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    Just Maverick in his front room watching on the telly.
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    Just noticed this. Good to hear, and welcome to RM
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    Bee... just in the process of booking my travel arrangements. All being well, I would be looking for a ticket.
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    Aye am looking forward to it now as well. should be decent
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    Get train fae Lockerbie to Manchester at 10:00 Friday. Fly fae Manchester to Hamburg 14:10. Can't come quick enough now mate I'm goin to phone mr s before the game so I'll see u for a quick beer no doubt.
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    Found the English bit of the page but no where to book. Managed it in German anyway, booked in for 7 ??
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    Can just get them from a machine at the airport mate.
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    Rotten to the fucking core. I fucking hate this country and the fact this lot are allowed to operate freely. Anywhere else in the world they would be shut down but not in nazi Scotland. From top to the very bottom they are a vile repulsive organisation that seems untouchable
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    Fuck sake, there were a few people making jokes about my friend in hospital in the OT and you didn't see me throwing my toys out the pram and acting all offended. It's the Internet, if you've got a thin skin you're going to have a pretty miserable time. And acting offended on behalf of someone else is even worse. Was never one for slagging off Houston and the SOS before but its a scummy thing to do. Same with the guy that runs the Louden, some people just can't wait to stick their own in.
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    The unfortunate thing at the moment is we don't have time to let players settle, we need people to perform yesterday!
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