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    Just illegally downloaded it.
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    He won the header fair and square Ffs.
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    There's a much more important fund raiser going on that would make a huge difference if 70,000 people donated 0.99p https://www.gofundme.com/joshuaburnsadair
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    Some amount of miserable bastards on here.
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    Gregco on Twitter is arguing with a Little Mix fan and he sent her this
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    not overly fond of that one. Sorry.
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    I don't like Little Micks or big Micks for that matter.
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    Sod it went and bought it, a bit of fun at Xmas doesn't hurt anyone, reminds me a bit of when we got Tina Turner back into the Top 10.
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    Bought it there, not cause I like it or because it's funny - just to annoy @K.A.I
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    Joe Swash helping his identical twin
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    Imagine our own Christmas number 1 blaring over the tannoy after joe scores the winner on Hogmanay with 8000 tramps sloping out o the broomloan devastated.
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    a lot of betting companies are picking up this now
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    You do a great job. But thats poor throwing that down everyones throat like that. Everyone has likely donated and will donate again to that great cause. Just saying like....
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    Already? I got in at a good time. Need to spread the word. Get non Rangers fans to get it. Must be a Dave Clark Five fan club somewhere that should be made aware of this
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    Imagine was no 1 a few years back
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    No 9 in this weeks chart, due to some mad bastards on twitter. If only ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ had thought about bringing out a song for xmas, they could pay off some of their legal fees.
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    Since the big Dembele last scored Garner's had 4 MOTM Awards, defeated the IRA, destroyed Little Mix, assaulted a christmas tree and had a christmas number one.
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    I'm just disappointed that so many Rangers Fans seem to think this a worthwile cause for their money, when there are Erskine Veterans out there in desperate need of Christmas Party Donations... I guess it's all about priorities, eh?
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    You vote YES & SNP - you shouldn't even be on here. I win taig boy.
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    Hate this gay shite let the tarriers do it instead
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    No mate, just the iTunes app on the iPhone. Back to 6th now, the tarriers a e probably frantically downloading any other song in the top 10
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    Twitter has been absolute epic tonight. ??
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    The 5-1 game was never a 5-1 game and we all know it. Mckays chance goes in and its 2-2 and we have our tails up at Parkhead. We were all over them the first 20mins of the second half. Senderos ruins it for us and the manager shows us his balls by going for it instead of shutting up shop and taking a 3-1 defeat. What team isn't going to concede with midfielders in the defence? It flattered the fuck out of them and they've rode on it ever since. I wish we hit the ground running at the start and we could've went into the New years game behind them in single figures. It isnt delusional to think we could be that close to them. Everything possible had went against us from August to the start of November. Since we've had a settled team and less injuries we've looked pretty good. I do think we'll beat them but our early season form has cost us the league IMO. But stranger things have happened. If teams played like they did against us against them they would have dropped more points than they have
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    Tbf penny arcade has "Blue turned into Green and then it was Red" of course when he say's never be blue it means never be sad So when you REALLY think about it, it means we'll never be blue so long as WE HAVE JOEY GARNER
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    So you might think things have got a bit quiet on the Erskine Front - there have been good reasons for that, which I'll explain some other time. But just because it's been quiet, doesn't mean we've forgotten about them. As is our tradition, I have today posted three cheques to the 3 Erskine Homes to go towards their Christmas festivities. We intentionally leave it late each year so that they've already got all their party preparations in place, so our bonus donation gives them a chance to splash out on some luxury extras. This Christmas, we've given £150 to Erskine Park Home, £150 to Erskine Glasgow Home and £200 to Erskine Bishopton Home (they're the bigger home) I'll let you know what the other two Homes get up to, once they let me know. Total Cost: £500
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    Nicked from Gregco on Twitter
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    Lots of tims are wanting to know how many were in the Dave Clark Five.........
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    It helps that it's in that advert and also Palace & City fans have their versions It's harmless fun, no idea why anyone would get annoyed by it, except tarriers obviously
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    Changed my mind actually. Buying a few today! Its 100/1 on skybet for Xmas no.1 Buy it now everybody
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    Yesterday i was talking in the shop about different currys 1 got mentioned i said i think thats a pakistan curry then a bystander told me you cant say that ?
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    Amazing effort. Saw on twitter that Crystal Palace fans are getting on board with this as its a song they have sang for years.
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    Getting the tune from 200 odd to 8th in the charts is class tbh Tims Will be spewing they couldn't get their shitey song that the media are clamouring on about up in the charts
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    You say that you love me All of the time You say that you need me You'll always be mine coz weve got Joey Garner....
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    What you on about? That's what I do. I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the RM Erskine Fund btw. (that's also what I do. )
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    Been to Selhurst Park with my wee lad a few times recently, he loves it when Palace come out to this tune. I have told him if he thinks that is good he should wait for his first trip to Ibrox.
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    fuck off really? Well we've been having a good December so far, beating Hearts, Aberdeen at home and Accies aways. Inverness should be 3 points, ST j could be a hard one but there's a pretty good chance we're leaving this month with 15/16 out of 18. The pressure I mean is from this unbeaten run they're on, that kind of thing can put pressure on players.
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    I have no idea what any of this means.
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    Paedophiles get upset at anything.
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    Paid 99p via Amazon and was given a £1 credit for my next purchase or rental of a movie or tv series lol
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    Posted it on Reddit and their fb page.
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    Could happen just about anywhere in the world. If you want to ensure your safety, travel to antartica - you'd probably die of frost bite though
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