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    If ever a game epitomised everything that is wrong with Scottish football, then Saturday was it. Unfortunately, there's been a few like it so far this season. I found it laughable reading the press match reports over the weekend, stating that Paul Hartley got his tactics "spot on". So what is so savvy about getting everyman and their dog behind the ball, and running down the clock from the 60 min mark? Even taking over a minute to take a bloody simple throw-in. I noticed in the first half, the Dundee players broke forward 3 or 4 times, only to look up like frightened rabbits, and simply do a hopeless pass, or kick the ball straight out of play; then quickly all funnel back into their comfort zones, behind the ball. Utterly pathetic. Years ago, when we had players like: Laudrup, Gasgoine, Abertz etc, and teams set up like this, I got it. I really did. Even in Smith's last season at the helm, when we had gems like: Jelavic, Naismith and Davis, I accepted it too. The onus was on us to break teams down, as they simply couldn't match our quality. When we got promoted this season however, I thought I would be seeing much more end-to-end type games, considering we no longer have the type of top players quoted above. All things considered, I thought we played quite well on Saturday and enjoyed our win. Dundee got exactly what they deserved from the game - fuck all. With the exception of playing 'them' at the piggery, all the teams have adopted these type of tactics against us - even the vile dons played like this in their own ground, ffs! Considering our team is now made up of players from the lower echelons of English football, why are the premier league sides not opening up and having a real go at us from the start, like a few of the teams did in the championship last season?! I find it bizarre, that the so-called 'premier league teams' all want to stifle the games against us, with the hope of getting 'lucky' at some point during the match - just like Dundee almost did on Saturday!
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    The empty seats are what make me smile..All those who piss of early don't deserve to celebrate like those who stay til the final whistle...
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    As the curtain draws on another Tour season we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined us on the Founders Trail and Ibrox Stadium Tour during the last year. 2016 saw us take more people than ever before around Glasgow on our journey of discovery. Over the last seven years we’ve taken almost 6,500 people around Glasgow on the Trail and through the front doors of Ibrox for the Stadium Tour, many for the first time. Our Founders Presentation evenings continue to go from strength to strength , this is all possible because of the support we’ve received from yourselves. Over the last two years the Restoration Project has seen us restore 21 plots of those men who built our Club.Our research work on the Restorations and Founders project will continue over the winter. We've made new friends and met some wonderful characters all brought together by the Rangers family. A special thanks goes to the the media team at Rangers for helping to promote the Tours and our continued work on the Restoration Project. Also the staff at Partick Bowling Club, Parks of Hamilton and the Tour Guides at Ibrox. Last but not least, our resident gardeners at Craigton Cemetery who take great care of the McNeil ,Struth and many other plots. On Saturday the 19th November the Board of Directors at the Club joined us on the Founders Trail and this will see further expansion of the Tours over the coming weeks and months. The education process behind the Founders Trail is vitally important to us all as this will ensure that our unique and wonderful story is passed on to the next generation. The Founders Trail will return in February with an expansion on the Founders Story and new locations. Bookings for our first Tour dates for 2017 are coming in fast , they are as follows: SUNDAY 19TH FEBRUARY SATURDAY 25TH MARCH SUNDAY 16TH APRIL SUNDAY 21ST MAY SUNDAY 11TH JUNE SATURDAY 15TH JULY. To reserve your seat just send an email to thegallantpioneers@gmail.com Thank you. The Founders Team.
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    I just don't get this - I really don't. For my money Halliday has been our most consistent preformer over the last season and a half. Yep, they've been some dips but you could say that about anybody.
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    He was being converted to a right back and went out to get experience in a new position and at a decent level of football. I wouldn't dismiss him yet, let's see what he can do. One player to cover both fullbacks isn't ideal so Aird might still have a chance.
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    Enjoy! Oh Harry, Harry Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry Forrester
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    It's the "professional fouls" that get me.
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    I think Mckays getting a tad too much flak. He's got good pace and can take a high pass at ease on the run. Beats men easily but needs more help around him. He is making a few wrong decisions at the moment but has shown he can be one of our best players.
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    I'm getting married on Friday and the wife to be has an uncle who works regularly with Rangers. He got this for us as a wee surprise. I know it's probably not that exciting to most and it probably is something a lot of people have received in the past but I was well pleased and wanted to share. (the wee scrap of paper is to obscure my address for obvious reasons). Edit to add: Just found out it was actually the wife that organised it and she has been trying for a few months to get this done as a wee gift for me, she only found out a couple of weeks ago that her uncle's business brings him in contact with the higher ups at Rangers. Crafty wee minx.
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    I'd drop him as he's been shite for weeks
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    KRIS BOYD £40m for Moussa Dembele? Celtic must get real I HAVE two words for Brendan Rodgers or anyone else for that matter who thinks Moussa Dembele will be sold for upwards of £20million. Get real. This idea he’s going to leave for £30m or even £40m is utterly ridiculous. But before Celtic fans start on me, here’s a simple question I’d ask anyone who raves about the Frenchman: Why is Dembele in Scotland? He was up for grabs and available in the summer, so why didn’t one of the big clubs snap him up at that point? Let’s see how he’s doing in six months, let’s see if he can sustain his form because that’s easier said than done. Who knows, he may go from strength to strength. But cast your mind back to Marco Negri. He could do no wrong for Rangers back in the day and rattled in 23 goals in his first ten games when he arrived at Ibrox. Then what? Nothing. His form fell off a cliff and, before he knew it, he was on his way out the door. Now I’m not saying for one minute that the same thing is going to happen with Dembele. But my point is that it’s way too early to get carried away. No matter how good he looks in a Celtic shirt, there’s only so much money teams are going to be prepared to pay for a Scottish Premiership player. But flogging their big hitman for upwards of £20m? Mark my words on this, it’s not going to happen. Edited from The Sun# Nice one Boyd
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    One of my favourite songs. They started playing it at Ibrox before the games last season and then stopped. Why? If you really need to play music then surely this is perfect? Certainly miles ahead of any charts pish.
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    ..... possibly because the ones' bashing Barrie are pissed off that he had a hand in the build up to the winning goal ..... making a mockery of them and their booing ..... perhaps? "It's a funny old game" ...
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    Received an email from @ranter Lothian True Blues will be the next RSC to donate to the Fund for Wee Josh Thanks to you all
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    Agreed. His first touch is absolutely outstanding. For those complaining about him shiting out of tackles - he's about 5'6 and 9 stone if he's lucky. If he dives into a 50/50 with Ross Tokely he could conceivably be out for months. He's a talented boy, who lacks confidence currenty. The amount of folk jumping on the 'wee hate McKay' bandwagon is an absolute disgrace, but not unlike our fans. For some reason there's always a scapegoat at Ibrox.
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    We were having a discussion in the pub one night, mostly Bears, but a couple of taigs in the company. One of them, a taig mate of mine, said that he didn't bother too much about the Royal Family, but he did object to "us tax payers, funding them all" The lot of us burst out laughing, apart from him, who had a quizzical look on his face until I said "You've been signing on half your life, and the other half, it's been cash in hand work that you've done, us fucking tax payers?" I think that he was looking for the 'Moral High Ground' but found the Grand Canyon instead..
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    Ibrox; - 48,773 The rest of the SPL combined including last night's game - 22,142 So that's 22,142 out of a possible 50,122 (if all stadiums were at capacity) I know we don't win any points for this but it's worth pointing out to prove how good our support is, even during this 'sticky' period on the pitch, the Rangers support turns out in great numbers and blows the rest of thr SPL away - minus you know who Well done to each and everyone of you who do your best to go to games, watch or listen to them. It's you guys that are the envy of many other football clubs, loyalty isn't something you can buy but even if you could, you'd still struggle to top the loyalty of the Rangers support. I think looking at those figures, league re-construction needs to happen ASAP as interest in Scottish football outwith Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen & Hearts is embarrassingly low.
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    Thanks to @LochendBilly who has donated a wee something for the upcoming auction.
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    Cheers @ranter That brings us to 9 RSCs on board. Only another 990 or so to go.
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    Everybody gets their tactics spot on against us because they know exactly what's coming at them. Maybe if just once we gave them something else to look at they might have to change tactics.
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    Rangers have had to face these kind of tactics for as long as most of us can remember especially at Ibrox. Aberdeen would come draw nil nil or whatever and think they had won the league.Then go out the following week and get fucked by Motherwell. When this is what's passed as football no wonder the whole game in Scotland is pretty much fucked.
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    one drinks in my local he's a complete helmet and no surprise he's also a yes voter. Strange bunch most are auld cunts or yes voting hipsters
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    He might make a wing back in our system. His strengths were pace, running power and enthusiasm. He didn't have the trickery or vision to be a top level winger but he was wholehearted and he had a decent knack of scoring. If he has developed a positional sense then he has some decent qualities as an attacking wingback. Even if Aird doesn't make it at Rangers I think the position change will prove good for his career elsewhere
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    I agree. His 1st touch is immaculate. Confidence is low but hopefully he'll dig his way out of this rut. Ibrox being on his back and waiting for him to make mistakes certainly won't help him.
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    Also I don't see why this next run of games will be even more defining. We've heard this about 3 times this season already .. After dropping points against Hamilton and Kilmarnock first 3 games it was these next games will define us to get momentum into the Celtic game at Parkhead. Never happened. After the game at Parkhead then it was essential for us to go on a winning run with Ross County at Ibrox and Aberdeen away .. it never happened. After the Celtic cup game where we didn't play well enough to win, the lads showed they have a defensive side they can adapt to and for me it was time to build on that. We didn't. Could even argue after the Kilmarnock 3-0 game at Ibrox which was the best we played since the Taigs in the cup in April that we had finally found our strongest team and had finally clicked - we hadn't. So what makes this next batch of games more defining or telling? seriously?
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    Did you want him to sprint to the corner flag then stand and wait while Clint and Rob get into the box? I think your reading into his body language too much. The boy done well when he came on, he's 21 years of age and running onto the pitch to boos which couldn't have been nice. When he came on we had ran out of ideas and the fans had became restless, not ideal for young guys like him and Dodoo.
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    Any games I've watched him for the whitecaps he looked a very decent atttacking and defending right back and could give tav a run for his money.
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    The money is coming from the crown estates which owns Buckingham Palace. They are replacing electrics and plumbing and all the associated systems that haven't been properly upgraded for 60 years and represent a health and safety hazard. I imagine that its status will add to the bill as it will be specialist work in a building of international importance. The work is being phased over 10 years to enable it to remain in use. That means it will remain open for tourists and keep bringing in revenue. I think a few need to understand the way the Crown estates work. 85% of revenue (£304 million last year) goes to the Treasury.
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    What is wrong with singing fuck the Pope and the IRA?
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    You understand my pain mate. We have lost our voice in our own country. I refuse to pander to them right enough, prefer having no dealings with them at all.
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    Windass is a good prospect and played well at times today, but he gave the ball away a fair bit as well. Hope he keeps improving and he will become a good player for us.
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    Even a German commentator mentioned it Bring this back - Sung like it was in 72!
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    Subs got us the goals. Well done to the management on changing the game.
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    That the same Leipzig who are top of the Bundesliga?
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    Good post I also think Barrie is not really a winger, but I think he will develop into the number he wears on his back. Not sure why this thread about Windass who has talent but not means outstanding either has turned into a McKay bashing thread.
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    They do. However, like everyone else, the hatred has gotten worse and worse since 2012.
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    One of our biggest challenges is making sure Aberdeen don't win at ibrox for the first time since I've been born and making sure we get second place. Oh how we've fallen. And before anyone says 'look where we've came from' we are fucking Rangers.
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    I may be wide of the mark here, but I think Lee Wallace's play has a lot to do with McKay's dip in form.
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    See this Troy Townsend cunt, he's really getting on my tits. So now we have a target in the EFL where they need to have 20% black managers in the leagues. This all came up again with Wolves hiring Lambert and didn't follow the "Rooney rule" The Rooney Rule is a National Football League policy that requires league teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching and senior football operation jobs. It is sometimes cited as an example of affirmative action, though there is no quota or preference given to minorities in the hiring of candidates. (NFL) What a fucking joke, the best man for the job should always be the view and colour should not come into it, I bet if the best 20 managers in the world were black they'd be in the top positions. We are now going to have a situation where in a few years time there will be white managers who should be in a job, out of a job because someone had to give it to a black guy, why can they not see that THAT is fucking racist Worlds fucked
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    Feeling confident that we will now overtake them and win the league..
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    We should play a medley of The Sash, Derrys Walls, and A Wee Spot In Europe, that'd get most of the crowd going. Even if we only played the music of the songs, I'm pretty sure that the Support would sing the words, loud, and proud.
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    Collection made GB, think there's £50 in the bag. It's lying next to the telly and I've had a monster hangover today, will get it sorted tomorrow and get it paid.
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    He's made too many poor decisions against us for it just to be down to him being poor. Anyone watching that game yesterday with neutral eyes would be thinking he definitely doesn't like Rangers.
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    The taigs play an anti British song so we should play what the hell we want.
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    MW conduct as Rangers manager has been nothing short of first class. This is why I want him to succeed so much. If he gets it on the park then we literally would have everything we want in a Rangers manager. Class touch!
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    The 3 subs made a good impact I understand being frustrated at the time but even with the benefit of hindsight you're still angry the management for changing the game in our favour? Doesn't really make sense to me