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    Me n wee man Stayin up here tonight at best western and had to demand i moved room as 2 headbangers fighting fae 5pm until when we got back in from fireworks. fkn screamin bout him gettin a text fae a burd. She was goin mental, even more mental as she didnt see bangers n sparklers outside as she decided to stay in and argue. moved room at 10pm and i sit here at 3.30am listening to my new next door neighbours pumpin n screamin like fk for last hour. 50 shades has got nothin on these two ffs im going to game the now, inverness is fkn mental edit: 3.56 I can hear him skelppin her arse!!
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    That last 5 minutes was a fucking joke. Warburton so stubborn to think his philosophy is bigger than the Club. You've got 5 minutes to get a winner, but you're more content on our defence getting the passing stats up, despite them not being able to do fuck all with the ball for the 90 minutes prior to that. Fucking terrible management.
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    Sadly, I think Warburton is being found out. Were almost a carbon copy of England at the euros, no direction and too focused on keeping the ball aimlessly. We don't look at what our opponents strenghts and weaknesses are, and this blind faith in "our approach" means any side coached with a half-decent game plan will take points against us.
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    Because we have a load of average players who don't have the consistency, ability or mental toughness to play for a club as big as ours.
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    The last 30 seconds there was everything that is wrong with this team. 1 minute to go and you are screaming to get it up the park....Hill decides to pass it sideways to Wallace. Wallace then decides to pass it inside to no cunt, we lose possession and then they nearly score. Fuckin joke.
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    The fans that traveled to watch that have my sympathy, they deserve a lot better than this shite team
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    10 seconds to go before HT, we have the ball on the edge of their box and decide to pass it around instead of just taking a shot. If we missed, we'd be no worse off, but there's always a chance that we refuse to take...
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    Tannochside RSC will donate £100. I will do it at some point this week.
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    The only ones at Rangers who were going for 55 this season were the fans. Most of us knew it probably wouldn't happen this season but expected to see the team give them a proper run for their money but truth be told we've just carried the pish form since beating Hibs 4-2 into this season and I believe the players gave up on the title after the 5-1 defeat. Our away form could cost us second place and I don't even see us doing much against Hearts, Aberdeen or St. Johnstone at Ibrox either. Maybe just down in the dumps after another poor performance but I don't see things changing/improving with Warburton as much as I like the person and his desire to play proper football. Oh for a John Greig, Ian Ferguson and Mark Hateley spine at the moment.
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    Bad result or not, page two will not do. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and go do something useful instead! https://www.gofundme.com/joshuaburnsadair
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    I have accepted we will finish mid table. We are a mid table side with a poor manager who has signed average players. Just look at our goal difference. Tells you all you need to know.
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    This has been the most disheartening and spineless performance I think I have ever seen by a Rangers team. I don't think any of them really realise what it takes to wear our famous jersey. Bring back a basic wage and a bonus system to top it up. They might perform better for money as its quite apparent having the priveledge of playing for the mighty Glasgow Rangers isn't enough for our current squad.
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    He could do this with a mid/lower table EPL team but not here we need to win every game, it's that simple, you have to adapt your tactics accordingly to make it happen. He wont change the way he plays, and unless we get 11 fantastic players in the door it will never work effectively at rangers your time is up mark, sorry
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    Your comment is why I get pissed off at people bad mouthing Miller. You know the ones ... "Miller is shit cause he is running about in our half and not up front"... Maybe if our midfield stopped fannying about our forwards, i.e Miller when he is on, could stay up front
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    we seem to get a few of those bookings for "diving" The contact was there, if there has been contact, there should be no booking.
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    I thought away teams didn't wear poppies? Apologists are unreal
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    Same old problem we take 40 passes to get to their box and lose the ball they take 3/4 to get to ours and have a shot on goal.
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    Fucking wankers signing during the silence. What is wrong with some people?
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    Just sorted tickets for day one v SA at Trent Bridge. Cracking cricket ground. Need to call up tomorrow as it's showing as sold out for the Saturday but that can't be right.
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    His record is Horrible away from home I've been banging on about it since last season no one seemed to want to point it out and if you did you were shouted down. I get people hoping it would get better under him we all want that,but i just see a group of unmotivated players who look frustrated playing a system they know isn't working.
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    He’ll be the fall guy for the owner, who promised a lot and hasn't delivered. He will walk, and we’ll be the poorer for that. I think the one thing I can criticise MW for is that he underestimated the SPFL - it’s not great but you can’t win it with loans and bargain buys from the lower English leagues.
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    After getting ourselves into 2nd position and giving ourselves a platform to build on we should have been right up for this. The longer the game went on the worse we were.Ross County were totally dire, many missed placed passes and giving way possession, in the second half we started to match them at this. Not being able to beat that team is criminal. It cant be put down to an off day as we have been poor more than we have played well. The lack of being able to create chances has haunted us most of the season and was there to see again in that second half. That second half was utter dross and as bad as you will ever see.
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    I just want to see Warburton removed, he's abysmal. Don't get me wrong, I like him a lot and it was incredibly painful for me watching him there after the game. I so want him to succeed, but he's obviously a man that doesn't have the answers, week in week out we're having the same problems.
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    I don't know if I've posted this before in this thread. I see the wee star next to the title saying I've posted in this thread before but can't remember what I said and maybe my opinion has changed since last time I posted before. I think fraud is harsh. I think him and Weir are not the great management team people think they are. They are ambitious and guilty of trying to adopt a revolutionary style of play that we can't possibly perfect with these average players we've got. You need 5-10 million pound players, even in Scotland, to play our style and execute it to perfection. We don't have them, or the funds to get them (it appears). We are trying to do it with cheap crap we've picked up in the English lower leagues and Scottish low level talent like O'Halloran, McKay, Holt and Halliday. It cannot be done. Warburton's problem is not the fact he's a fraud but he's too stubborn. He never learns from his mistakes or adapts the team/formation to make it work when that needs done. Warburton could do something that would hold him in good stead while he still has a little bit of stock left with some of the support - that's being brave, coming out and saying he's not been backed the way the team and the fans deserve. He needs better players to pull off his ethos of play and put the ball right into King's court. Call him out on it. But to be fair and flip it, some of the purchases he's made any fan saying in reply that can he be trusted with 20 million to do it given the shite he's bought so far? .. I couldn't argue against that.
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    Feel the very same mate.I am beginning to feel as if I am having the piss ripped out of me every game now.See no passion whatsoever. What really annoys me is the We train well,prepare well crap we are fed.We obviously don't train well enough and prepare in the wrong way if performances are to go by. I try to be optimistic and look for positives but there were none today.None,zultch,nil fuck all.Not a one.Its as poor a performance I have witnessed and yes I do include McCoists rein and that really says something.I can't even say I have seen any hint of progress. We play the same way making the same mistakes and the same ineffectual substitutions constantly.We learn nothing from the mistakes we make or from previous games we play.The football isn't even remotely entertaining no matter what the bloody possession stats may imply. That was just totally unacceptable today.I wasn't one who thought we would be all conquering this season but the results so far have been diabolical.Anyone who thinks otherwise have really forgotten the expectations associated with our great club.
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    I really get the impression that playing football for the sake of playing football is our downfall. need a goal and try to build from the back. The players seem lost when they have to keep doing something that they know isnt working. Theres a time in a game when you need to go for it. we dont have that in us because the "philosiphy" doesnt allow it.
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    That was absolutely fucking brutal. The sheer lack of interest and laziness in our play was absolutely fucking shocking. The minute we heard the amount of stoppage time we should've had players fighting to get in the box but instead we did our usual, pishy keep possession shite and show absolutely no interest in trying to win the game. They were there for the taking, how many times have we said that now this season? I can forgive dropping points but I cant forgive absolutely zero effort. Every single one of those cunts could go in January and I wouldn't care.
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    When I saw it on them I had a bad feeling right away! Bland and insipid reflected the play !?
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    Why are we passing it around with a minute to go? We are shite.
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    Remember the effort and display these players put in last week.Compare it to this week and virtually every other week. They proved they can play a high tempo game but seem incapable of doing so again and again.Yes MW has to be accountable as a manager but for me the players bare the greatest responsibility.They are the ones constantly underperforming and sadly I am starting to resent the way they treat wearing our proud jersey. Minimum we deserve is their TOTAL commitment and passion.I only ever see that weekly in Miller. Plus how on earth can every time we use our substitutes seem to make the team WORSE.You would think the players coming on would be bursting a gut to impress and hence upping the tempo.Just doesn't happen! After last week I am beyond despair at this crap!!
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    This hes been fucking awful m8, not tried a leg!....he's obviously took the huff at losing his starting position!!
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    Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass fuck all
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    Holt and Halliday are a mid table combination. Embarrassing. Yet people still rate them.
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    Ross County pressing really high up the pitch so there should be space in behind them but our build up is so slow we're just giving them time to get everyone behind the ball. Not rocket science just move the ball quicker when we're in possession.
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    Barrie McKay is the last thing we need in this game
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    No problem mate our banter this morning has added a few more £'s for wee Joshua.
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    The fans never let us down do they? Brilliant as always
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    It's the first half ya utter bampot. 45 minutes to change things but you'd be happy for us to lose so you can say 'told you so' It's no all about you and your views. It's about Rangers and Rangers winning
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    All the hype about beating Killie last week and here we are struggling against the worst team in the league again. We are so predictable and easy to stifle. Every manager knows our tactics and how to combat us. Every high ball into our box we look like conceding, particularly if from a corner or free kick. How much longer do we have to put up with this?
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    I wish Tav would start passing to MOH. It's a joke
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    Same 11 if all are fit and nobody has cinnamon poisoning. Time for a convincing away win, 4-0 Us.
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    Only when they're given sixty seconds to name a fruit.