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    My grans a lifelong supporter and only this season has finally in her 80s had to give up her season ticket due to cancer. She has had illness and operations for the last 2 years and only attended a handful of games but still chose to renew. I emailed the club asking if there was any cha ce they could write her a letter as she goes through radiotherapy just as a thankyou for her support. She recieved a letter from Pedro which was very touching and also an invite to an open day soon when she is better to meet the manager and team, along with a pen, notepad, badges etc. Fantastic gesture from the club and manager for a woman who bleeds blue. :)
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    Right, let's get this nipped in the bud at the right time. It's Cardoso, mate. This isn't gonny turn into another Charlie Adams, Steven Davies, or Kevin Thompson scenario.
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    Aye yer right mate, Pumas design and production teams have been rushed in to getting the 30 odd trackys out quickly and have ended up putting the logos on the wrong part of the tracky.
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    I would hope not. Nothing should detract from that Statue and the memorial to the disaster.
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    Seen one above Waghorns peg in dressing room.. "The name of the game is to put the ball in the net and not hit the keeper with it or put it in stand, ya lesbian looking helmet"..
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    It wasn't that long ago he was allowed outside for the first time in ages. Wee man must be buzzing to be going on an aeroplane
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    Alright guys, I'm organising a charity match this Sunday to raise money for Frame Football Scotland who give disabled kids the opportunity to play football. It's a charity close to my heart as my son who has cerebral palsy attends the sessions and the difference I've seen in him since he's been working with the coaches is unbelievable. Anyway, I managed to get hold of a top before they sold out and it's been signed by Rangers legends Derek Johnstone, Charlie Miller, Andy Goram, Marvin Andrews, Scott Nisbet, Ian Durrant, Gordon Durie, and also from the current squad Kenny Miller, Niko Kranjcar, Lee Wallace, Josh Windass & Martyn Waghorn. It's up for auction for the remainder of the week with the winner being announced at 6pm on Sunday and all funds raised going to the charity. I'm willing to deliver personally to anyone in Glasgow or nearby or I'll pay the delivery if it's further afield. Bidding starts at £25. Alternatively, if you would like to donate to help us out without bidding on the top, donations can be made via the following link https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/rossmckay all donations are massively appreciated no matter how big or small. Thanks! Admin, if this isn't allowed then feel free to delete. I can provide proof that the event is legit if required.
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    Great response from the club but much more importantly i wish your Gran a full and speedy recovery mate
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    Who the fuck goes on holiday to Fife? Hope you get somewhere mate.
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    Don't think you get it bud, he is trying to install passion and respect back into the club, which has been lacking for years.... so banning our rivals colours on the field of play is a small step towards doing that, bring it on Pedro!
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    I'm glad @born a blue nose made it to work as security
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    Fucked off to Nottingham where it will be Miserable soon enough..
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    Adidas top Umbro shorts Puma socks
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    Singed players? Kirk Broadfoot must be on the list after that egg incident.
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    a non skin tight top for us fat cunts wouldn't go a miss!
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    Johnny Doyle got badly singed once.
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    Can't believe this thread is still on the go but anyway I'll keep it going LOL!!, the thing is I'm willing to bet that McKay had been warned by the likes of Halliday etc. that it might not be very clever to wear bright green boots especially against that lot, and especially at Ibrox as he would be certain to get abuse, but decided to wear them anyway, IMO it's just another indication of a player not being in tune with the majority of the support and just doesn't give a fuck what we think, now I can understand that some of the "new age" fans may think it's trivial but I'm old school and IMO it's just another erosion of standards, there is no way that our kit would have any shade of green on it so why should that not be extended to the footwear?. So why is Pedro banning them?, well again it's only my opinion but he does seem to have studied our history and I'm willing to bet that he has heard more than a few complaints from fans and has decided to agree and has taken this step and I say good on you. I hope to God that Pedro succeeds 'cause he seems to get what our club is all about.
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    I don't think Pedro really cares that much about green boots, it's about creating an us against them mentality in the players. Last season we had players in green boots laughing and joking with their players walking off the pitch. Our team should be going out onto the pitch full of absolute hatred for them. If you can get even just an extra couple of percent of effort and passion out of a player by getting into his head then across the whole team that can make a big difference.
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    How do you work that one out? He's been playing high level International games so his match sharpness will be higher than pretty much the rest of our squad.
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    Clickbait. I expected boobs.
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    Totally unacceptable to have him back for three reasons. 1) He said we were deid. 2) He said we had no history 3) He wears green boots.
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    We played a lot of good stuff 1st half last week but we need to do it for the full game with better movement up front. Pedro has to remove thoughts of Miller in midfield and Waghorn starting.
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    It probably sounds like "soundbites" from Pedro to some of our supporters, but to me he is doing exactly what the late great Bill Shankly did at Liverpool and turned a very poor team into Champions. After his first season in charge he immediately put 24 players that weren't up to standard on the transfer list; signed players that would run through a brick wall for him and would die for the club if necessary. He applied a basic formula which was that, first and foremost, the player must have both ability and courage. Other attributes were physical fitness and willingness to work, especially to struggle against the odds to give 100% commitment to the lifeblood of the club...The supporters. He told every player that if they came off that pitch and left one drop of sweat in their body then they had cheated the supporters who paid their wages and would have to live with that stain for the rest of their lives. Of course; probably the most everlasting memory of Shankly is the sign at the top of the players tunnel that proclaims to all and sundry that "This is Anfield". If Pedro wants to ban green boots, mobile phones, fucking journalists and players that aren't giving their heart and soul to the Rangers cause, then I will back him all the way if it gets us back to where we should be. As the great Captain Cutlass once told me after a game; "Son! it's ok having skill, but if you don't dress like a Rangers player, act like a Rangers player, then you are never going to be a Rangers player". He was right.
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    Just seen this tweet floating about and had been thinking the same thing earlier. Don't be stupid and post videos up online that will get the fans into bother or give the cunts ammo to batter us with again. They'll all be sitting waiting on something to upset them.
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    I don't know where people get the idea he is injury-prone. He's played around 30 league games every season since leaving us. As for goals, he has never been a prolific scorer, even with us or Killie. There's never been any denying his ability and I doubt Norwich paid 8.5 million last January if he had lost that ability. If you want to stop them and win the title, we need a team that can challenge, which means the best possible players we can realistically get.
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    If Waghorn starts, some serious questions have to be asked of our manager, no excuses to start him.
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    I think our Pedro is one old firm win away from getting the lyrics to the sash tattooed on his chest ?
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    You forgot a 1690 No Surrender on the end of that post.
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    Getting off the bus in Luxembourg
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    Which has always been in the wrong place in my opinion. Pretty much everything done to the stadium in the last 22 years has been planned and done so poorly in my opinion. From the jumbotrons, to the memorial being in the wrong place, to the ruining of the Blue Room with the tacky paintings on the walls and the terrible carpet, to those banners that are up. I also dislike the large Rangers font on the Sandy Jardine stand and the ridiculous Family Stand sign. The stadium in general needs a thorough restoration of its heritage and returned to a state that is more sympathetic to the time it was built.
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    Very cynical mate. Sure nothing is more important than us winning games but is the guy (or anyone at the club) really doing anything wrong by making some changes? There is a chance he simply thinks it's an improvement rather than anyone thinks the fans are stupid. To be honest if it gives the players and those that play against us a wee reminder about who we are and what the club represents then why not? - The sooner we get back to Ibrox feeling like an intimidating place for away teams the better, that will of course mainly be influenced by how we play.
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    Resinged players tend to be burnt out.
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    Hateley did re-sign for us mate
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    Bobby Sands' old team. None Eaten.
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    Caixinha rapped: “The slogan ‘We Are The People’ will be stamped on the walls for both our players and opponents to feel the strength of Rangers.” Caixinha is loving life in Scotland so far and added: “The Rangers fans are full of hope, the Celtic fans are upbeat and excited and that’s normal because they have won six titles in a row. “Only once have I been bothered. In the centre of the city, a drunk Celtic fan upset me, but it was nothing. “The centre of Glasgow is beautiful like the rest of the city.” Caixinha knows he can’t buy time as he rebuilds Gers but he’ll take Niko Kranjcar being spent after an hour — if the Croatian has played as he can The neat flicks, subtle skills and pinpoint passing were there for all to see for just over two thirds of Thursday’s clash with Progres Niederkorn. So much so he got a huge ovation from the Ibrox fans when the boards went up to signal his exit on 69 minutes. Boss Caixinha would take the same every game this season — including the second leg in Luxembourg on Tuesday. He said: “Has he got the desire? I think the moment he came out he showed that. “Since I came here I don’t remember a player being applauded so aggressively. “I’m trying to understand the time he can perform — not only one hour. “He had such a long absence after such a difficult injury so to be back at this level demonstrates his mentality and his quality and his desire to help the team. “He needs a little bit more time but the quality is always present. If he gives me that for one hour in every match I will be happy. “One thing we can never buy is time. So we are fighting against it. “We are trying to get physicality to compete and we are just three weeks in.” While Kranjcar played for the first time since October, his replacement on Thursday hadn’t been seen since August. Jordan Rossiter arrived from Liverpool last summer with big expectations only to be dogged by injury. Caixinha said: “If you have a look at him he belongs to the English group that just became world champions. “That’s representative of the quality he has. It’s ten months out and that’s a long time injured. “He did a fantastic job along with Niko and Steve our physiotherapist.” For players still searching for sharpness after a few weeks off, Thursday’s match must have been hard work to play in. It was certainly hard work to watch. But victory will be all that matters in the away leg, which will be played at the national Stade Josy Barthel. Caixinha said: “I don’t know that much about the stadium. “I watched a match on TV between Luxembourg and Portugal last year — a preparation game for Euro 2016. “Pedro Malta went to watch Niederkorn at their own stadium but this game is at the national stadium. “While it will be a completely different environment from what they experienced at Ibrox, that’s not the point and we don’t need to be concerned about it. “We only have one thought about the second leg — winning. It’s only one match and all we want to do is get through.” But Caixinha wonders if it was the case the minnows had NEVER played so well before. He said: “If I was in their position I would think the same. I don’t think they will change the strategy they brought to the first leg. “But what matters is the final result of the tie — not if we could have or should have scored more. “We need to know how to deal with it. It’s going to be a fantastic challenge and we know it will be similar to what we faced at Ibrox. “The pressure is on us, totally. I think they played with adrenaline because of the environment — maybe they had the game of a LIFETIME. “I know what that represents because these things can sometime help you get to the other level. “That’s what they are going to try to do in the next match. We respect that and we expect that. “We have a responsibility from our side to deal with that because we have a vision and a mission to get to the group stage. “Of course to get there we need to pass this stage first.” Of his eight summer signings Caixinha started only Fabio Cardoso, Ryan Jack and Dalcio. There were appearances off the bench for Daniel Candeias and Alfredo Morelos. Asked if the likes of Mexican pair Carlos Pena and Eduardo Herrera could feature in the next game, Caixinha said: “We will see. “They have trained very well but they need some rest too as they haven’t had a lot since they arrived. Sometimes too much water can kill the plant. Some players are not in a rhythm yet. “We have only had three and a half weeks and it’s not enough. It’s proven that you need five to six weeks to do that.”
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    The 12 yard assassin or the Ibrox penalty King...that was Johnny Hubbard. From 68 penalty kicks he scored 65 of them.He actually scored 22 in a row before big Corrie Walker saved his 23rd penalty at Broomfield. The other two 'keepers to save a penalty from Johnny was Bert Slater of Dundee at Ibrox and Jimmy Brown of Kilmarnock at Rugby Park. Johnny always said that he never missed a penalty kick; The three 'keepers mentioned just luckily saved them. The strange thing is that Johnny mostly hit them the same way...Hard,low and to the 'keepers right and although virtually every keeper knew where he was going to put it, they still couldn't stop him. One of the best I have ever seen.
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    But the game doesnt kick off until 6.45 pm
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    He always looks the happiest guy in the world, most footballers look moody cunts but he knows he has it made.
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    I think that the TV should televise all Rangers away games. I shall tell you why. We have 40-45,000 ST holders. We get, on average, just a few thousand match tickets for away games. Televising live all our away games means that ALL ST holders can have the chance to see Rangers play, both home, and away. I'm not a big fan of pay-per-view events when we've already paid a subscription for the sports TV. However, a £5 charge, with the money being split between the clubs playing, wouldn't upset me, as some of the money would be going to the club, and not just the TV companies...
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    Where to begin?? Probably best not to bother FFS.
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    Some of our fans sicken me to the core.