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    My grans a lifelong supporter and only this season has finally in her 80s had to give up her season ticket due to cancer. She has had illness and operations for the last 2 years and only attended a handful of games but still chose to renew. I emailed the club asking if there was any cha ce they could write her a letter as she goes through radiotherapy just as a thankyou for her support. She recieved a letter from Pedro which was very touching and also an invite to an open day soon when she is better to meet the manager and team, along with a pen, notepad, badges etc. Fantastic gesture from the club and manager for a woman who bleeds blue. :)
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    How many scum fans who do the children's lottery are disappointed when they find out it's money you win?
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    Wes Foderingham (GK) James Tavernier Fábio Cardoso Lee Wallace (C) Ryan Jack Kenny Miller Jordan Rossiter Niko Kranjčar Alfredo Morelos Daniel Candeias David Bates Confirmed starting 11 Subs - Alnwick, Dalcio, Windas, Waghorn, McCrorie, Holt and Herrera
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    Folk pretending this isn't brutal delusional as fuck
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    Best to look at the positives, we're fantastic at isolating our striker. Any striker, we'll isolate them.
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    Great response from the club but much more importantly i wish your Gran a full and speedy recovery mate
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    Dalcio is fucking murder. If anyone is brave enough to say he's not, then you can bookmark this page and come back to me at the end of the Season when I'll say 'told you so'.
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    Cough http://www.vipbox.nu/football/489236/1/progres-niederkorn-vs-rangers-live-stream-online.html
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    Brilliant half! Going to win the whole tournament
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    Caixinha hasn't changed our style of play whatsoever. Still playing the same way we did under Warburton. Aimless sideways passing.
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    They'll send another one later saying their account was hacked!
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    "Don't worry, things will be different when we have Pena/Herrera in the team..." 4 days ago: "Don't worry, things will be different when we have Morelos/Candeias in the team..." 4 months ago: "Don't worry, things will be different when we have Kranjcar/Rossiter in the team..." etc, etc We're running out of players to pin all our hopes on here. Let's face it, what we're watching is fucking shite. When your right back is your only player willing to run at the other team (and not successfully might I add), then you know you've got a problem. Never thought I'd say this but I'd like to see Windass on soon......
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    I've said it since his 2nd game. He is fucking clueless.
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    This Rossiter love in is ridiculous. He's done absolutely fuck all.
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    We clearly need more players of decent quality, sruggling to breakdown the Luxemburg Buckie Thistle
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    Just looks like the same shit we watched last year
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    our final ball is shocking. Tav had that bloke beat then has to go and beat him again and loses it. Need to be quicker with the passing in the final 3rd
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    Hopefully get a goal shortly settle the nerves, must say Wallace's final ball is pish
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    People moaning, we are 1 up remember. Its still July n a month before the league starts. They will still be getting fit, getting to know each other. We are doing ok.
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