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    When it becomes about the betterment of the club and not about the financial gain and influence certain individuals have then that will be a starting point. I can't see that happening anytime soon so your wish is a bit of a pipe dream. Unless these individuals leave or are forced out then you're looking to build on sand. By way of contrast, look at what Govanblue puts in for the support and what he gets out of it. Compare that to Craig Houston and Chris Graham. Consider how these 2 "fans " have manouevered themselved into such positions of influence / prestige, and their links to tell current Board. There's your key problem, unlike with Govanblue, it's about themselves, it's toxic, and it's insurmountable for uniting a fan base.
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    As an older bear of some considerable age I hark back to a time when as a support we were never divided by individuals, groups or enemies of our club. We were dominant and supported our team to great glory over the years. We were afraid of no one and nothing and our fans were legendary throughout the land and abroad. I can't help thinking what has happened to us as a support over the past few years. We bicker with each other constantly and drag our club through the dirt in the full view of our enemies. We are torn apart by loyalty to one group or another each trying to outdo the other to the detriment of the club itself. We have problems with identity in our own country which causes even more division between us. I would like us all to take a step back and consider how we can get back that unity so that when the glory days return on the pitch we are united as brothers of this great footballing institution of it. Can we debate constructively as to how we can achieve this and make an older bear happy again.
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    The swagger into work on the Tuesday if we beat them twice
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    Richard keys “You can trace it all back to 2002 and the deal Vic Wakeling didn’t do with Roger Mitchell who was in charge of the SPL – but who wasn’t very good at it. Vic put something like £60m on the table and the response was, ‘Come back to me when you’re serious’. Vic withdrew the offer and overnight he made it clear we were to stop talking about Scottish football on Sky Sports News." “All these years on still no one can tell me what Rangers were guilty of when they were sent down to the bottom tier."
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    1. Richard Keys has an agenda of his own, and is a dubious character to say the least. 2. The 'product' (Scottish football) is crap, so no broadcaster is going to pay over the odds for it.
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    I'm sure everyone will join me in my request to Govanblue to pass on our sincere thanks to Specialized Security for the wonderful help they have afforded to Josh and his family. Thanks too to Our Great Club for upgrading the tickets. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to Govanblue for all the work he puts in on our behalf. A True Blue indeed. To the Adair Family, Enjoy your day with the greatest supporters anywhere in the world.
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    thats a circular argument. If Sky give us more money, the product gets better, making people more likely to watch it.
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    Blazer chasers, Egos, and selling fake gear to fill their pockets, is part of the problem.
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    Great thread title Nalla, and great sentiment. I agree,back then our club was seen to be relatively well run, and there had been a great stabilitiy over a long period. Even in bad times the fans were united as a whole and allowed the board to (sometimes slowly ) get it right. There were no independant groups or individuals playing politics with the fans for their own reasons. Now we have these individuals and groups spreading division in the fans themselves, and not only themselves, but also aided from within our club structure in their politcs. The events of the last ten years have not just pulled th club apart, but also the various supporter power groups. My biggest problem with these new political groupings within the club is they no longer seem intersted in working for the common good of the club and fans, but seem only interested to further their own ambitions. Add to that all these political groups now have funding and you probably have leaders within these groups not only pushing their own agendas, but using fans finances solely for their own ambition (and greed) A clusterfuck, partly enabled by our board and perpetuated by individuals who see our club as a business step opportunity, and no longer a sporting institution. I do not belong to, or have a bias to any suporters group. I am quite simply a Rangers fan, and proud to be a part of the bigger group of those who cal themselves Rangers fans too, and have no need to use Rangers for personal gain or influence.
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    so give us money that is in relation to the population. the EPL got $5 Billion in 2015. Englands population is 53 Million ours is 5.3 million. £500 Million would be fine by me.
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    https://rangers.co.uk/news/club/joshuas-specialized-day/ Well done once again Rangers.
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    Imagine scudding their unbeaten run and their treble in one week? God. Is. A. Prod.
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    Beat them twice in a week and it'll be the Thursday before I go back to work.
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    When's the ballot? Do I have to have attended every home game to be in with a chance or just paid for them?
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    Prior to Internet you had to be of a certain calibre to have your views published Now it's a filter free world where junkies and tarriers can have their views splashed everywhere The noisy minority can create a theatre of hate and negativity, out and about in the real world I still find Rangers fans to be the best there is
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    That's us now sorted for tickets for tomorrow. Many thanks to @ricksen92 for saving the day.
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    It was fine till those officers insisted on touching my penis.
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    The Adair family have safely arrived at the Hilton, and one particular family member is currently trashing the rooms.
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    I've woke up in a different universe. Is this guy discussing the possibility of getting to a final in a European competition in the next 2 years?
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    He's a fucking bellend of the highest order. Funny there wasn't a close up of his tarrier mug when Hill smashed one in the back of the net against the nappy rippers.
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    Izaguirre? Didn't he go to Arsenal for 10 million dembele dollars?
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    I'm beginning to suspect that Specialized Security must have some dirt on one of the Club Directors. Either that, or Rangers are just a jolly nice Club. Either way, I've been informed that Rangers have upgraded the family's seats on Saturday to an Executive Box... This is ideal, as it gives the family a nice quiet space to relax in during what will otherwise be a pretty tiring day for them all. I also forgot to mention that Specialized Security have also covered the cost of the meals for the party of eight at the Hilton for the weekend.
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    Heard his latest rant on the radio the night . Hopefully he'll wake up and realise he's made an arse of himself . Interesting that Rogers hasny been sent bullets , been attacked in Ashton Lane , or even had a fan run onto the park to attack him just for being a Roman Catholic . Another poster pointed it out first , but hatred of Neil Lennon has nothing to do with religion .
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    just type in the post code SH1T3 H0L3
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    Stunner... She's alright as well.
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    Yup, most supporters get on fine and couldn't give much of a fuck about the leaders of fan groups or what they say. It's actually ridiculous how important some of them think they are The internet gives the impression of these things being far more important than they are. I've never seen Rangers supporters arguing at Ibrox about the things in the OP and doubt I ever will.
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    How many people are tripping over themselves to watch the Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Greek & Danish leagues? Scottish football will never be as popular or on a par with the elite leagues so that's a daft comparison to make but there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be able to get a TV deal that holds up favourably against the deals those countries have.
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    well done to all involved,hope josh and his family have a great day.
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    The sheriff should be sacked and the club should be coming out and saying this ruling is wrong and a disgrace as our payers we not being protected by the SFA, Police and now the courts .. But we won't , this board will just let them sweep this under the carpet
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    More I listen to Pedro the more I like him.
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    Get where you're coming from, but I don't think he's classy at all. I think Rogers is a sly snake that's good at being a sly snake, whereas Lennon is just a fucking headcase with anger issues. Lennon is definitely easier to hate because he's more obvious.
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    I don't know why everyone is saying Paterson. He's fucking shite. Tavernier is a far better player. He just needs to work on his consistency. Half of Tav's problems have been positional but part of that can be attributed to the previous manager's style. Let's see how he does under the new manager.
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    Is it about time we asked why this "West of Scotland" problem with Neil Lennon seems to have followed him to Bolton and Edinburgh?
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    His Forest interviews are all classic just like ours only the team name changes.
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    ...... I'm going to use that old Ally excuse about .... "the wind". Regardless of the sound quality though ..... the sentiment and pride shown to Billy Simpson was first class. This was a wonderful tribute to another Rangers' great who sadly passed away on 27th January this year. Well done to The Barrington Street, 1st Belfast RSC for respecting one of their own .... and our's .... in such a fitting manner.
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    Great it is on the Rangers Web site, can this be put onto Twitter by anyone ? @Perth_Campsie_Ger @mark adair It would be good to get as much publicity as possible before tomorrow.
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    The Authorities haven't dealt with Hibs or Motherwell for invading the pitch. When you see the see the sentences which have been passed down to Bears for defending the Rangers End. We were even blamed for the poor Police response. Fuck this waiting for the next attack we should now go on the offensive. Next time lego eater takes the field a fan should run the length of the park and kosh him with a mobile phone. Compare the reaction to this to the lennon incident.
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    The attitude of some is shocking in here .. if there's something to moan about, they'll find it & about about it, all the while believing they are completely right & therefore everyone else MUST be wrong (or a taig .. Or not a lifelong supporter etc etc). Anyone care to explain why the club asking you not to .. ** Piss in the closes or gardens (yes I've seen it done) ** Dump your fast food wrappers in the street ** Drop your cans/ bottles in the street .. Is a bad thing, why is the club asking you to act like a decent human being wrong? We all claim to love the club, surely not acting like a fud when you visit, isn't too much to ask?
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    Many thanks to @SURRENDERNO for getting things moving again. Appropriately, you are donor number 1690 - but I'm sure you already know that.
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    It will be a poor show if our Club doesn't come out in media and express concern over this ludicrously light sentence. After all, it was one of our employees that the thug attempted to attack. Seem to remember after the Lennon incident, the mob across the city were very outspoken in their condemnation.
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    Just as well he wasn't singing the Billy boys or he'd get 4 months shoved up his arse. ??