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    Me n wee man Stayin up here tonight at best western and had to demand i moved room as 2 headbangers fighting fae 5pm until when we got back in from fireworks. fkn screamin bout him gettin a text fae a burd. She was goin mental, even more mental as she didnt see bangers n sparklers outside as she decided to stay in and argue. moved room at 10pm and i sit here at 3.30am listening to my new next door neighbours pumpin n screamin like fk for last hour. 50 shades has got nothin on these two ffs im going to game the now, inverness is fkn mental edit: 3.56 I can hear him skelppin her arse!!
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    10 seconds to go before HT, we have the ball on the edge of their box and decide to pass it around instead of just taking a shot. If we missed, we'd be no worse off, but there's always a chance that we refuse to take...
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    I thought away teams didn't wear poppies? Apologists are unreal
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    Same old problem we take 40 passes to get to their box and lose the ball they take 3/4 to get to ours and have a shot on goal.
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    Fucking wankers signing during the silence. What is wrong with some people?
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    Ross County pressing really high up the pitch so there should be space in behind them but our build up is so slow we're just giving them time to get everyone behind the ball. Not rocket science just move the ball quicker when we're in possession.
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    Barrie McKay is the last thing we need in this game
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    No problem mate our banter this morning has added a few more £'s for wee Joshua.
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    The fans never let us down do they? Brilliant as always
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    Will sort IT when Mrs gets home as I dont haveca card or know howvto do IT £20 from me.
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    It's the first half ya utter bampot. 45 minutes to change things but you'd be happy for us to lose so you can say 'told you so' It's no all about you and your views. It's about Rangers and Rangers winning
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    All the hype about beating Killie last week and here we are struggling against the worst team in the league again. We are so predictable and easy to stifle. Every manager knows our tactics and how to combat us. Every high ball into our box we look like conceding, particularly if from a corner or free kick. How much longer do we have to put up with this?
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    Don't think he's done anything wrong. All their attacks have come from the other side and he's been solid.
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    Nothing had changed, no aggression no pace, no idea.
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    I wish Tav would start passing to MOH. It's a joke
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    Same 11 if all are fit and nobody has cinnamon poisoning. Time for a convincing away win, 4-0 Us.
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    Only when they're given sixty seconds to name a fruit.
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