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    I had to pop into Waitrose to get a card for my mums birthday, anyway if the bold Pedro wasnt there trying to scan a vienna loaf!! Usually a fairly shy chap but i went over, shook hands and to said 'best of luck on sunday' & 'get stuck into them' and probably some other incoherant shite!. He was really friendly and said 'thank you my friend'. If i knew how to work my phone i might have tried taking a pic with him...ha ha Quite surprised he used to be a goalie as he is maybe only 5ft 9 and pretty slender. Hopefully he can relay my motivational speech back to the team and you can all thank me on Sunday afternoon once we gub the tims.
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    These cunts are the lowest of the low. They'll do anything they can to try and influence a game. A despicable club, with an inbuilt victim culture, who've been lying, cheating, crawling, and backstabbing their way to the top. They're always trying to take the moral high ground, with their whataboutery shite. They're never defeated, and always cheated mentality has got them this far. The RANGERS ARE BACK! AND THOSE BASTARDS ARE SHITTING THEMSELVES! WATP!!!!
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    Waitrose you say, Vienna loaf you say, Bearsden bear you say prawn salad and whole grain mustard salad with organic balsamic vinegar dressing you say pan loaf with brown sauce
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    The Rigby family deserve more respect than this shite
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    Shamless, peado harbouring pricks.
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    Billy Gilmour just liked my tweet and started following me I'll get him to stay, I've earned his trust
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    He used to play like he was pushing 30 trolleys about aswell
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    The taigs trying to influence a ref. ?? Only going to get worse next season once the lurgan bigot is back and telling everyone what a poor victhim he is.
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    Fact. Every club in the world gets refereeing decisions against them. Fact. One club never accepts it and has the media machine bang on about it for days, weeks, months and years. This is pre orchestrated. It's no coincidence they were responsible for the referees strike and is designed to intimidate Sundays ref. The bheast is nothing more than a dirty bastard.
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    If we start to give them a serious challenge next season there will be another referee's strike,it's a stick on.
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    Too much discussing the game, not enough tunes.
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    I've got zero issues with him running a Rangers bar and making a living. I don't like the man, he's a cretin but I bet my life on the amount of hours he puts in with the bar would surprise a lot of folk. I know there's a debate about making money off the club name, but laying out tens of thousands in securing a premsis, renovating it, buying in stock and equipment, employing people, the paperwork and regulations etc before taking in a penny is fine with me. It's very different from some other stunts people pull such as fake strips and using the money to buy shares for themselves etc. Night and day in fact. That said (and I'm sorry Greg, mate, if you're reading this) I'd do a celebration fist pump if the Copland Road Louden closed. People like Marshall are what's wrong with the club/support at the moment. Grassing big bastard. Ego'maniac. Handwringing cunt. Shameless is what he is.
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    I've noticed this the last week, why is there this momentum from the taigs towards refereeing? are they honestly that scared of us? if so why? They're the most pathetic football team I've ever seen and no-one in Scotland ever picks up on it. From molesting kids, record numbers of rule breaches/fines with UEFA without a ban, sending DVD's to governing bodies seeking clarification on ref decisions to causing ref strikes and everything else ... go on forums of other fans teams in Scotland and it's dirty sevco this and that Maybe one day the penny will drop with the rest of Scotland but I won't hold my breath. The frustration is like when your a kid and your wee Brother is being an utter fanny, you try to defend yourself against the wee prick and your parents and everyone else still shout at you anyway regardless of what he's done. If we won this game their meltdown would be of epic proportions.
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    Kick one of these cunts to give us some entertainment at the least.
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    Is this celtic or a separate entity our boys are playing?
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    Stealth "I'm a rich cunt so get it up ye" thread
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    And some people still want fan ownership, we cant even organise a charity game for a murdered soldier without there being a big drama. Regardless of who's right it's pathetic doing this in public.
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    Ive no prob with the ex players taking a small fee or having their expenses covered, if the charity event is organised properly all costs should be covered and what's left goes to the charity. But as usual what we get is I didn't take a penny, oh well actually I did but this was just expenses, oh well hang on yes a took a small fee for my time but others would've taken more. It just looks shady as fuck.
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    TLB gets his hearing put back to allow his ban to start AFTER he wrapped up the league AND sat his tarrier arse in the Hampden dug out Brown plays despite his Manager accepting his red card Non tarrier gets a 2 match ban from the disciplinary panel who are on holiday Ref for Sunday is a full blown kafflic who teaches children kafflic bullshit BUT Officials are biased against tarriers
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    Everytime there a big game they start this pish in the buildup, fucking embarrassment they are. Everything revolves round Rangers too. They could beat Real Madrid but they'd still talk about sevco.. fucking mutants genuinely think there is an agenda agaisnt them 24/7, honest to fuck I'd love to see them go bust and never appear again. Trampy tarrier bastards.
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    were not on the back page of a national newspaper.
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    Why be so cryptic? Say who or just don't start the thread in the first place I despair
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    Young lad got himself into the SPFL team of the week
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    When you turn back onto a HD channel after that pish ??
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    Disgusting point scorer fucking boooooooo
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    It's bang on, I use it quite a lot. I'll be buying the week pass so I get the game next Saturday and all. I had asked for people to give me and my diabetic brother a ticket to one of these games but I can only assume the forum is full of fucking Nazis
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    If he canny work his phone I would assume he is quite an auld fucker like myself and you want pics of his mum, Mind boggles ?
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    Without an extremely favourable set of draws there's no chance we will reach the group stages.
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    I can't believe two adults arguing in a public forum over a Lee Rigby tribute and fund raiser , everybody can read the thread and it's contents . It's just incredibly messy and for all the talk of solicitors I'm thinking that there isn't one around that would advise anybody to carry out arguments in this manner.
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    I'd prefer to put 3/4 by them tbh. Seeing all sorts of they cunts in tears before the last minute knowing we've fucked their treble would be marvellous.
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    That's something that's been bothering me. How come they managed to convene a very quickly organised disciplinary panel for the schalk incident, but brown has to wait til the 27th? Surely the schalk thing could have waited til then as well? Both incidents happened in the same game after all....
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    Hopefully Collum reads that, thinks 'fuck em', sends Brown off and gives us a couple of penalties on Sunday!!!
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    What a blatant pro-Taig back page that is... Deila - The refs are against them last year in the semi Hartson - The refs are against them this year Schalk - I'm sorry I dived against them, I should never have done this against the Lords and Masters of our game I!!!
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    "the ref missed a handball 2 years ago" whit a fuckin neck.
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    Wow !! Amazing. Im normally quite calm a few days before a game against that mob then bang the butterflies kick in on the day of the game. Not this time though...BANG !! they just kicked in Big time!!. Ive not been to a game against them in over 10 yrs...Im 52, but feel like a twenty year old right now. Thanks so much K.A.I and Govanblue for all the hard work and endeavour towards raising money for Wee Josh. Roll on Sunday !! Yeeeeeeeesssssss.
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    This means nothing to me Oh Vienna
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    Not good reading at all. https://daviesleftpeg.wordpress.com/2017/04/20/359/
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    A always think of tweety pie when I look at him
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    Thats what happens when amateurs take over match thread duties
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    God knows. Be better if these type of things were organised through something like the RCF where everything is properly accounted for. From what I read earlier cash changed hands to an organiser in a pub at a previous event. That should just not happen.
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    It's the same toxic individuals and ideals behind every single instance like this in the past 5-years mate. There's one big massive common denominator in everything like this that happens.
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    The boy schalk apologising for the Dive do we ever read Dembele's diving apologies.
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    I don't think that's true. There's a small group of ex players who get called out for what they've done/said. There's hundreds of ex players who don't get any abuse at all.
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    Between the Aberdeen match thread and this it has been amazing. He basically got wrecked and thought he could take on the world. Then got the fear and made up the worst excuse that a five year old wouldn't even get away with