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    Who's going to hold him to account? King is turning us over. Murray is a waste of space. Gilligan? I don't see what he brings to the party. Houstons record speaks for itself. Graham - I still say he was planted into our support by King. Dungbucket - his history is worse than Houstons. RF - rolled over and had their bellies tickled by just about everybody, and we still await details on the EH CIC, which we WERE promised we'd get start of season, then it was November. I ask again.........Who's going to hold him responsible mate? They're all in it, and club1872 is now more toxic than the RST ever was, which suits many people.
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    What if we give Barry the job and then a big club like Blackburn come in for him?
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    It genuinely baffles me how any Rangers fan can hold Barry Ferguson in such contempt... completely and utterly bizarre, the man is the epitome of a modern day Rangers legend.
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    Whether he is a ned or not is subjective and immaterial but a few things that are more relevant........... - Played a big part in refusing to adapt to and the undermining of a Rangers manager, using the mhedia to help in that. Lost Captaincy+ - Off-field Irresponsibility with Scotland see him stripped of Captaincy and further appearences - Disrespecting another Rangers manager see him lose Captaincy AGAIN and cold shouldered. - As Clyde manager, is sent to stands after getting involved in abusive exchange with Clyde supporter whilst in charge of a team being horsed by Spartans in the Scottish Cup. - His repeated highly irresponsible and sometimes deceptive behaviour shows that he doesn't learn lessons very well. - With one of the highest budgets in the 4th tier, he fails to get Clyde promoted and leaves them in danger of losing league status. - Works with the Daily Record and BBC Scotland and has his contacts for the day when he reverts to type and briefs against mgmt. team when results don't go well and will be hyped by the same people (Keith Jackson/ghostwriter) to fill any vacums that may arise in the future. - On BBC Scotland a week or two ago, he actually said that he thought the foreign route was a mistake for Rangers and they should go for McInnes. Fine to have an opinion but not an opinion that marries well with him getting a job within the foreign route. - Listening to him talk about football is like going back a decade or more. He doesn't seem to be an advocate of progressive methods. Again, a bad fit with new set-up. In summary, Ferguson has a off the field history that screams 'NOT Suitable & Dangerous' and has a coaching/mgmt. history that doesn't suggest he has a lot to offer (failed at Clyde). Quite how the board saw him as a candidate for this job is beyond me and IMO can only be via the Parks family influence. This won't end well.
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    I've been assured he never even made interview stage. I hope it's true.
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    Have to agree with this to be honest. Although PLG was ultimately a dud, Ferguson using his influence to turn alot of the squad against him certainly didn't help matters. I'm not saying Pedro will be another PLG but he's arriving under similar circumstances - foreign coach with modern ideas who's never coached in Scotland or Britain before. I loved Ferguson as a player but his lack of professionalism at times was ridiculous. I'd rather we didn't take the risk with him and left him to carry on writing for the Daily Rebel.
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    Very well put my man. Yes you are right in all that you put across there most of all the part about our family i.e. All the bears out there that have pulled together to help out my little boy, which is astonishing and a total heart felt god send that so many people are so generous and willing to give up there time of day to do even the littlest of things to help out this little bear my son Joshua. May we all hopefully meet one day so I my self could shake all your hands in gratitude for everything you have done. NO SURRENDER is definitely what I have stood by and will do the rest of my life. Thank you bobby and thank you all for your continued help.
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    Unite our support? Aye that will be the fucking day...That cunt who supposedly turned Water into Buckfast couldn't even do that miracle.
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    Beats me how Blairs managed to hold onto his position after knowing about King and his one share.
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    Rangers[88] Scottish Premier League (5): 1998–99, 1999-00, 2002–03, 2004–05, 2008–09[89] Scottish Cup (5): 1999-00, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2007–08, 2008–09 Scottish League Cup (5): 1998–99, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2004–05, 2007–08 Our record European appearance maker, captained us to a treble and European final. He's no angel and only time will tell if he's suited to a role like this but some of the comments in here are a disgrace
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    Its now a completely no win situation. The more people who cancel memberships the less people the remaining Directors are answerable to and consequently the more grip/ control they gain. There is something Dark and a rotten at the very heart of the Club these days. That's The assets of RF well and truly seized. Sad days considering the noble intentions when RF was first set up.
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    I'm amazed people are wanting a clearly disruptive, unprofessional and poor coach in to influence our new coaching team. I'm shocked actually. This is one where the brains go a-wandering - he was an excellent player for us and a good captain - doesn't mean he's good in any other role ESPECIALLY for the above reasons. Aw but bring um home, he kens whit rangers is, an is a dead gid playah - pure rangers through and through man. Let him buy a season ticket then, and enjoy the adulation from the fans in the stands. This type of thinking made McCoist happen, I'll say that again... THIS TYPE OF THINKING MADE MCCOIST HAPPEN. As a Rangers fan, how dare you wish that shite back on us all again? I don't care if his influence will be 5%, it's still influence from a source that should not be welcomed into the coaching staff.
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    Buster on FF sticking up for Houston. Reekin. Always knew it.
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    The way our club is run probably a tarrier will get the gig
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    If there was just one thing you had to choose for making a case against his appointment, I think that is it. For me it would significantly increase the 'risk factor' for the new mgmt team as a whole. BF ambition allied to mhedia contacts will act in certain circumstances, with a view to take advantage.
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    Fucken hell If you don't agree with someone being unsure of the guy because of what he is known to have done to previous managers then fine. You're perfectly entitled to disagree but to constantly act like you don't understand why someone may hold that opinion when you've had it explained to you a number of times now is ignorance. At this point its looking like willful ignorance. You love wee Barry. We get it. Some people don't. Stop pretending you don't understand why.
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    Honestly, fan groups are just cringe. Petty politicking, bowling club mentality and jumped up people with a taste of power.
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    Bloody hell, how thick am I as did not realise this until your post. So Robertson got asked a couple of dodgy questions by the C1872 board. Thought "fuck this" get it to one point of contact such as a SLO. Then I can tell him just to shut up and to stay in the corner sooking jelly beans while the big boys carry on. So as Murray was the 'shit shield' for King, the SLO will do the same job for Robertson and the board.
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    I was against RF merging into C1872 and voted against it. I was in the minority. I knew this would happen. I was against Houston being involved in anyway, infact the man is a fucking embarrassment to the Rangers support and how so many cant see this is beyond me. Again I was in the minority. I'm glad I cancelled my DD months ago, I've made the correct decision. Houston is toxic, any man who feels it's acceptable to call for mass boycotts of their own football club, regardless of who is in charge is a fucking idiot.
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    Spot on. They go on about being historically dominated and oppressed yet they would gladly act like tyrants towards the loyalist community and ban all their rights to association. They actually demonstrate everything they profess to be against with their bigotry toward the PUL community. They seethe with absolute hatred towards them and the Order. Nothing but demented hypocrites. They lack the rationality to detach themselves from their bias and emotionalism towards political matters and so are unable to offer any input in discussions beyond announcing their side 'good' and the PUL bad. It's embarrassingly infantile yet for some reason it's accepted because the puny bit of knowledge that most people have on the subject makes them know that Britain is more powerful than Ireland and that Declan has seen rough times. Forget all the centuries of murder and mayhem from that lot and the fact that they still tell protestants to 'get out' even today, it's all them unionists who are evil for standing up to them and having the cheek to win many of the battles. Sad thing is that they are so complacent in their belief that they are right because not enough people challenge them or know enough to see through their shite. This has led to a situation now where to be PUL is to belong to a stigmatised group. Its difficult to believe because this has occurred in a period were just about all social groups or communities are protected and have all sorts of rights. There is no way the gypsy, gay, Irish, Muslim, Chinese, Mormons, Polish, Jews, feminist, or any other national or social group would be allowed to be treated with the disdain that the PUL community are in Scotland. Its that bad that I seen a guy on here describe their culture and beliefs as 'a lot of nonsense'. I kid you not. That's how widespread this bigoted view of them has become. If the UK was to split I do believe the PUL would be stigmatised and repressed to the point of cultural genocide. Sad state of affairs in a country that traditionally does anything to preserve cultures and even mythologizes the Celts, Tartan, Gaelic languages yet the PUL is just as Scottish and of the British Isles as any of these.
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    Been busy at work today so only getting time now to properly digest that horrific 'statement' from Club 1872. I find it offensive as a member that the 4 remaining Directors think it os acceptable to label 3 fellow Bears in D'Art, Laura & Joanne as liars and try to besmirch their character. To question their professionalism, whilst penning a statement that in parts did not make sense, contained spelling and grammatical errors probably sums it up. At the same time, guys on FF & Twitter are posting content that can only have come from the remaining Directors - unprofessionalism indeed. If CH going to a meeting a week before an interview with the interviewer being present is not deemed to be an issue by the current board then I don't really have much else to say. I was a massive supporter of Club 1872 and I still believe it is a key feature of our support and has massive potential but unfortunately the behaviour of some has made me so disillusioned with the concept that if something drastic doesn't happen in the next few weeks I will be cancelling my membership which will be a sad day.
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    As per my response on FF - this is a complete an utter falsehood.
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    Sky Sports News there ... paraphrasing though .. "If Aberdeen get beat then Celtic can win the league with a victory against Dundee the following day. Celtic can wrap up the league title in record time .... being beaten only by Rangers, winning it on March 16th 1929" Second in everything they do, fenian scum.
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