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    They'd be better taking ear defenders,and Sky will turn down the microphones pitchside because they are going to get it fucking rotten come Hogmanay.
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    Pretty sure those beasts would win a Rangers quiz. We've got one thing in common and that's that we're both utterly obsessed with Rangers.
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    Their wriggle room here, and it's quite deliberate, is that strictly speaking the accusations could refer to his time at either club, or even in stuff he did outside of work while working for the clubs. [Edit - the individual accusations that is. He is suspected of one incident of inappropriate behaviour at Rangers, following which we sacked and reported him]. This doesn't cut it though, their inference is clear and they should be pursued for that. Another thing, did he not work for Hibs first? I thought they got rid of him but covered up the offences which led to him having a clean slate when we employed him. Anyone who believes they've accidentally put Rangers' name first is naive at best...
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    A FURTHER NEW LOW: "Neely, who died two years ago aged 62, has been accused of raping and abusing boys while working as a scout for Rangers and Hibs in the 1980s and 90s." And here is the msm agenda. If the bheast club cannot be protected, and it can't, then tar others none more so than ourselves. The above remark is from today's daily rhebel. It can be construed that he was accused of raping and abusing at both clubs, or raping at Rangers and abusing at Hibs. The club and 1872 MUST challenge this as there are no such allegations of rape whilst at Ibrox. Sickening but predictable from the gutter press.
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    From SoS: CASE FOR THE DEFENCE Our club has been seen as fair game for certain people in the media, anti Rangers bloggers and fans of opposing teams for years. Recently we have seen stories claiming our stadium is being used while unsafe, our club is being used to launder money and an ex captain had abused kids. All left unchallenged by the club but defended by us fans. Is it time to change our dignified silence stance? I'm aware of the pitfalls from going in all out attack as the time and list of potential targets would be endless but to leave them unchallenged allows those against us to claim they were right as they are never challenged. Even this morning readers of the Daily Record were informed that an ex coach had raped a child while working at our club when the same paper had previously printed that the coach had been sacked and police informed when he had actually verbally abused a kid. Surely this can't go unchallenged by our clubs hierarchy? For all we know the paper and club may have already opened discussions on the matter as the story appears to have been removed from their online site but if nothing else happens then how do the rank and file know if any action has taken place? If none is forthcoming then is it any wonder a total boycott of the paper is being muted yet again. I believe our fans deserve a very public visible defence from our club. We have endured years of attack from others who appear to get off Scott free regardless of the accusations and lies they tell. How long can this continue? Some of the stories used to attack our club and it's fans actually grow from seeds planted from within our own support. I recently spent 2-3 days keeping the good name of two Ulster bears out of a newspaper after a fellow bear made outlandish claims via his now disgraced blog. The blog was jumped on by anti Rangers bloggers and ended up on the news desk of a national paper. We really do score own goals at times when we have more than enough attacks from out with. Surely now is the time for our club to stand up publicly and strongly against the liars who attack us. Surely now is the time to make an example of those who have the largest audiences. Surely to remain dignified in silence has proven unsuccessful for too long. To defend our club is not a crime it is a simple human right. News outlets should think twice before writing a negative story but when it's easier to let the story run then deal with it in hindsight then that's what they will do. Remember the cup final? Pick three of the worst culprits with the largest audiences and hold them to task. Outlets would think twice if they knew they would be held accountable for inaccuracies. There's enough true stories out there to report on and if some of them are bad news then so be it but the nonsensical ones really should be challenged. Bloggers and Internet sites should not be exempt from accountability as in these days of journalists being made redundant and less time spent on investigative stories, these bloggers become sources for the main stream media as many journalists scour the Internet for their next lead. I know this to be true due to the speed of my own phone ringing after posting stories online in the past. Treating the issue at source could be the most productive policy. I've laid out my case for the defence and I know I'm not alone in my view as more and more prominent fans are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to the endless attack from others. If nothing is done to protect our club then the fans will look to other methods to protect our clubs name and standing. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
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    The fucked up, the way they write it implicitly says ""Neely, who died two years ago aged 62, has been accused of raping and abusing boys while working as a scout for Rangers and Hibs in the 1980s and 90s." Now unless he was actually accused of any of this while he was at Rangers, then they have written a falsehood and we should pull them up on it. Club1872, earn the money given to you by thousands of faithful fans and make a fucking statement about this at the very least. Use some of that "project" money to hire a lwayer and fight these cunts.
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    Does it never dawn on these idiots how easy they are to wind up, how simple they are that they believe any old shite, that keeps them reading and donating to a compulsive liar that takes the piss outta them. One that makes such a good living out of the thick cunts, that others are now doing the same? Donate, write any old shite, keep the brain dead donating, it's Xmas soon, need a few more coins in. I wonder if 40 names gets a cut from his apprentice JJ, I mean, that's proper stealing his idea. Still, then again, loads of brain dead taigs to write any old shite to, knowing they'll lap it up, keep the cash flowing. It's hilarious when you think about it, these cunts making a living writing absolute bollocks and laughing like fuck at their own. I don't know what to be worried about most, the massive bill we're gonna get for stealing all this water, or our ground collapsing around us??? To all the taigs reading this, ffs give your head a shake, stop being such an embarrassment to yourself, have you no self respect? Then again, you knowingly, yes KNOWINGLY support a club that covered up child rape, and as such are just as guilty for any other children being abused, so how could anyone like that have any self respect, right enough. Fucking repugnant creatures. Oh, and don't forget to donate, you fucking brain dead idiots
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    This deliberate use of language designed to implicate us in the rape and abuse (which occurred at Hibs) has to be challenged publicly and in the strongest terms! No wee bottom line fake apology for 'unintended confusion' will do here. Come on to hell Rangers Board - grow a pair! ?
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    feel your pain mate my older brother and sister both married tarriers needless to say don't realy have much to do with them especially on the social side. and My missus has a few close mates that are also tarriers so she goes to most social gatherings without me as I can't sit anywhere near those fenian bastards.
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    Accused of raping boys whilst working for Rangers - fucking hell. Rangers for once get your lawyers involved. Get this outlet closed down for good. Club1872 - fancy getting involved now? better late than never - or you's happy enough just wondering about a safe standing section for the ultras?
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    Our Stadium may fall down, our main holding company may have died but this club have never once hidden a paedophile and stopped justice from taking place I'd rather die with out history than live with yours
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    The stories will take arms and legs unless we challenge this shite through the courts. The way the record made out these cunts dressed in sheets to scare kids will end up being the KKK. You have to wonder where this will end if the board keep ignoring this type of association shite. As far as we are aware,Neely got a fuckin pasting from the kids Policeman Dad so that fucked him being charged instead of just being sacked by Souness and Smith who did the right and proper thing and this cunt was never near any kids again.
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    They may well be demanding to know, the editors are happy to publish shite and will ignore any questions. We may get a wee apology in page 25 up in the top corner. The agenda is clear, they want our club tarnished and will stop at nothing to do so. If there ends up being a full independent enquiry then the club they appear to be trying to protect will be the club with most skeletons in the cupboard.
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    Personally I'm all for it, will be a new experience for most of them, first opportunity to put on work-wear!
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    Have these mhanky cunts ever had an original idea in their sad and sorry lives.
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    You are right on the money mate, ..... the correct route should be to send e-mails to the board directly, asking them what they intend doing concerning these disgusting implications being put into print. But I would imagine that they would advise you to first get in touch with Club 1872 ...... so not looking good that any answer would be speedily forthcoming ..... I hate to say this .... but if our Club are not already making plans to counteract these serious allegations, then we are in for a rough ride, as the media up here will continue to spread their agenda to implicate us by alleged association until it is taken for granted (due to silence) that we are (wrongly) as involved as these other clubs .... who actually did take part in covering up this scandal. I believe historically, our Club, as soon as any sniff of harm to youngsters was detected and reported, we then took the appropriate actions ethically and legally, and removed the cause from our Club. But unless the Club are keeping there powder dry, in readiness for an assault on these and any other allegations ..... it puts itself in danger of continued accusations that will be paraded continually until we are being perceived as being as guilty as the rest. I hope we are worrying for nothing mate .... and that wheels are in motion on our behalf .... and the blame for the scandalous cover ups are laid directly at the doors of the clubs, and the cowardly individuals concerned. All clubs should be concerned for the real victims in this scandal ..... No club .... including our own, should put it's name before any crimes committed on the innocent. This is the message that should be put out there, and the main culprits who have been covering up this scandal in the name of their club's "good name", are now using to the full their compliant press buddies to keep down to a minimum there major role in all this. The only headlines in the press should be ....... Celtic ...... are guilty of covering up crimes against youth ..... The Daily Record are complicit in this cover up.
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    It is strange that CH obviously wrote that piece for sos, but is one of the main people (by number of votes) in C1872 and as far as I can see not a peep from them. I wonder why he did not walk into Ibrox and tell some cunt that this has to be dealt with rather than writing a useless blog.
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    Is it still there? Fond memories of getting left outside it when I was too young to drink whilst the elders went and got pissed and left me £10 to get a chippy and a scarf Then once able to get it in, going to the basement after a win against the scum to look up and see the cieling shaking because the whole upstairs were doing the bouncy Ah the Gers, only thing that's constant in your life from the day you're born till the day you die.
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    Dry your tears ya dick. Thatchers not been Prime minister for nearly 30 years. Are you still unemployed? Did you just moan when made redundant or did you get off your fat arse and get a job? Margaret Thatcher get the blame of everything in this country by poor wee victims like your self. Thatcher didn't like coal fires. Thatcher didn't like the steel industry. Thatcher made my weans teeth fall out by taking their milk aff them.
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    They would certainly beat me in a Rangers quiz obsessed fuckers How many title have Rangers won? 54, none, 54 I mean none Sevcoooooooooo!!!!
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    They probably all went up in a vauxhall zafira
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    They might as well add to their other safety wear. THERE WERE PAEDOPHILES AT PARKHEAD AND YOUR CLUB KNOWS AND HIDES THEM!!!!!
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    Rangers should call their bluff and release a club statement like the following:: The club's structural engineers, professional ground staff and the local authority stadium inspectorate have all confirmed there are no safety concerns over the structure and fabric of the Broomloan Stand for the forthcoming match. However, in the light of the unfounded safety concerns expressed by some elements of the Celtic support in the press, and their proposal to wear unnecessary highly visible safety headgear to the match, Rangers Football Club have taken the decision to close the Broomloan Stand for this match. Unfortunately, this will mean that we cannot accommodate any of the Celtic support at this match. Rangers would reiterate that the club has absolutely no safety concerns over the Broomloan Stand. However, in the light of the proposed unwarranted actions by Celtic fans, and the fact this match will be televised to a worldwide audience, Rangers are instigating the closure measures to protect the reputation of the club and Ibrox Stadium. Although unfortunate, we are sure that both Celtic Football Club and their supporters will appreciate better than anyone that a football club's perceived reputation and good standing has to be protected above everything else. I know it won't happen but would love to see the club release such a statement even if it was just a wind-up for a few hours. You can bet your life that the dark side, their fans and the Scottish press would quickly go into meltdown, wouldn't think it quite so funny when 'a bit of football humour' is directed at them.
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    That should be a banner. "hard hats won't protect you from your vile history"
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    Yeah,introducing sectarianism to Scottish football
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    My wee boy cant take a fruit shoot in to the game...how the fuck can they take a plastic hat in?
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    William Hill Man of the Match champagne awarded to Martyn Waghorn ( hat - trick v Cowdenbeath , 5-1 Scottish Cup 10/1/16. ) Signed and dated by Waggy.
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    I'll give them a hand with that review on their procedures. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/ssfa/scottish_football.cfm?page=3812 Section 9 "Section 5 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 creates a statutory duty to report any suspicions of child abuse i.e. a duty to do what is reasonable in all the circumstances to safeguard the child's health, development and welfare. Failure to report concern" Thats their review fucked right there.
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    The vast majority don't buy that rag and are not surprised with the complete bullshit they print, we as a support have and continue to do our part. It's over to the board to defend the club as is their fucking duty.
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    We must be the softest target in the world.
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    I've never lived wi one before but I did have to put up with one who was related to my ex. To cut a long story short, bad stuff happened and he tried to turn my sons into Celtic fans during a period I wasn't there much I got 80 hours community service
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    Durrant certainly wasn't anything to do with training, that was assault by an utter thug who should never have played the game again.
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    I hate getting older, used to go every week in a Rangers top only no matter the weather pissed oot ma face and hanging out the car window on the motorway with a big Ulster flag Now when I go I'm sitting drinking a bovril telling the wee man to stop kicking the poor bastards seat in front of him worrying about the hour travel ahead incase I need a piss
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    I hope their buses break down too And it takes 24 hours.....for anyone to find what road they are on
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    That's the thing no party is squeeky clean but the snp are vile bastards. They hate Britain and there brainwashed dribblers hate what Rangers is. We all know it, let them stick their stickers up and fly their wee saltire till they are blue in the face. It's changing nothing. Rule Britania
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    They're fucking taigs the lot of them and I'll hear no different.
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    A lead story about a youngster being abused by Gordon Neely and his Dad beating Neely up ... in the clubs changing room he had the kid pull down his pants after saying he was bad and the other coaches all laughed the club in question was Hibs yet the picture is the gates of Ibrox Pals of our board the Record is just remember that let that sink in
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    Where exactly are these hard hats coming from because it certainly won't be from their work the benefit claiming trampy vagrants
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    It's a misunderstanding, it's to stop their boys club coaches jizzing in their hair
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    Ban them, smelly mhutants. Them and their ira songbook are not welcome.
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    Every player you bring in is to help the team win. Garner is very clearly doing that. Nobody gives a fuck who's name is on the scoresheet so long as we are winning.
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