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    They would not be ceptic without some kind of child exploitation
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    They really are the worst cunts ever. If I found out my club sheltered a paedophile ring for years decades, I'd abandon them instantly. I certainly wouldn't vocally stick by them and try to moralise against every rival or opponent who is too good for them. Glass houses and stones, you know. I bet this shit goes all the way back to Walfrid. In years to come, it'll be revealed they've been part paedo-ring since their sordid inception, which was of course a sectarian segregationist strategy to keep the flock away from non-Catholics and other churches. They forget that the Catholic church in Scotland did fuck all for them until then and that it was the Church of Scotland soup-kitchens that motivated their sudden benevolence towards their own community's poorer members.
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    Totally agree with all of the above. Mocking the disabled is something you would expect from the bheasts, not supporters of rangers. We are better than this.
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    Happy New Year to Mark, Joshua & Family. You have been in our thoughts over the Festive period. Every Good Wish for 2017.
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    You know, I'm pretty confident they wheel him out, hoping he gets abuse so they can indulge in their mock offence and moralising. In fact, I'm certain they have a few of the usual suspects whose outrage is merely suspended, with their fingers hovering over their keyboards.
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    Home and dried out, I wonder where KIng was today ? was he at Ibrox ? if not, did he watch the game ? he and his board members need to have a right good look at themselves and ask is they are doing everything they can to compete and catch the scum. I am not sure if King really cares about beating them but we the fans who pay our money certainly do. The other problem for me is M W good enough to take us forward or bring in players better than we have. I thought after the Hearts & Aberdeen games we had turned a corner, but worst of all for me is the mental fragility our team has, we seem to play not bad when we are ahead but lose a goal and we crumble. It happened on Wed night and again today. No doubt a few frustrating weeks coming up to see what we do in the transfer window.
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