they drove Souness out. The fact he is suspended for 3 weeks it's now up to Joey, I hope he comes back fighting fit amd show all these Rangers haters. I WILL STAND BY HIM AS LONG AS HE IS A RANGERS PLAYER. Barton leaving? Barton sacked? The tarriers would fucking love it, Heres hoping we pump them Hogmanay with Barton at the heart of the team
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    Not be the first time the Sun has talked shit about a scouser.
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    1 game against queen of the south and some have forgotten the way we've been since the last 4 games of last season ffs....
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    Tarriers going mental because the kit Man city are wearing next week! Inciting trouble ????
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    People always say he gets an easy ride from people because he's a Rangers supporter but I actually think that draws more attention to him and leads to more criticism than he would get if he wasn't a known fan. For example, I think Halliday & Holt were both great for us over the course of last season but both of them tailed off after Christmas, yet you don't see anywhere near as much criticism for Holt as Halliday got. Halliday is no world beater, but I think he's a really valuable player to have in the squad.
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    I don't know how good you expect Crooks to be but that'd be pretty fucking spectacular if he managed to be in the starting XI and on the bench at the same time.
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    So the scum tried to sign him after they know we were in for him. One cunt of a club so fair play to him coming to us as again I'm sure they offered him more money than we did. The guys still a Rangers player at the moment and a lot of people shouId remember that.
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    Why did you post their badge., surely in this tit for tat offended world that we live in you should have posted a big sheep getting butt fucked by a farmer in a red and white scarf, I feel both let down and offended
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    I can imagine this is all going to be resolved a lot sooner than three weeks. I feel a huge sense of disappointment in all of this because really it has been unnecessary. Joey Barton had the chance to do something at this club; better players than him have played for Rangers, and that isn't meant to take anything away from him, I'm just saying that he could have had something good here, and like them he could and looked back with fondness at his time here It is very sad that it has ended like this, for everyone involved. That he appears to have regretted signing may have affected his own form and the form of others, will we ever know, but hopefully this can all be brought to a resolution for all concerned now.
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    They have a mole alright and he's a mole with a very good hairdo.
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    Barton out the way, team starts playing. No coincidence IMO. Message delivered! ????
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    I've genuinely never got the annoyance that people on here have got for Andy Halliday. Blaming him for this nonsense with Barton however is hilarious
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    Holt makes our midfield work. He needs to be one of the first names on the team sheet, in my opinion.
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    The guys a prick. I wish him the worst luck ever.
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    The emptiest barrels make the most noise.
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    I bet his bloody book isn't as long as that article....
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    Would love to hammer these sheep shagging mutants. However will settle for a scrappy 1-0, victory is what matters on Sunday.
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    Kranjcar occasionally does things like that which makes me think he's the best player ever.
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    Harry please score and send this cunt over the edge
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    Now we know who stinks at the piggery
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    I'd never tire of slapping that smarmy looking specky bastard.
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    I said this yesterday about people needing to understand that when in a situation like this there is processes etc to be followed. You simply cannot have a guy going through a disciplinary process and the club announcing to the public why or even hinting) It doesn't (shouldnt) work like that in any orginisation. If the club have taken this action you can almost guarantee they are justified in doing so, if they are not and haven't acted reasonably expect Barton to quit and pursue damages. I really wanted JB to be a success, I'm sure we all did but he has royally fucked it up. Pressure of playing for Rangers and not Burnley appears to have brought out everything bad about his character.
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    Fuck we have some hanging on the word of that lying bastard Liewell now.
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    The worst rule in football. Can't gamble on a game you aren't even involved in
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    FFS. "I’ve come up and I’m the Englishman" Wes, Tavernier, Clint Hill, Joe Garner, Windass, Forrester, Lee Hodson, Rossiter, Matt Crooks and Waghorn are Englishmen. As is the gaffer. But JB is "the Englishman". "But when you're tasked with being a leader" He wasn't tasked with being a leader, he was just asked to play football. Lee is the Club Captain, Miller is the Vice-Captain and MW and DW are the management. The guy's a fucking nutcase.
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    Just back from game. Did Windass get crocked in the warm up? Poor first half but much better second half. Some good goals and clinical finishing. I'm not his biggest fan but Kranjcar played better in second half and played some nice passes. Good to see Crooks finally play. Well done Gers.
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    I don't think Hill has done anything wrong the past two games but it wouldn't surprise me to see him benched for Kiernan on Sunday.
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    No Wallace (I'm pleased) Halliday as captain? He won't be able to play football for his erection. Someone is due a pumping- I think it's this lot. .
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    He was a horrible cunt before he came, he's a horrible cunt right now and he will continue to be a horrible cunt wherever he ends up, I had a long discussion with my wife's uncle when he signed, I said to him then that I thought it was a poor signing, not because of footballing ability because I believe he has that although he hasn't shown it here, but just because he's a trouble making wee arsehole, I will always give players a chance when they pull on that jersey, arseholes in life or not, sadly he has turned out to be exactly the type of person I thought him to be , after his behaviour here i sincerely hope he completely fails with whatever else the wee cretin gets involved in.
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    The witch hunt is in full swing now.
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    What a silly rule, as long as it does not affect the team you play for, there should not be a problem. To be honest, have never liked the guy, but it looks like that people are looking for any excuse to put the boot into him.
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    If that articlae was published yesterday, then it was given earlier in the week, before Barton met with Warburton and the club confirmed that "no party would make further comment". It certainly complicates things, though. His choice of words is poor at best; at worst, they're cringeworthy. I can't imagine the rest of the squad will be too pleased with his comments and Scott Brown will be pissing himself on his high chair this morning, chin full of yoghurt, when his carer reads it out to him.
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    saggy and fake, fuck that. Her whole body is fake, if her grave is uncovered in the future they'll think a synthetic being was buried.
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    The tits on Kim kardasian....
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