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    Good big lad, served us well, if this is true then all the very best to you big man....
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    So Pedro is now "ruthless" for wanting to bring in his own people to the club? You'd think this is the first time it's ever happened in football with the way they're going on about it
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    Has got a UEFA pro licence and was assistant at Dunfermline a couple years ago....
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    Whoever comes in will NOT be our assistant manager,it's a different role entirely
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    Wit? Our 2 worst results by a country mile were 5-1 at the piggery and 4-1 at Tynecastle.
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    Denny this is honestly amongst the worst posts I have ever seen posted on here, and I have seen (probably posted) some amount of shite. The combination of assumed superiority and apologist behaviour is truly stomach turning. Have a word with yourself.
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    No. Hes not the worst defender I've ever seen but he looks slightly better than what he is imo because Wilson, Senderos and Kiernan are so bad. Hes been a decent signing overall and I've seen a lot worse even in better Rangers teams but we can't let the emotion of Sunday cloud our judgements - most of the fans made this same mistake last time we got a result against them and thought Halliday, Holt etc were better than what we were We need big investment and big improvements on almost every player we've got. We can't lose track of that.
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    Love the horses.
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    I guess you could say from one of their biggest fans - I have put my neck on the line for both of them umpteen times on this forum and have been rightly put in my place for it. I think it's now evident that they did try and maneuver a way out of Rangers and it did blow up in their faces. That's now my opinion anyway. The timing of their appointment is beautifully convenient isn't it? Right as we appoint a new manager so the focus is now off them and they won't be as brutally attacked by Rangers fans now, we have other people and things on our minds. I respect what Warburton tried to do with us and that's play only one style of play, a style of play that when it's in full-flow and being executed right is wonderful to watch. But the major flaw that he couldn't see is we didn't have the players to do it. The rest of the league knew exactly how to set up to counter what we were trying to do, to which MW didn't have an answer. A Rangers manager must know that you need to win a game at all costs, it doesn't matter how you do it, you've just got to get those 3 points and move on to the next one and that includes games against Celtic. You never get a "free week" when you're Rangers manager, that's something I don't think Warburton ever got his head round, he came from Brentford who could go away to places like Middlesbrough, Norwich, Brighton etc in the Championship and the fans wouldn't expect a thing, he wouldn't be under any pressure even if they lost 3 or 4 to nil. That's not something you're ever afforded at Rangers, we go out to win every single domestic game we play, no exclusions. The way he conducted himself in interviews and off the pitch in general was admirable, he was always well-spoken, he candidly paid a visit to the family of Ryan Baird, who sadly lost his life on his way to Ibrox. He is a dignified and intelligent man but when it comes to being a football manager, especially a Rangers one, you need a ruthless trait, he doesn't have it. When he subbed Hyndman at Tynecastle because he owed it to Bournemouth to protect their player... That kind of behavior isn't what a Rangers manager should possess, it's like he never truly understood how big Rangers are. He also substituted Barton when we were chasing the game at Rugby Park because "The fans got a bit too worked up" -- Looking back on these decisions now, I can see how much of an inadequate manager he was for us. He really didn't get it, did he? I've no doubt he's a good coach, he's very highly spoken of, especially for his man-management qualities, but you need to be prepared to lose your Mr Nice Guy reputation if you want to succeed at Rangers. His level is a lowly Championship side, who's fans and who the press won't expect big things from, where he can quietly go about his work without being in the spotlight too much. But he's never going to win you a Championship. Thank f*ck that we've moved on now. Hindsight is a wonderful thing of course, but I stuck up for him in situations where I should have slaughtered him, I cut him a break because of the shoddy budget he got, but it took an interim manager in Graeme Murty to show me that when you pick the players who deserve to be playing and play a style that suits the game you're playing rather than the same old stuff every game, there's a group of players there who can win you games and who can be taught that losing 4-1 at Tynecastle isn't what happens when you play for Rangers. Get it up ye Warburton ya baldy belter - is what I'm really trying to say here.
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    I was never that impressed with him stepping in..But he can take alot of credit for how he has handled himself and the respect he showed to the role. Take a bow son..
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    Read earlier that the players have had their weekend off next weekend (international week) cancelled & been ordered to report for training.
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    Aye. And whether or not he is a pirate!
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    Op scraping the barrel now for reasons to start shite threads. 'Look at me,look at me'
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    Bit OT but paddy roberts just rolled by me on the dual carriageway between Greenock and Port Glasgow.
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    Yous 2 are gay as fuck
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    Fair play tbh. I like this style more than being sentimental to the boys in the background. All the best tho Jim. Done some good work through the years with us.
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    Oh look, Sir Buzz Killington of Grumpyville-on-the-shitz everybody.
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    This thread shows that RM is completely tonto.....
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    Another one of the shower of overrated shite out Fucking league's a shambles
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    I don't take too much from these but I do like the media output and the behind the scenes they do.
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    1 winner and 3 2nds today....but if somecunt told me douvan would fuck my place pot I would of put them in a straight jacket
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    For anyone that's interested that's the remaining monies from my PayPal paid into the official fund. Hopefully there's more waves of fundraising and more people get involved. Be good if Rangers could perhaps pay the remaining 60k from the charity foundation. Sickens me they would spend that money on a refugee bus a year ago but a wee guy like this needs it.
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    He said the squad need to believe they're the best and it's all about confidence. Learn some reading comprehension.
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    One game at a time lad.
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    In what way were they the 2 worst results of the season?
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    Well look at what we know.... King say's the 3 amigos offered their resignations after going down south to Forrest to get that gig. Baldy said this was lies and there was no such discussion and he was still manager. After the snake and his 2 accomplices are given their jotters they just so happen to get the Forrest gig a month or so later? Hmmm it's really not difficult is it? They went behind our backs to secure another job because they made a cunt of this one then told bare faced lies to try to wriggle out of it when the other job looked like it wouldn't be possible. Fuck Warburton Fuck Weir and fuck that wee hobbit looking troll they hang about with.
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    Thought he was worth keeping on for a wee bit longer ... but some were saying he was thinking of retiring ... so not that much of a shock to JS I suppose. He has had great run as both a player and a coach ..... longer than most in the field if truth be known. So good luck with what he does next and thanks for all your service Big man.
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    Both the sun and DR are claiming the story as a exclusive
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    Aye, I had a watch of the highlights again on the BBC site and they asked "Was he fouled or did he trip himself up?" Er, third option guys, he's a cheating, diving, prick
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    He's not a snake, a fine servant to our club, utterly pathetic
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    Add the drone to the list of things the £18 million was spent on.
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    "Former Rangers target Ryan McGowan"
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    I'm taking a picture of Pedro with me to my next haircut and telling the cunt to cut it exactly like his. What a handsome motherfucker he is.
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    they will be if anyone's taking tips from here
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    The next 5 in the league are winnable.
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    Cunts picking teams and line ups already fs. Good few games to go between then and now so thread should really be locked.
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    Had his subsequent shot gone in, fucking hell, that would have been one of the greatest phases of play by an individual in Old Firm history. It didn't, though, and he cost us their goal - and almost the match - by failing to do the basics of kicking a football properly, leading to their goal. Apologies to rain on the Holt parade, but if Halliday did that, he would be destroyed on here - and rightly so.