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    Many thanks to: @Sportingintegritymyarse @cruixranger @IbroxBurnzy and Anonymous from RangersRadio ( @FoxintheBox can give him an anonymous shout out on Monday. ) for their donations today for Wee Josh. Total: £85
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    3 up and one or two bemoaning killies performance. Let's just enjoy ours , ffs
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    Amazing how fluid we are without wee Baz slowing things down
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    Nice to see Clint Hill go fucking mental when they had that chance there
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    This wee guy has the heart of a lion a true Ranger
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    His performances have been all over the place this season but his passion and love for the club can never be questioned.
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    Poor Kilmarnock, they must be really shite, getting pumped aff us.
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    MOH again done more in 2mins that McKay's done in full games. Very direct, something we badly lack most of the time.
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    I'd try ASAP if you can as I'd imagine all that will be getting organised soon
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    No but I will add it to my list mate as he is based in Manchester anyway. Good thinking
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    Started texting the RSC's / Bus conveners this morning. I am using the A - Z listing from the Club's website and have reached about 81 contacts so far. Don't you just ❤️ mobiles P.S I broke LinkedIn - Hope none of you were inconvenienced!
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    Actually couldn't care less about that sheep fan. Fuck her and her scumbag club. Tarriers doing what they do best again, attacking cunts that have no chance of fighting back.
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    As good an attacking performance that was I must say Clint hill impressed me once again
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    Games dying on its arse, so another picture is needed...
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    Adda da sauce to da pasta not da pasta to the sauce
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    you could say the same about folk from Fife mate
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    Superb first half performance, O'Halloran has been terrific. Miller's been terrific as well btw.
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    Garner winning everything in the air. For what gets said about MOH and how gutted he looks to be here he fairly showed a bit of passion when the ref gave a free kick in their box when he was trying to score.
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    Happy travels. New game, new start, and hope we all go home happy
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    Joshua back home again we have stopped his antibiotics for a bit to give his tummy a rest from them. What an amazing smile we both got when he arrived back at the house, such a happy wee guy no matter what he is going through. Itv will be in touch on Monday so I would imagine they will come to the house to film. Will let you all know.
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    Jeremy Kyle usually does an Xmas special for kids mate have you contacted him?
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    I did not manage to get to that game so cannot comment, but happy to take your word for it. I am happy today and if we continue this good display into the next game then I will start to feel we might have turned a corner after a very poor start to the season.
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    2nd in the league - Wallace scoring - Gardner, scoring again, clean sheet - team played well - can't wait for the commments saying we should have won by more lol
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    Just in. What a difference in the team with the pace and threat of Garner and O'Halloran, everyone playing their part well. Not one poor performance today - one of those days when everything clicks ? The club organised a respectful and classy remembrance, I get stupidly emotional when I see veterans and older soldiers all as smart and proud as anything - great to see! And by the way - the warm applause for Boydy when he came on was magic, All in all the Rangers family at its best today - love it ????
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    An Old Aberdeen supporter hit by coin thrown by a Celtic fan today
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    Goose solid performance, need let's get on a run. Really pleased to see good decisions from the manager, not afraid to drop certain players. Hill continues to impress, MOH looked a real threat today. Garner another goal and big Crooks nearing fitness. Onwards and upwards
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    Sheep are nothing special, we shouldn't have been beaten by them.
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    Not a weird comment. I think some fans have slaughtered the team when we've actually played well but just failed to score.
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    But the thing is we've not been shit though. Weird comment.
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    Here's hoping we don't do our Jekyll & Hyde in the dressing room at half time. More of that in the 2nd half please lads.
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    If we come out and play like that in the second half then it'll be 4 or 5. Hopefully we keep this up. This could be a massive turning point in our season.
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    I'm really starting to like some of the new signings. Hil, garner and windass all looking really good.
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    stop being a tight arse then and use rangerstv.
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    Windass will be a major player for us once he is fully settled
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    Hopefully this is the game when Mark Warburton realises it is win at all costs. Set the team out, let them do their thing, but for goodness sake change change it if it isn't working. Anything less than 3 points today is not acceptable and will heap pressure on a team and manager already feeling it big time. Go out and do it Rangers.
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