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    THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES Alright. Enough is enough. It’s time to face facts. There NO CLEAR SIGN THAT THIS IS WORKING OR IS GOING TO START WORKING. For all the Bears talking about Warburton bringing “a new ethos to the club” I would say: explain yourself! What the fuck are you actually talking about??? Is there some conceptual masterplan that is slowly taking shape up in the clouds that will wondrously manifest itself upon the pitch when the time is right?? Or is it not a classic case of the Emperor’s New Clothes, with Warburton now standing hairy-arsed and bollock-naked with NO MAGIC HAT and, more worryingly, NO FUCKING CLUE how to make his team perform to the required standard? Is it not finally time that we all accept that Warburton is failing? Failing to get the most out of existing players. Failing to augment the squad with players who can gel and strengthen the team. Failing to adapt tactics to suit the opposition (not even ahead of games let alone during them). If you want to talk about budget as being all-important then fine, we can’t expect to boss Septic just yet. But we should be dominating almost everyone else, and certainly the likes of Ross County. And if, as I would advocate, you want to look BEYOND budget to REAL managerial nous, then IF Warburton was special (or even very good) we should realistically by running the Tims close this season. After all, look down south at Leicester where the budget deficit is on an entirely different level. The fact is that we conceded a goal today that was as simplistic as it was unforgiveable. The defensive flaws that were readily apparent a year ago are just as apparent now. And it isn’t just our defending: barely a Gers player on the pitch was worthy of the jersey today. So you can shove your talk of “the gradual process of installing a new ethos at Murray Park and Ibrox” up your arse. We are going backwards. Players who were decent have fallen away (McKay & Wallace in particular). New signings under Warburton – even if you excuse the volatile gob-shite Barton and injured Kranjcar - are failing to shine in the SPL. Since September I can’t see ANY consistent signs of real quality from Waghorn, Kiernan, Garner, Forrester or Windass – and I doubt that Dodoo and Senderos will buck the trend of mediocrity. It all looks VERY fucking pedestrian indeed. In the context of today’s efforts against the Highland minnows, with the exception of Miller and MOH I would struggle to name anyone who doesn’t look either uncomfortable or, frankly, out of his depth. Even the keeper was abject pish today. I’ve held faith up until now. After all, Bears are not fickle by nature. But I just don’t see the argument that Warburton is doing a good job. I don’t see that he is justifying his salary, or worthy of the belief that many Bears are still affording him. I was devastated to my core four years ago. I’ve been largely miserable since. I can’t be truly happy in life when my beloved Rangers are in the shite and those scummy plastic fuck-ups are winning the trophies and going to Europe. And yet…I have been patient as we have all had to be. It was always going to take time for us to rebuild after Murray’s betrayal, Whyte’s incompetence, Green & Co’s opportunistic plundering. And, of course, our wonderful new Board have not invested as they indicated they would. But even taking all that into account. This is not right. We are not moving forward like we should be at this stage and I can no longer see Warburton turning it around.
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    Canae really judge him when he's not getting the ball out wide. Managers decision making to take off the front 3 and change nothing other than personel was baffling as fuck. But aye slaughter the boy cause it's his fault
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    £1.8m for Garner who frankly is no better than a run of the mill SPFL striker signed for 100k. £20,000 a week for Barton who can't play cause MW is in a huff with him. £10,000 a week for Kranjcar who will be lucky to play another 10 games or so for the club. £250,000 for Dodoo just to sit on the bench and play 10 minutes every 3 or 4 games or so. The above probably cost more than most of the teams in the SPFLs yearly budget for players.
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    Me n wee man Stayin up here tonight at best western and had to demand i moved room as 2 headbangers fighting fae 5pm until when we got back in from fireworks. fkn screamin bout him gettin a text fae a burd. She was goin mental, even more mental as she didnt see bangers n sparklers outside as she decided to stay in and argue. moved room at 10pm and i sit here at 3.30am listening to my new next door neighbours pumpin n screamin like fk for last hour. 50 shades has got nothin on these two ffs im going to game the now, inverness is fkn mental edit: 3.56 I can hear him skelppin her arse!!
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    I would concentrate on the players who have failed today and most of the season rather than one who hasn't had a chance to prove himself for whatever reason.
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    You just going through each squad member thread by thread ya fanny?
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    I honestly can't think of the last time when we were struggling and the manager made a change or tweak that resulted in us winning. When you're as shite as us in the first place, you need to be able to change things. You could tell we were never getting a winner in that game as soon as the second half started, it was the same as St Johnstone last week. We must be the easiest team to prepare against and they'll know that we'll never change formation.
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    We've barely seen him. seen crooks getting it earlier as well and he wasn't even on the park ffs Place is a riddy and a Fenians wet dream the now
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    I'm here at the game today and Scottish football is dying a death. From the 60th minute County have time wasted and assaulted our players. Just as I say that Windass gets closelined. The sad reality is teams like Ross County play this way against us, cellic, aberdeen and hearts. For almost half a season they'll play like that. They haven't even attempted to play any form of football and that's where the national teams problems lie. I don't care for the national team but this form of "football" is a serious eye opener and IMO why we simply won't progress as a football team. They have a corner and take 2 minutes to take it when they could win the game. Scottish football is a shameful sad act and why as a footballing nation they'll never move on. All imo obviously
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    That last 5 minutes was a fucking joke. Warburton so stubborn to think his philosophy is bigger than the Club. You've got 5 minutes to get a winner, but you're more content on our defence getting the passing stats up, despite them not being able to do fuck all with the ball for the 90 minutes prior to that. Fucking terrible management.
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    Kenny Miller sticks out like a sore thumb particularly in the games when we're struggling because he doesn't accept failure is an option but I think many of his team mates do.
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    In the literal sense. We need a whole new spine in the team, back to front. Simply not good enough for Rangers, major investment is needed, and right away. Sick of watching turgid shite with no end product. The fans did their part, they bought into the dream and purchased record season book numbers. It's time for the board, and other investors to do theirs, reward the fans and spend the money that needs to be spent. Anyone arguing that we do not need a major cash injection, and at least 4 new players, are deluded, or working to an agenda.
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    Hi MacBoyd, I've had complaints regarding the racist tone to this thread, behave or you will be signing up to Follow Follow. Thanks.
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    Has got an unhealthy obsession with his 'philosophy'. I could put up quotes of him talking about the expectations of our Club, how he recognises and respects them. But he doesn't. It's a nonsense. Warburton puts his beliefs first over what's best for Rangers. It's fairly obvious when looking at his ignorant view towards defending, especially at set pieces. We're told week after week that we'll look at our mistakes and learn from them. We don't. It's a lie. We spent the majority of today's game in our own third. Stuck. Not able to play out from the back. A high press from County which contained us very well and also highlighted the risk we take with Wes nearly giving away the ball numerous times. So why after we struggled the whole game to play out from the back, did he not decide with 5 minutes minutes added on to just get the ball up the park? Instead we passed the ball from side to side, getting nowhere and nearly concede. Is that better than breaking his stupid little promise of not playing a long ball? Now I'm not suggesting to take us back to McCoist's days, but there surely has to be some flexibility when we're not playing well and we need to grab a winner late on? It's almost as alarming as his thoughts on taking the ball into the corner late on. I just don't think thats the 'right' mindset to Manage our Club.
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    At some point in the 2nd half, before he got subbed, he was making a run chasing down an opponent deep in our half, tackled him and got the ball back. Halliday and Holt didnt do that the whole 90 mins. I think he has a better understanding of how things work at Rangers than our current manager.
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    It was infuriating four minutes into injury time where we play 6 passes to get 20 yards from our own goal, lose the ball, then nearly concede from our own pissing about.
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    big marvin running around shouting BELIEVE BELIEVE Big Eck is one of our greats, took us through some dark and terrible financial times and still delivered two great titles, a couple of cups and the CL last 16 before the mankies ever got near it Would love him back at the club in any sort of capacity, he oozes rangers class
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    He is a fucking hero for what he achieved here, over at the girodome oneil is lorded as a legend but Alex achieved more, spent less and came out on top in the same fucking period yet a lot of our support wanted him chased ffs.
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    If he plays well he'll get plaudits, if he plays shite he'll get criticism like any other player. This post reeks of someone that's been waiting weeks for him to have a bad game so they can have a go and tell everyone "I told you so".
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    Sadly, I think Warburton is being found out. Were almost a carbon copy of England at the euros, no direction and too focused on keeping the ball aimlessly. We don't look at what our opponents strenghts and weaknesses are, and this blind faith in "our approach" means any side coached with a half-decent game plan will take points against us.
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    Wee Saturday night giggle. Waggy's laugh
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    Honestly he's utter shite. He's not the only one, but he seems to be the one everyone shouts from the roof tops to play based on fuck-all. I'm not picking on him but he was pish at St Johnstone too, everyone seen him play well against Danny Wilson and Rob Kiernan (two of our worst ever defenders in recent years) and thought he was Van Basten or something. Also it does not really matter what others play in that forward 3. Different day same shit - they're all awful - Dodoo, Waghorn (at the moment), McKay, O'Halloran, Garner. Our tempo was good and the effort was there but there's no quality there against the leagues bottom side. Holt and Halliday again in our engine room. Fucking hell. Should have even lost it at the end there too. Sloppy, spineless bastards the lot of them. We have the wrong people in charge of our club at every level - on and off the park - Footballing side, coaching side, PR side, boardroom level, scouting, youths you name it.
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    Fans who call our players or managers cunts should hang their head in shame.
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    where is this miller looked decent nonsense, im sick of hearing it, we struggle in the final 3rd always, yet one of our final third always gets pass marks because he runs around a lot, drops way too deep for the ball and squeezes the game instead of trying to create space
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    Because we have a load of average players who don't have the consistency, ability or mental toughness to play for a club as big as ours.
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    Any Rangers fan telling someone to calm down after that fuckin pish is fuckin at it!!
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    After the first 20 mins it was obvious that we needed muscle, or some sort of physical presence, in that midfield. Halliday was a fucking shambles today. So why bring on 5'6 McKay and the ghost of Martyn Waghorn while this boy at 6'4 warms up at the side waiting for another 10 minute no-effort substitute's appearance? If he isn't fit then he should never have been signed if it was going to take him 10 months to recover from his injury. The most we've seen of him is from a fucking Instagram video trying to swallow cinnamon. Couldn't write it.
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    BTW dodoo might end up awful or a world beater but there are senior players who are letting us down far more than this young boy who's had about 6 sub appearances and one or 2 starts. We've got a manager who can't change a shape or a game with tactical decisions when our plan A isn't working.
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    Saw him come on. That was the last I saw of him.
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    He isn't interested by the looks of it. Was never that good to begin with tbh but he isn't even trying. Get the impression he sees himself as some superstar when he's actually far fucking from it. Wouldn't bother my arse if we punted him in January.
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    How many seasons should we allow to be able to beat Ross County?
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    Knee-jerk reaction? we've been like this since we beat the rapists mid April. When's it stop becoming a knee-jerk reaction in your eyes? We could get relegated and some fans would still be singing Andy Halliday ole ole ole and Warburton's magic hat pish.
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    Its not just a new manager and players we need, its the fucking potless ghosts in the boardroom that need chased out as well. Shit starts at the top and seeps its way down
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    Conte at Chelsea should be a prime example. Started the season with one formation which didn't work, changed it, and it's reaping rewards in terms of form now.
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    There's an AGM coming up, it's up to the fans to let the board know that this is just not good enough. It's soo frustrating that another opportunity to go into 2nd place was squandered again. Aberdeen and & Hearts will lose points along the way but that's worthless if we don't even try to win our games.
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    I don't trust Warburton to buy good players.
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    The last 30 seconds there was everything that is wrong with this team. 1 minute to go and you are screaming to get it up the park....Hill decides to pass it sideways to Wallace. Wallace then decides to pass it inside to no cunt, we lose possession and then they nearly score. Fuckin joke.
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    Calm down??? are you watching the same team as me? fuck calming down, get pissed off, we are struggling against the bottom side here, and it isn't an unusual thing.
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    The fans that traveled to watch that have my sympathy, they deserve a lot better than this shite team
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    10 seconds to go before HT, we have the ball on the edge of their box and decide to pass it around instead of just taking a shot. If we missed, we'd be no worse off, but there's always a chance that we refuse to take...
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    Tannochside RSC will donate £100. I will do it at some point this week.
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    If Michael O'Halloran just so happened to have Billy King's name instead of his own this thread wouldn't exist.
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    He created problems for them, his runs created the bulk of our corners. He's not getting any support from the full back, he's the one player that's getting defenders turning. Name another player in the current squad who can do that? Not saying he's world class, on reflection though he deserves to keep his place and unfair to single him out
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    we seem to get a few of those bookings for "diving" The contact was there, if there has been contact, there should be no booking.
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    Same old problem we take 40 passes to get to their box and lose the ball they take 3/4 to get to ours and have a shot on goal.
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    Fucking wankers signing during the silence. What is wrong with some people?
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