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    No Surrender Rab Happy 12th of July amigos all over the world.
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    I genuinely can't understand people that read the record or on the sun. Any big news hits you before news outlets will.
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    Bears It is common knowledge that the dailly rebel and its staff have anti rangers agendas. Any good bear will also know better than to buy, share or click on their online content. But in light of recent stories pushing for title stripping and their ignorance of the club 1872 statement its time we made this official. We should ban any story from said publication on this forum. No copying and pasting, no reference or links to anything to do with this rag. It doesn't exist and we dont talk about it. Even if they have an "exclusive" on a transfer story we are following. Its time we no longer acknowledged this pathetic excuse of a paper, until such tines as they can act in an unbiased manner.
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    Take yourself to fuck you complete fucking bellend. Like it or not this will always be a club with strong loyalist connections. Uppa volunteers
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    When it comes to abusing children they won't want full transparency and will claim others are point scoring and gloryfing their crimes. Absolute scum.
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    Fantastic article here! https://www.rangersobserver.com/views/2017/7/11/daily-record-pushes-title-stripping-agenda
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    Whats the name of the forum?
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    If Pedro is sacked before Xmas, then the person or persons who appointed him should also be sacked, because if true, their Professional judgement is severely lacking.
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    I fail to both see and understand your logic in your statement when you say "embarrassing this hangs on to our support" very briefly I have been attending Ibrox for over 56 years (season ticket holder for the past 34 seasons non stop) and although not a member of an orange lodge still very much look forward to attending parades and marvel at the music and culture that they provide every year. For years the catholic faith in our country have claimed (without justification) that they have been persecuted well now it is my very firm belief that it is us yes us of the Protestant faith who follow Rangers that are being persecuted in anyway shape form or size, I would even go as far as being demonised at times, so to say that our culture is "embarrassing" when both Scottish republicanism and Irish republicanism are very much "alive" and may I say "thriving" in our lovely country is really a bit "embarrassing" on your part.
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    Not going to work. What you could do is have a poster who is willing to take on the responsibility to C&P articles from the DR that other posters can read without clicking links. Theory being that one click is all they get for thousands of views. .
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    Great clip Happy 12 of July
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    Why? If you know the history of the club you'll understand that it wouldn't have grown into the institution it is today were it not for the rivalry with Celtic and the associated baggage. If you really can't stomach it you'll find Partick Thistle up at G20 7AL.
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    But it's alright to hang effigies off the stand at the stydome?
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    Would just like to take this opportunity to wish all fellow fans of our beloved Rangers who are heading across the water to enjoy a "Stroll" tomorrow, may the sun shine bright on your backs and may the music you hear be uplifting and joyful but most importantly may you all return home safely to your loved ones and families.
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    Some laugh when it turns out 5,000 of the 10,000 signitures came from Rangers fans
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    Greetings from Gran Canaria!
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    @Tradeston Boy some good fishing there son. Or blackmanredemptions new account has been found. If you don't like the culture that helped make us what we are fuck off.
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    Tainted title? Least of their problems. Tainted history? Most certainly. I actually take no pleasure in their squalid, vile history because of the lives they have ruined and behavior they have covered up or turned a blind eye to. And yet they take the 'sporting integrity' moral high ground. Sickening, sad and unjust to everyone affected.
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    Would love to stick Nicola Sturgeon on tap of that.
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