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    Good to see clubs from here have no time for shitty republican agendas. DR shot down in absolute fucking flames there.
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    Fucking joke from Linfield, the game did happen! Here's a picture of Miller trying to take a corner!
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    Brilliant what a statement RFC read & learn
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    Record number of people shouting at Wes Foderingham on a European night cos he doesn't throw the ball out 0.00001 seconds after he's caught it.
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    I'm guessing we will break the record for: 1) A European Qualifying tie. 2) A team from Luxembourg. (ever) 3) A European tie involving a team from Luxembourg. 4) Our own record attendance for a game in June 5) Scottish club record attendance for a game in June 6) British club record for a game in June ? 7) Record attendance for any European competition game in June. 7) Scottish record for first round European tie. 8) British record for a first round European tie. 9) World record noise for a European game in June. I've probably missed a few too. 50,000+ for a first round qualifier involving a team from Luxembourg, who'd have thought it.
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    Linfield whipping the cock out and scudding it aff miller and the rags dial.
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    I predict the the folk that turn up about half 7, bevvied from a leisurely afternoon nearby on the swally, and end up late in will call this a shambles.
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    The clue is in the name - gRAhaM dORRAns.
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    Dundee, Hamilton, Azerbaijan and back again Wish him well he lived the dream and gave us this moment at the very start
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    You should go to the nuthouse ya fucking lunatic
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    Bob Malcolm must've won the Ballon d'Or in your eyes then
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    All yous ITK fuckers wrong again. Oh he's on his way, he's at the training ground, news incoming... All fucking attention seeking liars who should be now banned from this thread if the mods done there fucking job right.
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    McKay's never going to make it bigger than he has now. He's talented, sure; but he's fucking gash at least half of the time, and you can spot his cut-inside about 20 minutes before he does it. Thanks for the corker in the semi-final, but I've had enough of your cowardice when things aren't going your way 👍
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    It takes a club from outside Scotland to highlight how biased and bigoted this fenian rag of a newspaper actually is. As Rangers Supporters we are well versed with their venom directed almost daily towards our club. Looks like we could learn from Linfield on how to handle these situations. No point in scatter gun barring of journalists only to overturn it a few months down the line.Linfield have totally humiliated and shown up this rags biased reporting and bitterness. I hope more is made of this and it gets taken right to the top and the rag is hung out to dry.
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    Some under 20s team we have now
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    Statement from Linfield Football Club Posted : 26th June 2017 at 23:29:59 Since last Monday’s Champions League draw, there has been considerable press hyperbole surrounding a possible Second Round tie between Linfield and Celtic. Aside from making some contingency arrangements for this possible game, the Club’s stated position is that our utmost concentration must be on our First Round tie against La Fiorita of San Marino. To do anything other than this would be to disrespect our opponents whom we look forward to welcoming to Windsor Park on Wednesday evening. The Club is providing every assistance to David Healy, his staff and the first team squad in the preparation for these vitally important games. Linfield feel that we must, however, issue a public response to some of the more hysterical articles that have appeared in the press over the last few days. Even in this era of “fake news” and slashed media budgets, one would have not thought it beyond the capabilities of most reporters to perform some basic fact-checking before sending an article to the presses. A particularly regrettable piece appeared in the Scottish Daily Record on Saturday 24th June, wherein the former Celtic footballer Joe Miller recalled a friendly match he had apparently taken part in against Linfield at Windsor Park whilst he was on the books of Aberdeen. The interview with Mr Miller, as told to the Daily Record reporter Gordon Parks, included such colourful details as the winger apparently being repeatedly targeted with laser rangefinders and that he and his colleagues, Derek Whyte, Tommy Craig and Roy Aitken were carrying match balls down a street after this game when they passed a public house where they were confronted by angry locals. The latter detail may cause some bemusement to Linfield supporters, given that even in those pre-redevelopment days, Windsor Park was wholly enclosed from any surrounding streets, and there remains a distinct lack of local hostelries in the area adjacent to the ground. We have played numerous friendly games at Windsor Park over the years against such clubs from Manchester United to Flamengo of Brazil, but have yet to ask opposing players to walk around South Belfast whilst carrying various match accoutrements. What troubles us most of all, however, is that Linfield FC has no record of having played Aberdeen at Windsor Park or elsewhere in the entire decade Mr Miller refers to, whether in a friendly fixture, training game or otherwise. In fact, it appears that Linfield have never played against Aberdeen at all throughout our entire history. A particularly concerning allegation made by Mr Miller, printed in the Daily Record and broadcast on social media to tens of thousands of views, was that “there were red dots on us for the whole 90 minutes” of this mysterious game. This fanciful account seems to suppose that the player and his colleagues were being targeted by multiple firearms, and was provided in the context of suggesting that it would be unsafe for Celtic supporters to visit our stadium, should that tie come to pass in due course. Given that Windsor Park was, and is, an almost entirely enclosed stadium, it would have been unlikely that this could have come from outside the ground, had this fixture actually taken place. Given also that neither the then-RUC nor the British Army carried lasers fitted to their weapons as standard, and that in 1995 it would be some years before laser pointers became easily available and affordable to members of the public, one wonders where, exactly, these red dots may have appeared from in this match that didn’t actually happen. In light of everything stated above we can only suggest that this account is demonstrably untrue. The Club has now instructed Solicitors to write to Mr Miller and the Daily Record accordingly. This is just one of the press stories that have appeared in the last week that is easier to rebut. Our Solicitors have also been put on retainer to investigate any further attacks on the good character of this Club and its supporters. In the meantime, we would only ask that the media, like Linfield FC, concentrates on fixtures that have actually been arranged, and that any reporting of past events is conducted to proper journalistic standards. A statement regarding the possible match against Celtic and the ticketing arrangements for that game will be released in due course, should we win the upcoming tie against La Fiorita. http://www.linfieldfc.com/latestnews.aspx?id=17709&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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    Yeah we should have had s big stash somewhere that wasn't selling due to a boycott, gathering dust until a contractual issue ( thattook 2 years to resolve) got sorted. That would have been a sound business model.
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    Staying up until about 4 in the morning to watch us get beat off some shite American team.
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    Faye and Beattie actually is black and white, mate.
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    Gordon Waddell wrote about it on Sunday and the jist of his piece was that it was a sad day when fans couldn't have their safety guaranteed visiting Linfield due to their religion. I would suggest that's another one worth taking to task. I'm sure Linfield have played hundreds of teams from Catholic countries with no issues for the visiting fans. Any tension between Linfield and them emanates from their "politics" but why let the truth get in the way of denying and deflecting?
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    I have been attending ibrox as man and boy for over 55 years and have witnessed many many wonderful European nights from our run to Barcelona in 1972 when the late and sorely missed Sandy Jardine scored in the semi final against Bayern Munich to the champions league nights against Leeds etc, all great memories but this match on Thursday will be every bit as special for everyone attending due to the fact that we as a support and our great club have endured so much torment and utter nonsense these past years which will make it a very emotional and spine tingling occasion. Let nobody or nothing ever doubt the fact that we are on our way back to where we belong and I for one can't wait for the day to come.
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    Some people love a good moan on this forum calling The board a shambles for lack of stock?....... let's say for example the board ordered an extra 20000 shirts to sell before new contract was signed then we would have plenty in stock right ?..... let's say after doing so SD pulled out the deal at the last minute now we are left with another 20000 taps we canny sell then people would say the board are a shambles not waiting for the deal to be signed ! .....canny win with some folk ffs
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    Then sir you are a confirmed mongo
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    Thats what they say when they're together! I'm sure the resident Record Rangers blogger will be along shortly to explain how its not the Records fault they didn't do any basic checking of the facts and how all their sources are utterly reliable and not to be questioned despite all the evidence to the contrary. Fantastic statement by Linfield, can we employ their Media people to send out our statements? I look forward to the single line apology at the bottom of page 23 just under the horoscopes in the smallest font they can find.
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    Record for most hot drinks sold on a Thursday night Record for most fans that can't buy their teams home top
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    JIG written on McCulloch's training wear
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    This is ridiculous. The kid has had ONE season in the top flight, of course he is going to be fucking inconsistent! Give him a couple of years to gain experience before expecting the consistency. If he has a couple of good seasons which he will imo as he develops then we will be looking at £5M+. It was his first season in the top flight and he was surrounded by utter shite. He clearly showed he has character when he came on against Partick as one example. I know we want results now but punting McKay is nothing but a mistake. We should be giving him decent (not ridiculous) terms and tying him down for 4 or 5 years.
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    Just reading what DK said again and trying to find the motive behind it (unless of course he is just an ignorant gobshite that should not be allowed to speak for us in public). I don't think its a call for C1872 as folk who are going to join have, and folk who have left are still raging and probably won't be back. I'm starting to wonder if he's preparing the ground for different tiers of fans/supporters or members. Bit like British Airways executive club with its Blue, Silver and Gold levels, benefits such as priority access to buy tickets such as for the Europa League, different rewards for each level etc. It has been proven that people strive to reach the next level in these types of scheme and are willing to shell out in line with their circumstances. They would need a membership co-ordinator with experience of fan liason duties, they would need a building to supply food, drinks, activities such as , oh just for example Ed. House, basically the sort of thing that could be run as a Rangers family business with Big Dave as the daddy. Taking in the cash from suckers, sorry supporters so they could get a gold badge and a signed (photoshopped) letter from Dave telling them they are better supporters than anyone else and only need to spend another £2k to become a platinum member. Apologies for going on and taking the piss but just maybe I might not be too far out here.
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    Deserved the Ballon d'Or for his performance in The Wire, alone...
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    Yet here you are on page 96.
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    Fack off you slaaaaaag!! 😂
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    @Frank Harrison is a poster that I respect, very rarely wrong.
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    feedback@thetimes.co.uk email sent. They really need to vet their employees better.
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    What a load of shite. He's got us this great deal if he had ordered so much like someone said and if sports direct pulled the plug we'd be fucked. Seriously get a grip of yourself. I'm pretty sure they're better at business than you.
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    You may or may not be aware but I'm no King fan and am not overly impressed by our Board.😂 But demand is low due to the boycott, supply therefore drops to reflect this. Demand flicked to incredible high and now we need to produce tops to meet this. Correctly we're looking to do it with new strips. Any other approach would be poor if not negligent business acumen. And I'd have been the first to give the Board both barrels for it. Its basics, but folk just blurt out shite with no common sense let alone understanding of basic economics.
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    I cheated but..... Edward 'Eddie' Rutherford (8 February 1921 – 29 August 2007) was a Scottish footballer who played for Rangers Eddie Rutherford, who has died aged 86, was one of the members of Rangers' legendary Iron Curtain side, which achieved Scottish football's first treble of league championship, Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup in 1949. Those who saw him play tell of a tremendous player. The Govan-born winger signed as a 20-year-old from local amateur side Mossvale in 1941. He was then a commercial traveller for a firm of chemists, but the newcomer barely had time to settle-in at Ibrox before he exchanged Rangers' blue strip for the sky blue of an RAF uniform. His war-time service took him south, where he impressed as a guest player with Leeds United, Bradford City and Lincoln City. Returning to Rangers after demob, he won the first of his seven medals (two league championship, three Scottish Cup and two League Cup) as Rangers beat Aberdeen 4-0 to win the new League Cup at Hampden in 1947. That medal, like three of his four cup-winning medals, was won as an outside right - his natural position - but with Willie Waddell already in place as Rangers' first-choice number seven, Rutherford successfully adapted to playing outside left as he notched up 140 first team appearances in his five and a half seasons with Rangers, scoring 28 goals in the process. Bill Struth's tactical plan for the Rangers team was a simple one - get the long ball from the back to Waddell or Rutherford, whose remit was to hit the by-line and cross for Willie Thornton. He was to either head home or knock the ball down for the inside forwards, usually Jimmy Duncanson and Billy Williamson, to score. While not as celebrated as a provider of quality crosses as Waddell on the opposite flank, Rutherford claimed his fair share of "assists" during his Rangers career. Competition from such Scottish legends as Waddell, Gordon Smith and Billy Liddell meant Rutherford was restricted to just one appearance for Scotland, replacing Smith, who was moved to centre forward, for a 3-0 loss to France in Paris during a continental tour in May, 1948. The following season was the high-point of Rutherford's career as Rangers bagged that first domestic treble, with Rutherford a virtual ever- present during the season, missing just three matches. He remained at the club until November 1951, when, aged 30 and under pressure from the young South African import Johnny Hubbard for the number 11 shirt, he was transferred to Hearts. His four years at Tynecastle were interrupted by a string of injuries and he was restricted to just 50 first team games, scoring a further 15 goals in the course of these matches. However, as one of the senior professionals at the club, he played his part in the development of the great young players such as Dave Mackay, Alex Young and Ian Crawford who were to be a big part in the Gorgie club's golden era from 1955 on. His Hearts career ended in January, 1955, when Raith Rovers paid £500 to take him to Stark's Park, but at the end of that season he came back to the west of Scotland to play out his career with Hamilton Acadmical, whom he served for a single season. On his retirement from football, Rutherford opened a newsagent's shop in Rutherglen. by Matt Vallance
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    Who the fuck is going pay 3 million for him? I want McKay to stay but if someone offered 3 million I'd drive him there myself.
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    Laser pens that weren't invented pointed at players who weren't even in the country? Takes fantasy football to a whole different level. The record truly are scum!
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    That's a cracking way to engage Rangers fans around the globe. Tell them they're second class because they don't have season tickets. He's obviously studied the Manchester United business model.