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    The whole thing from start to finish. A training ground bust-up of this sort should never become a formal disciplinary matter at a football club. If Barton was finished at the club then freeze him out and let him sit in the U20s until we can get rid. If we had grounds to sack him we'd have sacked him by now. By prolonging the whole thing and extending his suspension we're only breathing new life into it on a regular basis.
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    Fast forward 6 months , this cunt will be back to spouting his republican Celtic pish all over Twitter and most probably saying he shouldn't have joined us . The sooner he's off the books the better
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    Delighted for you and your family, Mark. That wee boy of yours deserves only the best of care. Let's hope the media does some of the hard work for you and helps with the Fund-raising effort
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    Not surprised Davie flung him about. Barton looks pathetic physically so far on the pitch.
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    That's terrific news Mark ..... Hopefully this take's Young Joshua's plight to a different level. PS - you're a ringer for Jason Holt mate .....
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    See that's the thing ... if I am honest with myself I don't think our youths are all that great and for me the jury is very much out on Warburton and Weir. They're not the messiah's some fans think they are but they have done a lot of good things too which I like so I'm kinda split. I think (if that's true what he's said) then I think it comes down to respect. You can't expect to speak to your boss and work mates like that and think everything will be OK - he could and should have been constructive about it if that's his thoughts instead of being an utter fanny. For me when he sayed a few days after getting suspended that he regrets coming here then that's the nail in his coffin for me - nothing else.
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    Why ? He was suspended due to an incident with the manager and another player,While he was suspended the SFA brought charges against him for betting and put more pressure on the club and keeps us on the front pages once again. We have a semi final next week and the club will be fully focused on that game along with the players,We don't need a sideshow with the press outside the training ground gates or a player who won't be involved in the first team squad for next week. Feelings may still be raw and it's best if he stays away during our build up to the semi final and no distractions. Barton this week is not important,What is important is our fully focused preparation in the next week... This week is all about Rangers..Not Barton.
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    because if you say there is no return then you are up for constructive dismissal and will have to pay up his contract. What is that people don't get about this?
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    Any fund-raising going on in your area? Give a thought to young Joshua's Appeal, please
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    His chat with Haye is making me want this fight so much though. Unreal entertainment.
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    That was a crippling shot there. Ouch.
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    Jason Holt huh. Need a Personal Trainer? We could start selling autographs
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    That's down to Mr Warburton really. But in the meantime, you'll be glad to know that we've managed to get our hands on a wheelchair ticket for him for the semi-final next week. Cost: £22 And a wheelchair space for the next two Home League Games. Cost: £20 And an extra pair of tickets in the West Enclosure for one of the Old Couples from the Erskine Bungalows. (There's a few more stairs involved, but they can handle them!) (the Erskine Bungalows are at the bottom of the picture below. The bungalows are for Married Veterans with Dementia, who, with the aid of their spouse, are still able to continue living a relatively independent life, but with all that Erskine support right on their doorstep. We'll also need to renew 2 Rangers TV Annual Subscriptions. Cost: £100 Then next on the agenda, a Stadium Tour and Argyle Lunch for the Bluenoses at Erskine Park Home (the building just above the Bungalows) And I've told Erskine Park that their next two fish and chip runs are on us. I also hear that Panto season is coming up soon. Oh yes it is! I'm sure we'll be able to pay for a few tickets for them. Erskine Park's Sporting Memories Room is now just about completed. They've had all the pictures we donated reframed and hung, now all they need to do is : 1. Evict the Elderly Gentleman who has taken up residence in the Room. 2. Find a slot in John Greig's busy calendar when he can come over and officially open it. Then I'll be able to show you that really cool thing from the RSEA. But in the meantime, you'll just need to content yourself with some of our Fund's contributions to the room... Rangers TV Annual Subscription, and a TV to watch it on. Some pictures... Some touchy-feely things... Some bits and bobs... Should be quite a room. So that's Erskine Park Home sorted for a bit. Next we'll turn our attention to Erskine Bishopton Home (the big building at the top of that aerial photo). Their Stadium Tour and Argyle Restaurant meal will be in the New Year, so we'll need to find them something to do for Christmas. Sadly, some of our Good Friends at the Co. Armagh RSCs can't make the game on Christmas Eve due to the travel difficulties. So they've offered The Fund the use of their tickets for the game. I reckon we can find a good use for most of them. Some of the seats might be too high up for the Veterans though (stairs-wise), but I reckon we could probably find a few Erskine Staff who'd appreciate a free ticket on Christmas Eve. That seems like a good way to thank the staff for taking such good care of our Veterans all year long.
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    What a fucking prick. Knew my gut instinct about this cunt was right.
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    Murray will automatically lose 275 points for Davis cup after WTFs. If you remove the points both have from now until 2017, this is the situation(if Murray wins tomorrow). Djokovic 10,600 and Murray 9410. Just under 1200 points advantage for Djokovic. There is 2500 points left to play for in Paris and at the finals. Extra 500 for Murray if he choices to still play in Vienna. Even into next year it will be close right through to July as both have to defend lots of points. Jan-Feb - Djokovic 2340, Murray 1200 Mar-Apr - Djokovic 2010, Murray 450 May-July - Djokovic 4690, Murray 4850 Looks like March to April period would be the main time for Murray to capitalize, however the next three tournaments are massive and Murray needs a good tour end finals. Murray has the advantage with around 1300 in his favour from now to end of July taking everything into account in relation to points won and to defend.
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    Stuck 15 on Newcastle Norwich and Scunthorpe both teams to score and win got 585 back
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    Can't see our defence being able to deal with their attack and we don't create all that many good chances. Hopefully they are tired after the Euro game and are over confident after the last game against us. Might have some kind of hope.
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    Guy is a fucking prick of the highest order. Did anybody actually believe this wouldn't happen?
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    Yup you betcha he will and it won't take 6 months !
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    This sounds daft but I really fancy us to win this purely because it's a cup game. I know we've played dross teams in the whole betfred cup but we tend to score a lot of goals and progress with ease.
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    Fuck me, our home top is like gold dust on ultimate team on ps4
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    If your saying you haven't once gave your opinion/prediction on here then I'am calling severe bullshit.
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    Played the Journey once and couldn't be arsed with it, repetitive shite, basically just like doing a pro-career mode except there's cut scenes of a black guy with the whitest Granda you'll ever see
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    This is a masters event, so 1000. Djokovic has 12,900 points. If Murray win's today he will go to 10,085, 10485 if he wins the final. So could be cut down to 2415. Whilst Djokovic has lots of points to defend at the world tour finals. Djokovic also has 1000 points to defend at Paris masters, Murray 600. http://live-tennis.eu/en/atp-live-ranking That's a great side, updated daily.
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    Hopefully mate! Think there's about 3,600 points in it. Not sure if this is a 1000 or 500 tournament he is playing in just now. Would love him to win that tournament in London and become number 1 in doing so. ??
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    Made them look a lot better than they were last time, simple defensive mistakes cost us nearly every goal. Need to press them high up the pitch & anything can happen. I genuinely believe they are fragile at the back
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    The good thing is that the club are having regular contact with him and informing him of the process and the reasons behind the extension which was all to do with JB asking the SFA for an extension. I don't see where the club are going wrong here unless the length of ban for the training ground incident etc. was disproportionate in regards to the behaviour of JB. We can call it a coincidence but I think we're actually creating an opportunity out of a crises here in regards to JB being out the picture for last night and the game against the scum. After that I still fell there is a place for JB albeit him and Niko can't play in the same team regardless of the opposition. If the news article is correct about him being asked to attend and refused then this is not a good sign and perhaps he will be out the door. If I had a choice of keeping him or using his wage for a central defence then I would need to chose the latter and I think that's the route the club are going down.
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    I know he is getting on a bit and hasn't kicked a ball in a while mate but would he really need pushed around in a stroller?
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    yep that's the way it's been .
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    well he can't exactly improve the team when the club keeps suspending him
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    Spot on. Every team playing against us is now doing it and we will often play ourselves into danger. Do it against them, and not only will we be punished, I'll probably take a heart attack as well
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    Agreed. If Wilson is fit and eligible he has to play. Would seem harsh to get one yellow and miss a game for it. Can understand if Forrester has 2 but still raging about it
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    Hope I'm wrong, and I would love to beat them, but I fear a repeat of last game against them. We haven't improved, the defence still looks vulnerable and we don't look like scoring many goals.
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    In The Sun today ..... http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/7247448/Dad-releases-stark-image-of-Joshua-Adair-whose-body-is-crushing-him-to-death.html
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    • I agree. I do think this is on SG though, I think he's failed to see how the lack of parity can weaken a team. Rangers have had to work twice as hard to keep the gap low. because of unfair refereeing and nastiness from opposition players. which has left our team with more injuries and suspensions than any other SPL club each season. Imho, We need a fully prepared rotation team who can hit the ground running and give us 100%. as games are going to get more unfair and more physical the closer we get to 55.
    • If the team doesn't have the mentality then why were we able to go to Parkhead last month and take three points from Parkhead?  Explain all the good results we've had in Europe against some quality sides.   For me, it's a lack of quality.  McGregor, Tavernier, and Morelos are three of our best players and we missed them big time.  If anything happens to Barisic or Kent we would be completely fucked. Defoe isn't suited to that lone striker role.  Aribo looks uncomfortable out wide.  There's no creativity from the three central midfielders either.  This needs to be addressed.  We need more attacking quality in.
    • Quite true mate ..... but they never cost us a goal ..... we are all pissed off at the overall performance of the entire team ...... we lose two players ..... Tav and Alfredo ..... and the whole structure of the team seems to fall apart. But you are right ....  there were many more who never turned up yesterday .... or came to the fight without weapons ......one player should not be singled out as a scapegoat .... it is a team effort ..... and unfortunately we were on the end of a beating due to piss poor performances throughout the entire team ..... save for one magic moment that led to our goal. Time for a lot of players to wake up and get their arses into gear .... if we are to get our league challenge back on track. 🇬🇧
    • It is mate I'm fucking sick. 
    • Did we not owe Stranrar at pumping at Ibrox, a team our colts beat comfortably... Did we not owe St Mirren a pumping at Ibrox?  What about Hearts, did we not owe them a pumping after we dropped points they earlier in the season? But aye, we will have enough to beat Ross County and to pump Aberdeen, just because!
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