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    See to be fair, when we're trying to push for goals and our own CF is back in their 6 yard box throwing paper back - it takes an absolute spastic to continue to throw it. Unfortunately there were dozens that fell into that category. Everyone knew all eyes would be on us, and they still act the fucking dicks. Wasnt violent or sectarian, just fucking stupid, unproductive and unfunny.
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    Thought he was exceptional tonight some of they balls he was pinging about tonight were a joy to watch
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    Cardoso looks like an actual defender, it's an unusual, weird and erotic sight.
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    Too good for the players around him tonight.
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    I enjoyed most of that. We we miles the better team, just a bit rusty, some of the moves and passing was excellent. We also have more players to come, so that line up will most likely be nothing like the one we start the season with. cautiously optimistic with that. I think we should have enough to win the away leg. Especially if couple more of our new signings can get in the team.
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    I know you're never going to believe this but Joe Miller snogged her in a nightclub before she was famous.
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    Id say Australia was as far overseas as it gets
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    The one thing that will wipe the smile of their faces is burying them on the park and taking that title from them. I cannot wait much longer for that day. I don't know how we will perform with PC and the new signings, but I live in hope for that miracle. The hatred will continue though, as they seem more determined than ever to try and do us down. It beggars belief their mindsets. Anti all things British, anti all things Rangers. They mirror SFIRA, as they try to turn us into the ROI, Falls Road version. They put our safety, civil liberties and our very livelihood at risk with their bigotry. They are desperate people with seriously poisoned unhinged minds. Not one deserve the sanctuary that our country provides. I wish a thousand plagues on every last fucking one of them.
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    Just caught up on the match thread after the game. Must admit I am surprised to see Bates get some fairly heavy criticism. I honestly thought the boy hardly put a foot wrong. Was one point where I thought he had got wrong side of the attacker, think it was around 70mins. He fairly easily dealt with it and just powered him out the way. Far better option than Kiernan.
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    Seeing these three in and around our team, two starting and one on the bench is so underwhelming. They played their part in the worst Rangers team I've ever known and I hate seeing their inept names anywhere near our team sheet. I hope the only reason they're featuring is because some players are still slightly short of match fitness. Where is Barjonas? Why is Rossiter on the bench? Even give McCrorie a game against these part-timers anything but these wasters. Not a criticism of the manager as yet because he hasn't got full availability yet but to see these cunts in our jersey is hideous. They've had their chance. Get them to fuck.
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    We still done it knowing they'd be all over it silly as fuck imo
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    Dalcio wants to be here. Mckay doesn't, if he did he would sign a new contract it's that simple
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    Really disappointed by the performance. First game or not, that was a team that finished 4th in Luxembourg last year.
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    why is this waste of space still involved offers absolutely fuckall if anyone deserves to be training with the u20's it's this imposter,beyond belief that Pedro continues to pick him
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    I'm really impressed with Dalcio. He's on the left, the right, playing as a striker, in our own half defending, etc. The guy is all over the joint and they just can't mark him If we can find him with some better passes he'll be in. Hopefully he has the quality on the ball to hurt teams. Movement is terrific.
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    She's a good looking lassie. Would be better looking if she stopped doing that dumb ass pout thing. Birds need to learn to smile in photos again, instead of doing that ridiculous trout pout shit.
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    It annoyed me but purely because it held up the game.
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    Buzzing for game for ages and that roaster Waghorn starts. Fuck off.
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    My helicopter picks me up at the rig around 12.30, gets me at sumburgh airport for 1.30 then due to hit Aberdeen airport for 3.30 (pick up carry out) catch the 16.27 train to queen street which gets me in at 19.15 then subway to cessnuk drop my bags off at my brothers flat n attend game where my mates have sorted another carry out for me ? Any delays with anything and I miss the game? The joys of working away from home
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    Cutting about work smiling like fuck thinking about this tonight. 5 years ago, we were a bawhair away from completely losing it all. Now, here we are preparing for a European tie in front of a sold out Ibrox. I love this fucking club.
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    Very disappointing result. Definitely doesn't build my confidence up over Pedro, there's no denying how poor that was. There never seems to be an actual game plan. Some of the players are definite improvements - Cardoso and Jack in particular, but they were hardly challenged against that bunch of part-timers. The fact he sees Waghorn as a footballer is absurd. Dalcio was murder.
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    Think people have a selective memory. Barry had bags of potential but should really be starting to show it on a consistent basis now. He's rotten 9 games out of 10 but then shows us a bit of skill and half the forum cream all over him again.
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    Pretty poor but not going overboard. Loads of new players, first game of the season after only 3 pre season games. Expect us to be a bit sharper on Tuesday and put a few past this mob.
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    Out of bed around 4.00am then quick shower to wake me up...Bacon & Egg rolls and a big cuppa black tea before getting settled in with a few pints of finest Polish beer and a bottle of Belvedere Vodka then cheering on the Famous with a rousing chorus of The Billy Boys and a few other Rangers anthems.
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    FFS lads have we all forgot how it goes at a European night? there's that point where it goes eerily quiet and then bang derrys walls reverberates around the ground. It's one of those things that's done on European nights. I canae fucking wait
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    Keep walking, Waggy - straight to the airport, please.
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    We should never sing about being up to our knees In Fenian blood in this day and age. It should be up to our eyebrows in the stuff. Mon the Rangers
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    Go to Rangers tv and pay the £6.99 Theres a thread about true supporters need to have a season ticket...which i dont agree with, but fans with access to rtv abroad and looking for streams is trampy behaviour and are kidding themselves on at being supporters of the club
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    Not sure if there is enough width in a 1-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 formation mate.
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    I wouldn't mind a rendition of Build My Gallows tbh
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    Crying out for the wee man tonight , get it sorted Rangers , that's all ????
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    Let's be honest, we look shite. A goal from a cheeky as fuck free-kick, against a team from a country that probably only exists for tax purposes.
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    Let's hope Pena is decent and Dorrans comes. Not been that impressed with Dalcio
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    RTV £6.99 ya tight arse
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