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    1. We'd have lost or drawn that last season. 3 points in the bag and we move on to the next game. 2. First game of the season and we played some nice football. We have lots of new players and there's signs they are gelling 3. Fabio Cardoso. Superb. Won us the penalty, strong and solid throughout. 4. Dorrans is the best midfielder we've had since Davis. 5. Windass has rediscovered what a football is. Faded a little in the second half but a MUCH better performance from him It's always a little nervy at the end when there's only a goal in it but we should have been ahead earlier (and Moult should never ever have still been on the pitch). With experience, our game management will also improve - Tav having a shot on goal in the 92nd min from a FK? Stupid. Candeias down the right? Poor. Windass up the left? Silly again. Get it down the corner, get up the pitch, dominate the ball (Warbiola cliche but this one is required in these situations). Fans again - excellent. Onwards and upwards Bears. Happy Sunday.
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    A work mate and friend of mine passed away during the week....his first love was Rangers....then his other love Hamburg A geat gesture to a great guy who will be sorely missed
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    Been asked to start this thread by one of their boys. Tommy Robinson offered 1k for anyone who could help identify those tarriers in the video about Lee rigby. Well the imperial bears identified some of them and true to his word Robinson gave them the 1,000 quid. The imperial bears rejected the money and got it donated to the Lee rugby fund instead. Superb gesture from.them.and Robinson.
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    This boy is a top class defender his decision making was outstanding and saved us with his tackle when he was outnumbered 3-1 well done Fabio
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    None of those clubs are Rangers, so who gives a fuck.
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    Well done to the guy. Aye there's been ups and downs and doubts at times, but that's a fine landmark to reach playing for a team like us. He stuck by us when so called bears couldn't give a fuck. All the best for today and beyond.
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    Irrespective of anyone's political views, or the motivation behind Robinson's original actions, I find it refreshing & uplifting that a club which has been haunted by those chasing the blue pound or a seat on the Rangers gravy train, have a group of Bears who care neither for money or themselves but who instinctively know how to do the right thing. Well done the Imperial Bears.
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    Long overdue we sing what we want, if they rancid republican tarrier scumbags can do what they want then so can we.. long may this continue.
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    Can't believe he got booked for that challenge was a fucking belter of a challenge
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    The Good: Graeme Dorrans The Bad: Lee Hodson The Ugly: Neil Lennon
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    Shows the importance in playing someone in there preferred position
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    Instigates a move to his boyhood heroes. Waits like fuck till the time is right. Turns up and poses in his first photo replicating the one he took as a youngster on the steps of our glorious stadium. Gets a goal in the first 5 minutes of his debut, scores the winner, fist pumps his heart in a run of fury towards his brothers proudly showing off the beloved badge on his shirt. Puts in a stellar performance by some cruyff turns and a wee nutmeg. Welcome home Graham son, welcome fucking home.
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    Their titles are tainted and they need to be reminded of it as much as possible.
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    I was hoping you were gonna say you didn't get it because you realised you're older than 10
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    Only just been approved for this sight. Just want to say, I like the vast majority of Owls fans thought your support was incredible (again) love having you at Hillsborough. I spent all pre match with Rangers fans in the Jubilee club and it was a great atmosphere as was Hillsborough for the game ( North stand looked and sounded brilliant from my seat in the South) and Hillsborough corner post match. The only few Wednesday fans who have any problem with Rangers fans are suporters of Glasgows other littler less successful club. We do have some younger supporters who actually believe we are a bigger club than you but anyone over the age of 16 with half a brain knows you are a Huge club and one of the biggest in Britain (Given Premier League money alongside Man Utd). Anyway thanks again for providing the entertainment at the match, you are welcome back anytime and good luck for this season. Hoping to get up there for one of your matches only been to Ibrox once (To watch Wednesday in Durrants testimonial) and would love to come up to support Rangers. Maybe with Steveger I know he supports both or even Mr Soprano as I know he loves us Owls fans! BTW great start today keep it up. WAWAW WATP.
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    Up there with the worst EVER posts on RM. I'll say it again ,Tommy has sacrificed a good, easy life to fight against the poison that is Islam and while we're all sitting on our arses watching our country go to fu*k he's out there in the thick of the shit . One example is him standing outside of courts to harass muslim paodofile grooming gangs , another is him organising donations to get a soldier a high tech wheelchair. There are many more positive examples and his negatives pale into insignificance in comparison to the great work he does in the fight for democracy and free speech.
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    Go fuck yourself ya creepy wee toad
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    If only there was a way you didn't have to listen..
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    Pena enjoys a Macdonalds with a taco bell chaser when we dont have a game. Kenny Miller is at Easter road. Bruno is away catching bears with his bare hands. Josh windass is away making omelettes without eggs and Dalcio and Waggy have been at Auchenhowie since 9am practicing their shooting. There's no keepers in today and neither have scored yet
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    Hope not. 1st team are still getting used to playing together. That's the priority.
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    Anyone slagging off windass is a fucking idiot, easily our best player.
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    Are you actually watching the game? Windass is our best player.
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    WIndass? are you watching a different game?
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    Time to bring all the old yins back Kick a fenian In his head as you petrol bomb his home Kick him in the baws as ye sing No Pope of Rome And if he comes ahead you will hear our famous cry GETOUTYAFENIANBASTARD!!!! SURRENDER OR YOU'LL DIE!!!
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    Ive enjoyed this 15mins more than the whole of last season
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    It means fuck all to me . And it is probably Mols winding them up . I'm all for that . There 6 means jack shit . They won them all with a default setting . 2 teams have won the league since the 80s . They helped get us put down to the bottom and only 1 team benefitted .Themselves The scum mutants have never won a competitive league in all these 6 years . In our last 6 . We won 4 last day drama packed Helicopter Sundays . Now that is what winning a league should be all about . Not getting it handed to you on a plate
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    https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/1383901/diehard-rangers-fan-garden-shed-bar-glasgow/ Pretty cool man cave
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    I think this is our weak point apart from not scoring enough. this is gonna cost us this season.
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    Enjoy Dailymotion link - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5w4b4w
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    Based on 45 minutes today: Windass. Based on all time other than 45 minutes today: Kranjcar.
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    We need to stop the amount of crosses that are allowed in our box , its ridiculous at times .
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    The loonies have arrived I see. Anyone claiming that was a shit performance today is just looking to moan for moanings sake. We were far better than last season and it was freshing to see Motherwell have a go at us.
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    I keep hearing this ' we would have lost this game last season' as if it's something we should big up! Is Motherwell missing three great chances down to us? Do people forget we struggled against Motherwell last season and scored late winners? Did we 'lose or draw' those games? Yes there was positives, but the re-writing of history in regards to last season has to stop.
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    Aye, shite seeing a Ranger pull of a nutmeg, score 2 goals and cover about 10 miles of grass and kiss our badge. 5/10.
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    Foderingham does need to help them out at times too. Has to be a little more commanding when coming to get crosses. If he was, their goal would have been avoided for sure.
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    Need someone for all the mhanks watching our game.
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    This is the exact pedigree of player we need
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    I reckon some haven't stopped signing that since Sheffield
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    He's going to be class for us. Easily best centre midfielder we've had since Davis and possibly beyond him.
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    Herrera has been as effective as Bobby Sands at an all you can eat buffet.
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