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    Has got a UEFA pro licence and was assistant at Dunfermline a couple years ago....
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    Whoever comes in will NOT be our assistant manager,it's a different role entirely
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    Most of that isn't true.
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    Cunts picking teams and line ups already fs. Good few games to go between then and now so thread should really be locked.
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    This is Hamilton Palace. It attracts a bigger attendance every weekend than Hamilton Accies, and is therefore much more relevant. We do however play them sometime on Saturday - I think. Welcome to the most successful team in the world Pedro... @RFCRobertson
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    Its an advisory role. The successful candidate might have knowledge of.. our club , of the Scottish game, of coaching in some capacity, communicates well, intelligence, integrity... Neil McCann worked for free at Dunfermline because they had no money to pay another wage.
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    McCann's obviously done some coaching, but has he done enough to warrant being our assistant? We all like him because he was a very good player for us and is a good pundit. Anyone like him because of his coaching abilities?
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    Why on earth people find Neil McCann a candidate is Fucking beyond me. Not managed a team or been assistant anywhere, not played football for nearly 8 years. Has no badges or formal qualifications oh right: Talks about football on a TV show means he is qualified somehow. Fux sake
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    Whits charlie miller doing these days...
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    Rangers fc vs Hamilton Academical Scottish Premiership Match Venue: Ibrox Stadium Date: Saturday 18th of March Kick off: 15:00 (3pm) Recent Forms(Most recent first) Rangers: DWWLL Hamilton: LLWLL Other Premiership Matches: SPFL League Table: Taigs : 80pts Aberdeen : 55pts Rangers : 47pts Hearts : 41pts St Johnstone : 40pts Partick Thistle : 33pts Kilmarnock : 31pts Dundee : 30pts Ross County : 27pts Motherwell : 27pts Hamilton Accies : 24pts ICT : 23 pts Team News: Halliday is out with injuries. torn hamstring and is suspected to be out for a month Toral has returned to full training and looks likely for the match Rossiter and Kranjcar still out with injuries both in light training Kiernan to miss the game due to a match ban Garner available for selection after serving a match ban for too many yellow Pedro Caixinha will take the helm of the ship for his first game as Rangers manager. That's how it's done @PromDeAnglais
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    Given what happened wit hour last foreign manager i think Barry Ferguson would be ironic would it not? I'd like Kenny Miller to be the man. I think the players like him, he's passionate about the club and knows the script. I'm not sure if he's ready to hang the boots up yet though. It has to be someone at the club already IMO. Bringing in an outsider i'm not sure it's a good idea. Miller or Murty for me.
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    Hahahahahahahahhaahah Fucking tragic bastard. Look at the Nick of that
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    Think he was coaching at Falkirk as well. The man has a huge knowledge of Scottish football players and teams and that will be the remit for the vacant position. Fairly obvious how a lot of posters rate him.
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    Aye, that's the one. Still trying to get my head round the new names.
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    Just beat me to it mate. People keeping saying this is the assistant managers position must know that role is already filled by Barbosa (sp) This is merely a coaching role, by someone who knows the game here and the club.
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    Aye but it's his assistant and he's the manager!!!!!
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    40 treble up Juve Bolton Some Austrian mob
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    Or Duncan. He has a growing reputation as a coach but may not know Scottish teams like some other candidates
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    Pedro has a good run of games to the away game at Aberdeen and then the semi. Gives him time to implement what he wants as they are the two games he'll really be tested in. I hope this works and he isn't another mouth piece like MW
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    Yeah he is, he's a repugnant fuck as is his tim family.. His burd is an annoying Fenian cow tae. Stick yer Mhicky Devlin up yer arse
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