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    Maybe we should have a tactical death and instead of last time where we were desperate to TUPE all of the players across we can just tell them to fuck off
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    End it. And end it now. Can't wait till this season is over.
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    So excited to watch Waghorn be a mongo up front again.
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    My enthusiasm for the remaining games is as low as I can remember, can we just end this season now?
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    Running just as fast as we can. Rodgers left his wife to shag a man....
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    its not a great stretch of the imagination to foresee us downing tools (even more than they have done) and getting beat
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    he was utter rubbage on sat i have said before he is no use as a starter as he has no football brain bring him on in the last 15 mins when the game is open and the opposition is tired another player who will never make it
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    Alnwick in goals for this one please. If Toral is miraculously fit for this one then he can run back down to Arsenal. Waghorn can have the rest of the season off as well until we find someone thick enough to sign him. The sooner this season is over with and we can start seeing some of these fucking imposters moving on the better. 99% of them have been an embarrassment this season and put to shame by 2 guys who should be winding down their careers and heading for retirement.
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    I'm sure Pedro got him on a free transfer, just shows that Bosmans are not always shite if you look for the right ones
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    I hate when people say that you can't build a title winning side on free agents. That completely ignores the quality of free agent that may be available. I swear there are some on here that would rather we sign a player for £3m rather than get a player of similar quality for free.
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    I see that they've unveiled a plaque in the stadium in Lisbon. I mean wtf? Did I miss that they were the only team to win this trophy?? I must've missed the bus loads of Real Madrid fans coming to Glasgow to put plaques up at Hampden to celebrate. They are the most cringeworthy attention seeking club in world football
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    Teams like Dinamo Zagreb are in the same position as the scum are. A squad of young, talented footballers and they've managed to make a killing out of selling them but as the previous poster mentioned above, some of the other "big" teams in the region like Partizan and Red Star don't have the same weight and can't demand the higher transfer fees. Then you look at teams like Ludogerets, CSKA Sofia, Levski Sofia, Viktoria Plzen who will be even easier to deal with. Lower transfer fees, hungry players who are more suited to our game and lower wages. Tbh Sasa Papac was at Austria Vienna and we managed to get him for 450k.
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    It's as it states mate, alternate shots so if you tee off n go OB then it's your partner who reloads. As for handicapping, in alternate shots you go with either 3/4 or 1/2 the difference on the higher end of rounding up, depending on the clubs rules for the comp. So for your match you had 8+11=19 and the other group were at 13. This gives 6 of a difference so you should have had 3 shots if 1/2 or 5 shots if 3/4 used at the hardest holes on the stroke index. If it had been 4 balls then the lowest player goes to scratch and each player is given 3/4 of the difference between them and the lowest player.
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    We aren't going to get free transfers to seriously challenge, free transfer signings like this would get us a comfortable second and get us much closer to the scum. To beat them to the title we need investment, no doubt about it.
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    Refreshing that two boxers just got into the ring and slugged it out without the false hype beforehand and sold a great fight on it's merits.
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    He shat on the club he 'loved'. Not acceptable to be back, hope the bastard does his ligaments again.
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