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    No Surrender Rab Happy 12th of July amigos all over the world.
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    11 arrests made recently regarding historic cases of child abuse, perhaps Peter and his board (apart from a recycled statement to pander to the beggar support) might be too busy trying to staple down the carpet at the paedo harbouring cesspit. Just a thought.
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    I genuinely can't understand people that read the record or on the sun. Any big news hits you before news outlets will.
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    Bears It is common knowledge that the dailly rebel and its staff have anti rangers agendas. Any good bear will also know better than to buy, share or click on their online content. But in light of recent stories pushing for title stripping and their ignorance of the club 1872 statement its time we made this official. We should ban any story from said publication on this forum. No copying and pasting, no reference or links to anything to do with this rag. It doesn't exist and we dont talk about it. Even if they have an "exclusive" on a transfer story we are following. Its time we no longer acknowledged this pathetic excuse of a paper, until such tines as they can act in an unbiased manner.
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    Take yourself to fuck you complete fucking bellend. Like it or not this will always be a club with strong loyalist connections. Uppa volunteers
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    When it comes to abusing children they won't want full transparency and will claim others are point scoring and gloryfing their crimes. Absolute scum.
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    Fantastic article here! https://www.rangersobserver.com/views/2017/7/11/daily-record-pushes-title-stripping-agenda
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    Whats the name of the forum?
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    Try them tomorrow mate. The store is closed as the staff are in Ulster for the 12th celebrations.
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    If Pedro is sacked before Xmas, then the person or persons who appointed him should also be sacked, because if true, their Professional judgement is severely lacking.
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    To be fair rangers media is the website. The forum is bears den. Smart arses
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    I fail to both see and understand your logic in your statement when you say "embarrassing this hangs on to our support" very briefly I have been attending Ibrox for over 56 years (season ticket holder for the past 34 seasons non stop) and although not a member of an orange lodge still very much look forward to attending parades and marvel at the music and culture that they provide every year. For years the catholic faith in our country have claimed (without justification) that they have been persecuted well now it is my very firm belief that it is us yes us of the Protestant faith who follow Rangers that are being persecuted in anyway shape form or size, I would even go as far as being demonised at times, so to say that our culture is "embarrassing" when both Scottish republicanism and Irish republicanism are very much "alive" and may I say "thriving" in our lovely country is really a bit "embarrassing" on your part.
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    Not going to work. What you could do is have a poster who is willing to take on the responsibility to C&P articles from the DR that other posters can read without clicking links. Theory being that one click is all they get for thousands of views. .
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    Great clip Happy 12 of July
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    I certainly hope the club stand strong against this because if they roll over and let the crooked fuckers in this country fuck us over then it'll never stop. I'm sick of sitting back and letting everyone rag doll us from pillar to post and we sit and say nothing. That's one thing about them they stand up for their fans and club all the time which is why we are we are and they have the upper hand. We need to start fighting dirty if that's what it takes.
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    Honestly fuck up ya pair a fuckin mongos
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    Robertson gets my blame here. He's making motherwell type appointments for Rangers
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    Why? If you know the history of the club you'll understand that it wouldn't have grown into the institution it is today were it not for the rivalry with Celtic and the associated baggage. If you really can't stomach it you'll find Partick Thistle up at G20 7AL.
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    But it's alright to hang effigies off the stand at the stydome?
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    Would just like to take this opportunity to wish all fellow fans of our beloved Rangers who are heading across the water to enjoy a "Stroll" tomorrow, may the sun shine bright on your backs and may the music you hear be uplifting and joyful but most importantly may you all return home safely to your loved ones and families.
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    You can bet that liewell is phoning around all the rest of the hate filled cunts running Scottish football making sure he has all his ducks in a row before they make a move.
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    Daughter was born today, wife must have a proddie womb
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    Marseille are interested in signing Moussa Dembele and have made the Celtic striker their number one target this summer, Sky sources understand. The French club want to sign Dembele as a replacement for Bafetimbi Gomis, who was sold to Galatasaray for £3 million at the end of last month. Dembele scored 32 times in 48 games last season as Celtic won the treble in an unbeaten season. Chelsea and West Ham United tried to sign the 20-year-old striker in January and AC Milan are one of the clubs who have expressed an interest in buying him this summer. the same Chelsea who's manager said he'd never heard of him?
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    Just get club 1872 to issue a boycott notice . Britney can do a few thousand leaflets to hand out at the game . Put it over the PA and get a trackside banner . It's about time we shut this paper down , the Jane Hamilton article should have been the turning point anyway .
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    I genuinely don't know. I can only guess that there must have been a sharp intake of breath at the very least, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's brought about a need to do some urgent rethinking on how best to prepare for the new season starting having not booked any friendly games other than bounce games behind closed doors. Without any intention to be arrogant or disrespectful about it there must surely have been a very solid expectation that we'd have made it through to the next round of the EL. So not having achieved that despite all of Pedro's grand words, despite getting the first choice players he wanted early, despite demanding - and getting - a very short summer break, despite having had time to assess last seasons squad and decide who should be good enough to at least get past Luxembourg part timers .......not to get through must have been a big disappointment for the players, the manager, the directors and the staff at the Club. Quite why that then translates into zipped tongues at Ibrox with nobody having anything to say about football and preparation for next season other than celebrating the signing of Dorrans seems curiously odd. No training photo updates. No drone-videos of training. Transfer rumours seem to have dried up. Not even any leaks or hints of leaks so at least the manager and the DOF have sorted that out. The DOF should also have started work by now and not even an interview with him this week or any articles about what he'll be doing. The only stuff coming out is corporate stuff and 'buy STs' and play spot the ball. Maybe they are having a good rethink about how they approach media relations for this season. Maybe a bit of 'heads down and get on with getting into top shape for the start of the season' is going on. It'd be a pity if everything is done behind closed doors before the first game - a couple of friendly games would be a bit of a boost assuming Pedro has actually managed to get a team together that represents the best of what Rangers can and should be for the coming season. More guff like the stuff produced against the Luxembourg team would need to be avoided. Might be a lot of the usual close-season doldrums with nothing much for the Club to say but this season made worse by the disastrous EL result.
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    What is this fucking pish??? One of the idiots who likes getting called a H**
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    Some laugh when it turns out 5,000 of the 10,000 signitures came from Rangers fans
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    Greetings from Gran Canaria!
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    They can't strip titles it's impossible for them to do it now after they gave up the right of appeal over the LNS commission. The reason they've not said anything is cause they have nothing to say the SFA statement last week was the end of the matter in terms of any legal recourse. Was a good blog posted on FF (can't remember by who) explaining the whole situation. The biggest irony was that in blood lust to punish Rangers in 2012 they've now made it impossible for themselves to strip titles by having LNS legally binding on all parties before the tax case was concluded. Had they waited till after the tax case was finished they could have potentially stripped titles but the blood lust from 2012 has pretty much screwed them over.
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    Think Lawwell is using tip-ex on the rule book just now........
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    It's becoming an annoying trend on this site that someone posts a more than reasonable point and within the first couple of replies some clown posts a daft off topic reply that takes the entire thread of piste. Anyway to the original point your spot on. This anti Rangers rag has in the last few days printed shite from the supporters groups of Aberdeen, Dundee Hivs and today Savco. Yet completely ignore the far more lengthy and reasonable statement from our own club 1872. Once again it's agenda is clear. To heap pressure on the SPFL to go back to honour stripping and to convince the public we are somehow "cheats".
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    @Tradeston Boy some good fishing there son. Or blackmanredemptions new account has been found. If you don't like the culture that helped make us what we are fuck off.
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    Tainted title? Least of their problems. Tainted history? Most certainly. I actually take no pleasure in their squalid, vile history because of the lives they have ruined and behavior they have covered up or turned a blind eye to. And yet they take the 'sporting integrity' moral high ground. Sickening, sad and unjust to everyone affected.
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    I'm an old cunt, but if the rest of us showed the same enthusiasm and vocal support that these lads do then our home would become a terrifying and intimidating fortress once again.
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    He could have Dalcio's
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    Honestly don't know why anyone reads it at all. Almost every single story about us is lifted from RM, FF or Twitter.
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    Obviously not, you call them ITK.
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    Would love to stick Nicola Sturgeon on tap of that.
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