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    On behalf of everyone at Rangers Media and every genuine Rangers fan out there I'd like to wish England all the best in their match against Scotland.
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    Id take any set of fans that sing God Save The Queen and fuck the ira over a support that would boo Rangers players all day long.
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    Fabulous thread, I'll have a word with my colleagues in the staff forum and see if we can get this pinned. Maybe even get it on the home page.
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    The amount of Wee wanks licking his arse On twitter. Some Rangers fans need to have a word with them selfs.
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    Everyone my arse , so don't print shite. I am Scottish and proud of it , i also detest everything the SFA and all the tarrier bastards in power have done to us but hoping England defeats my country aint happening.
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    Thank fuck hes away. Fenian leanings and a cunt of a man...... Good riddance
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    He has, and every pish game since April last year. Really quick learner is Warbs.
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    He'll probably bring out a sequel to his book. Joey Barton (the Rangers weeks) Chapter 1 Spouted shite Chapter 2 Played shite Chapter 3 Got told I was shite Chapter 4 The shite hit the fan Fin
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    Hi Sasa'onlyPLGsuccess'Papac, I've had some complaints about you telling posters what to do. This is unnaceptable, it's only staff who can do that. I'd suggest that if you have nothing negative to add about Scotland then it is a good idea to refrain from posting in this thread but continue to enjoy the forum. Thanks.
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    Anyone that thinks the club handled it well needs their head checked. Shambles from start to finish.
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    If Warburton had allowed Barton back I bet people who are on here every day looking to criticise him at every turn would be claiming that he is a weak manager with no backbone because "he let a player off" and going on about how "player power can't win out, the manager has to set an example" but because Warburton has stood up to him and told him to get to fuck this somehow shows he's a weak manager because "he can't handle criticism and pressure" Warburton was literally in a no win situation here because the people who have turned on him have already made their minds up about him and they will spend the rest of the time he's in the job here spinning stories whichever way it most helps them justify or push their opinions.
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    Graham Roberts, Jan Bartrum, Rino Gattuso are names that spring to mind that had a go at the manager and didn't survive. So was Souness wrong, managers have to lay down the law and can't be undermined without consequences.
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    A secret message????? What is he ? 6?? If he didnt act like a fucking prick with his "sometimes you apologise and dont mean it" schtick then maybe people would have given him a bit of slack but naw, he tried the billy bigbaws nonsense and then wandered about telling anycunt who would listen that he wasnt sorry and generally coming the cunt. I agree the whole thing was handled poorly. Not knowing the whole story but from what im led to believe, i would have sent him home from training and taken a breather to get the facts together and if its found he has breached club rules i would have fined him then papped him in front of the cameras to apologise for not being available and then if he started his smart mouth shite he would have been training with the u16s, not sitting in the house on full wages for 3 weeks and if the attitude had not changed he would have been told in no uncertain terms that his career as a whole was over and he could see his contract out in the reserves with no allowance for media appearences. Fuck him and fuck his shitey attitude to OUR club. We would all give anything to play for Rangers and this prick treats it with contempt. Fuck his secret message
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    His departure with saddle bags full of whatever compensation he got closes what was a short chapter of Rangers' experiment in signing a big name player of Barton's reputation......but it probably does not close the book on Barton. Doubtless there will be a confidentiality agreement prohibiting either party from discussing the matter. But these things can usually be skirted around. Unattributed leaks for instance, via third parties to journos sensing there is more meat in this story. Besides which no confidentiality agreement however tightly drafted could prevent Barton from commenting pundit-like about his general views and experiences of life at Auchenhowie, Ibrox, Rangers management and coaching, tactics and about the Scottish game. All of which provide fertile ground to infer things whilst keeping the right side of a confidentiality agreement. Whether he has the appetite to do that is another matter. Certainly he likes the sound of his own opinions heard in public so it may be too much of a temptation just to clam up and say clammed up on this. Besides which the media will press him for insights, The 'issue' became top heavy cargo for Rangers. IMO not handled well by Warburton and the Club - its hard not to reach that conclusion in the absence of the facts. An argument, heated exchange of views - encouraged by the manager - got out of hand and a heavy handed. publicly visible disciplinary process was initiated when perhaps a more seasoned, less sensitive, experienced manager of people might have sorted this out in the quiet of Auchenhowie meeting rooms and that would be that - everyone moves on. It's been allowed to become top heavy cargo by Rangers with the inevitable ending that it spills overboard into something unmanageable other than by formal heavy handed disciplinary proceedings leading to contract termination. In the absence of the facts speculation will still take place. For me it still feels and looks like an argument where severe umbrage was taken by the manager at Barton's comments to him / others with a resultant zeal to move straight to disciplinary proceedings and orchestration of a removal of Barton from the club. That zeal has elbowed aside cooler judgement. Unless and until fuller facts are known it still seems to me that the club has not handled this well. With the possible result that the media may yet write more columns about this and Barton's overall general views of Rangers may not make for good reading by Warburton and the Rangers execs. But at least this chapter is over. We'll see if the matter simply stops attracting media attention and if Barton keeps quiet about all things relating to Rangers.
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    Thank fuck this sorry saga's over! What a fucking waste! It could've been beautiful Joey but you royally fucked it! You may not have been the only one to blame in this shambles...we'll never know, but you contributed massively to headlines that our Club and us Bears really could've done without after what we've been through....for that you can fuck right off!! You demonstrate respect in a tweet thanking the supporters and wishing the Club all the best for the future? Hollow, hypocritical and way too little, too late!! Had you displayed that level of respect earlier you'd still be a Ranger...that's gone now and you'll definitely regret it! Us? We move onwards and upwards...Then, Now, Forever!!
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    Adam Strachan is a good player but a convicted heroin dealer He had to drop down the leagues ffs
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    Saw that yesterday, petty as fuck. The club were just as bad though, banning him from the car park and canteen and then having security oversee him emptying his locker. Whole thing has been an absolute embarrassment
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    If Lee Wallace plays then I want us to win. If he doesn't then I'll not be too fussed. Hopefully Strachan gets to fuck if we get beat!
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    He'd not exactly been involved in much controversy recently. It sounds to me that you're itching to criticise the club. As far as I'm concerned, we're the first club to give Barton the slap around that he deserves.
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    IMO we treated him like a child because he was acting like one. He could have pulled his socks up, repaired any issues with staff and players and worked hard to achieve something with a huge club but he didn't. He was treated exactly the way he deserved. We have lost out over the whole affair but I can't wait to move on and not have to talk, listen or read about Joey Barton again.
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    Anyone defending him against the club needs their brain checked. Also, anyone criticising the club's handling of it needs that organ checked as well. Given that we don't want to pay off his huge contract in full, we were outside of a transfer window and gave ourselves time to investigate all avenues legally before coming to a decision. We've done as much as possible, hopefully the horrible little bastard doesn't darken our doors again.
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    The club are at wrong in this one, everyone knew what he was like and he was expected to act like an angel. When that didn't happen and Joey was Joey the club couldn't handle it. That's unforgivable. Everyone knew what was coming. Again we are the ones to suffer because of this bad decision making. Barton is a very good player even if most of you want to make him into complete shite because he's no longer part of our plans, and he came wanting to play for us and be part of our journey. Fact is he's been a dick and the club were too moronic to deal with that properly, instead they took the complete piss out of him. Joey is no angel, neither are the club bosses.
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    How anyone can actually try and defend him against the club is beyond me. Honestly, as much as I'm looking forward to seeing him gone I'm looking forward to the breakdown from the few on here that have went against Rangers and supported a Rangers hating taig even more
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    If his uncle forces him in to doing things, he'll fit right in at the tarriers
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    That's a few times I've seen you mentioning £12500 a game. I'd love to know how you've figured that one out.
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    Hope he does his cruciate in his first training session
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    I never liked him before he signed, I got behind him and supported him though but he's done nothing to change my original opinion about him. The guy is a piece of scum who's more famous for being an arsehole than he is a footballer Good riddance
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    Exactly , alleged. We will never know how much of the fans cash was wasted on the prick. I wouldnt leave that board in charge of a market stall.
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    Fans will never know how much of their cash was wasted on the tarrier bastard. Club is still being run by fools, whole thing was a shambles right from the start.
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    This has to be one of the biggest Mistakes of any Manager/Board knowing Bartons previous, Glad it's over now as it's been a fucking Circus.
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    I'm still waiting for an alternative way of handling this that wouldn't cost the club a fortune. The floor is yours....
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    I would think the club would put some sort of gagging order as a term of his termination.
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    I'd assume (because that's all anyone can do) that we've gone through due process with respect to disciplinary and contractual procedures and also tried to find a way to mediate and resolve, i.e. done the right things. The "right things" have included removing him from the workplace (where he may have continued to be disruptive) until the process has been exhausted. Once it's become apparent that there can be no reconciliation then that's the time you come to an agreement. I'm not sure it could have been done any quicker unless Barton decided to rip up his contract and walk away or we made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
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    Not sure that gives us much of an insight tbh. There's plenty of people that would love to punch fuck out of Mark Hughes. Iirc, Barry Ferguson wasn't a big fan either.
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    Why not give give the manager the benefit of the doubt, after all he was there, knows what happened and is in charge.
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    And yet, you were not even there.
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    cheers mate thought it might be up north
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    Good riddance to the bastard. warburton should be ashamed of himself for signing him.
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    I know tims are delusional but this is something else Sean Winter, the fenian midfielder that plays for East Kilbride is certainly delusional in this article: SEAN WINTER insists Celtic paved the way for East Kilbride’s world record success and their incredible support from Dutch giants Ajax. The Kilby midfielder helped the Lowland League leaders smash the world record for consecutive wins set by Johan Cruyff’s Ajax in 1971/72, as they racked up their 27th straight win with a 3-1 triumph over BSC Glasgow. The Amsterdam outfit tweeted EK to congratulate them on equalling their record of 26 wins last week and Winter didn’t think it could get much better. He looked on in disbelief on Saturday afternoon as an Ajax-branded van drove on to the K-Park pitch to deliver 27 crates of beer (one for each of their wins) and a video message from legendary Dutch goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar. East Kilbride were congratulated by Dutch legend Edwin Van Der Sar and Ajax after breaking their world record for consecutive wins It sent East Kilbride FC global as their story and the touch of class from Ajax went viral. But Hoops fan Winter, who has scored 16 goals in EK’s 27-game run, insists none of it would have been possible were it not for their match with Celtic in last season’s Scottish Cup – a game he actually missed due to a family holiday in Australia. Kilby lost 2-0 to Ronny Delia’s side but the David versus Goliath tussle generated huge publicity, putting the minnows on the map. And Winter said: “This whole story is unbelievable and I can’t quite get my head around it. “I think a big part of it has been Ajax getting involved and for them to come over is unreal. “A legend of the game like van der Sar mentioning East Kilbride – a wee town that he’s probably never heard of – is incredible. "But if we didn’t have the Celtic game we wouldn’t be in this situation. I don’t think we would have attracted attention from the media in the first place, so Celtic have played a massive part in us going on this run. We wouldn’t have attracted the players we have done this season either, guys like Adam Strachan, Kieran Gibbons, Joao Victoria and Robbie Winters. These players maybe wouldn’t have given us a second thought if they hadn’t seen us play Celtic. As soon as East Kilbride are mentioned in a cup draw or anything now, probably everyone in Britain knows who we are. I think it would have taken 10 to 15 years for people to recognise us if we hadn’t had these two massive events this year.” Ajax brought their own camera crew to Kilby’s home ground to film the game, using drones to capture match highlights and game footage for Ajax TV. The club were also presented with a framed, signed shirt from the current Eredivisie side. The video from Ajax TV has since been viewed nearly half a million times on social media. And former Stranraer star Winter added: “The Ajax story has just grown arms and legs. It’s all over the world and that’s not an exaggeration. It genuinely is everywhere. It’s been a crazy year-and-a-half at this club with the Celtic game and now Ajax congratulating us. People questioned me and Barry Russell leaving Stranraer for East Kilbride a couple of seasons ago but I don’t think anyone will question it again after what’s happened. I’ve had a lot more exposure at EK than I had in five successful years at Stranraer.” Fuck sake, it reads like a parody article
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    The players will be able to fully focus on training now that they no longer have to worry about Barton hanging about the car park damaging their cars or getting into the canteen and poisoning their food. We'll definitely win the league now.
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    I still support Scotland, have done all my life and always will Fuck wanting England to win, it's like tims supporting Ireland.
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    Wannabee English is as bad as wannabee Irish.
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    Ha I love these threads. Whatever you think of Scotland and the national team. You can want them to lose every game fair enough. But you can't want England to beat Scotland. That's not on
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    No I'm not itching to criticise the club, I am criticising the club. In the end due to poor decision making we have lost a lot of money and the potential to sign someone more fit to be a rangers player. You're very blinkered which is strange after us not knowing what has gone on behind completely closed doors. Joey Barton is a twat, but the club knew that before they signed him. Fact is, he's not done anything really bad otherwise he would have been sacked. So the club misjudged signing him - unforgivable, or the club have failed to handle him properly - unforgivable. We all know Barton is a cunt, but he was our cunt. The club however made this very big mistake which has burned a lot of our money, are you really trying to pin all the blame on a stupid footballer who has been a problem every where he's gone? Ludicrous.
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    I suspect there will still be a story running on about this even after Barton's departure. Even supposing Barton and the Club sign a confidentiality agreement juicy bits of the story/issue have a habit of leaking out. The Club itself hardly has glowing record of avoiding leaks. Just look at the press articles that have appeared about Barton since the 'issue' despite the public statement that neither party would comment. The tidbits of info to the press must come from somewhere. Barton - already on a disciplinary charge - would be an unlikely source as if he had then it simply would have added weight to any case the club was seeking to build to fire him. Draw your own conclusions about who whispers to the journos. Point is, it may yet be the case that once he has gone he might be tempted to open up on what actually happened, or - perhaps more damagingly - what his views are of Warburton, Rangers, the tactics, the approach to the OF game and all of the circumstances that led up to the 'issue' but stop short of describing the actual issue itself. There will be plenty of ways and opportunities for Barton to give his opinion in general about Warburton as a manager and Rangers as a club without straying into territory of 'the issue'. The best the Club will be able to do is to bury head in sand, ignore it, ride out the adverse comments and news reports and eventually it will all fade away. It certainly won't engage in media battle with Barton. After all, we are still waiting for outcome of the 'urgent consultation' they sought with the SFA over the Scottish Cup decisions.......and that was literally weeks ago......and on a subject of probably more importance. For a while there could be some reputation fallout for Rangers and for Warburton. Might make life a lot more difficult in attracting players from the English leagues to come and play for Rangers as word gets around about life at Auchenhowie and at Ibrox under Warburton. Be really interesting to know if Barton's message to Warburton was just a lone voice or whether others in the squad thought similarly but have kept their mouths shut.
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