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    Bojan joins Mainz on loan, Stoke must have turned down their 12mil.
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    He proved that this season in the champions league part of the tourneys worst defense
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    Think it will be the same 11 again, but with MOH replaced by Forrester. Tav Kiernan Hill Wallace Halliday Toral Hyndman Forrester Miller McKay
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    I'm going to post it on behalf of another poster who's name I forget... EVERY AWAY GAME IS ON TV
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    Windass in for O'Halloran. Bit of consistency in the team selection.
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    Still can't believe how much Hearts fans under appreciated Nielson, can see Cathro getting sacked before or just at the end of the season.
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    I forgot to mention that I got an email from Erskine earlier in the week... --------------------------------------------- GB, just a short note to thank you for the use of [ ] wheelchair space for the motherwell game at Ibrox. Dinger was absolutely delighted as he hasn't been to ibrox in a while. It actually put a smile on his face! also we also had a new resident with us [ ] who had a great day out and he has asked me to thank all at RM for making it all possible. Keep up the great work ................. FROM ALL AT ERSKINE BISHOPTON THANKS TO ALL AT RM ............ WATP ------------------------------------------- And they also enclosed a photo of their most recent acquisition, which they are very, very proud of... Click on it a few times to see it in high definition) And here's a picture of Dinger almost smiling... Next up, we're looking for a couple of spare tickets for the next home game, for one of the Erskine Bungalow residents.
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    Love the pic of Wes. I would like Joe Dodoo to get a run-out if possible. Harry looked hungry last time, though. Nice problems to have - though they aren't our only ones...
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    At the age of 35, returning from injury, Federer beat 4 top ten players, four slam finalists, with 17 slams between them, winning 3 five-setters in the process, culminating in a 5 setter against probably the second best player of all-time, who has been his absolute worst nightmare for over a decade, and who was a break up against him in the final set. On reflection, one of the most impressive titles ever?
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    Halliday consistently loses the ball in our own half and presents the opposition with chances, he's just not a defensive midfielder so he needs to stop being used as one. If you can ask Halliday to play that role then you can ask anyone IMO, so I don't see why Windass or even Holt can't sit a wee bit deeper with protection from Hyndman who will come deep and pick the ball up to take it forward anyway, having a ball-carrying player like him in the team takes a bit of pressure off the defensive-mid. So I'd much rather a more technically gifted player like Windass starts over AH
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    I'd be hesitant to play Tavernier after his performance at tynecastle last time. But he was superb yesterday, used his strength and speed well and there wasn't any issues defensively that I can remember so I reckon he'll play Wes Tavernier--Kiernan--Hill--Wallace Toral--Hyndman--Windass Dodoo--Miller--McKay
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    I can't stop noticing Cruz twisting his right hand constantly
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    Annoy anyone else how the guy showed no care for the other guy? Even like a minute after the knockout and the guy was in a bad way he didn't give a fuck.
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    How anyone can pick Halliday when there is an alternative is beyond me
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    Hang on... are you insinuating that a Taig has taken the time to create something football related, which is 100% about Rangers?
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    It wasnt intended to be a sly dig, I don't do those I would have called you an arse. So once again accept my statement with the sincerity that was intended. Btw I hate using wiki so nae chance of me doing any investigating on line, just working on memory.
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    Had the same problem, didn't have a clue what was going on when we got near their goals in the second half.
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    Didn't fancy us to win last time at Tynecastle, but I think we will this time. Hearts have been utter shite under Cathro.
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    Can't believe how bad Waggy's miss was before the MIller goal. Fortunately it fell to Kenny because that would have been rather unforgivable if we went on to draw. Waggy's chance at the end was also very poor. The guy seems to be devoid of all confidence in front of goal at the moment.
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    Commons turning down offers to stay at the taigs. Looks like they've got another mercenary on their hands. Enjoy paying 20K a week for a 33 year old tub of lard for the next 6 months
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    Timmy commentators are recognising that the scum are unbeatable, not because they are great but because they have more money than anyone else and the rest of Scottish football is shite anyway
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    Some praised him (not many I admit) for his second half yesterday. I was just pointing out that a player with no connection to us gets it a lot tougher than Halliday has for the same poor performance. If we disagree then so be it, not first time and probably won't be the last. ??
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    Scum are shite and Hertz are an embarrassment, the cunts will be saving themselves for mid week. Gordon has been trying hard to make himself look like an eejit too
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    What a fucking ending. What a magnificent sportsman.
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    I really fucking hope it doesn't Can't take it.
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    I hope Barry has the rematch wrote into his contract, cruz does not like traveling.
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    Judges had it by 2. Very surprising imo No chance was it a draw though
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    get it on again styles makes fights they are made for each other both are a credit to the sport
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    Better round for Carl but I think he will need a KO to win this
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    Haha get it up ye Pena ya boot, hate it when fighters clench up for full rounds.
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    aye 100% Frampton is just a little better in all department's.
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    Foderingham Hill Wallace Toral Hyndman Mackay Miller. That should do it. The rest just hinder us
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    Fod Hodson Hill Kiernan Wallace Holt Hyndman Windass Waghorn Miller McKay Kills me picking Kiernan in any team but needs must. I also think McKay was pretty poor today too but he's been playing well overall few games before today so I'd give him the benefit of the doubt today was a blip. Tynecastle is no place for passengers that's why Toral should drop out. Halliday should be benched he's an appalling football player. Forrester a decent option to come on from the bench and Tav providing winger/midfield/full back cover on the bench if needbe too.
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    MOH fuck off Hodson back in for Tav, we need to be strong defensively at Tynecastle. Halliday out ask Toral to sit deeper with Hyndman and Windass in front. Would start Waghorn up front with Kenny and Barrie. 3-1 win for us.
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    I'd drop Toral for Windass. Either that or play Windass were MOH started.
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    They've been awful lately so we better fucking take full 3 points here! No excuses!
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    Jelavic apparently on his way to Sunderland Oh how I wish they had gotten Moyes as gaffer, disaster of a manager
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