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    KRIS BOYD £40m for Moussa Dembele? Celtic must get real I HAVE two words for Brendan Rodgers or anyone else for that matter who thinks Moussa Dembele will be sold for upwards of £20million. Get real. This idea he’s going to leave for £30m or even £40m is utterly ridiculous. But before Celtic fans start on me, here’s a simple question I’d ask anyone who raves about the Frenchman: Why is Dembele in Scotland? He was up for grabs and available in the summer, so why didn’t one of the big clubs snap him up at that point? Let’s see how he’s doing in six months, let’s see if he can sustain his form because that’s easier said than done. Who knows, he may go from strength to strength. But cast your mind back to Marco Negri. He could do no wrong for Rangers back in the day and rattled in 23 goals in his first ten games when he arrived at Ibrox. Then what? Nothing. His form fell off a cliff and, before he knew it, he was on his way out the door. Now I’m not saying for one minute that the same thing is going to happen with Dembele. But my point is that it’s way too early to get carried away. No matter how good he looks in a Celtic shirt, there’s only so much money teams are going to be prepared to pay for a Scottish Premiership player. But flogging their big hitman for upwards of £20m? Mark my words on this, it’s not going to happen. Edited from The Sun# Nice one Boyd
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    Sometimes I wonder what I've done in a previous life to deserve the Rams. If Jeff Fisher gets an extension out of this then I give up.
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    See that makes it sound a robbery, it really wasn't. The judges scoring on the last 6 rounds raises an eyebrow though. To get Ward winning, he needs to get all the close rounds. If Kovalev even gets 1 of them, he wins. As @Gillete said earlier, his people are to blame for allowing the fight involving a Russian fighter to be referee'd and judged by an entirely American team, in America, against an American.
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    Would never have thought it was Brady's first game in San Francisco last night given how long he's been in the league.
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    I watched the fight today, I'm no expert but knowing the result I reckoned that ward would need to of won 5 out the last 6 rounds which I don't believe he did.
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    Walter Smith set his sides up (in the 2nd spell) to be extremely solid in defence, negative with possession and usually relied on a bit of individual skill or talent to win games. The 'style' at the time was very hard to watch. I genuinely don't think we'd be much better off (if at all) under Walter, as right now we just don't have the individual quality to create something from nothing like the good old days when we could far outspend the competition. I believe that Warburton is putting in place a club style and philosophy that will serve us well when we truly have the quality of player to take advantage of it. Short term pain for long term gain.
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    Kathy Duva etc only have themselves to blame allowing a Russian fighter to fight with a referee & the 3 judges (in Nevada of all places) who are all from the USA
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    3 points soothed the frustration watching that game yesterday, as a previous poster said, unless you have blue glasses it's very hard for some Bears to have confidence going into any games these days and that's sad.
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    Ref sounds like a right cunt
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    Check Rodgers out, bitter cunt can't take a laugh
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    I can't for the life of me understand why taigs exist.
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    he is gone, normal service has resumed.
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    My 'maw' is not a 4 year old boy ya paedo Cunt! ?
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    Would assume he'd be on the official club flight over.
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    And last week, the Residents enjoyed some fish and chips (for 10) at Saltcoats. Cost: £25
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