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    He's clearly talking about Europe being another step onwards to where we want to be. He isn't wrong. Getting back into Europe is obviously a step in the right direction from where we were. He isn't dismissing that humiliation on Saturday. I'm not defending him, because his tactics on Saturday were appalling, but there's no point in acting dumb over what he's said. The context is there. Read it.
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    Personally I believe this boy has potential and I don't need a fucking tin hat. He made a few mistakes, but the abuse of him over it is absolutely ott and fucking disgraceful. We have hit a new low with this. This boy was up against a scum team that are light years ahead of us and anyone who says otherwise are either totally deluded or fucking blind. This boy plays in a team where all around him are absolute shite and couldn't make up a spine between them, far less in fucking ability. If you want to vent your anger, then go try the crook king and this pathetic excuse of a board, not take it out on a young lad who is only in the team two fucking minutes. We are where we are because of them, not because of a 17 year old kid trying to make his way the game. Utterly fucking shameless.
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    As per the title. His attacks on Caixhina as soon as he was appointed were deemed the last straw apparently.
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    Looks like he's been asked for a picture and the fat pricks decided to do that.
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    A few guys sat on a train. It's like schindlers list
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    just a coincidence he had a go at king today then?
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    Cunt was useless on Saturday (and every time Ive seen him) hopefully him and his alice band fuck off in the summer
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    Op behave yourself. Ffs were all pissed off at the way things are. Doesn't mean we all walk around torn faced 24 hrs a day.
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    So, in reality fuck all happened?
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    ??? Here I thought he was pure courageous as well. The hypocrisy of this board has no limits it would seem.
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    As if you weren't shouting the same thing from the stands/towards the TV. It's a perfectly natural human reaction and I'd rather see that than them being the passive pussies that they've been all season. It was also a fucking amateur tackle which absolutely deserved that reaction from Windass and hopefully the rest of the squad. Real men are made in battle and fire.
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    Report on tonight's Development League game at St.Mirren https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2017/05/01/fight-back-secures-win-for-20s/
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    Are you brain damaged? The boy has been asked for a photo and that old loser has done the 5-1 sign.
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    I would of cashed out at 500mil
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    Boy should have taken a leaf out of big Artur's book
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    This board need their bogeymen don't they. Anything to deflect the scrutiny from them. Even one of mini murray's courageous journalists will do as long as it gives the sheep in the support someone to blame. I'm not defending Jackson for a moment as he's a grade A prick but he is very far from being the root cause of the problem here.
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    A know the boy who appears to have done the gesture and he's a top lad and good bear. Not sure if it's just a bad timing of the camera or he deliberately and stupidly done it drunk. A feel for him as he's going to have a witch hunt after him now. Bears grassing him in is an utter joke.
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    If yer gonnae make digs at the guy at least make sure they have a bit of credibility instead of rambling a load of shite.
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    Shut the fuck up.
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    Perhaps Windass was shouting at the other lad in an attempt to shift blame away from his own poor performance? This is a tactic I see used by Andy Halliday on almost a game by game basis.
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    Going in the right direction cos he's realised the utter shite he's working with and knows he needs to bring in plenty of players.
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    Whether is merited or not it does seem like deflection from another humiliation on Saturday.
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    The papers have only linked us with players from Scotland and England because they make shit up and don't know anyone from Mexico etc
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    While grassing is embarrassing and Chris Graham, generally speaking is a massive fud - the guy was totally out of order if we're being honest. I'm all for looking out for our own but thats unacceptable behaviour.
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    Maybe we should have a tactical death and instead of last time where we were desperate to TUPE all of the players across we can just tell them to fuck off
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    Whit?! Would you rather he didn't have a clue?
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    TBH mate bannings always seem to come when someone gets close to the truth or riles a board member. the record are poor with PC I will admit that but it seems a bit of a coincidence he's had another go at king for about the 4th time in two weeks
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    His behavior has been a disgrace. He sold us down the river. He liquidated his company Murray International leaving over 200 million in debts. He bought back the worthwhile assets of Murray International and put then into his new company Murray Capitol. Think Philip Green like character on a smaller scale. He should of been banned from being a director. I doubt it's anything to do with the EBT ruling. Which will have little to no effect on him either way.
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    Tbh thats a great story. I think the majority of both fans know how to keep the rivalry real. Compare that story to the young bear who got skelped with a bottle at the league cup semi? Thats unexcusable and i would say exactly the same if it had been a sellick fan who got skelped
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    We are all just one big happy family like Everton and Liverpool. I'm chuffed to bits.
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    A mccoist comment leading to another 20 page thread about gardeners and how he used to be my hero but he's now a fud, fucking move on ya tiresome bastards
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    Might have helped if the fat dick bothered to vote on a certain resolution
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    1. Folk calling out racism is nothing to do with being a "modern Rangers fan", it has to do with being a modern human being. 2. What does calling out a moron making racist gestures have to do with "rebels"? 3. He's bang on. Get these idiots who bring shame to the door of our great club to fuck.
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    Fuckin circus around our club for years, couldn't tell you the last time we had stability. The tarriers are trying to open hotels and museums and we don't even know if we'll have a fuckin transfer budget. I just wish someone with serious money would buy us and sort the mess out, make us successful again, and put they rebel bastards in their place!
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    Re 1 he's been arrested and being dealt with and will received a ban - what more do you want ? His head on a stick?
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    Keith Jackson is seriously the least of our worries
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    You don't need to be here. ?? Was he banned for having a pop at the fans and his continual lies about us or the club? No he was banned for having a pop at a board member just like the ban dished out to the herald. When you want to wake up and see this for what it is don't let us stop you. ??
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    They fight the fight when it's about them Motherwell and the Cup game taught us that.
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    Only chance he has, considering how long some of the current contracts are, is to start at the back and focus on getting the spine of the team sorted. Get the right defenders in and DM in and hope we can shift one or two more allowing us to loan a decent striker from somewhere. It's bad times at the moment and the reality is it's not about miracles. We need a defensive base to work from.
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    You better beleive he's a former legend. Get back to yer garden ya roaster
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    Will people stop trying to defend the silly fucker and stop saying he should have lumped broon. If a tim ran onto the park at the girodome and assaulted one of our players you would all be screaming for him to get five years
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    honest to gone.
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    End it. And end it now. Can't wait till this season is over.
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    That is some business plan by the way. "Fuck my company is going bankrupt with 200 million pounds debt". Let's set up a new company, purchase anything worth value from my now bankrupt company, liquidate that and start afresh. Fuck the people who'll lose their livelihoods, employees, suppliers etc. A slight irony with Rangers but our hand was forced by HMRC - over debts yet to be legally proven It seems we've been run by conmen for longer than I thought.
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    @5cotland has a new account.
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    Rescued a taxi driver the other night. Was heading home from the pub and couldnt be arsed walking. Then I noticed a taxi sitting alone in the rank. Thought to myself that guy is taking a chance, he's probably a bit scared. Got him to drop me off at the house and reassured him he would be fine. He was wearing a green t shirt. I had my polo shirt on from Next. I gave him £5.50 as a gesture of solidarity
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    John Park, who was a success at Celtic, openly wanted to come to Rangers and do a job for us. Surely our failure to take advantage of that is to be viewed as gross incompetence by the board. There was a proven scout there and we let him slip right through our hands.
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