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    Tam was moving his arms and that today and family were told that was a good sign as his brain is still functioning and that he may wake out of the coma himself soon. 1st positive bit of news yet. No surrender Tam brother, keep fighting!
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    End of an error..
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    On behalf of everyone at Rangers Media and every genuine Rangers fan out there I'd like to wish England all the best in their match against Scotland.
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    I am sick of all the threads on here talking about how so and so is shite. How the manager is shite. How would you feel if you went to work and were told you were shite every day? Would you not think fuck it why bother? I know the results hav'nt been great but get behind the team and give them some encouragement and just maybe they will get their confidence back.It's been a long road back and the journey is not over till we get 55. Maybe what we have now ain't good enough but get behind them and drive them on.Who knows what this group can achieve. "Pissed off blue nose" WATP.
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    Id take any set of fans that sing God Save The Queen and fuck the ira over a support that would boo Rangers players all day long.
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    Lots of people posting on here have the opinion that what they say goes. FACT. I have followed the Gers for 50 odd years through good and bad . Some of you youngsters don't know what bad times are. I've been at ibrox when there were only 6 or 7 thousand there. The team was poor and results even more so. However I still made the 300 mile round trip every other week to watch and support MY TEAM! ONCE A RANGER ALWAYS A RANGER. FUCK ALL THE HATERS AND THE POPE!
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    He would've got my vote.... he'd maybe have built a wall to keep the fenians oot!
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    Aye, he's already mastered getting paid for not playing
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    Fabulous thread, I'll have a word with my colleagues in the staff forum and see if we can get this pinned. Maybe even get it on the home page.
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    I think the guy is due far, far more respect than he's being given in this topic and undortunately, it's the second topic I've seen him receiving an unjustified roasting in. There's absolutely no doubt that he's out-of-form, big time, but he's far from the only one and regardless, this backlash because a second-rate newspaper's gossip collumn needed filling? Brutal. For £200K, we've had a decent return on Waghorn. In anticipation of the generic "he only did it against wee teams", I raise you O'Halloran, Garner and pre-injury Kranjcar. Holt, Dodoo and Halliday are due a mention, too. Comments like "don't let the door hit you on the way out" and "chubs", they're bang-out.
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    Is there really any need for that? The guy is bang on in describing what we are watching.
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    If their reason for playing shite is that the big bad fans are criticising them too much then they don't deserve to be playing professional football.
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    Aye lets get behind this unacceptable pish while the tims piss the league. It's no where near good enough and the fans have every right to make their feelings known.
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    The amount of Wee wanks licking his arse On twitter. Some Rangers fans need to have a word with them selfs.
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    Everyone my arse , so don't print shite. I am Scottish and proud of it , i also detest everything the SFA and all the tarrier bastards in power have done to us but hoping England defeats my country aint happening.
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    I can tell you what - absolutely fuck-all. and to answer your question - if someone told me I was shite at my job every day I'd make a point of getting better and shutting them up. It would motivate me,
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    Our budget and outgoings tell us we should be giving the tarriers a run for their money. Our results and league position tell us we are massively underachieving. Add to that the JB saga we've royally fucked up this season ??. While I'm at it I've bought the wee man the new kit for his birthday..... fuck everycunt and their lion brand/boycotts.
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    Oh no! I hope the people payed tens of thousands of pounds every week that kick a ball about don't get hurt feelings because everybody thinks they're shite! Pack it in, they're living the dream ffs.
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    Thank fuck hes away. Fenian leanings and a cunt of a man...... Good riddance
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    He has, and every pish game since April last year. Really quick learner is Warbs.
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    He'll probably bring out a sequel to his book. Joey Barton (the Rangers weeks) Chapter 1 Spouted shite Chapter 2 Played shite Chapter 3 Got told I was shite Chapter 4 The shite hit the fan Fin
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    Hi Sasa'onlyPLGsuccess'Papac, I've had some complaints about you telling posters what to do. This is unnaceptable, it's only staff who can do that. I'd suggest that if you have nothing negative to add about Scotland then it is a good idea to refrain from posting in this thread but continue to enjoy the forum. Thanks.
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    Anyone that thinks the club handled it well needs their head checked. Shambles from start to finish.
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    So Mark Warburton isn't there, the players he signed to take Brentford to promotion and the play offs aren't there. Brentford have did nothing of note since MW left but the owner should still be praised to the heavens? Also, how do you know Brentford would be relegated if MW was still there? You're 100% at it. This thread is fucking tragic
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    Wish tae fuck he did buy us ! Go on the Trump fuck that wee bastard sturgeon !
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    Can't believe the amount of likes the OP has received. Firstly it's a complete lie that Brentford didn't beat any of the top 8 teams in the championship. They beat Bournemouth(champions) Derby, Wolves and Norwich and had some draws as well. The league is competitive and it's a good return for a club like Brentford. £11 million worth of players, yeah one went for £9 on his own! Also that team that looks more solid lost 67 goals the season after Warburton left, was 59 under Mark! Secondly Brentford may be leaking less goals so far this season but are not scoring as much. Yes he makes mistakes defensively and is stubborn, but how a 'Brentford fan' can actually have a go at Warburton astounds me. He gained promotion and made the play-offs after spending little money.
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    If Warburton had allowed Barton back I bet people who are on here every day looking to criticise him at every turn would be claiming that he is a weak manager with no backbone because "he let a player off" and going on about how "player power can't win out, the manager has to set an example" but because Warburton has stood up to him and told him to get to fuck this somehow shows he's a weak manager because "he can't handle criticism and pressure" Warburton was literally in a no win situation here because the people who have turned on him have already made their minds up about him and they will spend the rest of the time he's in the job here spinning stories whichever way it most helps them justify or push their opinions.
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    Graham Roberts, Jan Bartrum, Rino Gattuso are names that spring to mind that had a go at the manager and didn't survive. So was Souness wrong, managers have to lay down the law and can't be undermined without consequences.
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    We live in times when a Rangers team weren't even good enough to finish in the top two of the second tier of Scottish Football, the absolute worst performance of any Rangers team in history, 4 years ago we almost went out the game, anyone who says any other time was worse than that are delusional. Even when Jock Stein managed that mob we got to two European Finals, we were a bloody good side, I can only imagine how hard it was watching them come out on top but thats entirely different to the out and out garbage we've been subjected to these last 5 years
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    A secret message????? What is he ? 6?? If he didnt act like a fucking prick with his "sometimes you apologise and dont mean it" schtick then maybe people would have given him a bit of slack but naw, he tried the billy bigbaws nonsense and then wandered about telling anycunt who would listen that he wasnt sorry and generally coming the cunt. I agree the whole thing was handled poorly. Not knowing the whole story but from what im led to believe, i would have sent him home from training and taken a breather to get the facts together and if its found he has breached club rules i would have fined him then papped him in front of the cameras to apologise for not being available and then if he started his smart mouth shite he would have been training with the u16s, not sitting in the house on full wages for 3 weeks and if the attitude had not changed he would have been told in no uncertain terms that his career as a whole was over and he could see his contract out in the reserves with no allowance for media appearences. Fuck him and fuck his shitey attitude to OUR club. We would all give anything to play for Rangers and this prick treats it with contempt. Fuck his secret message
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    If warburton is too upset and cant handle the job then he can leave if he wants. if you cant deal with the pressure of managing our club then you simply need to go. Warburton knows we will all support him. he experienced it last season. so many people singing magic hat and bringing fucking loafs of bread to games ffs. the thing is he cant deal with managing us in the premiership. if he turns it around then great but if not then its time to go. get someone in who can do the job.
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    Oh well, if Sinn Fein says so. He also went to the dinner, knowing what it was (A fundraiser AND promotional event) at which his personal presence was taken advantage of. Not to mention that someone paid for his attendance on his behalf. Like I say, standards on here are slipping.
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    Adam Strachan is a good player but a convicted heroin dealer He had to drop down the leagues ffs
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    Saw that yesterday, petty as fuck. The club were just as bad though, banning him from the car park and canteen and then having security oversee him emptying his locker. Whole thing has been an absolute embarrassment
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    It's not Mrs Clinton we're talking about here
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    If Lee Wallace plays then I want us to win. If he doesn't then I'll not be too fussed. Hopefully Strachan gets to fuck if we get beat!
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    He'd not exactly been involved in much controversy recently. It sounds to me that you're itching to criticise the club. As far as I'm concerned, we're the first club to give Barton the slap around that he deserves.
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    IMO we treated him like a child because he was acting like one. He could have pulled his socks up, repaired any issues with staff and players and worked hard to achieve something with a huge club but he didn't. He was treated exactly the way he deserved. We have lost out over the whole affair but I can't wait to move on and not have to talk, listen or read about Joey Barton again.
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    We don't need another experiment or rehab case at the moment. Next....
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    The club are at wrong in this one, everyone knew what he was like and he was expected to act like an angel. When that didn't happen and Joey was Joey the club couldn't handle it. That's unforgivable. Everyone knew what was coming. Again we are the ones to suffer because of this bad decision making. Barton is a very good player even if most of you want to make him into complete shite because he's no longer part of our plans, and he came wanting to play for us and be part of our journey. Fact is he's been a dick and the club were too moronic to deal with that properly, instead they took the complete piss out of him. Joey is no angel, neither are the club bosses.
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    http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/brentford-players-set-pocket-15million-5545468 £17.7m figure includes director salaries, pension costs and social security costs. You can guarantee with the rise on revenue from season ticket sales, money from football league etc that those directors would have received the majority increase of that seven million. There was investment into the club, but it wasn't a large investment with the first team. No matter what way those reports try to spin it, Warburton had limited funds during his time there. Had one of the lowest wage bills in the division and only spent £3-4m on transfer fees in the two years he was at the club. Under those circumstances he overachieved in the English championship.
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    How anyone can actually try and defend him against the club is beyond me. Honestly, as much as I'm looking forward to seeing him gone I'm looking forward to the breakdown from the few on here that have went against Rangers and supported a Rangers hating taig even more
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    Really? Not heard you complain before.
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    If his uncle forces him in to doing things, he'll fit right in at the tarriers
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    Hopefully we don't waste anymore money anyway. Still raging we spent £1.8m on Garner when Zlatan was available for free.
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