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    Get yourself to fuck. If you have a ticket give it to someone else.
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    The whole thing from start to finish. A training ground bust-up of this sort should never become a formal disciplinary matter at a football club. If Barton was finished at the club then freeze him out and let him sit in the U20s until we can get rid. If we had grounds to sack him we'd have sacked him by now. By prolonging the whole thing and extending his suspension we're only breathing new life into it on a regular basis.
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    Folk like you really are at the arse end of RM, who cares who was right and wrong about Barton. Fact is, our club and all of us have collectively lost out because of it. That's not something to brag about is it? I didn't know much about Joey Barton, but was all for him signing because of what I was told by people in the know. You really think I give a shit about being wrong? You think any of us do? I just feel like shit because I feel he could have been a good player for us, instead it's been a very costly exercise which will result in very few positives and a multitude of negatives.
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    Got some real good things from that. Should be in the Manchester evening paper next week and a journalist from all the woman's mags is going to publish it through out all the mags so fingers crossed it gets some good attention. WATP.
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    Fast forward 6 months , this cunt will be back to spouting his republican Celtic pish all over Twitter and most probably saying he shouldn't have joined us . The sooner he's off the books the better
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    Delighted for you and your family, Mark. That wee boy of yours deserves only the best of care. Let's hope the media does some of the hard work for you and helps with the Fund-raising effort
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    Not surprised Davie flung him about. Barton looks pathetic physically so far on the pitch.
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    That's terrific news Mark ..... Hopefully this take's Young Joshua's plight to a different level. PS - you're a ringer for Jason Holt mate .....
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    See that's the thing ... if I am honest with myself I don't think our youths are all that great and for me the jury is very much out on Warburton and Weir. They're not the messiah's some fans think they are but they have done a lot of good things too which I like so I'm kinda split. I think (if that's true what he's said) then I think it comes down to respect. You can't expect to speak to your boss and work mates like that and think everything will be OK - he could and should have been constructive about it if that's his thoughts instead of being an utter fanny. For me when he sayed a few days after getting suspended that he regrets coming here then that's the nail in his coffin for me - nothing else.
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    Novak will end the year as number one, but he has a stupid number of points to defend in the early stages of next season; so I wouldn't be surprised to see Murray usurp him then. Would be a nice moment for Murray if he could finally win the Australian Open and become World Number One at the same time.
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    Why ? He was suspended due to an incident with the manager and another player,While he was suspended the SFA brought charges against him for betting and put more pressure on the club and keeps us on the front pages once again. We have a semi final next week and the club will be fully focused on that game along with the players,We don't need a sideshow with the press outside the training ground gates or a player who won't be involved in the first team squad for next week. Feelings may still be raw and it's best if he stays away during our build up to the semi final and no distractions. Barton this week is not important,What is important is our fully focused preparation in the next week... This week is all about Rangers..Not Barton.
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    Big Davie should have thrown him fuckin harder then ,if that's the case What has barton done /won ,compared to Davie . If he's said that , he's a fucking idiot
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    Likewise. At first when we were signing him I thought "no wtf we don't need him" not even anything to do with his personality or that, I just didn't think as a player he was what was needed. Then I bought into the hype and changed my mind and thought he'd be a player for us. Something I'll not do again and I don't even know how I let that happen as I'm usually pretty stiff in my opinions on someone or something once my minds made up. I don't think we are a great team at all, but we are a better team with him not in it (based on what I've seen) I feel a little uncomfortable with scraping the bottom of the barrell to try and find any little reason to pay him off and save ourself the money. I know money is important to us but I think we should do things right and agree a compensation package that suits us but put a confidentiality clause on it knowing fine well he will open his fat trap and maybe won't have to pay him a penny. Maybe even try and loan him back to someone in England and they will cover his wages? I've not seen that mentioned - that could be a good idea. The bus driver who took me down to Dumfries on Sunday drinks in the same pub as Gilligan in Ayrshire and he was telling me that Barton said to Warburton something along the lines of him and Weir are nobodies who don't have a clue what they're doing, done nothing in the game with this Rangers job being too big for them. Also about our younger players all being shite and the other first team players not being on the same wavelength as him - or something to that effect.
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    Too right he should.. there's no doubts in my mind he vastly under estimated the game, what it lacks in top quality it more than makes up for hard work and determination to beat anything with a Rangers badge on. Add in the fact his quite arrogant comments on talk sport in the summer then he invited the pressure onto himself and failed without as much as a whimper. on his day he may well stroll it in Scotland but since he's been out the squad Halliday has done more than Barton done in his 8 games. as you say he should go without a pay off- that's if he has any dignity about himself. I'm sure there's a few takers in England for him
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    Barton said right from the start that his move here wasn't money orientated. If he is a man of his word as much as he claims to be, he should realise he's made a howling arse of his short time at Rangers and arrange a mutual agreement with the club with a small pay off, if any.
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    because if you say there is no return then you are up for constructive dismissal and will have to pay up his contract. What is that people don't get about this?
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    A chance to right a wrong. Win this and 5-1 is a distant memory. That's all the motivation the players should need. I already feel better about it knowing we'll have Halliday & Holt in the middle. Wilson and Hill hopefully the two starters Kranjcar in ahead of the midfield two. Dodoo--Miller--McKay
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    Exactly my point of view , to a point . Dont want to keep repeating myself but yeah . I'd have suspended him for the initial week to let things calm down and then put him in the reserves , like you say . It's the only way you can see what his reaction is i.e.attitude , hunger , temperament. How you can gauge that while he's sitting in a house , I'll never know . For what it's worth , I think we've played better without him , but he's obviously got something going by his last season , so let's have him as an option , if needed . If that isn't an option , then let's get an agreement with him , for example , if it is a 2 year deal we pay him one , and let him get a club in the New Year because the way we've gone about this , and the way he's been treated by keeping on extending his ban , we will just end up having to pay out his contract in full , should he go to some kind of tribunal . Really think we could have dealt with it better .
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    He's spent 10 days training and getting his match fitness up while he was serving a suspension. By all accounts he's looking to come back in to the team and try again. That's not the actions of a selfish individual.
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    Any fund-raising going on in your area? Give a thought to young Joshua's Appeal, please
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    His chat with Haye is making me want this fight so much though. Unreal entertainment.
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    6 rounds of pure dugmeat there to kill time before the big one...
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    Hoping our member of British empire knocks that gum shield into the back of his head
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    Wonder if we win easy will the same negative guys be saying we'll win the league?? Talks of 7-1? Seriously?
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    What i was told was same as you makay's dad drinks with guys who sit behind me at ibrox says Barton had words with manager and also weir and weir thrown him across changing room. Again lots story's but something like this has happened cos there is no way back for him.
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    I think he obviously meant nobodies as in what they've done at management level. Might not even be true either - you hear all sorts of shit.
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    I'm past caring now to be honest, club don't want him, he' doesn't want the club, just want this ended now.
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    Murray will automatically lose 275 points for Davis cup after WTFs. If you remove the points both have from now until 2017, this is the situation(if Murray wins tomorrow). Djokovic 10,600 and Murray 9410. Just under 1200 points advantage for Djokovic. There is 2500 points left to play for in Paris and at the finals. Extra 500 for Murray if he choices to still play in Vienna. Even into next year it will be close right through to July as both have to defend lots of points. Jan-Feb - Djokovic 2340, Murray 1200 Mar-Apr - Djokovic 2010, Murray 450 May-July - Djokovic 4690, Murray 4850 Looks like March to April period would be the main time for Murray to capitalize, however the next three tournaments are massive and Murray needs a good tour end finals. Murray has the advantage with around 1300 in his favour from now to end of July taking everything into account in relation to points won and to defend.
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    Yup you betcha he will and it won't take 6 months !
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    This sounds daft but I really fancy us to win this purely because it's a cup game. I know we've played dross teams in the whole betfred cup but we tend to score a lot of goals and progress with ease.
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    Fuck me, our home top is like gold dust on ultimate team on ps4
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    Made them look a lot better than they were last time, simple defensive mistakes cost us nearly every goal. Need to press them high up the pitch & anything can happen. I genuinely believe they are fragile at the back
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    Yeah I suppose . I just feel Rangers haven't dealt with this very well , thus making it a bit of a clusterfuck .
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    well he can't exactly improve the team when the club keeps suspending him
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    The less said about B***** the better. Thought he might have brought us something that could improve the team but he's a self centred prick who cares about nothing but himself.
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    Hes not being sacked. Hes not going to the tarriers either
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