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    Don't believe you. Convinced that's not actually possible.
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    So now we have day 6 of the DR wringing the sponge on this one. Today it's Barry Ferguson writing 'don't tar all Rangers fans' and some more shit about the halfwit that came on to the park. I repeat, racism is disgusting, but the DR's selective disgust is also repugnant.
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    Don't ever believe a word Jelly Beans says. A chronic attention seeker who can't handle being called out for what he is
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    Tbh it probably means he's not coming if jelly babies has said it!
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    It's not descended into that, it pretty much started off as that. It didn't seem to bother anyone when the only member being slagged off was The Dude though. Funny that.
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    Kit launch, which ironically was modelled by a racist
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    I see Brenda is stunned and bemused that Broonaldo has been snubbed for the player of the year award, he rates him alongside Chelsea's £32mil Kante and can't work out why he's been snubbed by his fellow players Maybe because he's just a dirty cheating cunt Brenda
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    Off topic but mind we were linked with Jota and the forum experts said he was shite? There's a wee story about him on the sky sports app this morning. Just the 12 goals and 5 assists he's managed in 20 games since returning to Brentford. Dodged a bullet there right enough.
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    Nottingham Forest have won it twice and I swear to god they don`t milk it half as much as those cunts.
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    Exactly. No place for racism in society these days. The guy has been caught and has gone to court. That's it. The correct process has been followed and that should be it,but the DR are definitely wringing every drop out of it and you can't help thinking its part of a larger deflection from the real issues that haunt the east side
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    Torbett arrested today! https://stv.tv/news/west-central/1387650-ex-celtic-boys-club-coach-arrested-over-sex-offences/
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    That Andy Muirheads no looker either.
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    Yeah me too. I'd like the old firm matches to remain as bitter as possible. Too much of football has become sterile with commercialism. Would be shit for it to become a popcorn affair like in Liverpool. I laughed my ass off when our boys done the huddle at the piggery and you could see the freaks all racing across the stand to get to the tunnel to give them grief The difference is these cunts stood and goaded a stand which is too direct for an old firm match. I remember it happened more in the heat of the moment at a game I was at and Petrov got smacked with a coke. He later held his hands up to his credit. I think back in the days of the terracing and drinking that would lead to a mass pitch invasion but it still ends up with people being jailed because of the raw emotion involved and could lead to proper disorder. I've no problem with a wee capped ear as they make their way up the park to their own end as anyone who can't handle that is just being an arse. Same with wind ups like our huddle or stuff after the game at their own end like their OTT celebrations. It's rubbing it right in but you know your own chance will come. That little tossers tying a scarf to the goals was also a sore one. Seeing a wee rodent like that claiming ownership of Ibrox was surreal but at least it was after the game at their own end. It's like with our huddle except not as good a wind up. The only thing that could beat it would be doing a Souness with the flag. Would love to meet a Fernebahce supporter and see what they had to say about it
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    It's no more that a platform to allow them to spout shite, lies and propaganda. The scum at the rhebel know it and we, well most of us, know it too. Any friend of this rag is an enemy of ours.
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    Not that you Good Folk need any more persuading, but here's an email I received today from one of the Transport Staff at Erskine... gb, On behalf of our Veterans at Erskine Bishopton, can I just let you know that our guys have enjoyed many great days out to Ibrox matches yet again this season. Despite many bad performances on the park, it hasn't discouraged them from attending. Sadly this season we lost a few regular attenders: Donald Mathieson ,John Bowman, John Blair and Big Bob Gillfillan. RIP guys. I'm sure you had the pleasure of meeting these gentlemen on many occasions and they always praised the great kindness and genorosity of all at RangersMedia for making their outings (and many other gifts) possible. So with that in mind can I on behalf of all our Veterans, wish you all the continued success in making it all possible with your RM Erskine Fundraising campaign which will hopefully help us take more Veterans to Ibrox in future seasons. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ON BEHALF OF OUR VETERANS ERSKINE HOME BISHOPTON TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT
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    I've seen that boy calling the PUL community a lot of nonsense. Irrespective of beliefs and it's obvious why unionism, loyalism, and Protestantism is important identities for that community given their history and what they've been through, but do you think he'd be so quick to disparage any other social group like LGBT, Jews, gypsies, Mormons, feminists etc? I don't yet he thinks he's a moderate liberal. Guy needs to give himself a shake and see through his own prejudice. I've came across this many times even among well schooled people. There is a negative discourse out there towards the PUL that is easy to swallow. You see it in the media all the time whilst the other side are portrayed in a romantic way as the humble underdog. The movies about the Irish are notable for this with the British army boots rushing up the stairs and kicking doors in and such imagery. I think it's because of the idea of thinking the more powerful group are the real baddies. You see it or hear it a lot with regards to Orange walks were it's described as jingoistic triumphalism. Anybody else celebrates there history with such pageantry and it's described as a wonderfully vibrant celebration of culture. It's almost like the PUL are supposed to give up their history, roots, and sense of identity because it's not squeaky clean. Most countries would actually applaud such loyalty and patriotism and they way they never gave up during all those centuries of struggling for survival in the land of their birth. I get sick of the lack of understanding among many otherwise liberal people. They are usually too self righteously liberal to realise their own intolerance with regards to the PUL community.
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    I would love for some mums coming on here and defending their sons views on topics. It would be brilliant. Anarchy, but brilliant
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    Don't know why some people bother getting up in the morning when everyone in Scottish society is seemingly out to get them. And we call the scum paranoid.
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    Bills need paid, food needs bought, rent needs paid. If they give me a fair platform to publish my stuff then I've no real complaints. They allowed me a subtle dig at KJ and his 'ignorance of football outwith what's broadcast on Sky and BT' People may view it as sleeping with the enemy but the same folk aren't the ones paying my bills. What I do find funny though is people moan about not getting fair coverage from the papers. They give me a chance to do that (which I feel I've shown over the last 4 years I do consistently) and folk still moan.
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    Surprised at some of the posts here tbh. I don't read the Record and don't intend to but fair play to you for trying to further your career. Hopefully this will just be a stepping stone too.
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    Nice one. Already said it but good luck to you, we need more Rangers men in positions like this. Sitting back and letting the tarriers run the media, councils and governments is not the way to go. Also hope this means the Hibs fan stops getting paid to go to Ibrox.
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    Running just as fast as we can. Rodgers left his wife to shag a man....
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    Well, if they are tims at least their being here has achieved something positive.
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