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    They'd be better taking ear defenders,and Sky will turn down the microphones pitchside because they are going to get it fucking rotten come Hogmanay.
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    Does it never dawn on these idiots how easy they are to wind up, how simple they are that they believe any old shite, that keeps them reading and donating to a compulsive liar that takes the piss outta them. One that makes such a good living out of the thick cunts, that others are now doing the same? Donate, write any old shite, keep the brain dead donating, it's Xmas soon, need a few more coins in. I wonder if 40 names gets a cut from his apprentice JJ, I mean, that's proper stealing his idea. Still, then again, loads of brain dead taigs to write any old shite to, knowing they'll lap it up, keep the cash flowing. It's hilarious when you think about it, these cunts making a living writing absolute bollocks and laughing like fuck at their own. I don't know what to be worried about most, the massive bill we're gonna get for stealing all this water, or our ground collapsing around us??? To all the taigs reading this, ffs give your head a shake, stop being such an embarrassment to yourself, have you no self respect? Then again, you knowingly, yes KNOWINGLY support a club that covered up child rape, and as such are just as guilty for any other children being abused, so how could anyone like that have any self respect, right enough. Fucking repugnant creatures. Oh, and don't forget to donate, you fucking brain dead idiots
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    Our Stadium may fall down, our main holding company may have died but this club have never once hidden a paedophile and stopped justice from taking place I'd rather die with out history than live with yours
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    Personally I'm all for it, will be a new experience for most of them, first opportunity to put on work-wear!
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    Have these mhanky cunts ever had an original idea in their sad and sorry lives.
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    They probably all went up in a vauxhall zafira
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    They might as well add to their other safety wear. THERE WERE PAEDOPHILES AT PARKHEAD AND YOUR CLUB KNOWS AND HIDES THEM!!!!!
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    Rangers should call their bluff and release a club statement like the following:: The club's structural engineers, professional ground staff and the local authority stadium inspectorate have all confirmed there are no safety concerns over the structure and fabric of the Broomloan Stand for the forthcoming match. However, in the light of the unfounded safety concerns expressed by some elements of the Celtic support in the press, and their proposal to wear unnecessary highly visible safety headgear to the match, Rangers Football Club have taken the decision to close the Broomloan Stand for this match. Unfortunately, this will mean that we cannot accommodate any of the Celtic support at this match. Rangers would reiterate that the club has absolutely no safety concerns over the Broomloan Stand. However, in the light of the proposed unwarranted actions by Celtic fans, and the fact this match will be televised to a worldwide audience, Rangers are instigating the closure measures to protect the reputation of the club and Ibrox Stadium. Although unfortunate, we are sure that both Celtic Football Club and their supporters will appreciate better than anyone that a football club's perceived reputation and good standing has to be protected above everything else. I know it won't happen but would love to see the club release such a statement even if it was just a wind-up for a few hours. You can bet your life that the dark side, their fans and the Scottish press would quickly go into meltdown, wouldn't think it quite so funny when 'a bit of football humour' is directed at them.
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    That should be a banner. "hard hats won't protect you from your vile history"
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    Yeah,introducing sectarianism to Scottish football
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    My wee boy cant take a fruit shoot in to the game...how the fuck can they take a plastic hat in?
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    William Hill Man of the Match champagne awarded to Martyn Waghorn ( hat - trick v Cowdenbeath , 5-1 Scottish Cup 10/1/16. ) Signed and dated by Waggy.
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    I hope their buses break down too And it takes 24 hours.....for anyone to find what road they are on
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    Just to say a massive thank you to everyone that has got a ticket for the GB fantastic raffle. WATP. Thank you once again guys.
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    "Dad, why did I only get a tangerine for Xmas when all the other boys on the street got PS4s?" Green brigade da: "Invested all your xmas money in 100 green hard hats to annoy the Rangers son. Time to grow up, there is no Santa, no money left and it's all about the Rangers!"
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    Where exactly are these hard hats coming from because it certainly won't be from their work the benefit claiming trampy vagrants
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    It's a misunderstanding, it's to stop their boys club coaches jizzing in their hair
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    Ban them, smelly mhutants. Them and their ira songbook are not welcome.
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    Let's see if Aberdeen charge Motherwell again for tickets eh? We all know they won't because Motherwell fans will just not bother going, too often we get the pish ripped out of us for being the most loyal fans in Scotland Fuck Dundee Utd btw
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    Oh the irony. Sheep game abandoned after 6 minutes due to floodlight failure. Apparently the mains transformer blew and its so old there's no spares for it. The diesel generators packed in now as well. Pittodrie is falling apart.........
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    They actually are. But you're a good cunt mate. That's cunt in the good sense
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    The Cunts got a fortune spent on it as well it's always good when you have MP and the Local Government pulling the strings for you.
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    Nah they nicked that ideas from hivs, then went back and stole their players, thieving pikey bastards since 1888.
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    The Smoking Gun What Did Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly Know? Of the four companies that Jim Torbett was involved in, Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly was involved with three of them: PLANROLE LIMITED Dissolved CENTENARY SCOTCH WHISKY LIMITED Dissolved THE TROPHY CENTRE LIMITED More worryingly though during my investigations I found a fourth company that Convicted Paedophile Jim Torbett was a director in FAIRBRIDGE IN SCOTLAND Dissolved (Director Resigned 20/02/1997) FAIRBRIDGE IN SCOTLAND appears to be a charity involved with helping young people. I’m glad to say that the date of his resignation was over a year before he was brought to justice but in the midst of the whole Celtic boys club scandal. But this begs the question DID Jim Torbett have access to young children there too? That is for another day. I find it astonishing that Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly so close to someone as to be part of three of the four companies he was a director or indeed owner of said companies would not know what type of man he was. I mean if you are going to go into business not once but thrice with someone. Trust your livelihood with someone you should be at least be a good judge of the person’s character one would suggest. In my humble opinion this link between former Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly and convicted Sexual deviant Jim Torbett suggests to me that their association with each other transcended just business. I believe it was a close personal friendship and here’s why. Jim Torbett had a regular seat in the Parkhead directors’ box as guest of his pal, Celtic Chairman Kevin Kelly. Hugh Birt during the 80’s had bravely came forward to Hugh Birt raised the claims with then Celtic vice-chairman Kevin Kelly after complaints were made by parents that boys were being taken away for weekends when no games were involved and sexually abused. There were also fears that Torbett was taking boys to non-existent weekend tournaments Kevin Kelly, promised to investigate and the claims were reported to the Boys’ Club committee. But minutes from that meeting have vanished. Kevin Kelly passed the issue to manager David Hay also at the time. Kevin Kelly, along with convicted paedophile Jim Torbett and boys’ club general manager Frank Cairney who also was accused of abusing boys in his care ask Hugh Birt to resign. When he refused, Celtic withdrew his ticket to the directors’ box and he had no option but to get out. Hugh Birt said at the time: “It appears the Celtic board want to look in the other direction in the hope the trouble will go away.” Jim Torbett invited Kelly to become a director of the Trophy Centre chain. It is not clear why a man like convicted paedophile Jim Torbett who at the time was widely regarded as a child abuser was allowed back into a position of responsibility at the boys’ club. Maybe Kevin Kelly, who was still honorary president of the boys’ club, who was fellow director of Torbett’s company The Trophy Centre along with fellow Celtic board member Jack McGinn was also an employee could answer that? TIMELINE 1966: Celtic Boys’ Club is founded by Jim Torbett with the backing of Sir Robert Kelly Celtic Chairman backed by Kevin Kellys Uncle Celtic Chairman Sir Robert Kelly. 1971: Celtic Chairman Sir Robert Kelly Dies. Kevin Kelly takes his place on the board. 1972: Jock Stein ousts Jim Torbett as Boys’ Club general manager after allegations that boys were being sexually abused. He is replaced by Frank Cairney. Hugh Birt, a photographer and Celtic associate, is made chairman. 1970s: The Boys’ Club prospers and produces some great talent including Tommy Burns, Paul McStay, Roy Aitken, Peter Grant. But during that era, rumours of abuse are rife. 1986: Jim Torbett’s return to Celtic Boys Club as a fundraiser Kevin Kelly is vice-chairman 1989: Kevin Kelly becomes a director in CENTENARY SCOTCH WHISKY LIMITED along with Jim Torbett. 1989: Kevin Kelly becomes Manager in General Managers Jim Torbetts THE TROPHY CENTRE LIMITED Company. 1991: Kevin Kelly becomes Celtic Chairman 1991: Kevin Kelly becomes a director in PLANROLE LIMITED along with Jim Torbett 1991: Frank Cairney resigns as general manager and part-time coach at Celtic Football Club following a trip to New Jersey where a young Celt was allegedly abused. 1994: Kevin Kelly is ousted as Celtic Chairman October 25, 1996: Jim Torbett charged with sex offences. November 4, 1998: Torbett stands trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court charged with molesting three youngsters in his care including Alan Brazil. November 12, 1998: Torbett is found guilty. 15 August 2005: Kevin Kelly retires from the trophy centre http://paedofiles.com/sport/the-celtic-sex-case/ Stumbled across this as well,Why Torbett left.. Don't laugh.
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    That's absolute brutal for the Motherwell fans who made the journey. Get it fuckin round them.
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    Ffs Masons sent up their master electrician obvs
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    Genuinely can't wait for this. 3 generations Of The family and my best mate all heading over. I've missed my Euro trips. Worst thing about the demotion imo
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    My little sheep lol done really well at his Christmas play.
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    I think that is absolutely correct. I think it's a bit more complicated than just "good old govanblue" Sure, my efforts have been pretty impressive, and certainly tireless. But the only reason I can even consider launching all these schemes, one after the other, is because I know that there are so many Members out there who are not only happy to support our efforts, but are determined to support them. You might not find all these Members constantly slugging it out in the "Same old argument, same old posters" threads. (unless there are grammar issues that need addressing. ) but the various lists in my various Fund Threads show that they are most definitely there, most definitely making contributions, and most definitely making an impact. And RangersMedia deserves more credit than bluepeter says too. Before I came along, RM had their very own PayPal donate mechanism, where anything you donated went straight to them. As I understand it, most of it went on hookers and cocaine, and whatever was left they would maybe donate to Charities. But since I "borrowed" their PayPal account 4 years ago, and never gave it back, they have effectively been completely deprived of hookers and coke. Imagine what 4 years without hookers and coke would do to you!!! Although admittedly, I don't actually know that much about the world beyond RM, I still can't think of many fans' forums who I think would be so happy to completely hand over their main income stream like that, not to mention to take on the amount of admin and other hassles associated with the massive increase in PayPal activity which resulted. So really, there are three key elements, all of which are equally essential.
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    They are worse than that they are absolute filth from top to bottom.
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    Was at the City match tonight with a mate from work. Was showing his boy Scottish stadiums on my phone and his old boy couldn't believe they chose their midden to showcase the commonwealth games. It was an absurd decision when you think about it. Ibrox is unique whilst that's a ten a penny sports arena. Will be a novelty for their woman and children to see their dads and husbands in work related gear. I think we could manage for a year without the Broomloan if need be, so hopefully the stupid cunts have jinxed themselves.
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    Think we're in the Berlin Mark hotel. Can't wait for it!!
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    isnt it lifted from actual KDS posts?
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    Don't know, but anybody that wanted a ticket seems to have got one easily which is a good thing, I would imagine we are going to have at least 3000 bears there and people who live in Germany added to that figure, going to be a great trip.
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    I am traveling both ways on my own fair enough I will be meeting some over there get yourself over mate
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    Put me down for two tickets. If I win anything, please add it back into the raffle.
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    Rangers supporters would like to extend their deepest sympathies to all the children and their families that have been affected by the ongoing cover up by CFC and the media regards all the perverted sex acts carried out on innocent children and hidden by people employed by CFC
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    Don't anybody cares about how we fair up against Leipzig. I'll care how the price/quality ratio of the bevy stacks up