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    Aye Arsenal, Man U, Real and Bayern fighting it out for him. Amazing these teams could've got him for peanuts a few months ago and now they wait for him to score 10 goals in the SPL and decide to buy him for £40 million. ?
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    Hope that Dembele gets his legs broke in 10 different places, that'll wipe the smirk and arrogance off their faces, Rat Bastards.
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    Doubt the woman sings shit like that, Aberdeen fan or not it's an old woman fuck sake.
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    Done will let you know what they come back with. Thank you for emailing The Jeremy Kyle Show. We need your phone number to get back to you so please make sure you email us with it if you haven't already. We have received your email and will be in touch soon. The Jeremy Kyle Show team.
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    Many thanks to: @Sportingintegritymyarse @cruixranger @IbroxBurnzy and Anonymous from RangersRadio ( @FoxintheBox can give him an anonymous shout out on Monday. ) for their donations today for Wee Josh. Total: £85
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    Actually couldn't care less about that sheep fan. Fuck her and her scumbag club. Tarriers doing what they do best again, attacking cunts that have no chance of fighting back.
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    I think guy dressed up as "Lee Wallace is a grass" is worse tbh.
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    Was going to email mr Kyle there and realised that it's the itv that is coming out to the house on Monday, I may just hold off on that and see what they say when I talk to them, as it's not just the news story they want to talk about, they also want to look at other angles to get the most publicity as pos so he may be one of them, I will certainly bring it up.
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    If thats the case why didn't he buy him then, thick tranny shagging weirdo cunt
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    Journalists keep mixing up the rankings and ATP race and confusing everyone. He could finish 2016 with the most points in the year, but that won't make him World No.1
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    £40m could get you Lacazette. Throw on a few million more it could maybe get you a Lewandowki or a Griezmann But naw, let's sign Moussa Dembele cause he scored a hat trick against a defence including Philippe Senderos...
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    An Old Aberdeen supporter hit by coin thrown by a Celtic fan today
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    Tom Miller on Twitter TM not a trade mark‏ @TomCommentator Heading for Ibrox but plans for usual pre match meal of rolls at Milngavie now in total disarray ?
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    Newcastle and Crystal Palace are apparently scouting Simunovic. He was on the verge of being punted in August and now he's played about four games for them he's their latest superstar
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    I'll buy it within the next few days so I'll just take what I can get. Gutted that I missed out on the £150 PS4 deals earlier this month. Looked on Gumtree and there's pricks who bought the £150 consoles now advertising them for £200. Chancing basterds.
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    Tom Brady wasn't the only dildo on the field today...
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    Early news for any Dolphins and Saints fans.
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    Pay away day tomorrow. Will send a wee something. Hope the Lunch is enjoyed by all
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    £ 40 million must be needing another cheap loan from the co-op and using this as collateral. typical of the news papers in Scotland trying to drum up a bidding or high price for scum player
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    I see a few papers this morning are going with Dembele and his £40 million price tag?? these cunts are unreal..
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    Obviously you were not at pitodrie last month every single 1 of the fuckers of all age sex were at it pure total scum
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    No harm in doing both, if you have already emailed they might be able to follow it up rather than you relying on them contacting him?
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    Jeremy Kyle usually does an Xmas special for kids mate have you contacted him?
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    I agree whole-heartedly - however that doesn't mean we should let the scum get away without being taken to task for being well... scum.
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    Started texting the RSC's / Bus conveners this morning. I am using the A - Z listing from the Club's website and have reached about 81 contacts so far. Don't you just ❤️ mobiles P.S I broke LinkedIn - Hope none of you were inconvenienced!
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    Just in. What a difference in the team with the pace and threat of Garner and O'Halloran, everyone playing their part well. Not one poor performance today - one of those days when everything clicks ? The club organised a respectful and classy remembrance, I get stupidly emotional when I see veterans and older soldiers all as smart and proud as anything - great to see! And by the way - the warm applause for Boydy when he came on was magic, All in all the Rangers family at its best today - love it ????
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    Aye if games were played over about 36 minutes what an unfit mess he is
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    How many times do some need told that this thread is for laughing at them. Take your fights elsewhere.
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    Just watching highlights of Liverpool v West Brom and saw how culpable Darren Fletcher was for the second goal. First a horrendous backpass, then he fails to control the clearance, then he stands and watches his man break for the penalty area. Anyone doing that for my sons amateur team would get pelters for that but this guy is the national captain and the Scottish mhedia love him because he played in a Man United team full of players better than him.
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    Sunday's donations were fantastic guys big thank you to everyone involved. Some good news to add I have had the Bbc and itv wishing to put the wee mans story on the telly so just waiting for them to come out and film my ugly mug lol. Also had the head of ford motor company phone my boss this morning after reading Joshua's story and would like to get involved along with the charity BEN. It's looking up guys they doors we were talking about in earlier talks have just opened let's hope it leads to some good things.
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    Donated the £150 we collected off our members in the Stonefield Tavarn Blantyre yesterday, hope the wee man gets better Mark.
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