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    It's the tits on the park and the cunts in the boardroom that are the problems.
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    We have some right spastics in our support.
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    Aye alright calm down mr rapey
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    what a fantastic day. Quarter of a million of us descended on Manchester for the game of our live times, coming from every corner of the globe. Unbelievable what has transpired from then until now, but these days will return. This is what our club are all about.
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    Wasn't going to enter this thread as I knew fine well how it would go, but then I thought fuck it no harm in Peking.
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    Certainly put a new slant on things.
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    We don't need to justify ourselves to that bunch of junkie cunts.
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    I remember the old reserve leagues as a boy. At Ibrox, and most grounds I saw the reserves play, they only opened the Main stand, and enclosure. There were some decent crowds then. The games against the taigs would get crowds of 10,000, or even more depending on who the first team were playing. I always used to try and treat myself to a seat in the Main Stand, as I could never afford it for first team games. It was cheaper for seats away from the centre stand, but there were hardly any stewards, or cops about, so me, and my mate, used to pay for the cheaper seats, and just climb over a few seats, then go and get a kia ora, and a maxi bag of crisps, then sit and watch the game in, relative, comfort, among the rich folk. After the Ibrox disaster game, my mother wasn't too keen on letting me go to the big games, so this was the next best thing.
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    The Cly was no sullender
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    Brilliant from Mulholland. Scotland develops good players at younger age groups but there is a real problem when they hit that 17/18 mark. Scottish culture probably plays a big part in that but this is a good move from Rangers. So we'll play top academys for 3/4 weeks then get a game against a Scottish League 1/2 team and they'll try to encourage Rangers fans to attend it.
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    I think surrounded by the right players Mckay will flourish.
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    Nobody is in the mood for this thread mate
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    I'm worse than that! I shout abuse at the referee for most of the game! The folk in front of me must absolutely hate me! My husband doesn't even talk to me at the game because he's so ashamed of me shouting and swearing like an idiot. I think he kids in he doesn't know me! Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    We should get they wee fish tank things too so they could get there feet done too and maybe open up some sort of hairdressers inside the stadium so they can do the things they should be doing rather than following there men to to fitbaw.
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    I genuinely don't see how days like that can return tbh. We fall further behind other leagues/clubs financially every single year, so I don't see how we will ever be able to compete at that level again. It was a bit of a freak that it happened in 2008, now it would literally require UEFA to come out before a ball has been kicked and say something like "we love Rangers so we will be putting them straight into the final this year" Scottish football is fucked
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    Leeds Utd at Ibrox 1992 Title decider v Aberdeen at Ibrox 1991 Scary to think these were 25/26 years ago.
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    I'll fuckng bet he is! No doubt his agent has tested the market and guess what? I think you'll need to stay at Ibrox to cream it, coz no one else has time for a waster
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    Now that's the sort of innovation and fresh challenge that may prove to be highly beneficial to Rangers. It's possible they may get quite a few Supporters at their games too which hopefully encourages the development side and also the Support as they see future Rangers first team squad players in the making. It also feels like the beginning of the end for the development league as it is currently constructed in Scotland. This pathfinder season seems to me to be highly likely to be very successful and assuming so will open the way to widen and deepen cross border leagues - for starters in the development teams and then maybe, who knows, for first teams too.
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    Bruno Alves signing would be massive. Not just because of his ability, which is above any defender we have had for the past 5/6/7 years. But his mentality. Pedro has already spoke about the need for tough, passionate players with a winning mentality and Alves is perfect. The guy has won 7 league titles and 7 cups in Portugal, Russia and Turkey as well as winning the Euros only last year. He is exactly what we need right now.
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    I said better, not bigger ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Just take it all in. All of it. Really hear the bile. Will make the title win all the sweeter. And it will happen.
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    Said exactly this in the Hearts fans thread. Think you pinched it tbh ha but the song is fucking horrific and doesn't make sense. The fans walked away from fuck all. Scottish football has become an Anti Rangers love in. I'm moving my season ticket next season to a lower tier so I can enjoy the pitch invasion for when we win the league. Will be the sweetest victory in our history
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    If he did more of his talking on the park.............................
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    100league points 17children abused The Glasgow Celtic way
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    See, I'd rather shit on my hands and clap than hear that. Please, get in touch with a carer.
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    Haha get tae fuck. A had some mad burd behind me at St Johnstone away saying "go Rangers" screaming everytime a half decent tackle went flying in, shouting unlucky Rangers at every turn, cheering and wooping after we drew Fuck that. Some women do love going to the football and could probably down pints as quick as men, but putting football into the zone of having groups of mad bints fae Airdrie on a hen do it Ibrox is fucking mental unless your hero is Bill Cosby ya rapey wee dick.
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    Bingo and baked potatoes
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    I'm getting a little concerned at the idea we could spend the best part of ยฃ2m bringing in McLean, Moult, and Heneghan.
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    Not sure, having one Chinese sponsor would be fine but half an hour later we'd want another one.
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    I just hope it makes Ajax all the more determined to win the Europa League
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    More women at football. What could possibly go wrong.
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    Yea! A fucking poofy Alice band for his hair....Apart from that? fuck all to be exact.
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    The comments from the fenians we can't afford a development team that's why we are pulling out and then someone says the flight to Lisbon is dearer than the bus to Hamilton
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    Too many would be posers,we require hard steel in midfield.
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    Having witnessed the incident, I would hope the club, the players and the fans get the opportunity to show some respect on Wednesday..
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    Not a popular view I know, but I'd let him go for good money. He has talent in spades, but he hides for a big percentage of the game and is a bit of a shitebag. I know he has scored a couple of face saving goals for us but he doesn't have the attitude or bravery to back that up consistently . I want better.
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    Wasn't really a justification thing. Never hurts to be reminded just how loyal and special our fan base is.
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    Lol at all the too cool to care attitudes, ๐Ÿ™„where did I say we should care? They were an embarrassment, that's all.
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    Better no fuck this up ya set of useless cunts
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    What the fuck is this, amateur hour? @G.E.C. if you're doing official match threads put some effort into it. As disgraceful as Waghorn.