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    Too much discussing the game, not enough tunes.
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    Thats what happens when amateurs take over match thread duties
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    Between the Aberdeen match thread and this it has been amazing. He basically got wrecked and thought he could take on the world. Then got the fear and made up the worst excuse that a five year old wouldn't even get away with
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    He'd walk the Scottish league as well. Would be a cracking signing. Especially if we are looking to crack European qualifying; international and premier league experience.
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    They still honestly think willie Collum is one of us. He is a religious education teacher. They truely are deluded.
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    If we beat them over these next two games the timplosion will be nuclear
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    A talk pure shit but it's all the truth that's what's maybe fucked up about it lol
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    Mair like Gogzy Kitchen
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    That Tielemans is a player too. There has got to be a some players in that league that are attainable targets. The ones that Anderlecht will buy to replace their outgoing players when they need too. I refuse to believe we can only target Scottish premiership and lower league english players and even then we appear to struggle with this market.
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    Desperate for Juve to win it then Buffon will retire and go down as one of the greatest footballers/sportsmen ever.
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    Stuck a tenner on Beerman to score any time at 20/1. Call it right last time with Hill.
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    Could always be posting under a new account as well... If we're to believe the rest of the story, I wouldn't say that's out of the question. Maybe the guy who stole his phone is logged in as CB again?
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    Don't care who scores, so long as we score more than them.
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    in mark warburtons world it would be down to the randomness of Celtic having a goalie between the posts
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    Easter Rd games against them next season
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    Is that the old Tennis player?
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    So someone stole a phone and had access to bank accounts, fuck knows what else.... but decided to come on the Bears den and make a post about defeatism on a Rangers forum, before asking for square goes Mon to fuck mate, just admit ye were pished and fucked it. Many have done worse.
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