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    Why do we even need commentators anyway? They're only their to piss you off.
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    The most obvious transfer ever has happened. Commons to Hibs
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    It's been fun guys, i'm off. Between a family death and some folk on here not knowing when to quit a crap joke, I'm leaving bears den. Not going to lie, i loved this place. It was a great place to get a laugh, discuss rangers stuff and so on. I only wanted to better the place, i seen how good it was an wanted to add to that goodness. Mainly by posting match threads, thought provoking questions and rangers realted media. There was some shit ones, I'll admit that no problem. All the best to most of you and Rangers. If we get 55 this season it'll be brilliant. Regardless I'll still follow Rangers FC loyally. RFCRobertson
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    He gets pelters on here because he is not good enough. The guy is a liability. He will be anonymous against the tims.
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    Bit annoyed Hill isn't playing to be honest. Him and Kiernan are the best pairing we have at the back. Wilson and Kiernan is a disaster waiting to happen sometimes
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    I wish there was a a Sutton mute button it would make viewing so much more of an enjoyable experience or even just mute commentators and have crowd mics maxed up swearing and bigotry included.
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    This on BT Sport aye? I'll need to get prepared to hit the mute button on my remote for whenever Sutton opens his gob. The "Sutton Button" if you will.
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    Can't read the article, in the Evening Times they were stating that the police are looking into 109 allegations of child sex abuse in Scottish Football. I'm in no way saying that the majority of these should be associated with Celtic, but if the shoe fits....
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    THANK FUCK FOR THAT But seriouslyn we played well until they scored so all you negative cunts get it up ye
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    the teams shooting is howling, maybe that is because of the lack of player quality though
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    We are running riot and that prick Butcher has come out with a goal for Hamilton could change the gAme. Ffs
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    and they wonder why Scottish football and the national side are a joke
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    He's not exactly running the show but Barrie McKay is at the centre of everything good we do today.
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    I got pelters in the Boardroom dection for saying something similar. There are some who think that, just because a player captained Rangers, the sun shines out their arse.
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    Tav. Fuck sake. He should be banned from going anywhere on the pitch that resembles a right-back position.
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    All the Auld boys rested for the plastic pitch. Blankets, Tea and Biscuits in the dugout. Rangers 4-0 Waghorn- Garner double act.
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    Mind he ate all your wee guys wispa when he was meant to only have a week bit
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    Hill back in, other than that the same team. Time to take our home form on the road, 3-0 us.
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