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    Fans moan that pedro is playing the same old dross and thrn he changes it a little adding a young boy into the starting 11 and we start moaning? he cant win. rangers 4-1 fuck them. good luck to Aidan
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    It's not a suggestion it's a rumour and he told me last night.
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    Judge the guy with his squad ffs The players clearly don't want to be there
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    Should've stole the ball before the game so we didn't need to watch this crap
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    Some cunt stole the ball to end this agony An errant knight
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    If the few children still playing in this thread could move over to the suggestion thread, or shut the fuck up, it would be most appreciated ?
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    Who's the fanny that said this is a meaningless game? What 26 years of unbroken history against a team we absolutely despise is meanlingless? Away you go ya tadger.
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    This is clear ammunition for those against Pedro. I am finding less and less reasons to want to argue back to defend him. At least under Warboid we had a plan A. Pedro seems to have brought nothing even resembling that. Every manager has a style, what is Pedros? You can blame the players, and they are con men, but how can we look so clueless, that starts with the manager. I really cant buy into what I am seeing tactics wise.
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    Hopefully see an end of us loaning shite from the EPL. People can stop the "must be good to be in whoevers youth". Just not true as has been proven time and time again.
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    Aidan Wilson is the natural replacement delighted he is getting a chance. When I watched the U20s I thought he was better than Bates wasn't scared of a challenge.
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    Wisnae me that posted the original comment
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    I assumed you were a tad retarded and typing with your forehead.
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    Kris Boyd(player/scout) and Gaston Ramirez.
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    $29 for an all day open bar at The Rockhouse in the Venetian. In about it lads. https://www.groupon.com/browse/las-vegas?utm_source=groupon_transaction_succeeded&utm_medium=email&user=800c81b3a91f934efcd8fa9dc4ceef76e7f3e842cc6186f3211fa013654c759e&date=20170515&CID=US&s=body&c=link&d=deal-url&utm_campaign=groupon_transaction_succeeded_20170515&deal_id=rockhouse-las-vegas-at-the-venetian-1
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    Wow dress it up all you want but Pedro is a shite manager. No buying all this "not his players" bullshit. That was fucking atrocious. A dreadful appointment, he will be gone before end of next season and we will have a whole new squad for spl and foreign shite to get rid of. Our club is going for bad to worse.
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    You can imagine them squirming like fuck trying not to put it on display hoping the guy just gives up eventually so they can continue their vile nonsense of hating everything British .... they really are a bunch of fucking rheptiles from the the top to bottom at that peado club...... fucking sicken me the animals.....
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