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    I wonder why a broadcaster would be interested in having the sole rights to show the Scottish Premier League and put more money on the table? It's certainly not because Rangers are back, because we're deed and Scottish football doesn't need us anyway.
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    Why did I even open this thread I'll learn from it and move on
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    Sky Sports News there ... paraphrasing though .. "If Aberdeen get beat then Celtic can win the league with a victory against Dundee the following day. Celtic can wrap up the league title in record time .... being beaten only by Rangers, winning it on March 16th 1929" Second in everything they do, fenian scum.
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    PEDRO CAIXINHA has told his Rangers players they will see the devil in him if they go against his Ibrox wishes. The Portuguese will take charge of the Light Blues for the first time this weekend after agreeing a deal to become the new Gers boss. Caixinha has spent recent days putting his message across to his players at Auchenhowie as he focuses on the Premiership clash with Hamilton Accies. The 46-year-old has vowed to set high standards for himself and his squad to live up to and has targeted second spot in the standings and Scottish Cup glory this term. And Caixinha is determined to get into the minds of his players as he strives for improvement in the coming weeks and months. He said: “When I was a student I did a sport science degree, and I have my masters’ degree. “I had to write a dissertation and I did it on the psychological side of sports. “I always loved that side of thing because I do believe that if you change people’s way of thinking you change a lot. If you change their hearts then you don’t change that much. “I was always curious about what it means to be a coach. “The people who are the best at what they do is the guy who identifies the things he needs to improve. That’s the one question and I told it to the players. “I said that they will get everything from me. But I said ‘if you try and so something the opposite way from what I want, you will see the devil in front of you.’ They will see the devil in the human body. “Their response? There was no response at all. Were they scared? No, not at all. If they are scared they cannot perform at all. “But it was just a case of me being frontal with them and passing on what I am and what I want from them.” Caixinha saw Rangers in action for the first time last weekend as Graeme Murty’s side clinched a 1-1 draw in the Old Firm clash at Parkhead. He has wasted little time in making his presence felt at Ibrox as a new Light Blue era gets underway following Mark Warburton’s controversial exit. And the former Al-Gharafa boss hopes his strong character will help him rise to the Gers challenges after putting pen-to-paper on a two-and-a-half year deal. He said: “Being a manager is about managing. Managing illusions. Managing criticism. Managing expectations. Managing the games. “It’s all about managing. I need to manage. “Let me tell you something: when I was in Mexico the president of the club was a fantastic guy. One day he came to me in my office. He drew on the board a big pie, like a pizza, and he drew a lot of slices. “He said ‘regarding training you are 9 out of 10. Preparing the team you are 9 out of 10. Regarding relations with the players you are 8, and so on, ‘but sometimes you need to control your anger, you need to control your character’. “And we realised from that moment it was important for me to know that and to work on it. “So I started working with a coach. He was watching the picture from outside, not a psychologist but a coach who tells you how to manage those situations, how to manage with the players, how to manage with the press, how to manage with yourself. “This is the situation. I’m a guy who looks to be all the time detail-oriented. “It needs to start with me. If I want other guys to behave in a way in some situation they need to do. “But it’s about identity. My genes are my genes. My character is my character. “If I’m not going to be myself it’s not me, so finished. Kaput.”
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    Pretty sure he was allocated the level of game he'll be covering before the derby game even took place. This smacks of perpetuating the myth he's been punished for the penalty that never was.
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    I always got the feeling with Warburton that he felt if the players practiced enough, trained enough then things will fall into place... eventually. Almost like it would happen because good things eventually come round to good people. That's why he stuck to his game plan, even if it wasn't working, someday, it'll come good. This guy, on the other hand, looks like he's driving the players on. Daring them and pushing them to be better. Identify what they lack and push them to change it up. He appears to be looking for a system that he can employ using the players he has until he can add his own. In the meantime, players will press high up the pitch and not give anyone any peace. We will mix it up when we have the ball and hunt in packs when we don't. It's early days and I won't get carried away but I know which approach I want my Rangers to adopt and so far Pedro is ticking all the right boxes.
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    Just seen Mourinho raging at having to play 4 games over the next 11 days. Everytime i hear this i think of our UEFA Cup Final run and 2 stats come hurtling out 19th March to the 24th May we played 20 games - all high octane, crucial league fixtures, scottish and uefa cup ties. And in the last 14 days of the season we played 6 matches - a uefa cup final, sc final and league deciding matches. When you really think about it it really was an incredible achievement - with little or no help from football authorities and 2 certain teams. Also it was the result of late goals in various matches in that period that stopped us from sweeping the boards - that was no coincidence.
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    Absolutely fucking disgusting. He'll no be able to make it to Ibrox for the game now.
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    If we're struggling in a game it'll be a nice change of pace to see our manager actually screaming at the players and booting hole as required, something there hasn't been for a good few year now at Ibrox.
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    Stealth 'look at me and my fancy day oot' thread
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    Maybe the club should do a couple of pages in the last match programme at the end of the season with the names listed of all the fans who have passed away. Families can just get in touch with the club requesting their loved ones name be included etc. An end of season obituary. There can then be a 2 minutes silence at the last home game of the season to mark our respect etc
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    Numan. Class act, Dutch B team coach, lives here and loves Rangers, smart guy, good communicator.
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    Did Craig Thompson ever get relegated when he gave them the most dubious penalty I've ever seen at Ibrox to give them the chance to win the league.....
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    At the end of the day -- he met his remit, he got us back up. This season wasn't what we all expected / hoped for -- but he was second for the bulk of it, and had us on course for Europe. The Scum are having a one-off season and we could've spent about £50m and not caught them. At the end of the day, his downfall was his unwillingness to change, receptiveness to criticism and unconvincing/unvaried transfer policy. He wasn't a success. He wasn't a rip roaring disaster either.
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    Think it's time to gie it a bye with regards to Warburton. He's moved on, we've moved on, let's get on with supporting Pedro
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    He certainly likes to talk. So far I'm impressed with what he has to say but the proof is on the pitch, glad he has the rest of the season to settle in before the summer and the rebuild begins.
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    He shouldn't do interviews, he should just leave a fucking voice message.
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    From 2002-2006 Muscat Thompson Bonnissel Eggen Capucho Khizanishvilli Vanoli Berg Emerson Ostenstad Namouchi Kalenga Rae Fetai Mladenovic Carcary Djordjic Santala Murray Fanfan Nieto N'Guessan Maniero Bernard Jeffers Ashikodi Rotten
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    Well done to everyone who bought tickets and donated prizes. Thanks to @govanblue in particular for pulling this together to boost the Fund for Joshua. Good Luck Bears - WATP.
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    Right, this is a riddy now. Mind we used to give him the collective reacharound, hang on his every word and sing about his magic hat? Aye, he fucked it this season and he wasn't good enough to be here. Aye, him and Weir are a pair of quitters and snakes as well. But honestly 'Warbanisms' is something i'd expect to read on a Hibs forum. He's gone. We're moving on to bigger and better things. It's fine to rejoice in shaking dead weight like this guy for a while, but this pish isn't becoming of Rangers supporters.
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    Guys a fucking balloon . He's a Youth coach nothing more. Consigned to history as a mistake let's move on .
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    I thought we should have won but to say you were gutted at that result is bollocks. Look at our record in that shithole over the past ten years. To go with this team, after a horrible season where we have already had our arses handed to us by them, and get a result while being the better team was something to be happy about. The jubilation in that away end when we scored was up there with celebrations when we have scored winners there. Was a big relief and it felt magic.
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    Sorry if this is elsewhere and I know this is Bears Den but this truly shows who's running the show http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/football/15160438.Old_Firm_referee_Bobby_Madden_dropped_for_top_fixtures_by_SFA/ RugbyOther Sports Old Firm referee Bobby Madden dropped for top fixtures by SFA The 38-year-old came in for fierce criticism following the derby 1 day ago / Neil Cameron 30 comments BOBBY MADDEN, the referee in last Sunday’s Old Firm game, has been taken out of the spotlight this weekend after being put in charge of a Champ-ionship match. The 38-year-old came in for fierce criticism following the derby, which ended 1-1, largely because of his decision not to award Celtic an injury-time penalty, which Brendan Rodgers described as “clear-cut”. Madden has been given the Dunfermline-Ayr United match at East End Park on Saturday. The official is one of Scotland’s top referees and this was his first Glasgow derby. However others backed Madden, including retired English referee Dermot Gallacher. He said: “I thought, for his first Old Firm game, the ref did brilliantly. I really did. He kept his nerve, he booked players at the right times.” The game ended in controversy when Leigh Griffiths was tackled from behind by Clint Hill inside the Rangers penalty box. Rodgers said: “It was a clear-cut penalty. It’s very frustrating – even more so when Clint Hill tells me he got away with it.”
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    You'd think he burned down an orphanage ffs, all he did was kick him in the arse.
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    And then we say...... We hate Catholics........ everyone hates Roman Catholics! ??
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    Many thanks to @gmcf who has just bought another two tickets. Luckily I've got a few blanks left.
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    ..... but .... but .... they are lady Viking slippers Z ...... Peter Lovenkrands recommended them ..... honest .....
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    Anyone notice when they bought up the SFL to keep us under their control the biggest give away to other clubs came from the 2nd placed pot as you can see from the table its by far the largest drop from the money above. Guess who would be expected to be in that position for a while? Sly bastards attempting to make it easier for them to stay ahead of us financially for as long as possible. Every little bit counts especially when we have this shite merchandise deal. They knew what they were doing here.
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    It is, but it's all about progression and it gives new posters a chance to up their post count. They have to see a pathway to the first team.
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    "That's well above my pay grade". Clearly was ya shitmonger.
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    He's about 7 to 10 days we will know more after that.
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    Aye cos he missed out on the managers job no one else will touch him so all of a sudden he's a director of football??
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    Big 'Barra' was in my class at school , so I've obviously known him man & boy. Bumped into him countless times at games over the years. Great big guy & a real Rangers man. Regarding the debate over a minutes applause / minutes silence, if the big man had a choice he'd be more concerned about Rangers getting the 3 points more than anything else tomorrow. Thats how much Rangers meant to him .........
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    I think Barton could see first hand what we all thought about training/game prep etc And looking back, he acted out what we all would have done at training or in the dressing room and rattled a few cages and booted a few baws he should be retrospectively applauded
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    Just seen your post mate ..... busy elsewhere ..... great to hear Joshua is settling .... If I win anything you are welcome to use it in your auction if it will add value to Joshua's Fund. All the best ... to you all mate.
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    Refusing to get carried away but I listened to the full 16-minute interview on YouTube earlier and he impressed me. He has a passion in the way he speaks and the courage of his convictions. I'm still unsure of him but I'm pretty certain that if he does fail, then it won't be for under-estimating our club and the importance of winning like Le Guen and Warburton did. That's a step in the right direction at least.
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    Friday:-"They've trained like champions all week" Saturday:-"I'm bemused,That wasn't us out there"