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    Sky Sports News there ... paraphrasing though .. "If Aberdeen get beat then Celtic can win the league with a victory against Dundee the following day. Celtic can wrap up the league title in record time .... being beaten only by Rangers, winning it on March 16th 1929" Second in everything they do, fenian scum.
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    Numan. Class act, Dutch B team coach, lives here and loves Rangers, smart guy, good communicator.
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    I thought we should have won but to say you were gutted at that result is bollocks. Look at our record in that shithole over the past ten years. To go with this team, after a horrible season where we have already had our arses handed to us by them, and get a result while being the better team was something to be happy about. The jubilation in that away end when we scored was up there with celebrations when we have scored winners there. Was a big relief and it felt magic.
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    ..... but .... but .... they are lady Viking slippers Z ...... Peter Lovenkrands recommended them ..... honest .....
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    Just seen your post mate ..... busy elsewhere ..... great to hear Joshua is settling .... If I win anything you are welcome to use it in your auction if it will add value to Joshua's Fund. All the best ... to you all mate.
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    Quite sure some of the Vikings were wearing smuck slippers
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    Can You Help A Wee Bear To Get To America For An Operation? £39,020 of £100k goal https://www.gofundme.com/joshuaburnsadair
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    But we weren't as good as selik are noo cos they're just the best team in history so they are.
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    True but if you're playing without pressure like they have been since day one, you will perform better than you would with a team biting at your heels over the course of a season.
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    Just spent a few hours downtown Vegas in the Hoggs and Heiffers bar behind the Fremont casino. If you like loud Southern Rock music and barmaids in bikini tops screaming sexual obscenities at punters through a loudhailer then you have to try this place. Good fun for all.
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    No they are Viking slippers Z ..... just what you need for your part of the country ....
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    This is Hamilton Palace. It attracts a bigger attendance every weekend than Hamilton Accies, and is therefore much more relevant. We do however play them sometime on Saturday - I think. Welcome to the most successful team in the world Pedro... @RFCRobertson
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    I have never wanted to do these cunts more and I pray we do them next two matches.
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    I listened to that cunt's interview, he doesnt even mention Rangers name when talking about Sunday. Rodgers does similar, they are classless, rancid bastards.
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    His record at Clyde suggests that he is.
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    Doesn't mean he's a good coach though does it?
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    After roasters like hartson Sutton and McAvennie predicting demolision jobs on us. Off topic a wee bit but is there another club who's ex players bump their gums so much in the media and talk so much fuckin nonsense? It's fuckin relentless from the bitter obsessed cunts who've played for them in the past!
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    Brian Laudrup left Scotland nearly 20 years ago. What recent knowledge and insight of Scottish Football can he provide?
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    True, they're not "shite", but it's also true that they're nowhere near as good as their lead suggests. The new manager effect has had a huge bearing, they've spent some serious money (mainly on wages), but they, ably assisted by the Scottish media, have built up a fear factor which isn't really justified, but it's enough to intimidate clubs up here. Their players believe they are miles ahead of everyone else, and so do most players of other clubs, but it won't take much to change that. I reckon they'll drop a few more points before the end of the season, including losing to us in league and cup. This alone will make next season a much closer affair.
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    Strip view balcony suite by the look of it. I'm here for another week ? Not the cosmo I might add. Too expensive.
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    Anyone but Barry Ferguson/Alex Rae/John Brown. Literally anyone but them. Even wee Stuart McCall or something I'd be fine with as a number 2.
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    I know its hard enough getting the football media in this country to be objective about our club but when did we become so fucking needy that we're willing to pay a wage to someone just because they were actually positive about us? Give the job to the best qualified and experienced coach with the best possible track record. If looking for a left field suggestion what about Russell Latapy? decent reputation as a coach, knows Scottish football backward, knows the club, and spent 8 years of his playing career in Portugal. He played in the same Boavista team as Hélder Baptista.
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    they cunts constantly go on about how they supposedly get cheated and referees constantly go against them but anybody remember late 2011 just after Christmas I think it was lee Wallace scored against the scum it went over the line but it got chopped of I never heard anybody go on and on about that not the media not anyone
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    Well Miller is out and I would think Murty would be out as well. The way he was talking its someone that's been at the club. My shout would be McCann, and please god not Ferguson.
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    I was fucking gutted TBH. Thought we should have won.
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    I seriously don't know any Rangers fan who was celebrating Sunday's draw, never mind over- celebrating. We were raging we didn't win ffs. Happy with the improved attitude & backbone. But celebrating????
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    Already got the Rather like the blue feet though - Are they Adidas?
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    Omg yet an other lovely donation from the EKCO RM. thank you all. Got to say you like rounding the number off lol. ?????⚪? £38,700 were getting there. Have yet an other charity event lined up on the 6th of may. This one is in Bolton via a guy I used to work with. We are looking for some more things for an auction so if there are any little things we have left over would not go a miss. Thank you all once again. Joshua has been doing much better this week as we seem to have got control off his tummy issue. Think he is just bloody hungry and the dietitian as they do think the milk is enough. Now on proper food so fingers crossed we can get some skin on those bones lol.
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    Or folk just think he shouldn't be considered for this position because he doesn't have the required attributes?
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    Na na na na na na na na na na.na suck cocks in hell
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    It dusny count they pure died and cheated and the caley thistle fans were fouling selik players in the box and aw that.
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    Comfortable win again 4-0 i think the sheep will slip up against Hearts. I still think we can get second place
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    I take it they've not heard of A Madrid's front two or seen Monaco this season then! Not to mention the real Dembele. Those 5 alone are ripping up the Champions League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga not to mention many others but aye we'll throw in the guy who's doing it in Perth and Inverness. Fuck, Martial can't even get a call up! Stupid cunts!
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    Waghorn has a history of shite finishing and/or making selfish choices and going for goal when he should be passing. He may do some things well from time to time, but he frequently can't do the basics for a forward.
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    I'll go for another 6-0 Hamilton are on free fall. We've just pumped them, we have a new manager so that automatically comes with a lift and Hamilton got pumped by a poor Hearts side on Saturday. I think we'll destroy them
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