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    He's a fucking bellend of the highest order. Funny there wasn't a close up of his tarrier mug when Hill smashed one in the back of the net against the nappy rippers.
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    Many thanks to @SURRENDERNO for getting things moving again. Appropriately, you are donor number 1690 - but I'm sure you already know that.
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    Come on now it'll never be washed, he's one of them remember
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    All part of the ego and the propaganda.
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    I'm going along with Joanne, Laura & D'Art. The 2 ladies are definitely going, it's a bit more challenging for D'Art logistically but I believe he will now be there. Any unjust smearing of the 3 of them will not be tolerated. Although, watching a few people on social media it looks as if they are turning the guns on James Blair so wouldn't be surprised if he's the focus next week.
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    I fear for that child, in oh so many ways. Like a lamb being led to the slaughter.
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    Seriously tho bud how does a 1 furlong horse race work? Do they have stalls?
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    Fux sake babn......I think we will need to get you a 9-5 job
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    The one night I don't bother with the ice hockey the boy I work with wins 270 for 2 quid u couldn't write it man I won 50 on a fucking 1 furlong race in America lol Now on to the Australian racing
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    We were always told RF was OMOV & ACT (I think) Did the members vote to approve this use of a considerable chunk of their cash?
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    There's no set criteria to be honest. But at that level they should be able to assert some sort of influence & the board should certainly be mindful of their views etc. Douglas Park owns less than Club 1872 and sits on the board with his boy. You could argue though that with the 3 Bears they own around 20% though. Sandy Easdale & Ashley own more than Club 1872 & clearly have no representation (not that I'm complaining).
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    Just to add, CG should be there as he nominated Laura - so I'd expect him to be in full defence of any smearing.
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    Nahhh, should throw 23000 tickets off the roof of the Club Deck in a strong westerly and line the CCCS ST holders up outside the Main Stand entrance and let them chase them down Paisley Road West. Disabled fans and those of advancing years can start off where the burger vans park up on Edmiston Drive to ensure fair play.
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    Delighted the 3 of them are going. Should avoid unchallenged blame shifting. Good on the 3 of them.
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    Playing and beating them just isn't the same when McGhee isn't on the receiving end. Still, looking forward to seeing what the team offers after having had a few weeks under Pedro.
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    You did "Volunteer" though mate ..... and that counts .... No Surrender Joshua Adair.
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    Pete, I am sure your point was a spur of the moment response and probably based on the large amount of negativity that the so called fans leaders get. (They deserve it all). My response was that it is not the case and your response is holding us fans, that are members of C1872 (and deeply unsatisfied), in a bad light. We joined RF to help try and save our club from the charlatens that were MA stooges, Green's assholes etc. We were PROMISED various things with RF. A few months down the line, the most succesful Fans Group ever gets hijacked and all the promises disapear. Add to that, the fact that the current board's stooges are getting stuck into C1872 and there is your proper answer. So yeah, still a load of bollocks
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    Plus a mascot appearance on saturday - Priceless!
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    Well they could organise it in a venue that was big enough to hold the membership they have. Alternatively they could have contacted all the members and asked if they intended attending the meeting and then booked an appropriate room. Instead they book a room and say entry is on first come first served and access will be denied when capacity is reached. That is certainly unprofessional and you could say tarrieresque.
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    Donated. It's jumped massively since I last donated but that was when this thread first started. Almost a year ago. Still sad that's it's not at least at half way but hopefully Saturday sees it kick on with him.being mascot. Rading back through the comments the amounts RM members have donated is unreal.
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    Anthony stokes' card to his mothers.
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