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    Let's hope that 2017 is a better year for us, couldnt ask for a better club. no fucking surrender lads.
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    Fucking legend. If there is still 'supporters' that disregard him then.....well I'm ruined. He has done nothing but give us 100%. As a player and as a pro. Its a shame he had an experience with them, but he is still a fucking legend. If halve the squad committed like him we'd be sorted.
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    Am I on an Aberdeen forum?
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    Well played Warburton. We, as fans are always looking for our club to stand up for Rangers, especially against the mhedia and this is exactly what he's done here, called them on their utter-desperation to show all things anti-Rangers
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    Happy New Year to everyone on RM, and no surrender, born a bluenose, and will die a bluenose.
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    I fucking kid you not, in the main stand right in front of me stood two senior police officers and a sergeant along with umpteen footsloggers doing they're best to try and catch bears singing TBB whilst fucking smoke bombs are being thrown onto the pitch and the fucking tramps jumping out the stand. I pulled the senior officer up and was threatened with the jail they took me down the stairs and questioned me about a lot of shit my name do I work etc. I gave them my name and told them I was until recently a senior non commissioned officer in the Royal Navy and the bullyboy tactics don't fucking work on me.took the name and number and will report him.The cunt.
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    Happy 2017 to all the bluenoses out there . Have a good but safe time . Hopefully 2017 will be a good year for our great club
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    Why the fuck would you want to watch that shite again?
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    Can't believe the club don't have their own hospital with an A&E dept and a full complement of doctors, nurses, consultants and surgeons. Welcome to Dave King's Rangers
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    It really scared them when they saw water coming out of the tap and thought it was an act of God and that's why they lit their candles.
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    I think we are in totally different circumstances from the boards perspective anyway. The spend little and as long as they get European football at the end they will be happy. Which is fine to an extent. From my point of view it is very frustrating. I would have bought my season ticket regardless, but fans were sold a vision based on bravado and to a certain extent, complete bullshit. Warburtons stubborness has cost us the points, but Kings bs regarding funds tied the managers hands behind his back before a ball was kicked. If it was my choice, I would be looking to replace Warburton if he isn't going to be given the tools. I would prefer to have a manager that had a plan a, b, c etc.
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    Saw Abdul outside tynecastle last time we were there. He was having words with someone and proceeded to calling the boy ( a white guy in his twenties) a fucking n****r. He's an absolute roaster and an embarrassment to us.
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    Yip that guy IRA who will never ever be defeated had a cracking game and that young lad Brit's out now was thundering into tackles. Sean south of garryowen was also out injured but they never forgot about him
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    Happy new year to everyone on this forum. Not been the best year for us but same time we are the greatest club in the world. NO SURRENDER
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    Happy New Year to all the Rangers family! All the best for 2017 to you and yours.
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    Happy new to all on RM.
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    The phrase I don't like hearing from our support is "it's our first year back, second or third is good". That's bollocks if you ask me. Second is never good enough for our club. The truth is if we had recruited properly in the summer we'd be competing with this bang average celtic team. Both the board and the manager are accountable for where we are.
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    He's a Muslim mate, they've done worse.
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    Fuckin hurting Bears, Guid New year Bears. Maybe 2018 will be oor year. Fuck the Pope, We are still The People.
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    It's all linked - to the lack of respect and fight at the club that our fans demand. Too many at our club right now don't get it. The whole attitude has to change.
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    First goal, another corner. Danny Wilson is marking Dembele, he then decides to go and attack a ball he was never going to work and it bypasses him and straight to the cunt who then has time to control the ball first before shooting. Danny Wilson needs to take a good hard look at himself over this. His job was clearly to mark Dembele, why he strayed from his duties I don't fucking know. Only he knows. second goal, was it Armstrong? Ran right through two Rangers players (was it Wilson again?) and Halliday I'm sure. Could be wrong in that, but there's no excuses for one of them not tracking him, it was disgraceful school boy defending. The future is simple, either King lives up to his promises provides the funds or there is the very real chance this mhob will get 10 in a row it really is that simple. between now and the summer we clearly need a lot of new players and not just any new players, we need quality. This excuse we keeping hearing from Warburton about how the English teams are outbidding and outdoing us in terms of searching for quality, bullshit! That mhob have managed to get Dembele and Sinclair. Two cracking players for them, there is no reason why we can't get similar quality players. we need two quality centre backs, a quality right back that can defend, a quality defensive midfielder, a quality attacking midfielder, a quality winger and a quality striker that can score goals. Without the money the imposter in the directors box promised us, we're a long way from that and the bheggers IMO are just going to get stronger aswell. I really am worried about the next few years.
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    We could go on about funds/signings etc all day long. On Wed we were well on top against St Johnstone. Their manager recognised it, made a sub in first half and changed his tactics to nulify us. Nothing from Warburton just the usual like from like subs. A blind man could see, from the 35th minute yesterday, that Sinclair was roasting Tavernier and to an extent Kiernan. Nothing from Warburton to counter this, not a tactical change or even a substitution. i also accept that managers are loyal to players but Guys like Tav,Holt and even Wallace have all struggled at points this season but never been dropped..
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    take a bow sir headed and kicked everything today the unmovable mountain..
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    It was a bad challenge but we're clutching at straws here.
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    He had to wait on babn getting his stomach pumped before being seen.
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    All the best to each and every bear and bearette. The older I get (and probably more I drink), I realise we truly are the people 🇬🇧💙🇬🇧💙
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    We will argue, we will disagree, we will talk shit at times, but we are all bears ( well obviously not you taig lurking bastards) so best wishes for the new year everyone. WATP.
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    Haliday is pish His boots are pish I am.pished. End Thread /
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    We don't expect any better from the police but why the fuck was a Rangers employee not there telling him to fuck off and removing the scarf? Soft touches, from the boardroom to the players and right through the club. It's becoming embarrassing. We let them stroll up to Ibrox and do whatever they wanted today.
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    Yesterday’s score-line was flattering to us. Yes, in the later stages we could have stolen an equaliser through Kenny (our best player once again imo) but the fact is they also hit the woodwork (twice) and largely dominated the hallowed turf of Ibrox in the second half. If it were not for a combination of Wes being at the top of his game and their strikers getting squeaky arseholes it could easily have been 4-1 or 5-1. Simple fact: Yesterday demonstrated once again that we have not significantly improved since the start of the season (or since April, if truth be told). Waghorn is nowhere; Halliday and Kiernan make me nervous every time they get the ball, and why the fuss over Garner exactly?? We went into the game on the back of a lucky run: nicking late winners in injury time or limping through by a single goal when we should have been cruising. Let’s be honest, our failure to beat St Johnstone mid-week was typical of our inconsistency in converting chances. And even ahead of the scum game, Warburton was on camera making excuses by referring to the “best Celtic run in twenty years”. So what happened to “forget the rest, concentrate on us”, Mark? Back in 2015, despite the pep talk from Sir Davie, Warburton had no fucking concept of the task he was taking on in managing the mighty Glasgow Rangers. He may have made the right noises but he had no true appreciation of the size and passion of our support or the huge weight of expectation placed on the manager of our great club. This was not a position that could be explained by means of finances, statistics or even the history books. To be successful, one has to first understand that to manage THE RANGERS FC is, first and foremost, an honour akin to shooting down the last Nazi Junker to trouble the banks of the Clyde. So is Warburton to blame for his signings and tactics or is Dave King to blame for failing to supply the budget necessary to compete with Brenda? My own humble assessment would be a combination of the two. King has NOT made the necessary funds available. Even bearing that in mind, Warburton has FAILED to impress as a Rangers manager. What is now clear to me is that, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, it is ESSENTIAL that Dave King proves himself a worthy custodian of The Rangers FC by providing the budget we desperately need. We are crying out for quality signings that can augment the best of what we currently have on the books in order to create a squad on par with what we had pre-liquidation. If Warburton is then able to deliver then great, and if not he can fuck off. Without question we URGENTLY NEED TO knock these cheapskate whingers of notorious ‘confused identity’ off their perch at the top of the Scottish game. It must surely be a perplexing sight for overseas football viewers to see hundreds of Irish tri-colours form the backdrop to the SCOTTISH Premier League celebrations year after year. Fuck sake, let’s restore some common sense. We are the TRUE holders of the mantle of Scottish football. It is our forefathers who built a great industrial nation and who fought to preserve our freedom (as, indeed, we continue to do now through our brave armed forces). We are not leaches who suck all we can get from the country that supports us whilst proclaiming ourselves sons of another nation. WE ARE TRULY THE PEOPLE. Fuck the SNP, the SFA and the do-goody trendy lefties who want to paint Scotland an interesting shade of rhepublican beige. We deserve better ffs. We are RANGERS FC! It may well be the case that I have to accept that ‘they’ control large sections of the media and have unfair influence over local and national government but I will be ABSOLUTELY FUCKED if I have to accept those rhabid terrorist sympathisers dominating Scottish football for much longer.
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    Another superb performance today, got to give him tremendous credit after his start to the season.
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    I never usually start threads and this is the reason why so I apologise in advance but we did not sing enough loyalist, Traditionally songs tht celebrate our culture and heritage today. We tried to get some songs going but we should be hearing here lies a soldier, we spot in Europe, men behind the wire, fields of ulster. Daddy's uniform, never mind tht but the sash never even got sung once which should be on our list of songs against them all the time. Yes the atmosphere was amazing but just not enough of our traditional songs get sung now. Blue sea ibrox is good but not what we are looking for against the scum. i know we have bigger things to worry bout but a just felt we lacked tht today. Rant over.
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    Our 2 main issues are. 1. Board are hopeless. 2. Manager is hopeless.
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    Heres another question in the hope this thread has a rounded discussion - Has a team ever started the season taking 58pts out of 60? Did the Gazza, Laudrup team do it? Butcher, Woods team? Niven, Shearer , Caldow? Part of the gap (as much as it pains me to say it) is because theyve played out their skins and has a Celtic team in all its history had such a financial advantage over us. Yes, its still partly MW failings but the solution to all this starts at board level. I cant believe how the last 24hrs has singled out certain players and MW and so very little focus has singled out DK
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    It was sarcasm mate. I'm all for point scoring with these vile bastards on this. They're peado protecting scum who need reminded of it until they get fair and proper justice.
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    Wallace is never a captain. Miller has experience at the highest level and knows how to tell his team.
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    Happy New year to all on RM keep me sane ya cunts.
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    Still 8 hours to go here, but Happy 2017 to all Bears and their families. BBC Scotland New Year show is still shite I see, enjoyed the fireworks though.
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    Happy New Year brothers...down but not out....no surrender !!!
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    Happy and prosperous new year to all bears without exception.
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    Have you just time traveled a year ? What happened to 2017 mate
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    They would not be ceptic without some kind of child exploitation
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    I'm paraphrasing, but it was something like "Open secret- Responsibility does not lie with what you say, but what you don't say." I'm sure someone will post a picture soon.
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    Wait until he's 16 and got the mongo-strength of a mountain lion and they need 4 big orderlies to drag him off shagging his sister. He'll no be in the media eye then
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    I turned the tele over before the whilstle went. You should have either done the same or walked out of Ibrox with class and not wait behind to watch them celebrate. Let them enjoy their domination while it lasts. Because one day soon normal order will be resumed and they'll be back to second best.
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    He should at least have put them on the right feet. Might have helped him.
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    Am away to ma bed.....sad auld cunt loyal. Enjoy yourselves
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    Players playing for themselves waghorn the same!