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    Take a bow son. Despite result, can hold his head high, our best player on the night imo. Composed, decent in air, looked to make himself available and put senior pros to shame. He's been at the club since the age of 6 apparently, and 54 on his jersey tells me he's one of our own. Did all that was asked of him. And deserves retaining his jersey on Sunday. Well done young man.
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    Cunts on here are just waiting for the chance to put the boot into him man
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    Lennon: On Pedro Caxhina I think he has been average, to say the least. He talks great in front of the cameras, looks great. We all talk a great game about tactics and formations and this that and the other, it’s a results-driven business. I don’t think there has been any improvement since [Mark] Warburton left. Point 1: Since Pedro came in... : Continues…. Lennon also took issue with Caixinha speaking about the possibility of signing Aberdeen captain Ryan Jack. and I think that irked Derek as well and he has every right to have a go back.A lot of clubs like ourselves would be interested in Ryan Jack but you don’t talk about it publicly He shouldn’t talk about players who are still at a club. Point 2 You just did talk about your interest publicly….Prick Point 3 Lennon is a prick – but we knew that, still make my fucking blood boil.
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    Our support is rife with these spastics over the last few years, creeps that sit glued to football manager and suggest we 'take a gamble' on some random Venezuelan winger cos he got them on a free on the computer, and think that makes them football geniuses.. the same idiots clamouring over Ian fucking Cathro. They blame Pedro and want him gone etc when he is clearly managing a team of English league 1/2 rejects, that have fucked up every record possible this season, and that were signed by the mug before him, he's found out quickly what we all know, that the players are useless. He has to pick them til he gets his own players, some cunts just can't wait to put the boot into him just to say I told you so. Get a fucking grip.
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    Responsible for a team winning the Scottish cup for the first time over a century, responsible for losing a record that's stood for 26 years, responsible no doubt for finishing a record amount of points behind the bheggers in a season. I fucking despise the lot of them, absolute wasters and wankers. never been so scunnered with a Rangers team in my life, I wonder what's the next record to go eh?
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    Some outstanding goals in this compilation Davie Cooper @ 2:20 what a free kick
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    & tonight we fucked it. Just one thing we had to maintain this season. It was clear we didn't have enough to compete with Celtic early on but I stupidly thought we would still finish second but the main thing I wanted was not to lose that record to them. The players didn't care a jot (apart from a 5/10-minute spell after Waghorn scoring) from the off it was like a pre-season friendly to them. Only Miller got it and early on young Wilson at the back, you could see it on the young boys face he was wanting to get stuck in even if ability-wise he might not have had it. I know the 'Pedro can do no wrong' brigade are currently sharpening their knives ready to get stuck into myself for this post and anyone else with legitimate concerns so I'll get the part out of the road that get's rammed down our throats in defence of him every day that I know he didn't sign these players. I know. Cheers. The players are useless wankers who hopefully won't be returning from pre-season holidays but you might have Pedro to thank for helping them down the tools tonight. He made a point of telling them quite blazenly in the press that a lot of them won't be back. This is Pedro all over he talks a good game but doesn't think. He done Aberdeen's team talk for them tonight with his pish he's spouted. Naming teams against Kilmarnock 2-days in advance. Record since the 60's in Scottish Cup Semi's against Celtic gone. Worst ever Ibrox Old Firm defeat. Almost 30-years since they cunt's beat us at Ibrox ... now long gone. Speaking absolute bollocks in the press, taking the huff saying he's keeping his thoughts to himself then resuming the pish talk a day or so after. No further forward with a style of play (yes in spite of it being someone else's signings) We've had Jim Duffy, Gordon Smith, Neil Lennon, Davie Provan, Derek McInnes and some others all come out and criticise Pedro in the past day or two and I can't disagree with what they said. Some of the guys I respect greatly one I don't but I think what they've said is correct - it's nothing to do with the media gunning for him, he's gave the media all sorts of ammo and headlines on a plate. There's a massive difference but it doesn't suit the false narrative about Poor Pedro that some of the support have built up. Pedro was an intentional appointment by this scummy board to keep the heat off them. They knew fine well there's a good chance all this would happen but they did it anyway so they could say "it was a gamble we tried a different route for the good of the club" .. I almost feel sorry for Pedro as he's being used as a clear patsy here. Pedro (like Cathro at Hearts) is an excellent number two who's tactically minded but out his depth as the manager of a team like ours. I could be totally wrong (I hope I am) but watch our transfer recruitment involve all sorts of random dudes from South America and the Gulf states with a couple of second-rate Scottish talent like Jack from Aberdeen and Crawford from Hamilton and us having to rebuild again next summer. Identiclal position. I don't rate our youths but to prove a point I'd send every single one of our first team players away for their summer holidays right now and give everyone of them a game against St Johnstone last game of the season. Show some balls Pedro and just do that.
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    Our young players were impressive. Barjonas showed in 30 minutes he is a better player than Arsenal wonderkid Toral. Berman was also lively and had the confidence to take on players and run at them. Wilson for his debut and chucked in beside Bates did fairly well and will learn from this experience. One final point is Windass. He is a coward and absolute gash. He also was having another go at Beerman and shouting at the young defenders after the 2nd goal....he is a bully picking on young kids who have played 1 or 2 games for us. Get the useless prick to fuck. Trying to cover up his own shite performances by shouting at kids.
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    ffs get a grip...this is down to the squad - he made an error playing Toral but he hasn't picked one of these players except the youth ones....and today they were not the problem - Barjonas, beerman and Wilson had good games.
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    Here we go with the Murty myth again. Wouldnt have thought we got battered off Paul hartleys Dundee and lost against bottom of the league Inverness during his tenure.
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    I thought Barjonas gave a decent account of himself too when he came on.
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    Smacked twice by the tarriers, lost our 26 year old record to Dolly, Absolutely no sign he knows how to organise a team and not one single player has improved under his tenure. I genuinely think he's lost a fraction of the support already. A defeat in early qualifying round of Europa and we could have a dead man walking before league has started..
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    Toral for me was worse. Getting cheered while subbed off summed him up.
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    Getting sick of hearing this better under Murty, we were pish under him as well.
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    Fuck them all. The team. The Manager. And most importantly the fucking poxy shitey board.
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    In my view its all still part of the campaign a few years ago launched by the gang of 5 active harm clubs to kill Rangers off completely and failing that to weaken us by getting us out of the SPL and down into Div 3. Being unable to kill us off the plan as I see it was (and remains) to severely weaken Rangers in every way they could so that we became semi-permament also-rans giving the other lot years and years of free runs winning league titles and CL football. Weakening attacks were not just about licences to play, titles, EBT case and paying SFA fines. They were, and are still, about hostile media attacks from every possible angle and at every opportunity - manufactured or 'enhanced' as convenient to the journos and media companies. Including attacks seeking to undermine the Manager (whether in MWs time or now in Pedro's time). Even better for them - and worse for Rangers - when those cheerleading the attacks are ex Rangers players and managers and who may yet have to stand accused of seeking to undermine a current Rangers manager just because he's not one of the names they'd have preferred to see as manager. Cheap shots from armchair yestermen. In my estimation the problem at Ibrox since King arrived is that there is no-one who picks up the leadership mantle and provides an effective and hard hitting counter-attack. No-one strong enough publicly defending Rangers' case and cause. It's just about absorbing the blows in near-muted silence. Even when voices of protest are raised and promises of action made ie after the attacks at the end of the SC final last season...........nothing happens, no action, no follow-up to the initial burst of justified anger. At some point in time a Rangers chairman, directors and MD will either have to take far firmer action with the media to re-set matters to achieve balanced and fair reporting, or else accept tacitly that their silence and lack of effective defence of the Club is simply encouraging yet more false, fake and biased attacks on the Club. It seems that a good dose of mad-sheep disease continues infect the media outbursts from Aberdeen and adds to the already contaminated media activity against Rangers throughout the rest of the clubs and media outlets in Scotland. And at Rangers a far stronger Club leadership is needed......they can't leave all the defence of the Club to the Manager. In the same way Pedro is looking to bring in players who will (his words) defend the Club and defend the Manager. the same is true of needing directors, a chairman and an MD who will do more than their fair share of defending the Club.
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    Only 1 game to go before we can start selling this shower of shite Only positive.
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    He's a no mark Rangers hating piece of shit, sticking his neb in where it's not got a thing to do with him and having a go at our manager. That's why I care, dunno about the OP.
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    Aidan Wilson also showed why people who watch the youths were confused about Bates getting in ahead of him.
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    His squad is gash. I'll wait until he brings in his own players before I start greeting for him to get the sack at every opportunity. People on here have been complaining about him since the day he was appointed and have been waiting to call for his head ever since. Probably the same dimwitted pricks that thought De Boer was a realistic option.
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    Fans moan that pedro is playing the same old dross and thrn he changes it a little adding a young boy into the starting 11 and we start moaning? he cant win. rangers 4-1 fuck them. good luck to Aidan
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    Better late than never I suppose: http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/15290540.Rangers_hero_Mark_Walters_recalls_bananas_thrown_from_the_stands_in_shameful_display_as_he_tackles_racism_at_Ibrox/
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    occasionally messages Pedro on facebook. He'll probably block him soon.
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    Headline reads 'Rangers hero Mark Walters recalls bananas thrown from the stands in shameful display as he tackles racism at Ibrox' Then the caption under the picture reads 'Rangers hero Mark Walters recalls Scottish football's racist shame as he tackles society's scourge at Ibrox' They then mention Rangers two or three times during the article, the name celtic never appears once, even though the article is about racist abuse from their shity support. Just as well I read the full article and was already aware of the bheast racist history. Thought their midden was called celtic park but they chose to use the name parkhead... Paranoid proddy loyal
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    All these people saying they agree with the manager of the sheep shaggers - what exactly has Pedro said that was wrong? First of all, he was speaking about Aberdeen because he was asked about them in his press conference. It's not like he talks about them off his own back on social media or the likes. As for the "reaching the end of their cycle" thing. Yes it was a pretty damming assessment of their team, but again, he was asked his opinion of their players. And this is quite a general opinion of the current Aberdeen side in any case. You can bet if Lord Brendan had came out with the same comments it would've been viewed as a genius bit of analysis. And lastly - it's fucking Aberdeen. The club and their fans exist to hate Rangers. Get a grip of yourselves. Fuck them.
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    Pedro can fuck off If that makes me an internet hipster fan then so be it.
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    The last time Aberdeen beat us at home we had the foundations of a team that would win 9 in a row, any Rangers team might have lost this record so we're lucky it's this shower of no mark cunts that did and not a proper side. Keep Pedro and get some perspective.
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    I have to disagree, not making it back to the top division at first attempt was. Some bears may also refer older stuff.
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    It is a factually incorrect statement to say he has made us worse.
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    hahaha, fuck me, he hasnt even brought in one player, yes he has his faults but he hasnt even brought one of his own players in yet. lol ffs get a grip, the board need to back him too.
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    Everyone will act like it's alright when they hear Pedro talk pure and utter fucking wank for a few weeks when the season ends
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    Leighton said that he actually got a touch on the ball. Cooper quipped back: "Aye, on the way back out."
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    Seems to me a number of the former Rangers players have taken to a form of ultra-baiting of the Club and the current Manager. It's damned easy to play armchair quarterback, after all we all do it sites like RM. But when former players take to the sort of ill-disguised swipes at the Club and the Manager that are just criticisms without any form of credible alternative then imo it is the equivalent of ultra-left wing attention seeking in order to stir up shit. I've said before on RM a number of times that if the former Rangers players and managers have so many critical things to say about the Club the allegedly still cre for and the Manager the put their money where their very big mouths are. Form a consortium, go get some investment funding, get some good quality financial and legal advice, make a bid for the Club, buy out King and the shareholders, put their own money in and instal their own manager. Taking turns to snipe unhelpfully from their media armchairs does not serve them well. Its easy to criticise. Far harder to do something positive instead. .
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    Former St Johnstone and Sunderland star.. poor, poor attempt at fishing.
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    Aye alright calm down mr rapey
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    The only positive for me was the sheep shagger getting pelted with cups of ginger on his way past the Broomloan.
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    By fuck we don't half like to rewrite history, he was getting slaughtered on here when he had the team.
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    Judge the guy with his squad ffs The players clearly don't want to be there
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    Should've stole the ball before the game so we didn't need to watch this crap
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    Haven't watched the Del boy presser as I am not interested in what he has to say or Aberdeen. I am interested in what Pedro says and he was not downing Aberdeen or their players as far as I am concerned. I would play his presser on the big screens tomorrow at full volume a few times before kick off, as it seems to me that Del Boy has taken Pedros reasonable comments and made a Cumnock Bear of it.
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    I like the way he says ''Players go on vacation on the 21st. Some will return, some will not'' Pedro's gonna have them killed off
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