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    The memorial plaque was unveiled on the 22nd July,only three weeks ago. To the scumbag who went out of his way, in a quiet corner of Wales, and attempted to erase the name of our Founder Peter Campbell and that of Rangers Football Club from the inscription. Did you even for a second consider that this memorial is a dedication not only to Peter Campbell but to every soul who perished when the St.Columba went down? No, your brain capacity obviously couldn’t stretch there. Let me assure you now that your pathetic efforts were futile. Our restoration work will continue with greater pace than ever before. We will continue to place these memorials , re-erect and repair those fallen and forever celebrate the names of those who made our club the world’s most successful. These men will stand tall long after you and your like are gone. One thing in life that we do share and that’s the fact that it’s it’s all about the Rangers. Note: The plaque is made of Welsh slate, we will be seeking advice today on how to repair the damage done. Russell Calderwood of the Cardiff RSC will report the vandalism to Penarth Police today and will talk to Penarth Council about having a perspex cover fitted.
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    Yeah, heard there are guys outside with signs.
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    -Couldn't take fans to Linfield -Battered in Sunderland -Took season tickets off nearly 1000 people -Stabbing each other at games Just a minority though...
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    Nah it's good they did release a statement. I wish more statements would be released. I keep hearing that you can't respond individually to any maniac online - but why not? it takes a few minutes to write a rebuffal and upload it. There's been some momentum from last night in the fenian online circles that they've proof that Dunfermline lay down to us that title-winning day. Dunfermline have EVERY right to come out and defend themselves over that. In fact, they make the tarrier maniacs look a little stupid - all the have to go on is the fact that Murray allegedly set-up Calderwood's interview to get the Dunfermline job as he was friends with the Dunfermline chairman and then called him to say he was hired and wishing him all the best saying if he does a good job he may be in contention for the Rangers job one day. The fenian hoards take this as David Murray was running Dunfermline and having a plant in place to have the club lie down to us in an extraordinary game a year or so later that required us to get 1 more goal than Celtic got in their game. Even taking them at face value for a second and giving it some credit that was remarkable foresight by David Murray, knowing that day would come on May 2003 and knowing what was needing done and having his pawns in place to make it happen well before hand. As I said in another thread about the statement - it's a great statement and I've got a new-found respect back for that club. They literally draw parallels with us and empathise with our problems and actually show more (sporting) integrity in that one statement alone than most of Scottish football has since 2012.
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    We're due a home draw tbh
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    Starting to think he's just keeping him in a cage, prodding him with a stick and feeding him raw meat, ready to unleash him against the taigs.
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    He forgot to sign it off WATP 😂
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    Watch the wee man go on a spree now a few on here (myself included) reckoned it might just take one to kick start him. Wonder if the taigs have their emails and blogs typed out
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    I'm going taking the wee man tonight, he is nearly 8 with autism , first season following but had a season book since birth. Asked him there the minute he woke up where he was going tonight? He said Ibrox to see Rangers, he has been counting the days down, brings back good memory's what I was like in the late 70's , but bloody hard work taking him and he got his scarf out last night so he remembers it 👍, I now have to be a grown up thou at the games 😪, but I am 47
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    It's worth mentioning again that Rangers were hit with a £50k for entering admin. Dunfermline were NOT fined £50k for entering admin. If Dunfermline had been they wouldn't have a club left. The SPL said, at that time, fines were handed out at their discretion and they chose not to fine the Pars. Hearts weren't fined £50k either. So it's certainly one rule for our club, and different rules for others. Where's the integrity in that? They certainly can't take te moral high ground.
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    There's far too much hatred in this country. It's actually going to destroy football up here.
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    Not the greatest player in the world, but i really like his work rate, chases everything down and defends as well. Decent player. Brilliant goal the night, better than Bruno's IMO.
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    Let's not get carried away. We all know Dunfermline let him score those goals. Ill wait until he scores a brace against a team who we aren't paying to lay down
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    I'm looking forward to Southdown1916's list. He puts everyone to shame. There will be some older dudes on here with better lists than mine. From memory - not a lot of actual different countries but plenty of games .. Obviously Scotland, Ulster and England. Apart from them ; Denmark (Copenhagen) Sweden (Gothenburg, Herfolge & Malmo) Norway (Molde) Finland (FC Haka) Poland (Anzi Michkabi & Amica Wronki) Germany (Apart from various pre-season's games with lower league teams/teams I can't mind the names of - Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Stuttgart x3, Kaiserlautern, Bayer Leverkusen, Nurenberg, Bochum, Werder Bremen, Hannover, Hamburg & Schalke) France (PSG, Auxerre, Strasbourg, Monaco & Lyon) Spain (Barcelona, Osasuna, Villareal, Valencia x2 & Sevilla) Portugal (Porto, Maritimo & Sporting Lisbon x2) Italy (Parma, Livorno & Fiorentina) Slovenia (Maribor x2) Slovakia (Artmedia Bratislava) Lithuania (Kaunas x2) Serbia (Red Star Belgrade) Montenegro (FC Zeta) Austria (Stum Graz) Holland (PSV x2, Feyenoord, Ajax, Sparta Rotterdam, VVV Venio, Emmen & AZ Alkmaar) Israel (Hapoel Tel Aviv) Cyprus (Anorthosis Famagusta) Turkey (Fenerbache & Buraspor) Romania (that mob that played at Steaua's stadium - can't mind their name - they pumped us at Ibrox) Russia (Dynamo Moscow & CSKA Moscow) Greece (Panathiniakos x2) USA (Charleston Battery) Canada (Dynamo Zagreb & some other team can't mind who) I never managed to do the following with Rangers since I broke my cherry with Gothenburg in 97 - Inter Milan closed doors, Victoria Zizkov, PAOK Salonika, Bietar Jerusalem, Galatasary - missed out on them for various reasons. Some of the other teams grounds I've done taking in games with Rangers unders, on holiday or with Chelsea - Galatasary, Sparta Prague, Maccabi Haifa, Leipzig, Wolfsburg, Dynamo Kiev (both domestic stadium and Champions League Olympic stadium), Espanyol, Malaga, Girona, FC Bunol, Hertha Berlin, Union Berlin, Levante, Luxemborg national stadium, Utrecht, Fortunna Dusseldorf, Marseilles, FC Braga, Benfica, Azerbajaen national stadium, Gronigen, Besiktas and Landsdown Road (Republic Of Ireland) with Scotland - back when I didn't used to mind the dirty cunts too much. I'll have forgot a lot, lot more. My minds buckled trying to think.
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    Their support genuinely appears to have completely lost the plot.
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    This thread needs footage!
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    How come the coppers are quick to investigate a 28yo man being assaulted at parkhead, but when its twenty 8yo's they do fuck all
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    Hospitality Suites, "separate entities" of course 🙄
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    Could take it either way tbh. Just depends on your outlook but my personal opinion is if we don't get a confirmed, guaranteed 20-goal a season striker in we will be in trouble. As someone else said yesterday (and they're correct) we are literally a couple of players away from potentially being a good team again and a good goalscorer is one of them.
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    Time to bring Dodoo out of retirement.............
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    He's a likeable wee guy and he tucks his shirt in. He wears the colours with pride.
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    Nope. Reckon he's having to do it as the other players are struggling to spot the spaces as fast as he does. They'll get it and we'll really fly when they do.
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    Niko Kranjcar was built for a 5 a side fuckabout
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    SFA could have killed this stone dead at the time by charging Chris Sutton with bringing the game into disrepute as soon as he made the accusation in his post match interview. Celtic should have been asked to make a statement distancing themselves from his comments or be charged along side him.
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    I really want Pedro and Rossiter to be successful. They're likeable characters.
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    I can't stop laughing at the fact he had to ask who hit the first free kick. Love this guy
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    Him and Tav were a brilliant combination of pace and power. A very promising partnership.
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    We were 5-0 up against a lower division team, don't blame him tbh.
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    I'm the first to say it's only Dunfermline, don't get me wrong - but did anyone notice the runs he was making off the defenders shoulders and across the line to make himself available and pick up anything going? I think that was telling.
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    What a stream man I've sat in work for the last 1 hour n 35 mins n no moved 😂 Well in Jamie
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    Fully expecting to see this screen on my tele any minute...
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    I still wouldn't dare. It would be hellish IMO. Andy Cameron'style megastore CD music playing, wee Follow with Pride posters everywhere, Sampdoria tifo flags, Broxi Bear and weans, no alcohol etc. Fuck that. Blue Star orange halls or the Grapes or something will do just fine.
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    Red ash and miter mold master, with surprised my skin ever recovered. Worst pain in the world, freezing cold and smacked by a moldmaster.
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    The issue for the youth players at the moment is we are still trying to knit a team together after a load of changes. Until we are settled I can't see Pedro experimenting too much. He wants momentum and cohesion