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    Heard they had a minutes applause for commons on the 15th minute or something he's out on loan no fucking deed. An absolute riddy of a support.
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    You listen to Butcher on BT the other night saying tarriers wouldve put 5 past Hamilton and thats the difference between us and them.......Literally days after they beat them 1-0 at home. Says it all really, sooner we put them back in their place the better.
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    The guy who runs our bus just text to say our tickets arrived. 10 of us in the lower section. Can't wait for this trip now
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    It's been fun guys, i'm off. Between a family death and some folk on here not knowing when to quit a crap joke, I'm leaving bears den. Not going to lie, i loved this place. It was a great place to get a laugh, discuss rangers stuff and so on. I only wanted to better the place, i seen how good it was an wanted to add to that goodness. Mainly by posting match threads, thought provoking questions and rangers realted media. There was some shit ones, I'll admit that no problem. All the best to most of you and Rangers. If we get 55 this season it'll be brilliant. Regardless I'll still follow Rangers FC loyally. RFCRobertson
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    Yet another game hyped up to fuck by Sky Sports turns out to be a boring pile of wank.
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    I've done a fiver on no goals no bookings 300/1 it'll be over by 30 seconds no doubt
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    Inevitable collapse tomorrow: Cook 17 Jennings 36 Root 89 Moeen 59 then 0 0 3 0 6 0 Etc
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    The only way he misses the tarriers is if he gets sent off in this game, or St Johnstone. It takes 14 days for the ban to kick in so he cannot miss tarriers now.
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    Don't think it's on tv mate, think it was changed to 12:30 as both clubs agreed the early kick off was better on Christmas Eve.
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    Broadfoot could still out-pace it
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    Arkham Asylum is an amazing place in fiction, don't associate it with those beasty fucks please.
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    Tav was poor? Aye his shooting was poor but had he brought his shooting boots he'd have been in line for MoTM. Nice to see a midfielder driving into the box and creating chances for himself, now he needs to find the target.
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    German football doesn't allow a sponsors name in the club name. Marketed as RB because everyone associates it with Red Bull.
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    185 mph only if you pay the higher price on the ICE express. regional trains are much slower with lots of stops. WATP ICE LOYAL.
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    you way too much over examined my hungover attempt at a joke ffs
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    Their downward spiral begins when we beat the cunts at Ibrox! That is before we get to their off field antics.
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    If Commons is as fat as people are saying he is he can fill the 4 midfield jerseys. I see the 40 million pound striker has scored again today, well done Liam Boyce. Think the 456009 million pound striker is on the bench at the piggery beside the pyoor amazin new messi.
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    ffs the wee man is the most sensible out of that group mind and take 36 wispa's and 122 fruit shoots lol
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