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    Just illegally downloaded it.
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    He won the header fair and square Ffs.
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    100% there should be a minutes silence! We don't play again until the middle of January! it's got fuck all to do with them! If they ruin it then that's on them, but to not have one because we are playing them would be utterly pathetic!
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    There's a much more important fund raiser going on that would make a huge difference if 70,000 people donated 0.99p https://www.gofundme.com/joshuaburnsadair
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    Some amount of miserable bastards on here.
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    Gregco on Twitter is arguing with a Little Mix fan and he sent her this
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    not overly fond of that one. Sorry.
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    I don't like Little Micks or big Micks for that matter.
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    Sod it went and bought it, a bit of fun at Xmas doesn't hurt anyone, reminds me a bit of when we got Tina Turner back into the Top 10.
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    Of you don't have it they mhanky bastards will have got their way.
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    Unlikely due to them being the scum they are ..... after all, there is only one thing they are famous for keeping quiet about .... and that silence has lasted for decades .....
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    Even if we did and those mutants ruined it we all know the Commentators/ Scottish press would shift the blame. Bet the mics would be turned down too then turned up when our fans start signing with the token apology.
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    Here's an idea,why don't the board do their job and seek investment?
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    I'm sure the club hold a private ceremony anyway do they not? I don't see why we should change something we do every year to pander to they arseholes! Its like having minutes applause for rememberance, why?! All because they have no respect! Fuck them! If they ruin it, it's on their heads & all it does is highlight what low life's they are!
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    Will be disappointed if we don't ask for a minutes silence. If we don't then the rhabid cunts win. Let the commentators turn the mics down. Let them apologise for us singing a bad word. But do not let the bastards win on this.
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    Bought it there, not cause I like it or because it's funny - just to annoy @K.A.I
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    You really will start a thread for anything.
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    Joe Swash helping his identical twin
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    We should do minute silences every week for the weans they raped
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    Imagine our own Christmas number 1 blaring over the tannoy after joe scores the winner on Hogmanay with 8000 tramps sloping out o the broomloan devastated.
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    a lot of betting companies are picking up this now
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    You do a great job. But thats poor throwing that down everyones throat like that. Everyone has likely donated and will donate again to that great cause. Just saying like....
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    If truth be told I just fired a number oot there
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    I don't even think it should be up for discussion , If we as a club decide to have a minutes silence then that's what we should do without even a second of thought to the behaviour of that shower of rat bastards , their fuck all to do with us, if they decide to disrupt it then that's their doing not ours , why should we let them be involved in our pre-match decisions whatever they may be, they are scum before the game , will be scum during it and will continue to be scum well after it, have our silence and to hell with they smelly tramps .
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    Already? I got in at a good time. Need to spread the word. Get non Rangers fans to get it. Must be a Dave Clark Five fan club somewhere that should be made aware of this
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    There won't be a minutes silence which I'm happy about, don't want to give those cunts a chance to ruin it. If needed, would be good if Rangers put something on on the second so that those who wish to pay their respects, can do so in a peaceful manner.
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    Imagine was no 1 a few years back
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    I don't think anyone is 'celebrating' being second, merely celebrating each good result as it comes. Ticking off the 'back up and beating them again' box on the checklist as we work our way back up to being champions. If we can't celebrate giving Hearts and Aberdeen a good beating, then what's the fucking point in going to Ibrox anymore. Cunts on here are so negative that you can't even enjoy a good win, without some moany bastard popping up to say 'aye but we're not top yet' and 'we are Rangers so we should be'.
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    No 9 in this weeks chart, due to some mad bastards on twitter. If only ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ had thought about bringing out a song for xmas, they could pay off some of their legal fees.
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    Since the big Dembele last scored Garner's had 4 MOTM Awards, defeated the IRA, destroyed Little Mix, assaulted a christmas tree and had a christmas number one.
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    the negative is obviously that you spend the year 2 money before the end of year 1 and the year 3 money before the end of year 2. You are eventually left with a huge hole in your finances. Dont be giving Dave King ideas either. He is bad enough.
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    I'm just disappointed that so many Rangers Fans seem to think this a worthwile cause for their money, when there are Erskine Veterans out there in desperate need of Christmas Party Donations... I guess it's all about priorities, eh?
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    Totally agree. We underplay our hand at times. The market dictates the price, and always has done, and if we have players happy to be here and playing well, that would contribute to their overall value also.
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    Fergie, big fergie, wee fergie, the quick fergie, mad fergie, that fergie n bazza
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    The minutes silence is for our dead and our fans to pay their respects. Thats all that should matter on the day.
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    You vote YES & SNP - you shouldn't even be on here. I win taig boy.
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    Basically. The database is 100GB or so in size. It's being rebuild in the background and its taking an age (33% just now)
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    Hate this gay shite let the tarriers do it instead
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    No mate, just the iTunes app on the iPhone. Back to 6th now, the tarriers a e probably frantically downloading any other song in the top 10
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    Calm down Clubber Lang. You need thicker skin if you want last on here
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    I.D. I fucking love you Gumbo ...............