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    Regardless of who the author is:
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    Haven't seen this posted elsewhere but the u15s have won a tournament involving Spurs, Liverpool, RB Leipzig and Dortmund. Superb achievement and the kind of games we should want our younger players involved in. Should also add that they're the 1st British club at this level to win it.
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    Craig Houston has never and will never speak for me, or the tens of thousands of decent intelligent supporters.
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    Fuck Craig and fuck the Louden.
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    Lets see that sons of struth prick plaster that all over facebook. Naw? Didnt think so.
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    Greg you're a decent guy. How you show the patience you do with some is beyond me. But... The posts made on here, 2 I thought fs that's harsh and two I laughed like fuck at. I have a pretty high threshold with stuff like this though. Now wether or not police get involved will be up to them and I think the boys in question will all be flapping a bit. However I must say mate I'm a bit gutted at your dads post. I cant go into specifics but I know 2 of these guys personally (1 frequents your pub BTW) and if their names and addresses got out their lives would be in tatters. What good did/does your dad see coming of them being "outed"? What if they have families? What if one of their Mrs are attacked or their works alerted? Do they deserve to lose their jobs for a shitty unfunny joke just because it's close to the bone for your dad? Absolutely no good could come.of these boys being outed. It's a stupid and pretty much "love us" type reply to something. Widespread condemnation over a joke about a disability? It's pathetic.
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    Still not a word from 1872 about what they are doing to deal with their lying board member.
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    Naw fuck that .. seeing these useless bastards Tweets about Nando's, we will learn & ready to go again etc would drive most of us into meltdown. The only two things I want to see for this forum is the ticket section being regulated (i.e over 250 posts to access the section you can make ticket requests for big games and all games in general ... and anyone can access the for sale section) ... and a culture sub-forum linked to the top of the Bears Den (like the Boardroom section) where we can post our tunes, loyalist stuff and upcoming parades where it can be done with the Rangers link but without a prick like BluePeter9 moaning and being a hypocrite.
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    Fantastic article. This needs spread far and wide to show the innocently ignorant's and fence sitters in general the cancers that exist in our support.
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    Right Houston and Marshall - over to you's ... Daily Record too. Let's hear yees.
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    Hi for any bears not going to Germany that have bt sport next week live on eir sport 2 HD at 14.25pm game is live v leipzig
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    They only turn against their own, A pair of wankers who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near us. One an literate fucking oaf who almost brought us to our knees (and was part of the reason we needed an Ashley loan...despite protesting against Ashley ) and another who has a so-called Rangers pub but wants fellow Bears named/shamed/work places informed. Two fucking parasites who should be kicked up and down the length of PRW.
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    Pub losing a few customers or a guy losing his family, liberty and future.... Yup exactly the same
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    This is the difference between them and us. No way would their supporters go to the paper and police to report their own - even for things that would be justified i.e. Bottling a wee boy. They close ranks and stick together. Some of our support seem to be offended by everything these days (some more than others) and it's an embarrassment. I'm certainly not condoning the comments made about the wee boy but unless you are a member on here no one would have seen them. To call for people to be arrested and lose their jobs for posting on a Rangers forum for Rangers fans is ridiculous. The people who posted the comments were already being ostracised by the members on here. There was no need for whoever sent the screenshots to CH and there was certainly no need for him to take the course of action he did. It reeks of attention seeking to me.
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    Craig Houston - tarrier apologist. Traitor.
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    Scuppered ?? , don't let that cunt sway you, getting involved with D'Artagnan, a noble man, should never be hampered by cunts like Craig Houston Eventually Craig Houston will be ostracised , his personality dictates the outcome, few years time he will be in a bedsit lying in his own pish greeting into his S.O.S. scrapbook mumbling , do you know who um was, without me there would'nae be a Rangers
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    What a back stabbing tit Houston has turned into, A Rangers Fan? He's more like bloody Judas and should be bombed out of every area of Ibrox.
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    The man is a selfish, one dimensional, self serving cunt. He does not represent me as a fan and anyone who feels he is a worthwhile fans rep is an embarrassment.
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    It was a stunt against Rangers Media nothing more and they were quite prepared to throw Rangers supporters under the bus to feed their Ego's.
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    That's what i want. Answers should be given to their members regarding Houstons conduct on his facebook page. Granted i am not a member but it was something i was thinking of getting involved in since @D'Artagnan was voted onto the board, i always admired his blogs and posts on here and if i seen evidence of his thinking being implemented by club 1872 then i would have looked to get involved. Houston has scuppered that idea, he is toxic and while he is involved i care not what they say or do.
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    The man gets the red carpet treatment from those in charge at Rangers That's a real problem, if the board believe that he depicts a true Rangers supporter we have serious issues I'm not promoting any sort of violence, back in my day I would chin a guy, it always seemed to work, some people can not be spoken to successfully, a good punch saves so much time and heartache
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    Fenian bastard i hope he dies.
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    Should've remembered my own rule of avoiding the FA cup like the plague.
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    Fuck all been done to the stadium. Cause a couple a tradesmen walk around wae a paintbrush n a couple a screwdrivers is embarrassing. The white structure at the top of the main stand still ain't been touched. The bricks around the stadium are still bogging. Paper mache flags on the broomloan are already in tatters. The toilets are still a total disgrace. Hundreds offered and were all rejected in favour of the boards pals. Exactly why old Dougie got the bus contract.
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    I don't see anyone taking issue on anything other than the post his dad made here though? There's simply no defending a man trying to get Rangers fans names and addresses on the Internet over social media. That's down right dangerous and moronic. Biting the hand that feeds you springs to mind.
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    On a thread where a major point of contention is somebody suggesting people should have their names & addresses posted you think it is a good idea to post somebodies name?
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    Huge difference in reporting a post you deem unacceptable to site moderators and posting screenshots on Facebook along with talking to the press while others call for names and addresses
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    Fans are free to do what they please but it should be known a member of that pub wanted Rangers fans names and addresses published online.... Not a place I'd feel safe tbh.
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    A wee boys dad at my boys football said to me about giving Ashley money as my lad had the new strip on so the following week his wee boy turns up with 1 of these lyingbastard things on and I said where did U get that top so he says wherever it was I can't mind. Anyhow on to the subject of strips and he says I just wouldn't get the boy a strip as I hate the thought of the Ashley getting any money bla bla bla and I said mate that top ur boy has on has came from a long line of crooks and I would ask u to look up the lionbrand thing and see how much money goes into Rangers from them and see if the accounts all add up etc. This man is clever and he's a teacher so a couple of weeks ago his boy comes in with a holland top on and he wants to talk lionbrand and says all he could find was that there was no evidence of any money going into Rangers and he was embarrassed about letting his lad wear that top and that he should've investigated it before jumping in and buying that bit of shite. Absolute true story
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    Pin pulled. Yesterday I was scrolling through the SOS Page and CH said he was given they posts from a lady he trusts 100% he also confirmed that he had no idea what forum they came from.. lying snake of a man
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    K.A.I as admin and bring back ED as a moderator
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    Is he good enough to go into the 1st team and significantly improve it? That's all that matters.
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    He used to get bombarded with shite when he was here which is a shame. Great wee player with a very bright future ahead of him. I'll always think of this when I see his name:
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    Trying not to get involved in all this as it's run its course and is becoming very boring now, but I will say one thing that I truly believe, what houston did and why he did it was absolute cuntery of the highest order, absolutely disgraceful back stabbing behaviour towards supposedly his own, fucking ratbag.
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    Can I take this opportunity to remind everyone that right now, we are in the middle of our very own RangersMedia Big Raffle for Wee Joshua So far. we've raised £3292 in ticket sales (as part of a much larger effort which has seen us raise over £15,000 towards Josh's Fund in the last 6 months) http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/302501-the-big-raffle-advance-ticket-reservations-here/?do=findComment&comment=1063696146 Over 100 Members have already bought tickets, and we would love you to do the same. Tickets cost £10 each. Here's how to buy them... http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/302501-the-big-raffle-advance-ticket-reservations-here/?do=findComment&comment=1063696146 There are some awesome prizes... http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/301888-raffle-prizes-wanted/?do=findComment&comment=1063722939 And how's this for a Star Prize - donated in full by a RangersMedia Fund Member... Matchday Hospitality for 2 (Club Europe, any League game except c****c). Includes: Arrive at the Glasgow Hilton to check in and have a pre-match cocktail Chauffeur driven to the Stadium in a Jaguar XJ3 Club Europe Match Hospitality (includes Free Food and Free Bar before and after the game) Meet a Rangers Legend Personal Tour of the Trophy Room Signed Match Ball and Shirt Chauffeur driven back to the Glasgow Hilton in a Jaguar XJ3 Night's accommodation in the Glasgow Hilton And most importantly, you'll be helping a Wee Bear get some much needed help...
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    I used to love the Louden. I'll never drink in there again
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    I've made my feelings clear in the threads and this one, I'm not going over it again. CH and Marshall are wankers
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    Summer 2012 we were signing Kevin Kyle and Francisco Sandaza. Have a think about that before starting fucking nonsense threads like this again.
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    That was better than this imho.🙈🙊🙉
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    Fuck off with that stuff. Surely it should be white protestant males
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    Just Maverick in his front room watching on the telly.
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    He built a team that pissed the championship where the wage thief failed , you no think that's an improvement?
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    But that is exactly what they have done yet you say for them it's okay. What's a so called Rangers supporter?
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    Who does your da think he is Greg that he should be able to have people's names and addresses made public anyway? Far too many fucking bellends around now that think they represent the entire fan base and club. Your da runs a bar, that's the height of it.
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    Well written article. Huston is only interested in himself and not our fine club. He needs to be kicked off the Club 1872 board!
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    I'm a member by default, I was a life member of RF so I became a life member of 1872. The man is a complete joke and should be hounded from 1872 and our support.
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    I have a good idea....... Bring back our emoticons PLEASE
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