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    In the queue for the underground yesterday and he came out n gave my wean n my friends boy a selection box Was a great gesture and want to say a big thanks cause my wee boy was so happy about it.
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    Louden have a lockin and free bar after every win against the bheasts. Ask for Greg and say Old Booler sent you to see him 🖒
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    The display by the 11 men on the park is all I care about. Its about time these fenians were brought down to earth with a bang.
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    Displays are alright but I prefer just a mass amount of scarves and flags around the ground.
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    Im more concerned with dynamically re-engineer mission-critical mindshare. The challenge facing RIFC is we need to intrinsically customize B2C growth strategies while at the same time we must monotonectally maintain elastic relationships. If we dont holisticly disintermediate efficient sources and competently disintermediate plug-and-play markets - I fear Garner may be isolated. If, and its a big if, we can quickly fabricate granular functionalities & holisticly engineer orthogonal resources - we may yet win the league.
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    I like the card displays but they're becoming all too common now. This was the best we've ever done and it's still not been topped to this day.
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    The louden was also handing out hot rolls to fans at the end of the game on the street as they walked past to head home, nice gesture i thought
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    First things first - if you're not already an RM Erskine Fund Member, then please join now. Membership for the remainder of the Season 2016/2017 costs only a minimum of £10 (or more if you prefer) That's it. Pretty cheap, huh? PM me to sign up. 213 RM Members have already done just that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are already an RM Erskine Fund Member, and want to make another donation, then who am I to stand in your way. Just PM me for donation instructions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Normally, we'd just give you the link to the RM PayPal page, and ask you to make your donation there, but we're having issues with that PayPal account, hence the need to PM me for alternative payment instructions. Still pretty straightforward, I just don't want to put the link on a public forum. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Every penny donated gets spent on good causes. See below for more info on what we spend your money on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I haven't updated the accounts for a while. That will need to wait till the PayPal issue is resolved. But in general terms, we're here... £5k - previous balance plus £1300 cash collected since last update plus a few hundred quid (not sure exactly how much yet) not yet collected from PayPal minus £2600 spent since last update Should leave us with a balance of about £4k But £3k of that is reserved for next season's Erskine and Combat Stress Season Tickets, so really we've got a little over a grand left. And a fair chunk of that will be needed to pay for the panto tickets we promised, and any upcoming Home Cup ties - oh, and an Argyle Lunch for Erskine Bishopton. So yeah, we'll be skint pretty soon. But I'm not too worried at the moment, because I expect that once we get the PayPal issue sorted out, we'll get quite a few spontaneous donations to top up the Funds, and make sure we can meet our chosen obligations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway, here's a snapshot of what we've spent our money on so far this season... Wishing Tree Wish 1 12 places on the Waverley Loch Long Cruise - paid for by @Taipan £100 donation to Wee Joshua Adair - the first of several donations to help this wee fella... 2 x Rangers Youth Members Scheme Annual Memberships for Wee Joshua and his brother - £50 21 Championship Medals bought and donated to Erskine, and 2 to Wee Josh and his brother. Medal proceeds to Rangers Former Players Benevolent Fund 2 tickets for the Rangers Legends v Pompey Legends Help For Heroes Charity Match – donated by @jayzer to Combat Stress, Tyrwhitt House, Surrey. 160 Whisky Miniatures donated once again by @Keeps01 to Erskine for their D-Day Ration Packs. Season Tickets: 4 Seats for Combat Stress (2 paid for by @One Jock Wallace , 1 paid for by @offshoreworker , and 1 paid for by All Fund Members 2 Seats for Erskine Park – Paid for by All Fund Members 2 Seats for Erskine Glasgow - Paid for by All Fund Members 2 seats donated by Rangers FC – for Erskine Park 4 Seats donated independently by Rangers Supporters Trust – for Erskine Bishopton Although the 4 RST seats were nothing to do with us, we have pledged to pay for those seats for any Home Cup ties that come up. So for that purpose, we count each of those 4 seats, and the 2 donated by Rangers FC as “one of our 14 season tickets” In the League Cup Group Stages for example… Rangers v Annan Athletic. 19/07/16 Rangers v Stranraer. 25/07/16 14 Smartcards activated for both games = 28 tickets. Plus 12 additional tickets Total for the 2 games: 40 tickets Cost: £260 Rangers v Peterhead – 28 tickets - £280 Rangers v QotS – 18 tickets - £150 Rising Stars – 20 tickets (£40) for each home League game = £720 Rangers Lotto – 6 tickets for 52 weeks = £312 Blankets and Umbrellas for the Veterans… Fish and Chips at Saltcoats for 12 – paid for by @smidro Season Ticket Seats donated to Erskine as emergency auction prizes for their Golf Night auction Plus a Star Prize Shark-tagging experience donated by @East Enclosure Row N Together these prizes raised over £1000 at their auction. One for the Ladies… Billy Elliott – The Musical Edinburgh Playhouse, 22 September. 4 Veterans, 4 Carers, 1 Driver. Total Cost: £143.50 Lunch in Palomino’s Restaurant for Erskine Bishopton Residents - £195 Donated £72 to Nith Valley RSC Then another £15 just as it closed, to round it off… Ibrox Stadium Tour and Argyle Restaurant Lunch for 12 from Erskine Park Home They forgot to take a photo of their Argyle Lunch after the tour, but it would have been something like this... Donations made towards the Rangers Charity Foundation Big Ibrox Sleep Out: I’m not sure exactly how much, but a big slice of the £2500 raised by the RangersRadio crew was directly from Fund members. Some more fish and chips… £500 donated to the Erskine Homes’ Christmas Parties… That's some of the more notable highlights. There have also been lots and lots of other news items, like the countless tickets donated to help the Fund, Raffle prizes donated, match ticket bonusball raffles, Championship Medal sales, and of course, the many additional donations made by so many Fund Members. Without whose continued loyal support, none of this would have happened. Oh and no need for "govanblue deserves a medal" - I got one earlier this year from Erskine. So that's me sorted for medals. Let's move on. Spending - Season 2016/17 £1,000.00 4 x S/T - Combat Stress Hollybush House £610 2 x S/T - Erskine Park Home £45.00 To Wee Josh from [ ] £570.00 2 x Season Tickets - Erskine Glasgow £140.00 28 smartcard activations - League cup group stage £30.00 3 medals - John [ ] Erskine RIP £10.00 1 'thank you' medal to [ ] £49.00 4 cup tickets v Annan, 4 cup tickets v Stranraer - Erskine Bishopton £10.00 wheelchair ticket v Stranraer £25.00 2 cup tickets v Annan, 2 cup tickets v Stranraer - Hollybush House £90.00 9 medals for Erskine (12 of 21 already paid for by members) £18.00 6 Umbrellas for Eskine £100.00 200 Rangers Clothing Items for Erskine £20.00 20 RFC Rings for Eskine Park £32.50 13 fish suppers for Erskine £55.00 4 smartcard activations & 2 tickets v Peterhead - Combat Stress £44.00 4 smartcard activations v peterhead - erskine Park £43.24 9 blankets for Erskine £56.00 5 smartcard activations (v Peterhead) for Erskine (1 Glasgow, 4 RST) £10.00 1 smartcard activation (v Peterhead) - Erskine Glasgow £12.00 1 wheelchair & 1 Companion ticket (v Peterhead) for Erskine £45.00 4 more tickets v Peterhead - For Erskine Park (Cottages) £45.00 4 more tickets v Peterhead - For Erskine Bishopton £23.00 2 more tickets v Peterhead - For Erskine Glasgow £143.50 9 tickets for Billy Elliot for Erskine £3.00 1 Umbrella for Erskine Glasgow £40.00 20 Rising Stars v Motherwell £7.00 wheelchair ticket v QoS £143.50 14 smartcards v QoS £10.00 10 scratchcards £195.00 Lunch for Erskine Bishopton - Ingliston Country Club £40.00 20 rising stars v Partick £72.00 donation to Nith Valley RSC JustGiving page £80.00 ticket sales donated to Wee Josh £15.00 donation to Nith Valley RSC JustGiving page £90.00 Wee josh - auction pledge £22.00 wheelchair semi final for Erskine £60.00 6 x lotto - weeks 11 to 20 £40.00 20 Rising Stars v St Johnstone £100.00 RM Fund donation to RR Ibrox Sleep Out £40.00 20 Rising Stars v Kilmarnock £10.00 RM donation to RR Ibrox Sleep Out £7.69 RM donation to RR Ibrox Sleep Out £149.20 Argyle Lunch for 12 (Erskine Park) £20.00 Argyle waitress tip £20.00 Stadium Tour Guide tip £25.00 Saltcoats Fish & Chips for 10 £40.00 20 Rising Stars v Dundee £28.00 lotto - from [ ]’s donation £40.00 rising stars v Aberdeen £51.00 Christmas Chocolates for TO staff, RCF staff, RYDC Staff £500.00 Erskine Christmas Cheques Total spent this season: £5,197.74
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    Rangers will not facilitate a flag display by Celtic fans at the New Year’s game The vile behaviour by Celtic fans at Parkhead during the last Old Firm game means that no group will be allowed in to set up a display at Ibrox.. The agreement between the two clubs to allow rivals fans to create such choreographies has been negated by the the murderous racist and sectarian display Celtic fans put on at Parkhead. No such display will be facilitated by Rangers. Individuals fans may of course sneak in materials one-by-one but the early opening of access and the carting in and distribution of boxes of materials by groups of Celtic fans is now at an end, due solely to their behaviour. Celtic and the relevant authorities are aware of this decision.
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    Have they released a statement about George Michael yet?
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    Right lads since Murray international holdings died who are your three favourite holding companies and why? Anytime I've watched watford I've always been impressed by their trading profit and loss account
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    Brilliant news as always GB. This is without doubt, one of the most heartwarming feelings that everyone who gives anything to the fund can feel, as they can make a slight difference to someone less fortunate, but more deserving than anyone of us.
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    You say newly promoted team like we are a Livingston or Gretna making the big league for the first time and punching above our weight. That's terrible terminology/patter to justify how shite we are doing because it makes some people feel better about not criticising.
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    Have to laugh, got to the stage one tv just isn't enough lol.
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    Agreed .. well I like flags - but proper flags like Union flags, Ulster flags etc. We have proven loads through the decades and recently that we don't need stupid red, white and blue cards and tifo flags getting waved about to make a spectacle. After we done the Union flag display one against Porto they should have been stopped with the exception of the Armed Forces days at Ibrox as it wouldn't be topped. Take a look at any old game against them at Parkhead or Hampden for example and see thousands of Bears with the proper flags/colours of our country and in fine voice. Now it's ultra's trying to out-do each other with crap to be honest. I know I'm sounding like a miserable cunt as they're only making some noise and colour but I've thought for years they are inadvertently killing it instead.
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    Square sausage I think mate.
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    canae wait till we get a hold of these cunts. Up the volunteers
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    Aye, turnstiles, food stalls and bogs could be a problem but not insurmountable, As for accidently spilling a large Bovril mug full of Presbyterian pish over a tarrier, well I don't see a problem with that,
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    This. Give them the corner like every other away team gets and tell them to fuck off. Give us reduced tickets at their shithole, no fucks given.
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    I agree with alot of what you say mate. It's a funny one. I like MW but think he's limited...can he improve..who comes in and does a better job? He's doing 75% of things right in my eyes. Become more tactically astute and maybe he can be a next level manager. Finding a way to win, at whatever cost is a must. Playing the way we play with better players and with a higher tempo is the way I want us to play until I go to my grave. It's when it fails we need to mix it up. The board is problem. I know you have a massive issue with them. However I can't see them leaving soon...I also can't see 40m being pumped into the club unless some Rangers daft man decides he wants what we want. Let's get it right, the taigs best player is a guy who failed for the last however many years to make the grade in the EPL, he's a decent Championship player.....we can, with the correct scouting unearth this level of player. They paid 3m or whatever for the fud, there are probably 1000s of guys like him plying their trade all over Europe. Scouting need to up their game. It's the only way I see us getting to their level within 2 or 3 years.
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    If he didn't lose his head in Florence then we would have won the UEFA Cup tbh. Lyon and Barcelona struggled to cope with him.
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    What have Reading fans got to do with this, and why are the deaf Motherwell fans not complaining too ? I agree £22 is too much for a Motherwell game, but even if it was £2.20 you'd probably still only get about a 100 Motherwell fans there, so Inverness may as well make some money from them. To be honest I have no time now for any other Scottish football fans, they made their bed when they chucked us down to the fourth league. And look where the likes of Dunfermline, St Mirren and Dundee Scum are now. Obsessed Rangers hating idiots the lot of them.
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    A massive test for Warburtons team. We've proved that we can deal with our top 4 challengers at home but away from home we've been disgraceful.
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    Said this for years. People from other clubs see the old form visits as their pay days and they squeeze an extra £5+ onto each ticket. It's just extortion. The point was clearly made when the fixtures came out and they were bickering about how many times rangers will visit them. All they see is 💰💰💰💰💰💰
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    I'm not chucking it, I'm done with the manager. Playing bottom of the league team at Ibrox and we were clinging on. The manager doesn't have a plan B.
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    Well done to all those fine men and women who have put all that hard work into ... sweet fuck all. Hope you enjoyed yer coal and Madeline McCann calendars Taigs.
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    Aye. Just as well I quoted you before you fixed your wee typo 😂
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    Glasgow city centre will be like Beirut on Hogmany, I'd stay clear tbh!
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    Good post but did we make a profit? Sorry did King make a profit? Also the holding loans position is key to our style of play and I fear we have no backup plan in place ( only a plan A) so we need a corporate style that plays fast and opens up others balance sheet for exoloitation. Ive heard other clubs run on ponzan chants to back up their Ponzi schemes of income generation a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a non-existent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors - which translates to screw the supporters - I hope we resist that tactic as we are the people.
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    I concur with absolutely everything dart posted
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    Honesty there's fuck all except from getting smashed in a shite hole in city centre. I've never understood tourists wanting to come here. Clyde's alright for a swim unless you wanna go home though
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    i liked lester piggot before he lost all claim to his jockey championships and was forced to become "THE lester piggot".
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    Out biggest problem, just like last season, is midfield. Felt confident 4 months ago with 7 players to choose from. Sadly through poor management decisions and injuries our midfield is still our biggest problem, players with little guile, little heart and even less creativity. Not sure dropping them is an option as we have no one to bring in. Up to the manager and the board to strengthen thus area in the xfer window.
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    Neil Mccann? Signed during big spending days and never expected much but he was class at times.
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    Am I the only one that felt Broadfoot was reliable?
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    Back to Waldo bashing again. Absolute pish, guy is a Rangers legend.
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    Kenny Miller is our stand out leader!
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    Right this is the "Laugh at Celtic thread" not the "Fawn over ex-Celtic players thread" so let's get back to business.
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    Ten days mate. If he's not back by then just wait another ten, then wait another and another and so on.
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    Halliday is pish, holt is decent and WTF is Tav doing playing in midfield??....if he's not doing it at RB then drop him!!....no point shoe horning him in!....get forester on FFS!!!