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    My grans a lifelong supporter and only this season has finally in her 80s had to give up her season ticket due to cancer. She has had illness and operations for the last 2 years and only attended a handful of games but still chose to renew. I emailed the club asking if there was any cha ce they could write her a letter as she goes through radiotherapy just as a thankyou for her support. She recieved a letter from Pedro which was very touching and also an invite to an open day soon when she is better to meet the manager and team, along with a pen, notepad, badges etc. Fantastic gesture from the club and manager for a woman who bleeds blue. :)
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    On behalf of all Bears I'd like to wish best of luck to our Brothers in Blue Linfield FC tonight in their CL qualifier vs Fiorita, the only Club that backed us when we were down and fully deserve our support tonight. No Surrender
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    He's been called a paedophile on here the day. I'd say that's way beyond any abuse of a footballers abilities.
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    Maybe they'll ask for political asylum in Luxembourg and become football refugees.
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    These will be fans not supporters though.....
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    I'm sorry but if anycunt attempts to sugarcoat this they can get to fuck. No matter if they're an employee or a supporter. This part time team from Luxembourg who have never won a game in Europe, are currently beating us 2-0 and have been all over us. I don't care how much he's been given, King needs to sack him tonight or else we can just right off a whole Season.
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    Highlight of the day was meeting a guy and his son who was on his first Euro trip at only 16. When we got into airport we discovered the drinking age is 16 here so the guy decided the wee man was a man now. Last saw the two of them carrying each other home the back of 9, blind leading the blind
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    Almost every thread I read on here Waggy almost certainly crops up and to be honest the abuse and vile comments are a disgrace - I would never abuse a Rangers player no matter what and he is a Rangers player - might not be the best but still one of our players - so come on give him a fuckin break
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    This isn't the first time we've cunted europe before the rest of the country start, our greatest ever manager had a habit of it, big eck done it to a point with zizkov, its a cunt of a result no doubt about it, but lets face it europe is a distraction we dont need once season starts, lets wait till he's pumped us out of the league and league cup then sack the fucking dud
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    £500k Is that a fucking joke That's what we got for a 15 year old a few months back. McKay is a Scotland international. If we let him go for that then Robertson can go fuck himself.
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    I cannot think of a better phrase to describe our current predicament. If it isn't bad enough we've given this useless fuck money to spend, how do we salvage our Pre-Season? We gambled on playing European opposition to get us ready for a long Season ahead, but now thats out the window. Should we rush together a few fixtures against pointless opposition? Our first 3 League Games are against Motherwell, Hibs and Hearts. No matter who's in charge we need minutes to keep our 'team' fresh. Or else we'll be in major trouble. It hasn't even started yet and I'm trying to figure out how we salvage our Season. We need leadership from the top, get rid of this joker and bring in someone of a proven standard. I still cannot understand why he was brought in. Fucking lunacy from King and Robertson. Do not test our loyalty or insult us by giving him time, he's a fucking clown.
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    It's absolutely not his fault we have lost however that is pretty prickish behaviour IMO. Just stay quiet, accept the criticism, suck it up and take it on the chin. Fans have probably spent months worth of wages to travel, and made family and work sacrifices to go and watch that pish. A few verbals and a few bangs on a bus is the least you'd expect...............
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    Obviously we don't know what has been said (for now) but we're all fucking hurting, we're all angry and we're all desperate for success. Grown men having a heated debate because they care is fine by me. It doesn't look pretty but it is what it is. Providing no one crosses the line I have no real issues with it...........
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    I'm going to say fair play to the guy. The result is a complete outrage, but at least he looks to have had the balls to face up to the fans.
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    Shut the fuck up ya clueless tit.
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    "Transitions and zones" this guys just a foreign Warburton
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    If anyone comes across this utterly pathetic wet blanket please tell him to fuck off back to Wester Hailes or wherever he came from. He didn't stay out of loyalty. He stayed for easy money. I've never seen a rangers captain with such a lack of backbone. Add to that the fact he's an awful footballer. If anyone expemplifies how insipid our club has become, it's him.
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    This is like a bad dream. This time last week, after the influx of seemingly very promising signings and the new kit deal, I was the most optimistic I'd been in 6/7 years. A week later and it's went so far south it's unreal.
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    How many scum fans who do the children's lottery are disappointed when they find out it's money you win?
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    I was absolutely ridiculed for a thread I started long before Pedro's name was mentioned in the betting odds for our new manager. I stated that after Warburton, this new managerial appointment was critical, I went on to say we should not try and appoint a long term manager because we'd be struggling for good quality candidates - instead we should bring in a tough manager just for a few months until the end of the season. Simply here, to separate the boys from the men, and to lay the ground work for a higher class of manager to come here in the summer. Someone that was a hard man, understood Rangers perfectly and understood Scottish football. I said, someone like Alex McLeish or Jimmy Calderwood would have been perfect. They'd be delighted to take on the job for a few months, get the best out of the shit we had - and I bet they would have gotten the same or better results than what Pedro got. Then, the board would have plenty of time while the interim was working to search out better class managerial candidates for the summer, with the draw of European football, a transfer window and funds to rebuild - a better class of manager would be available to us than what was available to us at the time Pedro took over. The interim manager would also be able to give the new manager all the information on the current squad - whom could cut it and whom were dog shite and needed fucked off. I was ridiculed, but I still believe what I said was correct - and it was not hindsight.
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    Reflect on this. Punted out the first round of a second tier European competition by the 4th Best team in Luxemburg. A team who scored one goal previous to playing us on Europe. A team who had never won a game in 13 attempts in Europe. WATP UVF 1690 n aw rat though... Why do we keep seeing deluded posts on here saying things will get better? 5 fucking years of the same pish and folk still delude themselves
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    Wes Foderingham (GK) James Tavernier Fábio Cardoso Lee Wallace (C) Ryan Jack Kenny Miller Jordan Rossiter Niko Kranjčar Alfredo Morelos Daniel Candeias David Bates Confirmed starting 11 Subs - Alnwick, Dalcio, Windas, Waghorn, McCrorie, Holt and Herrera
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    You think I'm gonae stand for a tarrier calling one of our players a paedophile then you're onto plumbs ya tramp. no matter how good or bad he is ya stinking cunt
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    It pains me to say it given all the money spent on new players and the fresh influx of new ideas and initiatives under successive mangers, but Kenny Miller remains for me the one guy on the park that I can realistically hope will dig us out of a hole. Again tonight, right at the death when our players were thrashing wildly and squandering chances, Kenny picked up the ball on the far side of the box and deftly executed an excellent lob over the keeper that - if it had dipped just a fraction - would have saved our bacon. He is one of very few current Gers players that demonstrates any kind of a footballing brain and can conjure up something special. Yes, he is less effective when he tracks back. Yes, he can go missing for periods. But he's a fucking veteran now and the fact that its still down to him to make a telling contribution after all the fresh blood that's been brought in tells you just how shite things are right now. Kenny has been outstanding for us over the years, not least against the filth. Even as an old warhorse he's often the only cunt on the pitch that I see showing the required level of passion and energy to get the right result for us. The kind of attitude that EVERY man who pulls on the jersey should have. His time with us is drawing to a close and I hope he'll get the appreciation he deserves. He's the closest thing in our current team that resembles a proper Rangers player.
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    Shame on Lee Wallace for letting young Rossiter do the post match after a horrendeous result. Never a Captain.
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    Josh Windass should never kick another ball for us, he cost us both goals tonight, I wish he had never stepped foot on the park tonight !! I know the whole team were poor but he had a direct hand in both goals.
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    Why put young Rossiter up for the interview? Where is the captain? Surely after a result like that you don't just put up a young player to be potential media cannon fodder even though his reaction was as you might expect. Effective and wise leadership and management of the game and of the post match media situations? Utterly absent again.
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    Pedro, any chance of going in to my work for me tomorrow?
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    Surely a joke? He should have been sacked after the 5-1 drubbing at home against the scum. There was absolutely no coming back from that, never mind this. Horrendous manager.
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    Folk pretending this isn't brutal delusional as fuck
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    Best to look at the positives, we're fantastic at isolating our striker. Any striker, we'll isolate them.
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    So many glory hunters forget David Healy dad rattling the tin for us outside Windsor park when we were in dire need of funds.the people of ulster got behind us when every cunt wanted us dead.some choose to forget now things are brighter., but in our darkest day our brothers stood up. Fuck you lot of amateurs on here sometimes. No Surrender Rab
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    There will be no fucking green day near ibrox I'll tell you that.not with our pedro about
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    This is how it feels to be Rangers, 54 titles you know. The Lisbon Lions won't see 10 in a row
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    Great response from the club but much more importantly i wish your Gran a full and speedy recovery mate
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    He doesn't. Sealed his fate tonight.
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    This threads a joke. Players are heading to airport. Pedro isnt arguing with Fans.....does have the balls to step out and speak to them. Unlike any of the board or even our Capitan. Terrible result, genuinelyhoped and prayed he would make us the team we all want. Just cant see it. Rangers are massive we need a manager that reflects that
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    The banter years go on it seems. Regardless of why he's in the bush, you'd never have seen Walter standing in the middle of some hedge outside a hotel. Hedgerow Caixinha
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    If he has had the audacity to argue with fans who have spent their hard earned, then he can get himself to fuck and when he gets there, fuck off again.
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    Aye don't blame the manager that has overseen 3 of our worst results ever ya fucking roaster.
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    Give the captains armband to Rossiter. The only player that I saw during the game trying to encourage his team mates.
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    Should have been sacked after Celtic, then Aberdeen, but we were just 'Hipster fans'. Worse than Warburton, fucking fraud.
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    Probably to stop cars parking.
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