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    Shite! The Inverness fans pulling celtic players down in the box
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    Find it yerself ya fenian bastard
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    For the first two, we really should have.
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    I have heard it all now, I've just see the back of yesterdays rebel.....mutton claiming that kings remarks are "inflammatory and childish" he has disrespected the whole of Scottish football!!!! This coming from the guy who accused a football club of basically cheating back in 2003!!! This cunt needs booted out the media...he clearly never engages his brain when he speaks, a first class retard but that's unfair on retards tbh
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    Fs mate that's some deep rooted anger right there.
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    My grandchildren becoming Celtic fans.
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    Playing a league game in a ground that had a hedge where a stand should be.
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    McCoist cancelling lower league games as we had players on international duty.
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    We lost Sandy Jardine - he deserved to see us back up
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    Ally on the karaoke weve got great pitch geography pub at half time for more booze Charles green death bed interview on sky sports news
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    Its a live stream from 9pm - 11pm, you can listen on either the website http://rangersradio.online , on mixlr http://mixlr.com/rangersradio or use the mixlr app for android or iOS, http://rangersradio.online:8000/stream.mp3.m3u will open whatever media player you have installed & play the current stream. to listen to old shows use http://rangersradio.online/archives/ or the mixlr archives
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    Getting lifted at the Ramsdens Cup Final and being told by the copper who let me out the next morning Raith had won is something that'll haunt me forever
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    In retrospect it's just surreal. All the big names with big bank accounts that spouted weasel words but didn't do anything to help us - we saved this club, end of. Im keeping these forever...
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    Kenny McDowall's interviews as caretaker which resembled a man being held hostage, chained to a radiator in 1980's Lebanon
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    Ian Black tried to end Jelavics career and we all hated him but then we signed him and we ended up hating him even more the fucking wanker
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    Loaning in 5 players from Newcastle, one of which played half an hour, another didn't play at all, another was in the IRA, and another had AIDS.
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    Hope Seb kicks his cunt in
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    We fucking beat a 10 man Forres Mechanics 1-0 man FORRES MECHANICS
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    How can he possibly know that? Far too much to say for such a small brain that boy.
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    Can we wait and see if Alves is actually any good for us first? Not to be negative, but it's not Cannavaro we're signing. The reviews from his time at his last two clubs have been pretty worrying. For the record i think he'll be excellent, but that's no more than my opinion. There's little to suggest that it's a guarantee. Stylistically this is no David Weir, reliable type we're getting. Alves is aggressive as fuck, kamikaze style at times. He's been prone to errors in his career. Again, i'm confident he'll do well - but some of you are expecting a totally different player. Madness to give him the captaincy before he's even reported for training ffs.
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