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    The display by the 11 men on the park is all I care about. Its about time these fenians were brought down to earth with a bang.
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    Displays are alright but I prefer just a mass amount of scarves and flags around the ground.
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    I like the card displays but they're becoming all too common now. This was the best we've ever done and it's still not been topped to this day.
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    Rangers will not facilitate a flag display by Celtic fans at the New Year’s game The vile behaviour by Celtic fans at Parkhead during the last Old Firm game means that no group will be allowed in to set up a display at Ibrox.. The agreement between the two clubs to allow rivals fans to create such choreographies has been negated by the the murderous racist and sectarian display Celtic fans put on at Parkhead. No such display will be facilitated by Rangers. Individuals fans may of course sneak in materials one-by-one but the early opening of access and the carting in and distribution of boxes of materials by groups of Celtic fans is now at an end, due solely to their behaviour. Celtic and the relevant authorities are aware of this decision.
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    Have they released a statement about George Michael yet?
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    Have to laugh, got to the stage one tv just isn't enough lol.
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    Agreed .. well I like flags - but proper flags like Union flags, Ulster flags etc. We have proven loads through the decades and recently that we don't need stupid red, white and blue cards and tifo flags getting waved about to make a spectacle. After we done the Union flag display one against Porto they should have been stopped with the exception of the Armed Forces days at Ibrox as it wouldn't be topped. Take a look at any old game against them at Parkhead or Hampden for example and see thousands of Bears with the proper flags/colours of our country and in fine voice. Now it's ultra's trying to out-do each other with crap to be honest. I know I'm sounding like a miserable cunt as they're only making some noise and colour but I've thought for years they are inadvertently killing it instead.
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    canae wait till we get a hold of these cunts. Up the volunteers
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    Aye, turnstiles, food stalls and bogs could be a problem but not insurmountable, As for accidently spilling a large Bovril mug full of Presbyterian pish over a tarrier, well I don't see a problem with that,
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    This. Give them the corner like every other away team gets and tell them to fuck off. Give us reduced tickets at their shithole, no fucks given.
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    What a load of shit get the full fucking lot of them BANNED I don't care about the UB we are a club not a fans group.
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    Why are (or were) we letting ANYONE into our ground to do a card display, that we know the TV cameras would be zooming right in on. If theres a display to be done, it should be by OUR fans at OUR ground. We should never be helping out an opposing team in any way. Why give them a boost coming out the tunnel & seeing a big smelltic display? Get a display done by ourselves to let them know, this is OUR ground & OUR city? Get everyone in the stadium up on their feet & singing for the full game & drown these scumbags right out. Get it that loud, that the TV audience don't even realise that the scum are there. GET THE BATTLE FEVER ON!!!!!
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    Many thanks to @BUILDMYGALLOWS1986 @folkestoneger @MaddistonKnight @Poetry_In_Blue @Sparkle @TheBEST-Simples who each donated Hogmanay Match tickets for our Raffle. The 9 tickets raised over £700 for Wee Josh.
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    A massive test for Warburtons team. We've proved that we can deal with our top 4 challengers at home but away from home we've been disgraceful.
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    We should just have a simple banner with the number of the child abuse hotline. Simple and effective.
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    I'm not chucking it, I'm done with the manager. Playing bottom of the league team at Ibrox and we were clinging on. The manager doesn't have a plan B.
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    Well done to all those fine men and women who have put all that hard work into ... sweet fuck all. Hope you enjoyed yer coal and Madeline McCann calendars Taigs.
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    Aye. Just as well I quoted you before you fixed your wee typo ?
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    Right this is the "Laugh at Celtic thread" not the "Fawn over ex-Celtic players thread" so let's get back to business.
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    hoaw pope Fuck you! King Henry VIII we salute you bother Elizabeth I you and Queen Anne, we are forever in your debt for we would be living under pope rule God save the Queen FTP
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    Many thanks @folkestoneger @King's Troop @SW3 County Armagh RSCs Who each donated their unused tickets for the Christmas Eve game. We found a couple of good homes for some of them, and passed a couple of them on to some grateful Fund Members, who made some donations to our Fund. Total donations received on Christmas Eve - £140
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    Hate displays. Flags, scarves, singing, clapping and roaring. Holding thousands of wee display cards just makes the atmosphere quieter, less intimidating and more generic.
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    This game is vital. A win is a must for confidence going into Saturday. It won't be easy because St Johnstone are well organised, I just hope our players are fully focused and not distracted by the fact we have the game against them so soon after.
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    Ano it got beat and you'll be raging but cheers for two taffs- i put it in a combo forecast wie poker school
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    Good . Now that that seems sorted , can we now start arranging our own display . I'd go for the Union flags around the stands , like we did on a European night a few years ago and a big Stuttgart styled No Surrender
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    Think he'll be running a net ball team by then. This guy is way out his depth. He can't even do management speak far less talk football tactics.
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    Bovril mug? Fuck that, xxl diet Pepsi cup minus the Pepsi, plus steaming hot stinky piss. Oops,...
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    FFS we are daen.dips telling the waen the Catholics we hate
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    racing is good tomorrow, two taffs, the new one, thistlecrack and frodon are my 4 for kempton
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    The most popular song at the ceptic Xmas parties is a variation on this: The original version, was called, "Brother Walfrid, please don't touch me!" This might be worth reviving for Hogmanay.
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    This is also true
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    It's cause she's a wee pump lol
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    Actually unbelievable and they'll all lap it up as well. By Sutton's same logic, if Andy Robertson sold for £2.8m then Tierney is worth either the same or less as he's not better than him
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    Chris Sutton on Tierney "If Luke Shaw is worth £30 million as a full-back, Tierney has to be worth two-times that because he looks like one of best full-backs in Britain already." £60 million for Kieran Fucking Tierney
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    We're never getting into the English leagues. People really need to accept that and let it go.
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    Just dropped points to Raith at home, Dundee United 2 points clear of them. Rudi Skacel got subbed off and made a 5-1 gesture to their fans: If they fail to get promoted again it would be absolutely glorious.
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    IF this is true, I'm sorry to say, I'll never give this spineless board another penny. What were the UB's thinking about even asking the Bheast for anything? Didn't they know there would be requests for reciprocal arrangements? Will this agreement be expected every match now? Sad days when we let those bastards into our stadium early for anything.
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    Too early to tell but at the time we really couldn't risk getting the next managerial appointment wrong and I'm glad we avoided him.
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    I was thinking earlier. About a game at the piggery. Where they cunts swung effigies of me and folk like me. Where they held banners proudly telling me to know my place H**. I was there but got in about 5 minutes late as usual cos of their deliberate fuck up and fuck you set up to not accommodate us. Fuck knows if those that got in on time held up a wee coloured card. Their sectarian shite was and is a game changer. Give them what we are obliged to, not an inch more, and tell them to take a flying fuck to themselves, off the top tier if they want, with their request to get in early. Treat them with the contempt they deserve, as the scum of society forced upon us, not guests. Bheasts are not welcome guests. During the war, opponents called a truce on Xmas day. Fuck a truce here, it's war, on our patch, and it's fucking game on. Scum. Cuntish fucking cunty scum cunts. Not an inch.
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    From his wiki page: "Tunnicliffe was given a two-match ban for the start of the 2015–16 season, a £5,000 fine and ordered to take an educational course after calling Middlesbrough's Patrick Bamford a "sausage boy" over Twitter"
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    Yet they have both scored more goals than any of our strikers playing for poorer teams that create less chances. how do you explain that ?
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