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    An old mate of mine gets laid to rest today. Bob served with the British Army in Aden and followed Rangers into Europe on many occasions. He was a keen bowler and loved his bingo. He leaves a wife and family and many fiends behind. God bless you BOB, may you rest in peace.
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    Some cunts need to have a look at themselves over this. Barry Ferguson is a Rangers legend and a good Rangers captain. Do I want him to have this role, no because of the way him and others acted we PLG was the manager. But the abuse he receives is bang out of order, even with the PLG situation in mind if it wasn't for him/others we wouldn't have had our greatest modern time manager back in the hot seat and won three titles in a row and a European final to boot. i seen someone even call him a ned, you can fuck off aswell. As for the Scotland situation, fuck Scotland, it has fuck all to do with Rangers. not my choice for this position but one you can guarantee with BF is he will not be afraid to kick balls in that dressing room and I think we have a manager this will not be afraid to kick Fergusons baws if need be aswell. Something PLG would never have done.
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    Who's going to hold him to account? King is turning us over. Murray is a waste of space. Gilligan? I don't see what he brings to the party. Houstons record speaks for itself. Graham - I still say he was planted into our support by King. Dungbucket - his history is worse than Houstons. RF - rolled over and had their bellies tickled by just about everybody, and we still await details on the EH CIC, which we WERE promised we'd get start of season, then it was November. I ask again.........Who's going to hold him responsible mate? They're all in it, and club1872 is now more toxic than the RST ever was, which suits many people.
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    Found this up in my loft , nice surprise thought it went years ago. Big umbro logo on back must be early to mid 80's I think.
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    I honestly wonder if there's anyone out there left who genuinely wants to do anything for the good of the club rather than their own pockets, egos or power trips
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    So let's get this straight, Warburton wants a player who he didn't deem good enough to play every week against the likes of Hamilton. Another lazy piece of Scottish 'journalism'.
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    He can go. We will need a better striker come the summer than what we have and his fee can go towards it.
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    Nursery door be getting kicked in by sturgeons stormtroopers in the morning probably
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    Looked out some old stuff at the weekend. Wishing that I'd kept so much more instead of giving it away or throwing it out. I've got some metal badges from the same period, will take pics and post when I find them.
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    What if we give Barry the job and then a big club like Blackburn come in for him?
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    Was not expecting that at all on yerself little one!
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    It genuinely baffles me how any Rangers fan can hold Barry Ferguson in such contempt... completely and utterly bizarre, the man is the epitome of a modern day Rangers legend.
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    couple of posters that are usually all up in the 1872 threads a bit....well absent.
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    Yes I am sure we could Pete because if you get a new device and start posting without the l's and T's this forum will be the poorer for it I am Sure.
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    Not many would have complained if Alan Hutton had left on a free before Walter Smith replaced PLG. I'd rather wait and see how Waghorn does in the next few months before making judgements on whether he should stay or go and at what price.
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    With the first player sold you get a free Kiernan that's the rules.
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    Bog standard £5m for every Rangers first team player under 30. If they want him, they can pay for him. We ain't looking to sell and we don't need to sell.
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    What's your opinion on crack cocaine and double decker buses covered in shite?
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    You can get off to a good start with me by getting that username changed for a start, I'm not having you come on here posting shite that posters get mixed up and think it's me, there's only one Scotty allowed to post shite and that's me, I'm quite sure bombaybadboy will give you a run down of the site rules if you PM him, fucking Scotty indeed.
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    Living in Elgin, I occasionally pop along to games. Watched his Clyde team a couple of times last season and once this. What was noticeable about the way his team was set out and the way they play is this...the game plan appeared to be "let's be physical and bully teams" which surprised me. Now, it may be that's how he decided is best to play in the 4th tier but it wasn't exactly pretty, but it almost paid off for them being beaten by the odd goal in the play-off final. Relating that to potential assistant at Ibrox? Well, watching his team and watching him from the sideline, he certainly retains a desire to win. so as long as that's the prime driver for his appointment, aligned with his Rangers credentials and his knowledge of the Scottish game, then he could be useful in the role. But I can't help thinking that once he had his foot in the door he'd be undermining the gaffer and looking for the opportunity for himself. For that reason, I'm out.
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    Whether he is a ned or not is subjective and immaterial but a few things that are more relevant........... - Played a big part in refusing to adapt to and the undermining of a Rangers manager, using the mhedia to help in that. Lost Captaincy+ - Off-field Irresponsibility with Scotland see him stripped of Captaincy and further appearences - Disrespecting another Rangers manager see him lose Captaincy AGAIN and cold shouldered. - As Clyde manager, is sent to stands after getting involved in abusive exchange with Clyde supporter whilst in charge of a team being horsed by Spartans in the Scottish Cup. - His repeated highly irresponsible and sometimes deceptive behaviour shows that he doesn't learn lessons very well. - With one of the highest budgets in the 4th tier, he fails to get Clyde promoted and leaves them in danger of losing league status. - Works with the Daily Record and BBC Scotland and has his contacts for the day when he reverts to type and briefs against mgmt. team when results don't go well and will be hyped by the same people (Keith Jackson/ghostwriter) to fill any vacums that may arise in the future. - On BBC Scotland a week or two ago, he actually said that he thought the foreign route was a mistake for Rangers and they should go for McInnes. Fine to have an opinion but not an opinion that marries well with him getting a job within the foreign route. - Listening to him talk about football is like going back a decade or more. He doesn't seem to be an advocate of progressive methods. Again, a bad fit with new set-up. In summary, Ferguson has a off the field history that screams 'NOT Suitable & Dangerous' and has a coaching/mgmt. history that doesn't suggest he has a lot to offer (failed at Clyde). Quite how the board saw him as a candidate for this job is beyond me and IMO can only be via the Parks family influence. This won't end well.
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    I've been assured he never even made interview stage. I hope it's true.
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    Have to agree with this to be honest. Although PLG was ultimately a dud, Ferguson using his influence to turn alot of the squad against him certainly didn't help matters. I'm not saying Pedro will be another PLG but he's arriving under similar circumstances - foreign coach with modern ideas who's never coached in Scotland or Britain before. I loved Ferguson as a player but his lack of professionalism at times was ridiculous. I'd rather we didn't take the risk with him and left him to carry on writing for the Daily Rebel.
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    Very well put my man. Yes you are right in all that you put across there most of all the part about our family i.e. All the bears out there that have pulled together to help out my little boy, which is astonishing and a total heart felt god send that so many people are so generous and willing to give up there time of day to do even the littlest of things to help out this little bear my son Joshua. May we all hopefully meet one day so I my self could shake all your hands in gratitude for everything you have done. NO SURRENDER is definitely what I have stood by and will do the rest of my life. Thank you bobby and thank you all for your continued help.
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    Oh ffs wait till Houston and the louden snake sees this. The end of humanity is upon us
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    The Faroe Islands just qualified for the Euro finals in may... we beat Slovakia 2-1 today and go through as a better second placed team than Portugal. Amazing result for a tiny nation. This is the first team in any age group that has qualified. These players are all getting snapped up by big teams all over Europe and this will hopefully improve our full international side even more in the next few years.
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    KKK, KKK reported ya racist bastard
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    Kook Its Kike thIs you KIke KearnIng Kots of new thIngs but stIll talk Kots of shIte
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    Not over reacting in the slightest, the only mention of Barton is in the comments and the only mention of Rangers is and again some commenters at the bottom. The papers have done this before with us, I remember they misquoted Kiernan saying we could score 26 goals in 1 game. Also they were misquoting Pedro not too long ago when he said we were the best squad in scotland. The papers know they are losing out because they print utter dross. Rather than keeping good journalistic integrity and giving the people the news, they resort to shady titles or eye catches to get copies sold.
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    TheSins will be on backing him up, the tag team.
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    Because he kissed the badge? How'd you work that one out?
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    The next couple of months will give the whole squad the opportunity to either secure a future with us or put them in the shop window to make a move elsewhere. Waghorn is one I'm undecided on mostly because like some others in the squad I don't think Warbuton's style gave him a platform to show his true worth,hopefully Pedro's style will make it clear who is worth keeping or not.
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    Thankfully Waghorn has made his feelings clear regarding Warburton. Hopefully he's given the new contract he deserves, and quite clearly wants.
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    I like the simplicity nothing beats just royal blue with the RFC
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    Brilliant, welcome. Are you going to the vigil tonight.
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    Whats your views on Mrs Murcell.? Whats your views on SD.? Whats your views on MA.? Whats your views on DK.? Choose carefully Dad.!!!!!! Too many scottys on this site. Maybe need to jettison some.
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    Should go to someone who has experience of running a big RSC. No one else.
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    Donations sent to both. ? Have a great day guys.
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    If ye said that 10 years ago mate ye'd have been run doon Edmiston Drive. Now, yer probably right. Sad days indeed, although I hear the favourite is a good Bear, clever, helpful, and hard working.
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    Unite our support? Aye that will be the fucking day...That cunt who supposedly turned Water into Buckfast couldn't even do that miracle.
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    Beats me how Blairs managed to hold onto his position after knowing about King and his one share.
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    Rangers[88] Scottish Premier League (5): 1998–99, 1999-00, 2002–03, 2004–05, 2008–09[89] Scottish Cup (5): 1999-00, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2007–08, 2008–09 Scottish League Cup (5): 1998–99, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2004–05, 2007–08 Our record European appearance maker, captained us to a treble and European final. He's no angel and only time will tell if he's suited to a role like this but some of the comments in here are a disgrace
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    Its now a completely no win situation. The more people who cancel memberships the less people the remaining Directors are answerable to and consequently the more grip/ control they gain. There is something Dark and a rotten at the very heart of the Club these days. That's The assets of RF well and truly seized. Sad days considering the noble intentions when RF was first set up.
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    I'm amazed people are wanting a clearly disruptive, unprofessional and poor coach in to influence our new coaching team. I'm shocked actually. This is one where the brains go a-wandering - he was an excellent player for us and a good captain - doesn't mean he's good in any other role ESPECIALLY for the above reasons. Aw but bring um home, he kens whit rangers is, an is a dead gid playah - pure rangers through and through man. Let him buy a season ticket then, and enjoy the adulation from the fans in the stands. This type of thinking made McCoist happen, I'll say that again... THIS TYPE OF THINKING MADE MCCOIST HAPPEN. As a Rangers fan, how dare you wish that shite back on us all again? I don't care if his influence will be 5%, it's still influence from a source that should not be welcomed into the coaching staff.
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    Buster on FF sticking up for Houston. Reekin. Always knew it.