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    I'm going to sum their delusion up with a few short sentences here Their fans try to score points over Rangers fans by saying how much Celtic are loved globally, their tops are everywhere, they have circa 9m fans overseas and celebrities dish at the gash to come to Parkhead and not to mention how they set the standard for attacking football, Brazil wouldn't be who they are in the footballing world if it wasn't for the Lisbon Lions But in their next breath, they will go on about how they've been the victims in Scotland in 1888, how everyone is against them, including FIFA and UEFA, how everyone has always favoured Rangers and they're just poor little Celtic (anyone but Celtic mind) Imagine you had someone in your life who acted like 1. They're so loved by everyone, they've got more friends than you all over the place and they set trends for the whole world to follow closely followed by 2. No-one likes them, everyone gangs up on them and prefers you, it goes right back to 1888 and it's impossible for them to ever be successful because everyone favours you. All the big organisations in the world are anti-them and pro-you. You'd be telling them to seek urgent psychiatric help. They're clearly manic and desperate for everyone to hear them and look at them. They have a selective memory when it comes to historic events and are so deluded they get wrapped up in their own bullshit
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    Received that cheque today from the newtonards and district RSC today cheers guys.
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    Just a couple of things we are trying down here next weekend so hoping for a wee boost from this. Got the local papers following it to. Still waiting on the BBC getting back to me as we tried the hospital in sheffield who do the operation that we are trying to get Joshua to America for, but they have refused to help. Not a happy bunny as you can all imagine. But we will see what strings the Bbc can pull if any. Will let you know once I do. Joshua is keeping well with no more trips to the hospital.
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    Daily record now reporting Celtic paid over 3 times the amount for Westhorn, it apparent value is £200K and they are reporting the scum paid over £700K Cunts in the scum Cunts in the media Cunts in the council Shower of cunts
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    Story in the guardian about sex abuse at Crewe Alexandra in the 90s which they reckon could start an enquiry like the saville one. If it does end up in all the papers then it might be a chance to finally bring the Celtic boys club disgrace to the attention of a wider audience as you will not have the Scottish media sweeping it under the carpet as usual
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    I've pencilled in a fundraising night at my local lodge, the last Friday in January. Probably be a quiz, night we're guaranteed 50 in attendance so far, hoping for at least double that. i'll need to arrange raffle prizes and hopefully get some stuff worthy of auctioning, I do have someone who can get things signed at Auchenhowie. I'll be contacting local businesses for help. If there are any budding or experienced quiz masters out there interested in giving their time I'd be grateful, if not we'll do it ourselves.
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    Can you imagine if he still played for us, six match ban and a fine.
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    Bad days when a hospital close to home is refusing to help, especially someone so young, hopefully this keeps on picking up and positive news isn't too far away!
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    Also heard the same with red bull but would involve renaming of Ibrox which at this time is the least of our worries.
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    Clearly a really busy time for you Mark. Let's hope these Events bring in some funds to boost your total for Joshua
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    Thanks for that info Mark we will as you say wait and see. We might all be paranoid mate but we are also the people.
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    It was put through as private bears r us but the girl from the BBC has contacted the press office at the hospital to ask why so just waiting on a reply. Will let you know once she gets back to me and I know more my self. Really beginning to think someone has mucked up some where and this I why they are refusing to help. May just be me being paranoid. Let's wait and see what they come back with.
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    Thanks for the update Mark, and hope all goes well at the weekend. I know you are a busy man so no rush to get back on this, but is the hospital who refused to do the operation private or NHS ?
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    Sorry GB, mucking around with this before I read the sad news from Erskine.
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    Anything you can post mate keep us updated. Said before anything bar the team name being changed I think we've got to be for it as we stand just now. Just not stadium naming rights etc for a nicker like before
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    sorted me &the 2 boys 3 nights in berlin £250 happy fucking days british airways
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    I am getting story third hand via nine in a row player. Now I don't know much about leipzig .. but apparently they were in 4 or 5th tier of German football.guy was looking to get into British football but clubs like arsenal Chelsea man u etc etc all tied up and the question was raised about rangers. From what I have been told king is busy in the background not just with this investor but another couple. .. the guy who has told me has been right with a few things. Ie the kranjar deal and few other things. So i suppose we will see but nothing absolutely nothing will happen as long as Ashley is there.
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    Always promoting the Gers over here and it's quite funny hearing a Thai saying FTP
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    The mindset of these cunts when it comes to tax avoidance really is staggering. For years it was 'what about the Schools, Hospitals, and other public services?'. Now Celtic's majority shareholder, chairmen, ex-managers, and players have been exposed for tax avoidance their position has shifted...kinda. Tax avoidance is fine as long as it isn't Rangers FC that's doing it.
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    Red Bull Rangers hahahaha fuck off man.
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    Tough win for Murray. Would be nice for him to get world number one at end of year. Makes your spell at the top look really long when no one is playing over the winter
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    Does the daft cunt think the group table is upside down?
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    Had it confirmed today that Rangers have asked for 6,000 tickets.
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    If we don't get 3 points after the previous set backs, given we've had another 2 weeks to address things on the training pitch, then the players and manager should chuck it. It's Dundee, ranked 11th place, we're at home. Demand an improved performance, a reaction which shows they care and have pride, and a win. Expect 3 nil victory?
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    • @Bears r us hacked my computer, honest
    • A stroke of genius or delusions of not being a knobhead; not sure which
    • Glad you made it out mate. Terrible day that. 
    • We’ve a chance to sign this boy, and just watched those highlights. Imagine if we had even better players around him. The lad has vision. Just need players that can clue in to what he’s trying to do. He’s only going to get better. 
    • Not necessarily so ,A mate of mine changed jobs in early March ,he had a run in with a boss at the turn of the year and they tried to sack him through disciplinary process ,They made a cunt of it though ,His line manager had a word in his ear and advised that he should look for another job but would be kept on in the meantime  Anyway he started early March and kept working through till 2nd weeks of April ,work started to get quiet so he was made redundant and wasn’t able to be furloughed ,His previous employer then took him back on and put him on furlough ,so rather than being on universal credit he’s at least earning a decent enough wage to keep him going ,As of yet he’s unsure if he will be kept on a full contract by this company 
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