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    He was being converted to a right back and went out to get experience in a new position and at a decent level of football. I wouldn't dismiss him yet, let's see what he can do. One player to cover both fullbacks isn't ideal so Aird might still have a chance.
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    KRIS BOYD £40m for Moussa Dembele? Celtic must get real I HAVE two words for Brendan Rodgers or anyone else for that matter who thinks Moussa Dembele will be sold for upwards of £20million. Get real. This idea he’s going to leave for £30m or even £40m is utterly ridiculous. But before Celtic fans start on me, here’s a simple question I’d ask anyone who raves about the Frenchman: Why is Dembele in Scotland? He was up for grabs and available in the summer, so why didn’t one of the big clubs snap him up at that point? Let’s see how he’s doing in six months, let’s see if he can sustain his form because that’s easier said than done. Who knows, he may go from strength to strength. But cast your mind back to Marco Negri. He could do no wrong for Rangers back in the day and rattled in 23 goals in his first ten games when he arrived at Ibrox. Then what? Nothing. His form fell off a cliff and, before he knew it, he was on his way out the door. Now I’m not saying for one minute that the same thing is going to happen with Dembele. But my point is that it’s way too early to get carried away. No matter how good he looks in a Celtic shirt, there’s only so much money teams are going to be prepared to pay for a Scottish Premiership player. But flogging their big hitman for upwards of £20m? Mark my words on this, it’s not going to happen. Edited from The Sun# Nice one Boyd
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    Received an email from @ranter Lothian True Blues will be the next RSC to donate to the Fund for Wee Josh Thanks to you all
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    Thanks to @LochendBilly who has donated a wee something for the upcoming auction.
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    Cheers @ranter That brings us to 9 RSCs on board. Only another 990 or so to go.
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    He might make a wing back in our system. His strengths were pace, running power and enthusiasm. He didn't have the trickery or vision to be a top level winger but he was wholehearted and he had a decent knack of scoring. If he has developed a positional sense then he has some decent qualities as an attacking wingback. Even if Aird doesn't make it at Rangers I think the position change will prove good for his career elsewhere
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    Also I don't see why this next run of games will be even more defining. We've heard this about 3 times this season already .. After dropping points against Hamilton and Kilmarnock first 3 games it was these next games will define us to get momentum into the Celtic game at Parkhead. Never happened. After the game at Parkhead then it was essential for us to go on a winning run with Ross County at Ibrox and Aberdeen away .. it never happened. After the Celtic cup game where we didn't play well enough to win, the lads showed they have a defensive side they can adapt to and for me it was time to build on that. We didn't. Could even argue after the Kilmarnock 3-0 game at Ibrox which was the best we played since the Taigs in the cup in April that we had finally found our strongest team and had finally clicked - we hadn't. So what makes this next batch of games more defining or telling? seriously?
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    Any games I've watched him for the whitecaps he looked a very decent atttacking and defending right back and could give tav a run for his money.
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    What is wrong with singing fuck the Pope and the IRA?
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    Even a German commentator mentioned it Bring this back - Sung like it was in 72!
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    We need not worry about any new signings, I understand Fraser Aird is on his way back after his loan spell in Canada.
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    That the same Leipzig who are top of the Bundesliga?
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    They are shite but they're still miles better than us. If they're shite (which they are) then what does that actually say about us? Sometimes I think people on here are realistic and actually have a good grasp on what level we are at then something changes ... like an injury time Forrester winner at home to Dundee, or Halliday having a good game or even that 2 week break for international games and fans still thinking we are good or something. We are not good. That's not being negative it's being honest.
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    Few of us going fae here mate. PM. Beware of the above poster, he'll want you in a Sheff Wendy bikini.
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    The pitch was burned by a firework from a house that backs onto the pitch all caught on cctv not deliberately done.the pitch is getting repaired this week.
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    One of our biggest challenges is making sure Aberdeen don't win at ibrox for the first time since I've been born and making sure we get second place. Oh how we've fallen. And before anyone says 'look where we've came from' we are fucking Rangers.
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    Sometimes I wonder what I've done in a previous life to deserve the Rams. If Jeff Fisher gets an extension out of this then I give up.
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    I would say it's predictable rather than unpredictable. Teams know exactly what they are going to get with this current Rangers side. The same huffing and puffing week in week out with zero cutting edge or intensity and a manager who can't seem to change it. The Ross County game a couple of weeks ago summed it up. We could have played on for another 90 mins and still not got the win. The players actually looked like they had no idea what to do when they were on the ball. We have absolutely nobody who can take the ball on and make a telling pass. I think we all have a hope that it might click and they will go on a run but reality is that it's been like this too long. We have been poor for way too long.
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    Feeling confident that we will now overtake them and win the league..
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    We should play a medley of The Sash, Derrys Walls, and A Wee Spot In Europe, that'd get most of the crowd going. Even if we only played the music of the songs, I'm pretty sure that the Support would sing the words, loud, and proud.
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    Collection made GB, think there's £50 in the bag. It's lying next to the telly and I've had a monster hangover today, will get it sorted tomorrow and get it paid.
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    At this point in the season and based on results and performances so far the idea of finishing top of the league would mean a fundamental collapse in form by the other lot and an astounding pick up the rate of wins by Rangers. Unfortunately neither seem likely. I don't think the remaining games in 2016 will define our season. Our struggle to score anywhere near enough goals - more to the point, enough goals to win more games than we have been winning - is a major point in defining our season. But the season won't really be defined until it becomes clear whether or not we achieve a European slot for next season. When that is known then the season is definitive in terms of the only 'must achieve' target for this season. That, I think, also determines whether or not Warburton has produced a side that was indeed 'more than competitive' or, as he now prefers to categorise it, 'highly competitive'. I would not readily accept a season being defined as successful if we fail to achieve a European slot but nevertheless finish in the top half of the league. Whether Warburton and King would see simply finishing in the top half as defining a successful season is another matter but as far as I'm concerned it would not be regarded as success. This season is already about fighting for 2nd place. I hope this is the last season that this will be the case. I hope that Warburton and King and the Board think similarly and that next season there will be no conveniently vague 'highly competitive' messages but a clear intent to get the 55th title. An intent backed by investment funding being made available to obtain some much better quality players. If they intend to rely on developing players and its to be a project of a number of seasons of just looking to be 'highly competitive' then they'd best be clear about that sort of messaging at the start of next season. There is a lot to play for this season and a lot of tough games ahead. 2nd place could see a real scrap between Rangers, Aberdeen and Hearts with all sides more than capable of shipping valuable points. Key to our success will be scoring goals. We just don't score enough right now despite the possession and pressure. I don't buy into any bad luck reasons for this. Over the course of a season the random nature of the game would generally even itself out in broad terms for things like decisions that go against / for a team. But if - as it has been for many games - the Warburton observation has been that the team has not got its rewards or (and much worse) 'that was not us', then these are matters which management and coaching must iron out - its their job to do so. If that does not happen, and goal-scoring form is not found, then that 2nd place position will be a mite harder to achieve. Warburton is sticking with his formation and with his approach to the game. That's his choice. He clearly thinks the squad can and will respond to deliver winning runs of form. If it does then great. If it doesn't and we don't win a European slot then the season is not successful - that will be the definitive measure. Warburton will be safe though for another season at least, in fact until his contract is up. For having embarked on this project the Club could not afford to release him anyway, or to release the back room staff he has gathered around him. So it's more of the same with more of the risk of roller-coaster types of results and we'll see come May whether the squad finally gels sufficiently and becomes much more successful at winning games, and whether the season can be defined as a success. Then its up to King to find a lot more investment money for next season.
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    The taigs play an anti British song so we should play what the hell we want.
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    @Zetland - will you remember this, if I forget. The game is on 15th January.
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    Could be the answer to our goalscoring woes!
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    You don't play regularly in a league far better than the SPL at the age of 21 by being shite he is obviously a lot better than half you cunts think he is based on a few performances 3 year ago
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    I still can't get over Senderos doing that, it was so blatant, if you weren't in the Rangers end you would have laughed. Kiernan probably milked a slight injury to the extreme and left us with a back 3 of Tavernier Wallace and Joey fucking Barton when were 3-1 down at Parkhead. Unacceptable and unforgivable like u say.
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    See that makes it sound a robbery, it really wasn't. The judges scoring on the last 6 rounds raises an eyebrow though. To get Ward winning, he needs to get all the close rounds. If Kovalev even gets 1 of them, he wins. As @Gillete said earlier, his people are to blame for allowing the fight involving a Russian fighter to be referee'd and judged by an entirely American team, in America, against an American.
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    Id like it if whatever song they chose (if one was needed) that it was played at a lower level and the fans were the ones making the noise. Look at nights for example when the Champions League tune was blasted out and we absolutely drowned it out by singing. I know Ibrox ain't what it used to be but we shouldn't have one wee corner making most of the noise.
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    sick of these "the next <enter number> games will define our season" threads. the way we play sometimes we'll be lucky to be in the top six, the squad need to get a grip or this will continue to be a nightmare of a season. we are too unpredictable to arrogantly say this will define whatever. We sometimes take our chances, we sometimes don't. this is why they are far from being a genuine rangers side.
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    Never, ever call them tims. Please, Taigs, Tarriers or Fenians would do.
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    Walter Smith set his sides up (in the 2nd spell) to be extremely solid in defence, negative with possession and usually relied on a bit of individual skill or talent to win games. The 'style' at the time was very hard to watch. I genuinely don't think we'd be much better off (if at all) under Walter, as right now we just don't have the individual quality to create something from nothing like the good old days when we could far outspend the competition. I believe that Warburton is putting in place a club style and philosophy that will serve us well when we truly have the quality of player to take advantage of it. Short term pain for long term gain.
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    The 'next 8 games' are always important - I think we have had a number of these threads over the last few seasons! Every game is important to us.
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    Don't really think so. It might define how much longer MW will be here.
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    None of the others are any better than us , they all raise their game and treat every game against us as a final, its always been that way. Theres no chance we are good enough to go on a winning streak. The seasons been a failure long before now , best we can hope for is second and even thats going to be a struggle.
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    It's fucking dreadful. Should've been binned years ago.
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    The music department at the club looks like it'll be the last thing to be looked at as we've needed a bit more thought and some new songs introduced. 4 lads had a dream should be played. ??
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    And last week, the Residents enjoyed some fish and chips (for 10) at Saltcoats. Cost: £25
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    The same thought crossed my mind also as has a few other people,Old Tinto park wasn't in the best of shapes and was pretty run down and could only work with the little money they had,But the local scumbags done everything from set fire to the clubhouse numerous times,damaged the changing rooms,destroyed brand new dug out's they built and the worst was when they stole the copper cable for the floodlights meaning no night training or games and would have cost £25k to repair them. They are a great wee club and do tons for the local community,I'd love to see anyone who doesn't travel to Rangers away games go along and give some support to the Bens if they are playing at home in a nice friendly environment and the pies are pretty good to,Great place to even take your kids. Benburb had a great relationship with Rangers a few years ago,Rangers sometimes used Tinto park to train on as it was one of the best pitches in Scotland at that time,Rangers used to give the Bens a lot of training gear and a couple of famous players came from the Bens to Rangers. The damage situation is now getting beyond a joke and seems someone has some sort of vendetta against this great wee club.