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    http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=150&a=do-not-fund-the-scottish-press and if you're publishing an online article from the press then cut and paste so the sites dont get hits ?
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    On September 16, 1961, after a 2-2 draw with Celtic, a surge on stairway 13 killed two fellow supporters , George Nelson and Thomas Thomson. As part of the Restoration of Rangers Graves Project we've made contact with their relatives. Earlier today I met Tommy Thomson’s Daughter and Granddaughter at Greenock Cemetery. Restoration work on Tommy’s plot will be carried out over the next few weeks. Tommy Thomson. Work will commence on George Nelson’s plot at Craigton Cemetery this Friday, weather permitting.
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    It's also the most we should expect
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    See to be honest, I like what he says. He's straight talking and right to the point. Some of they players need to be told they aren't worth a fuck and the sooner they're gone the better. If it hurts their feelings so what, it's nothing compared to the hurt we've endured watching them play.
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    Mate, you've signed up here so you're part of Big Mike's clique now. Welcome. You should be receiving your welcome pack any day now. Slazzy slip ons, pack of 30 Donnay sports socks, a baseball cap with flames on it and an Everlast jacket
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    The term superfan gies me the boak.
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    even though: PC: "Yesterday we held a technical staff meeting with the board and we presented a list of players. I am very happy and confident after that" PC: "The player plan I presented is realistic regarding to the situation. Let me tell you that is not a small amount" PC: "I prefer to have a smaller squad - say three goalkeepers and 22/23 outfield players" why on earth would that not prick up your ears at least FFS!
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    Not fit for purpose. A vehicle devised by cunts like Gilligan and Murray to get their hands on RF money, exercise control over the RF/RST shares and stop any dissenting voices from the support. Aided and abetted by fan spiv vermin such as Chris Graham and Greg Marshall. It is now what it was always inevitably heading to be. A joke organisation "managed" by fan-spivs, blazer-chasers and useful-idiots but controlled by the rats on the Rangers board. Only a complete moron would continue to put their money into this ridiculous sham.
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    They should refund all monies as it is a toxic scheme run by toxic individuals. Anyone still putting their hard earned into this need to have a look at themselves. Not fit for purpose.
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    Everyone has a choice and they are free to make it, writing about Rangers professionally creates a potential for a conflict of interest. I have been writing about the youth teams since October 2008 and haven't made a penny from it. For the majority of that time I was in full time employment. I could take the cash offered by advertisers, considered taking it and donating the money to the youth fund, the figures were not substantial so decided against it. I do it because I enjoy it, the club coverage of the youths is minimal (they use my reports on a regular basis) and it provides a service to the minority that have an interest in the youth teams https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/ The blog is free and everything is written by me alone.
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    Jordan Rossiter - "he's been getting some specific upgrades"
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    Watching the press conference via (someone else's) satellite link, DK is like...
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    Because this fucking forum is awash with tarriers, masquerading as berrz.
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    Haven't bought a newspaper for over 5+ years. I get my news in here. I'm only interested in one football club and RM is my media outlet. That said, the faux outrage in here gets ' oan ma tits ' - man up (some) bears
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    I see Ibrox Loyal are (rightfully) taking a ripping right now because they somehow managed to copy the video, add a watermark to it and then post it on their FB page without giving any credit at all.
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    Pished that often now I'm barely sober
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    Tell you what though, if I've learned anything from this thread it's that if I ever get an opportunity of a better job I should definitely run it by the guys on here before accepting to make sure they all approve of the company.
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    Maybe I will, maybe I won't but I'd rather have tried and failed than sat on the internet greeting about it and doing fuck all to try change things.
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    That vacant dick is probably stupid enough to believe that he didn't.
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    Goes without saying Uppa fucking UVF
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    Good article ..... but unfortunately due to the disgraceful bigoted bias being afforded to protect club and directors of the scum of the earth from the east end ..... all the editorial staff of the printed press and television in this country will continue with their cowardly agenda to put The Rangers on the front and back page and show us in as negative a light as possible .... at the expense of the victims' of abusers in the scum's employ .... denying them the right for justice. These people and the people above them who give their consent to this heinous behaviour deserve to be lined up and shot ..... despicable cowards everyone of them.
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    "We need men." Spot on. What a damming assessment that is of this current crop of shitebags.
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    After attending the recent public meeting I was deeply saddened that three good, committed Rangers people had chosen to walk away on a point of principle, and the way that the remaining board members choose to ignore their concerns and in truth show a negativity towards them. I attended as an individual Rangers supporter, I am not a member of any clique, faction, supporters club or self-interest group, I am just somebody who has passionately supported my club for over 30 years and was proud to be one of many thousand Rangers fans. Since the three directors have left the organisation doesn't appear to be functioning with little or no day to day operations visible and no social media presence. The sitting directors must be aware that there are a lot of unhappy members but their silence is deafening. Overtures have been made by some of the resigning directors to come back on board but this doesn't seem to be going anywhere. So here we have an organisation with over 8000 members and a large quantity of shares and money which appears to have stalled. Like a lot of people I am going to reluctantly cancel my monthly payment as I don't have faith in the majority of the sitting directors. We have seen the resigning directors honesty be questioned, anonymous twitter accounts make schoolboy taunts at them, one of the sitting directors breach data protection/privacy laws by recording the recent public meeting without the consent of those present, an inability for directors to quantify the exact membership numbers and an apparent disregard for a large number of members concerns over what caused the initial bust up and their subsequent actions. I will remain a life member and believe passionately in the merits of what the organisation was set up to achieve, but I'm afraid it may be time for a change, if the sitting directors choose to ignore what the resigning directors did and could do for the organisation and want to keep them outside then whose interest are they serving, personally I don't believe it's that of the organisation or the members, what do other people think?
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    I'm actually glad for The Dude as we need more bears in the media. ??
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    You wonder if a Warburton 'type' manager had been brought in as soon as we were demoted and had three seasons to build things up from the bottom with young players where we'd be now....? All conjecture I know, but those initial seasons in the lower divisions were a completely wasted opportunity IMO. We keep having to start from fucking scratch when we should have had solid foundations in years ago! Breaks your bloody heart!!
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    Over the last few days the lettering on George Nelson's stone was re-done. Today we finished the restoration by putting down some new stones and laid a flower tribute. Gone but not forgotten.
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    I'd say that, with the fact that you're still on here despite the countless times you've made an arse of yourself, he's probably not going to be banned any time soon. "The Catholic coin" wow
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    Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorite players and goalscorers. Was glad to see and hear him commentating on RTV this season, and he's still a good looking guy as well. Wish we had players like him today.
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    One of the best players I have had the pleasure of seeing play for our Club ...... Happy Birthday DP .... and thanks for the memories and all the great goals.
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    I never buy any print media but I do think we still need to know what they're writing and that can only be done by going online and the only way to minimise their site hits is to cut and paste so others don't give them traffic but are also alerted to their propaganda which ultimately is to destroy our clubs reputation.
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    It'll be all over the news tonight ... A 4th Ex-scum paedo employee arrested in a 4 month period. Not.
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    ??? It's like a horror version of Groundhog Day in here.
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    We are all fans, and no fan is better than the other. Good luck to him that he has the money to travel all over, while other fans suffer hardship to follow the club they love.
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    The fans want a clear out of the playing staff. Pedro has made a statement that is in line with the fans views. He's now being criticised on here for making those views public. If he hadn't made those views public he would've gotten it in the neck just the same. The guy can't win. The club was in free fall when Pedro took over and I certainly wont blame our current manager for the state of our team. I have no idea if Pedro's the right man for the job, and neither do most of you. Chasing Pedro out now is madness because he could turn out to be a very capable manager. He must be given at least one transfer window to rework this squad.
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    Trough guzzler of the blue pound, but also taking the catholic coin Must be a wealthy individual.
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    As much as I want to see the horrible cunt convicted and that club brought to justice... get this oot the bears den
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    Same style punishment as Penn State got seems entirely appropriate here I think. Stripped titles, huge fine and 4 year ban.
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    Some cunts on here are atrocious
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    How about: "Convicted racist celt denies attempt to incite riot"
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    Is Club 1872 still going? I said with it being compromised from the start it would never work. Just another vehicle to get Supporters money.
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    So now we have day 6 of the DR wringing the sponge on this one. Today it's Barry Ferguson writing 'don't tar all Rangers fans' and some more shit about the halfwit that came on to the park. I repeat, racism is disgusting, but the DR's selective disgust is also repugnant.
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    As long as Aberdeen don't beat us. This shower of pish have gave me my worst ever season following Rangers, especially in terms of records broken. It really calls out the standard of Scottish football when we've had our worst top flight season in decades, yet we'll finish 3rd. It just shows with the investment we were promised we could make a go of it.
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    The taigs boys club should be written as Celtics Boys Club, rather than Celtic Boys Club. CBC is not a separate entity. Taigs doing what they do best, deflecting, and denying, with a wee bit of whataboutery thrown in just to muddy the water a bit. Knowing our msm, they'll get away with it all yet again. The VB are like voices in the wilderness, never to be heard by those who need to hear the truth. Good article, but they're preaching to the converted, and their message is ignored by the msm, who will definitely have read it, as I've seen some of them quoting VB articles when it suits them.
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    I reckon they probably know... their heads are down and will not produce for Pedro again.. These players have no pride and would rather try and fuck things up than put in a shift.
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    It's not descended into that, it pretty much started off as that. It didn't seem to bother anyone when the only member being slagged off was The Dude though. Funny that.
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